More security issues with Whatsapp - Another reason why BBM is best!

By James Richardson on 23 Oct 2013 11:01 am EDT

Over the past few years Whatsapp has served me well in communicating with friends on other platforms. But now that we have BBM cross-platform Whatsapp can no longer be found on my BlackBerry 10 device. One of the questions I have run into with buddies who I have told to download BBM is "what makes it better than Whatsapp?"

Clearly there is a whole list of things to reel off but The Metro newspaper has published an interesting article which just goes to show the extra security that we have with BBM. BlackBerry users will all be familiar with the fact that BBM messages are sent via PIN to PIN. But with Whatsapp it is all done through mobile numbers. Whoever you have in your contacts list that has Whatsapp installed on their smartphone will appear in your Whatsapp list. While some folk won't care about this, the following is a perfect example of why the Whatsapp way is not the best. 

The Metro has reported that a Whatsapp user noticed a friend being active on the instant messaging client two years after his death. This would be enough to shock and confuse anyone! The reason this occurred is that the mobile number had been reassigned to a new user and therefore the poor chap that had passed away was not in fact able to Whatsapp from heaven, but instead it was a new random person with the same phone number. 

Online security expert Graham Cluley said: ‘It’s clearly very distressing for the friends and family of someone who has passed away to suddenly see them apparently “alive and active” on WhatsApp.’

He suggested it would be better if the app required a password or email address when users register ‘rather than just asking for a second-hand phone number’.

Mr Cluley added: ‘WhatsApp has become immensely successful in a very short time, and a serious of security and privacy scares make me feel that the service is attempting to run when it’s barely learnt how to walk.’

Maybe Whatsapp will work on their security features in the future - although this isn't the first time they have hit the headlines in terms of secure data. 

But the good news for BlackBerry Messenger is that due to the way it works with a BlackBerry ID being associated with BBM contacts the above issue shouldn't arise. 

Have your iPhone and Android buddies used BBM yet? How are they finding it compared to the alternatives? Let us know in the comments. 

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More security issues with Whatsapp - Another reason why BBM is best!


Though a bunch of us chat on whatsapp, still trying to get the fools to migrate to bbm.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Former BlackBerry users now on iPhone's or Androids love it bec they missed it. For new friends who never experienced bbm before are not really that impressed thus far from using it. Maybe it ll take some time for them to find out why bbm is do addictive and great compared to whatsapp and etc

Because bbm interface is not as eye pleasing or emoticon rich like WhatsApp is or sticker heavy like Line is. Just not eye-pleasing enough at 1st sight.

Posted via CB10

Ugh, I hate when people overuse emoticons and stickers.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

whatsapp UI is ugly and cluttered and I don't want to give my number out unless its a close contact.

What is eye pleasing about Whatsapp? As for their emoticons, they have a steaming turd available. That about sums up my experience with Whatsapp!


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BBM for ever.
I wish that it was available for Android os's previous than jellybean...

Posted via CB10 | STL100-2 | Waiting for the mighty Squircle to return.

BBM will be the leader soon.. why pay a dollar for what's app?? I know it's nothing.. but I'd pick BBM at any min..

Posted via CB10

I have an iphone friend on BBM but the features are very limited at this point. All he can do is send photos from his phone but he can receive anything I'm able to send on my BlackBerry 10 device. It does seem like some of my messages aren't being delivered instantly and some not delivering at all but I'm not sure about that as he lives in a desolate area with minimal to poor coverage.

Posted via CB10

Not sure if I'm me or not? Oh, wait Yip it's me cuz I gots BBM.

Posted via CB10 | Owner Squircle of Trust Channel | PIN 00120C87

Me and my close buddies have a group chat in WhatsApp. My buddies don't want to switch to BBM group chat because they prefer the style of WhatsApp chat.

For example they could be talking about a concert they attended, and then if they wanted to share a pic to all of us, it would come right under the messages they just typed, instead of having to go back and click on pictures then clicking on the pic.

For me, I prefer the BBM way, but it seems many people prefer the WhatsApp style of group chats.

I don't understand... when people send pictures on BBM, the photo appears below the message too... it's just a preview that you click on to view larger. You don't have to go from the chat to the photos album.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

no in groups he (or she) is on about. in BBM groups pics are segregated from chats. in Whatsapp its inline with the conversation.

think of it like having a multicontact chat in BBM instead, but thats classed as a group

Funny enough, that style in Whatsapp is all well and good until you were the one that missed 100 lines of conversation about said pic. Now you have to scroll all the way back up trying to find where the conversation started and ended.

Makes it even harder when you to view a conversation history about that pic.

BBM Group implements this feature so much better. You post a pic and people are able to comment on that pic and even if you missed that convo, you are still able to go back to that pic and leave a comment yourself.

This i think is a way more sensible and engaging approach, especially if like me, you dont sit and read every single message sent in a group chat. I can at anytime convenient to me, go back to that pic and see the fully history of chat.

The absolute worst part of Whatsapp group was that, if you're not on a group members contact list, that person can see your phone number and name, just by being in the group.

That makes BBM Groups that much better in IMO

I have friends in WhatsApp groups who don't want to move either. They like the range of emoticons (emoji) they can choose from and they like the fact that they can choose more than one before sending. On bbm you have to select your emoticons by pressing the button each time.

My gf loves bbm again (she's ex BlackBerry on iPhone now). now she can tell when I read her msg but don't respond...again...greeeeat!

Posted via CB10

With whatsapp you can tell when the person was "Last Seen at" and see whether it was before or after you sent your message. It's no D or R but it is pretty reliable for me. Now that bbm is here it doesn't matter.

I've made so many people convert to BBM, I'm so happy that so many people are on my contact list again!!

Posted via CB10

I'm sure BBM pins are recycled when not used for a long period of time ( a year or so).. which makes this point pretty useless

Posted via CB10

All unique - you have a 8-bit hexadecimal pin - in a single block alone (say for Android and iPhone users from 70000000 to 7FFFFFFF) you could have 268435455 pins

That would take a loooooong time

Seems doubtful.

My pin is # # letter letter # # # letter. That's 800 million combos from my format Alone.

Phone numbers however are restricted based on geography, which is why phone companies recycle those.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I doubt that. Do you have any idea how many possible 8 digit alpha numeric possibilities there are? with only 2 numbers its in the billions.

BBM pin has more than 4 billions combinations and until now, EVERY new PIN was attached to the concrete hardware (BlackBerry device). So until now its impossible that two people has the same PIN. Even if there was about 200 millions BlackBerry made, there is still enough PINs for everyone for many and many years...

a PIN is a hexadecimal number - 8 digits, which means a lot of combinations.. 2^128-1 to be exact. 3.4028237e+38 combinations.. i doubt they'll be running out of them any time soon. each hex digit has 16 possibilities.. 16*8 = 128.. just basic math.

They don't recycle but even if they did, your pin is attached to your BBID and you have to add / accept people for them to see you online / communicate with you this is not a problem...

As proof this actually happens every day when someone buys an used BlackBerry, the PIN remains to be the same and as long as the old user does a device wipe, there is no way for the new user to get access to the old user contacts...

Posted via CB10

The new user in this case also didn't get access to the old contacts, that's not how whatsapp works. If you wipe your blackberry and sell it, and I have you as a contact in BBM, I will still see the status of the new owner, although he may not see me as a contact. That's what used to happen before they introduced BBID. So are you saying BBM was insecure up until last year? How is it whatsapp's fault that telecoms recycle numbers? How is that even a security hole? Would it have been newsworthy if the person hadn't died two years ago?

This used to be a potential issue sue to people selling their old BB's but with the integration of BBID, this isn't an issue any more.

Posted via CB10

I agree for security, but it also makes it much harder to add people to become BBM contacts. Wish their was a way to search to see who has it.

On BB10 you can see who has it associated with their BBID from your contact book. I'm sure they could add that in to search other contact books (if given permission)

That's not really true. Phone numbers are (in NA) ten digits, bbm pins are 8.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Moron, BBM pins are combinations of numbers and letters. Phone numbers are numbers only.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10

They are thinking it is good. The new update on I Phones has caused an issue today. Hopefully that gets worked out.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Most of my friends don't want switch.... so I guess I have to wait 6, 12 months... till BBM is the alpha messenger service and all my friends will realize that bbm is better ... after then I will definitely delete whatsapp

Posted via CB10

Thank god the only 2 friends I talk to on Whatsapp didn't mind at all downloading BBM. I can finally delete whatsapp. I've been waiting for this day for the longest

I'm keeping WhatsApp to send files over 6MB in size--such as most MP3s. Otherwise, all my WA contacts are on BBM now.

You can always use cloud service like box or dropbox and share the url for the file...
Less burden to the messaging network and services.....

Posted via CB10

I really hope that BlackBerry either increases the limit to a much higher limit or just get rid of it altogether. I say this because WhatsApp's limit is 16MB. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted via CB10

I've had this happen with a friend who changed phones her number changed but I could still whatsapp her at her old number and when I tried to look for her new number somebody else s whatsapp profile that used to have the number, not very secure at all

Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

Friends and have got BBM installed, some waiting but always ask the dreaded question "why?" I simply tell them cos I hate whatsapp that's why, I like to chat in real time yo!

Posted via CB10

BBM is great overall, but people still don't want to switch over because you cannot send voice notes or short videos in BBM Groups...Whatsapp allows you to do all of that!

YES! When you create a group with a few people, on Whatsapp you can share voice notes and short videos to all in the group...With BBM, you don't have such options at the moment which is holding people back from switching. You can currently share photos and some other stuff, but voice notes are very important to people...

my reply wasnt to you, i was replying to the person saying bbm voice and video `coming soon`, as they arent coming to groups which is what your talking about.

I knew what ya meant :)

Bbm also have security problem, when I restored my contacts from a backup file a friend of mine who died a year ago have a new status update, of course I didn't believe she was bbm'ing from heaven or she was reborn as a man. Apparently the phone was sold to someone else. BBM is still the best but it is not foolproof.

Posted via CB10

No, when you restore your contacts, every person on your list automatically makes a "status update". But that's just an indication that they have been restored. The users didn't do anything on their end to update. Just BlackBerry's way of showing every contact that was restored

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp emoticons though numerous are too small and too slow to insert into a conversation. We need the bbm api to support 3rd party emoticons like Jingu Smiley and others.

Posted via CB10

I'm deleting my whatsapp soon so if my peeps want to keep in touch with me they will have to text or BBM. They are too cheap to text so bbm will prevail!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Ex BlackBerry users are very happy to get BBM back. I have been able to personally switch over about 10 people so far and the comments are very positive. I'll keep pushing the change and being able to explain this phone number issue will certainly help. Thanks.

I'm waiting to delete what apps but BBM register email bot yet show up force me to use it again and again. Please BlackBerry make it faster

Posted via CB10

I don't know why blackberry doesn't pounce on this. I tweeted just this yesterday. Even SMS with your phone number attached in my opinion is not desirable. If people could just see that. Problem is there was just a CNET article published discussing how BBM is archaic because it uses the pin system... uh, really, that author just doesn't get it. sad thing is it will convince users away from the BBM platform

Posted via CB10

Yup, this happened to me with a friend who had a prepaid number while studying in the US and then left upon graduation. His Whatsapp contact came back on my list, but with a profile pic of a suggestively-dressed lady. I was showing my wife how to use a feature on BB10 and she gave me a death stare when she saw it. ah well... good thing BBM for all is here.

Posted via CB10

Go to and use Facebook or Twitter to invite your friends. I would do it from a desktop computer if you can, its a lot quicker.


I only have whatsapp still on my phone as there is no way to delete your account with them in the BB10 app. Plus there is no online way to do it....Arrh

I want to get shot of the damb thing, its crap. if your mates have delete the app but not the account, you can still try and send them messages.... CRAP!!!

If anyone knows how to delete your account with them please let me know!! thanks team BB.

Kinda sounds like snap chat they ask for numbers to but emails as well kinda shocked that whatsapp would only use numbers. I've done nothing but get my friends to download bbm since I enjoy using my bbm on my z10 and now it's so much better with everyone else having it

Posted via CB10

Friend: Other than some ui issues BBM is pretty slick
Me: Good to hear :)
Friend: Works better with my watch than other apps too

He uses a Note 2 I believe.

Posted via CB10

My wife would probably be enjoying it if her Samsung Epic could download it =( She isn't on ICS so she can't use it unfortunately(even though I have been touting it for a few weeks now). In the next month or two we will be updating her phone to a Q10 anyway, so it will be rendered moot, but it would be nice if she could have it now!

I had exactly the same thing. A close friend of mine who died 10 years ago suddenly appeared in whatsapp! It was so creepy.

Posted via CB10

Well, as of now BBM is not to compete with Whatsapp. I know all the security issues but fact is we're all used to the Whatsapp Features like share VN and share video clips, etc and you can't tell anyone to switch from a Whatsapp group to a BBM group. Maybe bbm chat is better but why should someone use BBM for chat and whatsapp for groups? Its so stupid, rather use everything in one place. That's the reason I believe it won't pick up. If BlackBerry would be smart they would come out with the BBM and make sure it has all features as the whstappp has. Now, to say it will come in the future is non sense, if you want to win the business make sure you are coming out with a good product, and now is the time because everyone is excited but if you don't have the same good product so why do u think and want everyone should switch??? Its stupid from BlackBerry

They even didn't give the options we have on our BB10 phone like BBM Voice and BBM Videos for the iPhone and Android users so why should they change??? If you want to convince them give them the full product not come out just chat like 2007 and say it will be updated. Its 2013 and everyone likes fun and likes gadgets and if we're used to have whatsapp groups with video files and VN files and now we're locked to just chat I don't believe and think they will bring back the market

Posted via CB10

Dude, over 10 million BBM downloads so obviously there are people who want to use the app. Yes, it will be improved and I expect BBRY to do so more sooner than later now that the level of interest has been so well demonstrated.

10 million people signed up since the launch buddy. Thats a massive switch and counting. Video is data intensive and I wouldn't launch at the beginning anticipating so much load. Its better to get the rush on, size your anticipated load and then launch the voice/video features. You sound like a spoiled kid. If you wanna talka bout archaic, try conversations through voice noice.

If your friends don't want to switch that's their problem. Keep Whatsapp on your device and cater to them and stop whining.

I'm still waiting to get to the front of the BBM on Android line, so I can get it running on my secondary phone (Galaxy Note 3). No idea how many people before me in line. Till that happens, BBM on the old 9780 is working fine with 1 friend and 1 relative.

For now WhatsApp is fine, I don't have to ask anyone to register with their email or wait for an unknown amount of time to start chatting ... It simply works.

BlackBerry wants every app in their BlackBerry World but they don't release their app to everyone, NOT FAIR!
(Windows Phone)

Posted via CB10

You can't be so hard on what's app after all what's app you can send up to 16mb of data via music, video. While bbm you can send 6mb I'll still keep my what's app until bbm can do better cause cmon 6 mb really. Do better bbm. And don't be so quick to bash what's app after bbm have let us down in the past. It's the reason why so many have left BlackBerry in the first place. I still love my q10 though. Oh and this is just me thinking out loud but I think BlackBerry should make playstore available in their os. And still keep BlackBerry market for our much loved native apps

Posted via CB10

So you really believe BBRY can just up "make playstore available in their os". You clearly haven't thought about this.

I've told most of my friends in the university that they should try BBM once again. They don't seem to care that some stranger may message then since they find it easier picking up someone's phone number and the fact that they already have all their contacts on whatsapp.

I try to make BBM public every where I can.
But most of my "friends" ignore it and laughing about it, because therefore is "WhatsApp".

That sucks! :/

Posted via CB10

How is this a security issue? Obviously you would know it wasn't the same person. I suppose calling people on the phone is now "insecure" too?

I've had similar ( nobody that was dead though!). My contact list on my phone has people I've long since lost touch with. But they pop up in my WhatsApp friends list.

I've said hi to a couple of them but they aren't the people I knew, just people the phone number has been re-assigned to.

Not good that you can type any random phone number into WhatsApp and bring up the persons name, profile, photo and when they were last online.

Posted via CB10

How to post images from my z10 to CB app in a comment? I wanted to post a pic that Alec Saunders shared on Twitter about why BBM is the best IM APP Period

Posted via CB10

You have to be commenting in a forum post and not on one of the articles from the blog.

Posted via CB10

Problem is IOS users are so far up the own a**e they will not try BBM shame! We know it is great but they refuse to believe

Posted via CB10

iPhone BBM's user is likening it, noting the good look and feel but she's asking me how to send multiple photos in BBM? (Whatsapp can do that)

Posted via CB10

All my WhatsApp contacts have now moved to BBM. Some of them have never had a Blackberry. It's great! WhatsApp never really did it for me. I think there is no comparison.

The main issue I have with WhatsApp is how it automatically adds contacts from your contacts list. I realize that is a plus for some people, but for me, it's a deal-breaker. I have over 4,000 people in my contacts list, less than 10 of which I want to IM. I'm very glad BBM finally went cross-platform; I already have my brother (iPhone) and my wife (Android) on and using BBM.

Yep got my mom on it with her iphone and my brother in Canada, who was a huge blackberry fan before they fell behind times is now on it with his S4. Just need to get my other brother, his wife who are both iphone users to get it installed on their phones along with my niece and my other sis in law. Then i can finally ditch whatsapp for good. Ive given the links to alot of my whatsapp friends to install it and pointed them to a few articles mentioning the shoddy security features of whatsapp.

Hopefully they will take heed and install it. Works perfectly fine albeit slow on my moms iphone4 but shes getting the iphone 5S next week.

I'm working on getting all my friends on BBM. Going to be a tall order but going to try. :)

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

There is a high turn over of telephone numbers in India with mass population of nearly 1 billion.

Mobile telephone numbers are regularly recycled in a matter of months.

Posted via CB10

Have managed to convince 3 novice users(i.e no bbm experience) to download and agreed bbm is an excellent app for one on one chat. I think I sold them on the benefits coming down the line. However it is sorely lacking on the group chat front which is standard use these days... so until the ability to send Videos and VN is implemented in Group Chat I'm afraid there may be some take up but a lot of users won't be getting rid of WA and making BBM their sole IM client. Also agree with comment earlier in the thread that the 6MB limitation is too small and needs to be remedied quickly as I'm forced to jump between the two apps when I want to send larger vids.

Posted via CB10

Oh they're loving it! Hahah I jumped up 12 friends and most of them were iphone users. I like it because it's not based of their numbers. That's a really disturbing feeling to imagine. But thats what happens when data is stored and isn't cleared after a certain point in time. Two years is quite a while.

Posted via CB10

As soon as BBM accounts start getting to the front of the queue here, you best believe I will be deleting Whatsapp ASAP, I honestly hate it! BBM really has had us BlackBerry spoilt over the years

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Whatsapp?? What's that?? lol It was deleted yesterday from my Z10 awaiting everyone to come back to BBM...and with the waiting line it has been a slow process today but they ARE making their way back :)

People will not bycot wats app.. even I like it too.. but people r trying bbm.. its just like.. v have skype.. but v still need viber.. the thing is v need hardly matter tht v use 1/10...

Posted via CB10

Recycling phone numbers will cause that issue. A great reason why blackberry messenger is better.

Posted via CB10

This seems to be something that, while in BBM's favour, has an incredibly limited scope that very few of the masses (not the most vocal CrackBerry readers) will care about. If someone passes away and you still have them in your Whatsapp contacts months/years later when the new owner of that number starts using WhatsApp, it would be awkward, maybe even briefly upsetting, but to think it's a major reason to avoid WhatsApp seems silly. The recent encryption weakness exposed in WhatsApp also plays in BBM's favour for a very select few. If you're worried about another party (aside from the NSA, who can get it all, even BBM, if they want/need to) intercepting all of your traffic in the coming weeks, before WhatsApp patches the encryption, and spending a great deal of time and computer resources to decrypt and read those messages, I'd like to know what kind of sensitive data you're apparently trusting to ANY messaging app.

If a case can be made that BBM is more stable (not just 99.98% vs 99.99%), faster, with a better user interface and less impact on a phone's resources (BBM currently is a bit of a battery hog on Android), it will do very well in the long run. If it comes down to obscure scenarios and little else, it will struggle.

I don't get it. All lol theme people want to use BBM but won't give blackberry hardware the time of day.... is it all the broken promises and lack of management guidance? who would have thought the effects would be so far reaching....I own a z10 and have almost no complaints. it's a great product.

Posted via CB10

I can't help but feel guilty im abandoning whatsapp. It has been good to us the past 2 years while blackberry continuously failed and deceived us.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, bbm still lacks the core features for us to abandon other messaging apps. As fast n reliable as it is, it's not there yet to replace whatsapp. Maybe when the core features are available in another few months. I'm sure whatsapp is not going sit still waiting for bbm's killer punch. They may rollout those features faster than bbm.

I wish BBM has something like voice msg that whatsapp and Wechat has. I really don't like typing and voice chat is just too much

Posted via CB10

Reminds me of a funny thing. My wife looked at WhatsApp and noticed a baby pic on one of our friends avatar. I asked him about it and he said he's not on WhatsApp. Turns out that my wife entered the wrong phone number in her contacts. Lol.

Posted via CB10

And I have already started seeing my friends on BBM... :)
Spread the message guys... lets get everyone on BBM

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

I'm seeing a lot of complaints from ios and android users.
No multiple photos
You have to ask for a HQ version of the photo sent to you
In groups the photos are now separate
No voice notes
UI is not appealing
Emoticons are very small

Posted via CB10 from my Q10

Bullshit, I still use Whatsapp more, people can't see why they should use BBM, which they see as just another social messaging app.. and everybody has a broader friend list in Whatsapp. The security problems are not relevant for me and just as many other private users.

Posted via CB10

I have now deleted whatapp and Skype. If my friend and families want to chat with me they will have to use bbm; and they have already started. Hahaha

Posted using my awesome Z10

Why would you eat dirt when you could eat filet? Seriously what's app only survived because of a lack of a reliable and secure alternative. I think what's app will disappear by Christmas. BBM is free for the first year right? And it's secure the encryption is the best there is at a consumer level. I think BlackBerry should get out of phone production and focus solely on OS DEVELOPMENT. I mean the new phones are ok but in terms of style and design they are a bit underwhelming. I have a white phone and it has a black bezel? It's silly.

I think BlackBerry should revisit the tablet as well as produce only one absolutely astonishing phone. Limiting expenditures on R&D vis-a-vis one platform would save exponential costs. Apple has been successful in doing this and it is a model worth duplicating.

Unfortunately apple is loosing ground to Samsung, hence the lower end c-models. We have seen this done before. Ironically with the c-class Mercedes Benz options. It is a sign of deterioration and unless apple can make a good run this holiday season it will fall behind Samsung in market share.

Personally I can see one more version of IPhone. Then failure. They will need to stick to tablets and computers.

BlackBerry can take advantage of this by designing clever and fresh advertising. Remember Clearnet? Those vibrant and vivid, highly colorful ads? A model that telus still incorporates to this day. I would spend a bit of cash in advertising and product promotion.

a final footnote, if I may. BlackBerry could Ko the competition with a native BBM fax application.
My thought not your's thank you.

Posted via CB10

Now I can post stickers and animated smileys to my bbm friends... whoop whoop... something their ios and androids can't do... 1 up on them already...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Why change your number? It's free to keep your number, when you change your carriere company here in Denmark. Poor americans, you have no consumer rights.

Posted via CB10

I really hope BlackBerry strikes while the iron is hot and adds other features to cross platform BBM in the following weeks,...

My friends are extremely skeptical about anything BlackBerry. They are constantly looking for things that either are wrong or must be wrong with BlackBerry in general whether it's rated or not. It's no different with BBM. The delayed release really out them off after weeks of pushing them. The situation with the leaked versión that caused all this just sounds like excuses to them and the silence from BBM after that fact reiterated to them that BlackBerry sucks. BBM is finally here and the few that I've convinced to download BBM are now annoyed with the line wait. They haven't gotten there e-mail in over 24 hours and are threatening with just deleting BBM. Today news came out that BBM on iPhone has some glitches due to the new OS that was released recently. I hope they don't become privy to that cause that will add fuel to the fire. Of course these are all normal problems associated with releasing a new app but there is no convincing them. I hope BlackBerry addresses the iPhone issues promptly or else there will be a few of them deleting BBM. I also hope some of the features exclusive to BlackBerry become available to iPhone and Android as well as BBM Channels and I mean pronto. Cause for the few that may download and actually use it that may be the one thing to get them to switch.

Posted via CB10

Deleted whatsapp instantly once bbm was up in running!!! So if any friends or anyone n my circle wants to contact me ....sorry BBM is the only way u can reach me!!!


So, if the their relatives/friends died years ago, why his:her number are still the phonebook?
It is known Fact that telcos recycle the numbers

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

Got my 3 Apple loving kids to get the BBM app. So far the ex blackberry user loves it, the other two still exploring but have already noticed some of the nicer features like D and R etc.

Posted via CB10

I think a more compelling case would be the ease with which whatsapp can be hacked, because I've gotten the same problem before where I bbm someone, but the person who bought over the phone secondhand was the one I reached.

Another thing that is frustrating for me about bbm is that even if people migrate off BlackBerry to other mobile devices, their bbm status stoll shows them as Available, which creates for a lot of dud contacts on my list. This is where whatsapp's Last Seen feature comes in more useful, I think.

Posted via CB10

Only complaint from my wife is that you can't put phone on its side and type with both hands wide screen,i don't mind it but would like the option I suppose

Posted via CB10

The only thing WhatsApp is good for is as a place holder for the following status message; "Hey there! It's time to switch to BBM. Visit to start having SECURE chats."

Posted via CB10

The other thing is that if u put any random number into yr contacts they will appear in whatsapp, but they won't know that yr their!

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp is a good IM client and the UI is almost the same as BBM.

Also, Whatsapp allows you to set backgrounds for your chats which makes the UI really really nice.

I'm a long time BlackBerry user and BBM fan, but I also really really like Whatsapp and will continue to use it.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Actually, just after doing a back to back comparison, I'd have to say Whatsapp has the better UI hands down IMO.

Again, I love BBM and am trying to get all my friends on it, but that doesn't mean that Whatsapp all of a sudden sucks.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Why do the profile picture on bbm for BlackBerry 10, android and iPhone looks very blurry? Can some one explain that?

Wow! went through the entire comment section and some pro bbm users are hell bent on deleting whats app immediately and start using bbm. At least they said they have done it themselves and sheer volume of such messages might be to influence a poor sucker to notice the trend and jump on the bandwagon. Trying to reverse any trend? And why would all these users take the advertising on their shoulders and have people convert? Is someone trying to earn their money from BlackBerry Limited?

Anyway, first, one need not delete whats app to have bbm. Second, any serious user would always evaluate something first rather than replace rightaway and seriously if bbm is better keep it.

A lot of brauhaha over whats app not being secure and how a dead person reappeared on the contact list. Come on, what if you were to receive a call from this dead person after two years. I am sure that would be vastly more upsetting/frightening perhaps even heart attack. Thank God you don't need a pin/password/authentication to call someone. If it is a wrong number you hang up the phone. Simple. Exact same principle applies to whats app.

And just how many of you trade money from your swiss accounts on what's app? Security in BBM was originally meant for business as BlackBerry has an entire portfolio for business users. Whats app is more inclined towards social entertainment, unless someone is cheating on their spouse and requires a hell lot of security.

10 million downloads are not for keeps. It is called curiosity. There will be corrections in near future.

Security and privacy are not primary factors for 80% of users who engage for petty gossips, hair problems, buying groceries, discuss dinner plans, etc. Let the NSA track my groceries. Usability is a more critical factor including small petty issues like customizable ringtones, attaching n sending any file types and not just pictures n voice notes. Users need to send docs or PDF format (eg cooking recipes, student assignments, etc). There's only 1 ringtone for iPhone and it's inaudible and too short. Remember theres no LED on the iPhone. Bbm delivers the MSG in microseconds but the recipient is not aware, do we switch to whatsapp or viber to alert the receiver of an unread message? Even the ping shares the same tone, so very pathetic. Small design flaws like these will make or break the app. I've been bbm'ing my wife's iPhone but she has never responded until a few hours later becoz she can't hear the notification! She responds to my whatsapp n viber messages in minutes. Reason is her phone is in the handbag. Bbm is shooting themselves in the foot if iPhone users stops using it. The effect will blow over to other platforms.

This is a ridiculous debate... Google Hangouts is better than BBM or Whatsapp in almost every possible way.

Hangouts will be the default messaging app on android phones from version 4.4 on.. It also does everything that all the other messaging apps do. video chat, sms, mms, voice calls.. it has read status, doesn't require you to give phone number. You can also use it from your PC/Mac.

Why would you use anything else?

The other thing I learned from WHatsApp is that the application is also linked to the phone after you change your SIM card. I used WhatsApp on a SIM card on Galaxy S4. I gave my Galaxy S4 to my friend and put the SIM card on a new phone. However all WhatsApp message to my number are still being received NOT on my current phone but on the other phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) that uses a new SIM card (my friends, differet number, of course). I'm not receiving my WhatsApp messages on my new new device.

I had Whatsapp on my HTC Desire, factory reset it and gave it to a friend. She signed into her Whatsapp account and up came my Whatsapp messages. To put it mildly, I was not impressed. Somehow, Whatsapp seems to be linked to your device as well as your mobile number.

I've since installed BBM for Android and I love its security and delivery/receipt system. No way will I return to any insecure messaging system such as Whatsapp or Viber.

These days whatsapp like android apps have emerged as the burning propaganda for every tech geek's dine. These apps has certainly raised issues in concern to security and privacy. You can check out reading my blog on certainly burning issues and amazing lists on where everything is curated, researched, analyzed and then published.