More Rogers BlackBerry Storm 9520 Storm Love

BlackBerry Storm 9520
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2009 02:04 pm EST

When it comes to pre-release devices, pictures are news! And what you're looking at above (courtesy of Rogers Dude to BlackBerry Cool) is another marketing picture of the WiFi/North America HSPA band equipped BlackBerry Storm 9520 that's due out on Rogers in the weeks/months ahead. The first pictures of this surfaced back on Christmas day.

For those of you north of the border chasing the Storm feel free to drool now :)

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More Rogers BlackBerry Storm 9520 Storm Love


This will be interesting for us at the store level, we just launched the 8900 just before xmas, and the 8220 shortly before now we will have:

8310 Curve
8320 Curve
8220 Flip
8100 series pearl
9000 bold

and now the storm.....

I think to many roosters in the hen house for blackberry, cause i don't think they will get the sales numbers they want with all these different models they are competing with the iphone...

Well, even if RIM or Rogers don't get the amount of sales one certain device, they get money out of it because of the wide selection of Blackberries out there.....right?

not really, because sometimes to much choice = no sale because people can't make up their mind. Plus this year rogers is suppose to also launch the new codename magnum and the codename pluto....if that happens it will be rediculous....besides everyone i know who has tried the blackberry storm only likes it cause its the latest greatest thing, and not because of how it functions....some people have already said it but if you want a touch screen phone, iphone has the storm beat hands down....if you want a blackberry for what they are meant to do then getting a curve or bold will suit you just fine..

With the choices out there, there's bound to be something for someone. Someone might take the Storm because it is a new device, but with the Bold out, or the Curve 8900, I think someone would think these are the "logical" choices. But that's if they are into the newer technology.

That's the whole have CHOICES!
I have a BB and iPod Touch.

Some of my relatives have the Curve, others have the Flip, and of course the head of the households have the Bold.

And then there's the relatives that march to the beat of their own drum with the Storm.

Personally, I'd take a storm, just because I'd like to have a more all-in-one device, but a curve and and iPod touch work just right, I have them too. haha

....when it comes out. I don't care if I have to pay $500 for it and unlock it for ATT. It will be worth it imo. Get here quick please, my 8300 is on its last legs. The "t" barely works anymore, lol.

Since there is a gsm version of the storm, when will it come out for at&t? I am anxiously awaiting for this to come out.

I really wish my 9530 had WiFi... I honestly don't see how you market a "smartphone" these days without it, especially one that is supposed to be competing with the iPhone.


Given the already pathetic battery life of the 9530, what do you think it would be like with WiFi? While I'm glad Roger's is getting this, I really see a nightmare brewing for RIM with the WiFi Storm battery life.

WiFi doesn't drain a battery! Whether I have WiFi on or off makes no difference in battery life on my 8320.

I am selling my Verizon Blackberry Storm unlocked for Rogers Wireless. Please message me for details.


Can you give me some more information on the Telus version of Storm. What monthly fee do you pay? what don't you like? Whether you would recommend it? I am trying to decide whether I should get it with Bell, Telus, or whether I should wait for this Rogers version. Any input would be appreciated


wow nice! now if only... it would come to the US!
the storm and the iphone are completely different devices. the iphone does not have the ability (yet) to be as productive as the bb. i think the storm is more of a "fun" blackberry and would find this a very nice welcome!

Wait, Wait WAIT!!!!!Wasn't this SUPPOSED to be a VERIZON exclusive FOREVER?? Like NO one else was suposed to see it?? Now we have this. Is it just a matter of time before ATT has it too?? I can understand since Rogers has it (not in the US) but to put out a GSM phone just north of the border?? Hmmmmm.....Don't see ATT letting the money go.

And just where was Verizon and the lack of Wi-Fi in the 9530?

I often travel to areas where there is no cell signal at all but there is Wi-Fi

Those Canadians are wise!

I dont understand how rogers can have a line up like that when telus doesnt even come close, sure they just got the storm, but no bold or 8900. Brutal!

Its because of the following reasons:

1. 200 million people in the world use GSM and only like 2 million use CDMA so companies like RIM would logically make a phone for GSM before CDMA whih is why Rogers has such an extensive line-up of blackberries and other phones for that ever notice why Telus doesn't get specific brands to sell? its because many companies refuse to make CDMA phones cause there isn't enough profit in it.

2. CDMA is a much slower technology and network that can't handle 3g devices like the bold, telus boasts that they are 3g but its really only 2.5g technically, so thats another reason why they won't get devices right away, however, RIM does have plans to bring a CDMA version of the BOLD to telus, so you can look forward to that and a possible flip pearl in the future as well.

Hope this clears things up for ya

1. 2 million people use CDMA? Verizon alone has over 80 million users (with the recent merge with Altel) in the USA, plus those in China, India, Canada, etc, etc. Don't say things you have no idea about.

2. CDMA is not "slower". God you're spewing out false information like there's no tomorrow. 3G is a term being abused by these GSM carriers these days, when in reality the CDMA carriers like Verizon, Telus, Bell, have ALL been on "3G" (1XEVDO Rev.0) for the past few years. CDMA guys have been enjoying these 3G speeds WAY before Rogers/ATT put out their "3G" network. Verizon and Telus have both been on 1XEVDO Rev. A (even faster than Rev.0) for the past 2 years, again, way before ATT/Rogers launched theirs.

I hate people like you that act as if they really know what they're talking about when all they know is a bunch of random garbage obtained from the internet.

Read some books sometimes, they're quite useful.

sigh....there is always someone who has to be a jackass within the comments, SOOOOOO SORRY i mis-quoted the exact number of CDMA users i didn't think i was writing a thesis report on CDMA usage, but my point still stands, more people use GSM than CDMA and that's a fact, much more in fact, and if the EVDO network is so BLOODY fast then why is it that an official test showed that a gsm EDGE! blackberry is twice as fast as a persons EVDO blackberry? you would argue some random point instead of the fact that CDMA technology is limited to what it can do and that voice communications take priority over data on the CDMA network, which is why is doesn't matter if they claim to have 3g or not cause you never get those speeds. Besides the new 3g network that carriers like rogers have launched that telus and other CDMA carriers have been so called "enjoying" all these years is actually much slower than the ACTUAL 3g network. so why don't you stop trying to be an AHOLE and attacking my intelligence and stick to the point.....and on that note, i have graduated from both college and university and have worked on both sides of the cell networks (CDMA and GSM) so maybe your the one who needs to "read a book" and stop trying to be an online tough guy, your so frigging ridiculous, get a life.

... that you're trying to backtrack on your original comments because you were proven wrong. Yes more people use GSM but if you want to quote numbers, get your facts straight before posting. What official test? EDGE will ALWAYS be slower than 1XEVDO (even Rev. 0) no matter how you spin in. Physics is physics, you can't just go out there and change it as you see fit.

Ok, so CDMA 3G never "get those speeds". Show me an HSPA capable device that can do 14mbps. Yeah you can't because NONE of these phones, GSM or CDMA, perform to spec in real life.

Again, what are you basing your claim that these CDMA 3G networks are slower than "real 3G" (as you call it)? Did you look at the specs? Did you check out real world speeds advertised by the carriers? They are IDENTICAL in REAL WORLD USE.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE FULL SPEED on either HSPA or 1XEV Rev A because there are too many factors that will limit the speed and transmission quality from tower to device. If you don't think CDMA 3G can "get those speeds", I'm sorry to tell you that the same applies to HSPA 3G - IT WILL NOT GET FULL SPEED EITHER.

About attacking your "intelligence" - sorry, not attacking it, just had to point out the obvious when someone that has no clue about these tech specs try to act like they know something and end up making themselves sound like a fool. Rogers must be happy that they've successuflly brainwashed people like you into thinking that their network is somehow better, newer, and faster.

I was camping this weekend and had no cell reception from Verizon but the campground had wi-fi. It would have been nice if my 9530 could've connected to it.

Why would you bring your Blackberry camping isn't that the idea of camping to get AWAY from that kind of stuff...

Patience has paid off.

Now hopefully this comes to AT&T soon.

If not I will be selling my Bold and buying an unlocked Rogers Storm - :P

Hey, guys.

I got an unlocked storm and put my rogers sim card but 3G doesn't seem to be working only 2G is working.
Also, in the middle of main screen says "activation required"... otherwise, this phone is a beauty.

Anyone has any comments, feel free to drop a line.


I just Emailed some one from Rogers asking about when is
the launching the Storm 9520.

and here is what she has to say:

Hi there,

For competitive reasons , we don't talk about future products or services before they are announced. Best regards,

Ok, this was a great tease, but 3 months have gone by and the storm is not listed on rogers website. Does anybody have an update? Will they ever carry the storm?, or are they wedded to iphone?

I Just wna't to know if the BlackBerry Storm From Rogers Canada Will Be BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Storm2 & also i wan't to know when it will be Released

I Just wna't to know if the BlackBerry Storm From Rogers Canada Will Be BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Storm2 & also i wan't to know when it will be Released

I Just wna't to know if the BlackBerry Storm From Rogers Canada Will Be BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Storm2 & also i wan't to know when it will be Released