More Rumored BIS 3.0 Additions Come To Light

By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2010 12:48 pm EST
More BIS 3.0 Rumors

It wasn't that long ago we heard rumors of BIS 3.0 and 3.1 coming our way soon and bringing with it, a bunch of highly anticipated changes. This time around, we're hearing from BBLeaks that there are a few more additions we can expect as well. 

  • Support For OpenOffice Documents - Presentations, Text documents and spreadsheets
  • Support for WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Support for OpenOffice is interesting to see. Not quite sure how much market space OpenOffice has for users but I've used it on occassion and can see why RIM would be adding it. As for WMA I have to question as to why this is even still unsupported? I honestly thought this was taken care of when WMV was added to the media player for videos. Granted, I don't get many WMA attachments but it seems like a lot of you all out there do so that will be a big improvement. Of course, these are just rumors at this time but rumors that make sense given what they bring to the platform.

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More Rumored BIS 3.0 Additions Come To Light


News Flash.... those 2 capabilities are OS/App dependant, not BIS dependant. OpenOffice capabilities would deal with email attachment and opening options, which is the native email app onboard the device treating the attachments properly. WMA media opening would deal with the Media Player onboard properly handling those formats.

Here's to hoping BIS3.0 brings an end to Truncated Emails and bring about better HTML rendering, that would be much better in my opinion.

personally it would be nice if tmo usa increased the mail attachment size. currently i believe it sits @ 3mb. not even big enough to send an mp3.

Totally agreed!!! though I'm with AT&T. Blackberry and Providers should lift this limit! The limiting factor should only be the mail providers (Gmail = 20MB). This is really disappointing for my (switching from the iPhone). Otherwise, I love my Berry!!

I use no M$ products because Linux is my OS of choice. The ability to interact with OOo would be a plus to me. There are times when I'm around my friends who use their iPhones to open PDF files that I wish my BB would do the same.

Slowly making progress.

BB's can open PDF attachments without any issues... :confused:

However, opening the PDF "after" you download it IS a problem unless you have a PDF viewer installed. THIS is a big issue for RIM/BB that they NEED to fix already.

I wonder if the OO is because of how many European countries have moved away from Microsoft and if the .MWV is because of Google Voice or something similar from Microsoft?

there should be a way you can put in your pin number to get back your user name if indeed you do forget it .

I don't get it. I've had wma files on my 8900 with OS4.6 and by 9700 with OS5.0 and they play just fine. As a matter of fact I "think" I had them on my 8310 running OS4.5 and it played them too.


A recipient of an email from your BB, that replies to this email, will see on the To line an "ugly" reply-to email address and not Your Name as defined in BIS.

This seems to be an inherent feature of BIS to needlessly enforce an explicit reply-to email address setting.