More Porsche Design P'9982 images turn up in unreleased OS

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2013 12:03 pm EDT

The OS leaks have been dropping like crazy lately and along with them come various secrets hidden within. OS is the latest to divulge some newness and though the OS itself has yet to be made available to the public, buried inside are some images of the rumored Porsche Design P'9982.

The P'9982 has been pictured a few times over the last little while and the new images are look to be pulled from the tutorials within the OS. The lot shows off some help for the device including inserting a memory card, connecting the device to a charger, using the top lock button and the P'9982 branding.

While we don't get a chance to see any more of the front of the device, we do get a good look at the back and what's inside - though it's not much different than the BlackBerry Z10.

Still no word on a timeframe for this one to hit the streets, but we do know it's out there and should be made available at some point. Maybe.

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Update: Some more renders (including the front) have shown up in the forums here.

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More Porsche Design P'9982 images turn up in unreleased OS


I've never understood the allure of the Porsche design thing.
Higher price for a device that is no faster and exactly the same inside.

Seems like a waste of BlackBerry's time and precious little resources.

Posted via CB10

Simple.. keep in mind, my numbers are not accurate just being used as an example. If you have, let's say 5,000 Z10 components sitting in a warehouse do you try and sell them to carriers for a low margin of return or do you rebrand them and sell them to rich folk who you already know will buy them at a higher profit margin that is likely 3x as much as they would get if they were 'Z10's"?

If you were running a yard sale and someone said I'll give you $10 for that chair and someone else came along and said I'll give you $20 for it... who would you sell to?

what about if there are 100 who can give me 10 = 1 000 $
for only 5 who can give me 20 = 100$
if reducing the price make the item accessible for a larger market, your argument doesn't stand anymore.

An argument without the 'real' numbers isn't much of an argument. No one here has any idea of margins, volume, partner funding... nobody.

I'd be happy just to see the numbers on the LAST Porsche phone... do they exist? There must be some good reason for this strategy to be pursued and divert resources to specialized niche markets.

It couldn't possibly be a strategy of: 'we've always done this' could it? Anyone?

Posted via CB10

While Bla1ze makes a good point, very few seem to grasp (judging by the comments on every Porsche related topic) this is a luxury device for luxury clientele and they frankly don't care that it's a revamped Z10. The Porsche Design BlackBerry's are actually quite cheap when you compare it to similar luxury phones e.g Vertu, Gresso and Mobiado which start at about 8 grand and up.

Here in London UK the Porsche Design sells very well and have often seen it on those who want to stand out from the rest. The luxury market is very different to the high street and believe me there is no shortage of cash to spend on these devices. I guess as the saying goes if you have to ask the price it's really not for you.

I also highly doubt that BlackBerry wasted any time or resources on this. I am sure they just gave Porsche Design a Z10 and said "do your magic".

Well let's see if this product makes a difference for BlackBerry's sake in September or December. I still believe that they should focus on the current bb10 devices. It just seems that they are not focused.
Don't get me wrong

Posted via CB10

Your argument may be with the whole proposition of luxury goods.

There's not a lot of development resources being expended here. At this point, the most work that's being done would be around customizing the UI, which would tend to involve graphic designers who might not be engaged in much else right now anyway.

This might sound almost cruel, but the truth is that there are wealthy people out there who will spend extraordinary amounts of money on items that may not function any better than what us plebes buy, but that carry some kind of distinction that allows the seller to command a premium.

There are wealthy people who will spend tons of money on a distinctive phone for no other reason than that it costs a lot of money. It projects status. The margins are huge in this market, and if BB can produce a credible product, I say more power to them.

This device is awesome! and worth it!!! for some! This would go great with a 991!!! For sure!

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised that the BlackBerry logo on the back is blacked out on this version. Wouldn't BlackBerry want their logo to stand out just a bit? IMHO the BlackBerry logo on the current Z10 isn't overly flashy. BB really needs promotion right now and having a visible logo on a phone in the hands of the rich and famous couldn't hurt.

Posted via CB10

I think it looks smooth! not gaudy! Covered with logos! Classy! Anyone who can afford such a high end device! doesn't really care who knows it!

Posted via CB10

Maybe blackberry is just for the exclusive unique individuals! And not the average consumer! They should just make phones for us!!! And let common folk! Continue being! Regular!

Posted via CB10

I love the idea of the Porsche design and it is most certainly profitable to BlackBerry. However, I do believe that it deserved a better look, especially the back as some people mentioned. This device actually looks uglier than the standard Z10 (for me) and I wouldn't buy one even if I had the cash/: I would get the P9881 though. So, it's not about me just making an assumption.

Just my thoughts...

Posted via CB10

People don't realize these device have been apart of BBRYs history and have sold well in the past at $2000 a pop.

I would really like to agree with you.

Could you point to the metrics where your statement can be supported? How many units have been sold in the past? And where?

Posted via CB10

I for one think the angled bottom would be nice for holding the device. Also looks very nice and distinct to me.

Design also helps alleviate the whole looks like an iPhone thing.

Posted via CB10

Wtf is with the blackberry designer ? How come they never make the ports nice? They just cut the shape needed inbetween the front and back panels. Sloppy, reminds me of old GM cars.

Did anyone else notice the battery picture... why do we see the battery and the pins at the same time. That picture just doesnt make any sense

Porsche Design has a specific clientele.
We were selling the P9981like hot pancakes, we couldn't keep them in the store.We were sold out many times.
The Bold 9930 and the P9981were manufacture in different countries and probably with different materials.
I'm very happy that two companies with such great history are partnering to bring to selected buyers exclusive products.