More pics of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 appear online!

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
By Michelle Haag on 16 Apr 2011 03:45 pm EDT

If you're tired of hearing about the BlackBerry PlayBook (though really how can you be?) here are some new pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Every time I see this device, I want it more and more. Not only will it feature that awesome Bold keyboard, but it also has a touchscreen and the new 6.1 OS. I really hope this BlackBerry gets announced at BlackBerry World Conference, which is just about 3 weeks away. Are you waiting for the BlackBerry Bold Touch, or are you more interested in one of the other new devices that we've seen lately, like the Torch 2 or one of the new Curves?  Check out more pictures of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 after the break.

Source: ZonaBlackberry via the CB Forums

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 with a bold 9700 and Torch 9800
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 with a Bold 9700 and Torch 9800
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 battery
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
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More pics of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 appear online!


It'll be several months before you can actually get this (announced May 3, but available late summer or in the fall). RIM likes to "announce" but doesn't seem to like to deliver!

I hope you're right. RIM is becoming an "all talk, no products" kind of company. They're solely a phone (now tablet) company and they're pushing a year since their last major phone release (Torch). If they keep up this snail's pace, they're going to keep falling way behind the major players - HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Apple, etc. I also really like these new phones, but the total lack of 4G and front facing cameras is a real shame (again, just falling further behind).

Agreed. One of the worst marketing strategies they have. I'm debating trading in my Tour for the new white iPhone (rumored for april 26), or this BlackBerry. If they do one of their typical announcements for a release 3+ months out, then I'm sorry but I need a company that can deliver. Apple is so successful because they announce, then consumers can go get it right away or within reasonable time. They don't announce a lackluster product that will maybe be released 3-5 months later when technology has already changed significantly. Which is why RIM will always be too little, too late :/

check rims announcement history before commenting..your giving people wrong information..just because there are leaks of new phones 8 months before they come out doesnt mean they are announced by rim and then waiting for them to come out..rim has been releasing phones pretty quickly after announcing them..the playbook is different because it was their first tablet so they wanted people to know they were working on one.

what white iPhone? 4 or 5? apple screwed everybody out of a white iPhone 4. they advertise it in photos then don't deliver. they will probably do it with the 5. the iPhone 5 launch rumors keep changing. RIM is not alone in this area!

For almost the entire world, 4g is totally none existent. Not just small areas, literally none existant. I would have to travel over a thousand miles to find 4g.

Front facing cameras are by far the most pointless thing currently on a phone, even more so than 3d cameras. FFC are just used for NOTHING. The journalists talk about video chat like its important, but no-one uses it in reality. No-one uses it because its annihilates battery life and makes you look like a dick. Also, everyone else can hear your conversation.

Its not nearly a year since the Torch by the way. It's been just over 8 months. And they are just about to announce 4 new devices to launch in the summer. Or exactly a year after the last iteration, same as apple does.

Android phones get spammed out, and barely change between iterations. They get a little more ram, a chip revision, a new camera, but on a basic level, today 'new' android phones are mostly still running the same specs as last year. There are one or two VERY new ones with twin cores, but that vast majority of phones are still running the same single core snapdragon or hummingbird chips they were last year. And yet they have run two new iterations of phones since then. That are functionally the same.

Blackberry is about stability and long life cycles, because that's what enterprise likes to see.

HA HA! Good one. All kidding aside, this device looks awesome. Gonna be a tough choice between Torch 2 and this.

agreed....I've had um all from the 8300 to the torch. IMO, the 9K had the best over all feel....loved it!!!
The ultimate bb would be a 9K slider.

I think I need to correct you, to prevent you from further spreading false information.

Unless you have a RIM badge, and are spreading around confidential company information, I highly doubt you know for a fact that the device will not be available through retail channels for "several months" like you've spread through so many comments on this post.

The Bold 9700 was announced on the 21st October 2009, and was available through it's first retail channel at the time (T-Mobile USA) within 2 weeks, a week earlier than stated in the announcement. (Source: CrackBerry Post, RIM PR Announcement)

The Bold 9780, was announced on the 27th of October 2010, one year 6 days after the 9700. It was also available in retail within about two weeks, for T-Mobile, and within 3 weeks for the carriers who took it on abroad. (Source: CrackBerry Post, RIM PR Announcement)

The 9000, the first Bold, was announced in May 2008 and was available within a month and a half on Rogers, and a few months (far less than 7) on AT&T, due to a delay in the 3G radio stack for the device (the 9000 was the first 3G device). (Source: CrackBerry, BlackBerryCool, BGR, RIM.)

I therefore have to totally disagree with you in regards to your "several months" argument. I couldn't find an occasion where a device was announced (not counting PlayBook, it's not a handheld, it's a tablet, different group.) where and was not available within 30, 60, 90 or 120 days after announcement. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm saying you have no sufficient grounds to make your argument, unless you'd like to prove otherwise, I don't want to start a huge childish argument here, I'm just stating the facts.

(P.S - If you want something that took -six- months to launch, Take a peak at the First gen iPhone, Announced the 9th of January 2007, it didn't ship until the 29th of June 2007 at 7pm, around -six- and a half months after announcement.)

You have a few points. Except for the fact that the Bold Touch still hasn't been "announced" so therefore "several months" is quite obviously more accurate than you care to admit. IF (big if) RIM announces this in May, then you're right, perhaps it will be released may/june. Let's wait and see - as for now... Leaks leaks leaks... That's all we have.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think it's kind of naive to think that RIM doesn't move at a snail's pace. And I hate to break it to you, but 90 and 120 days is "a few months" and even 60 days is a couple of months. Too long of a delay in my opinion. RIM is solely a phone (& tablet now) company and they're pushing a YEAR since their last major phone release. It's a pattern of "all talk, no products".

It is true that RIM moves a lot slower than most companies BUT what RIM does best is build a device that will last longer than your one-two year contract. Many companies have this tendency to pump out devices like mad and the older devices are left to rot with no new accessories or software updates. By the time your contract is done your phone is a fossil, and in that time (with love and care) your RIM devices is still kicking and running about.

What do you want them to do? release new phones every 3 months? how often does apple release phones? every year. stop complaining. there is no reason to release new versions of a phone before a year.

It's like most people on here aren't seeing RIM's market share nosedive in North America. Comparing them to Apple is everyone's favorite thing to do, which is ridiculous. Apple has a system unique to the industry. The comparison should be made to HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. To stay competitive, yeah I think they need to push out a new phone every few months. They're not in a great position to just sit on their hands for a year.

so apple isnt a world company? they dont sell phones in other markets? everyone here knows rim is struggling in north america..thats not the point..youre saying they take too long to come out with phones after announcement which is not even close to what happens. and no absolutely not they dont need to push a new phone every few months otherwise people will be waiting for the next one and rim will be pissing people off that a new better phone is coming out in a few months after they just bought the new one..and it is not profitable to do so either. you cant r&d a product every few months..these things take time and resources..people cant get new phones every few months and not many people upgrade yearly either. upgrading the bold line every year is perfectly reasonable

Saying RIM's marketshare is "nosediving" isn't entirely fair here. Smartphone marketshare is growing, however a common misconception is that because their marketshare is shrinking, it's BlackBerry users diverting to other platforms.

This is partially true, however not in the amount that it's claimed by overly noisy fanboys of other platforms. Many consumers who are just getting a smartphone are getting Android, reps push it, so do the TV adverts.

RIM still has a healthy marketshare to support their operational, R&D, advertising and other associated operating costs. RIM has enough CIB (Cash in Bank) to very well support themselves long enough to push a generations of QNX devices out, yet make almost zero profit from them and still operate per normal. That's how much capital they have. They're a very healthy company.

If BlackBerry can improve their marketing to customers, improve their devices and improve their offerings on the software side (we're seeing all of this...) then they will do just fine, They will never hold a market position like they used too, but that's not a BlackBerry problem, That's the fact that you have a more volatile smartphone market then ever before.

We're seeing the commitment to improvement and innovation from RIM, and we are seeing an increase in the speed that they develop and pushes a device to market. However they'll will never be a company to push a device through all stages of development and into the market in 3, 4 or 6 months.

They never "sit on their hands for a year" - When a new device is pushed out, they've already started development on the next generation, we know for a fact that they usually have their device pipeline set up about a year in advance. RIM never "sit on their hands" as you claim.

RIM makes devices, and they do it right, and anyone who does not or can not respect that is free to look elsewhere. Talk to consumers, face to face, and you'll see many don't care how fast a device comes to market, as opposed to how good the device is once it is in market, speed-to-market plays a very important role, however it is not the end all of the consumers purchasing mindset.

I'm not naive to what the current market situation is, and I'm not naive to the fact that RIM do need to get QNX onto devices, and they do need to push new devices out, however if you think pushing a device out n 3, 4 or 6 months is the solution, your blind. That will be a trainwreck for every device like we saw with the Storm, and then RIM really will be loosing consumer and enterprise customers in huge amounts, because every device will fail to work properly and will be complete trash.

HTC, Motorola and Samsung put out new, innovative smarphones every few months (and all have tablets, too), pushing Android to the top of the US market and making huge gains worldwide. They're also significantly encroaching on the enterprise market, which won't be RIM's bread and butter forever. RIM needs to focus more on the CONSUMER market, which is going to soon become their reality as more and more companies allow iPhone and android devices.

I'm not saying that RIM should develop and release a new phone every few months. Like all of the major players, through ongoing R&D they should put the products out, especially for the consumer market.

A great article was written by Robb Dunewood at RIMarkable. I suggest you give it a read.

lol you dont get it..those companies dont develop software..they only put hardware together..rim develops their own operating systems..2 of them now..and look at motorola..they can put out as many phones as they want and they still arent making a profit. it is not profitable to keep pumping out new phones. check your facts. and you just said that rim should develop a new phone every few months, and now your saying thats not what your saying? rim usually does stagger the way they release some of their lines..the bold at one time and the curves at different times. the other companies have to try and put out newer and better phones because they are competing with each other, not rim. they have to try and differentiate themselves from other android phones which is becoming increasingly harder to do.

I meant not develop and release a phone in a few months, then start all over again to develop and release the next phone...but rather continue to release phones every few months based on ongoing R&D, not a start & stop approach that was mentioned earlier.

You made a good point that RIM is both a software and hardware company. However, they do have separate departments for each, and until they put QNX on their phones, the software upgrades aren't exactly revolutionary.

Motorola may be having profit woes right now, but HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. are thriving. They also put heavily modified "skins" over the Android OS which is practically an additional OS as well.

There's no denying that RIM has gone way too long without a major new phone release (will be a year at best when the next one comes out). That's horrible for the consumer market. You make it sound like I'm making this up and RIM isn't getting beat up on by analysts and the press. I'm not saying anything new or unknown.

the software and hardware teams have to constantly interact..its not easy to do. and their skins are hardly an additional os. the make different widgets and different launchers. nothing too complicated. some of the new phones should be out by june or july at the latest. and the style was their last release and that wasnt too long ago. i know that they are getting bad press and thats because of an aging operating system. the operating system is maxed out so obviously software upgrades arent going to be revolutionary. everyone knows qnx is going to amazing but it has to be ready first. as for new phones, the only way i think they should come out with new phones every few months is if they stagger their brands, torch at one time, touch a few months later, and bold a different time also. its tough to do because they need to get all of these out asap and i bet they are looking at bb world in may to out a couple of the phones for release. probably going to be bold touch and touch (because they have had the most leaks lately)with the torch closer to the 1 year anniversary of t1

im going to keep my 9700 and get the blackberry touch i think i want to try out a good touch screen blackberry and i want a large screen.

and if i get tired of the keyboard ill go back to my 9700 on os6

Yeah I have to agree with you on that one.. I want a torch because of the big screen and it come with a slider keyboard which is a plus.. this new bold is a great idea but rather have myself a torch

I cant wait for this phone to come out but what about the full touch screen blackberry phone. I want them both.

Looks the same. I am so torn, have my BOLD 9000 and my white torch love em' both, now I have to choose again for the BOLD touch or the Torch 2! arrrrgghhh! decisions, decisions!?

look awesome, i really miss the keyboard on the 9000. the 9700 is a tad too small compared to the 9000.

I haven't been this excited for a phone since the original Storm came out. I WANT THIS PHONE!!!!

The best part about it, my upgrade date is 7/14, about the time this phone is rumored to be available. We better have a Verizon version then is all I have to say.

my ne2 with verizon is sometime this summer as well, and i hope it's out by then. or at least a concrete release date.

and i don't see any charging contacts on the back. is it just because it's a preproduction model?

Pretty sure they have the same specifications, except that the bold touch has a horizontal smaller screen with a full qwerty keyboard (candy bar form factor), while the torch2 has a larger vertical screen on a slider and below, a full qwerty keyboard.

if only they pushed the keyboard further down to eliminate that space and allow for an even bigger screen

/me is drooling

(that was for IRC fans if any exist)

The extra screen real estate is great and the processor speed should be a big help with the browser. If the wifi access is improved that much, it will be a killer Berry.

I WANT IT BAD!!!!! So gonna have to pay full price for this LOL. I seriously hope they release this ASAP and not months later. This phone will sell like a mofo if they do.

I really need this phone in my life. The phone everyones been asking for from RIM and its finally coming. Cant wait. Unfortunately I'll probably be paying full price. :(

Ahhh well will be worth it. :) Especially if its available in white right off the bat.

Is at&t gonna be the only american carrier to get this Blackberry? They always get the good specialty ones (Torch, new Pearl, Bold 9000) while the others get just the Bold & Curve. I'm on sprint and we only have the Curve & fat Bold (aka Tour) to choose from, any one know if sprint will be getting the Bold 9900?

i miss the red numbered keys from the bold 9000 (i think the 9650 had them too)

oh well, still sexy ass phone :D

With RIM taking a little ass whooping here in the states I hope all carriers have the new BlackBerrys. That would help so much. I can't stand exclusivity. I will never change carriers just for a damn phone LOL.

I only saw one other person mention this: Where are the charging contacts? I'd be fairly pissed off if the phone I've wanted for so long won't have a cradle for charging...

The Bold Touch has two tiny charging marks on the bottom right and left, so they'll have a cradle charger availible for it as well of course the side usb charger :)

Where's the new curve!? And why are these leaked pictures always taken by the most inept photographers on the planet? Although I've seen a lot worse lately, so these are ok...

I am disappointed at the lack of color on the device. Why no red number keys like my Bold 9650? Why no Green answer, red disconnect buttons? Why no red speaker? I just don't get that. It makes the device look kinda bland.

I agree the monochrome keys give a bland look but it's not a final device so maybe RIM doesn't spend on multicolor 'prototypes'.

On device choice, it's going to be a really tough decision. QWERTY keyboard, short-cuts and a small screen vs. a fully capable, big screen BB with a touchscreen. I don't know what the tie-breaker is on this one...

Will there be non-touch screen version of Bold 9900?? Specs look pretty impressive. I want 9900 without touch screeen.

I get the feeling that the main system buttons (Menu, Call, End, and Back) are touch (capacitive) based and part of the screen -or- a separate system.

^ you heard it here first!

You're wrong! that would be the worse decision ever especially when you have the trackpad right next to it. you'll move your thumb to either side and bam, you'll hit a capacitive key - not good! The click is the best thing ever. Leave that crap for android phones.

they are the one leak video you can see that the guy had to apply some pressure when hitting the back button

Im waiting for either this or the torch 2. I love the formfactor of the torch 2 but I really love the feeling of the bold 9000 keyboard. If they raise the torch 2 keyboard just a tad, it'll be very difficult to choose. Maybe if they add some of that faux-leather backing ;)

Not a big fan of touch screens because they can be finicky at times. Hey I'd be happy if the bold 9900 had no touchscreen at all, I love the new internals, no more problems with lack of ram :P

Does anyone think both Bold Touch 9900 and 9930 will be released about the same time for Sprint (9930)? and I'm hoping for an early June release on Sprint.

I'm not too fond of the design. It looks like an older version of those currently out, its a little on the bland side. The bottom spacing is too big and bland looking for my taste. The other thing that throws me off is the back, I would of liked some more inspiring styling into this. I seriously think they left this on the backburner and put most of their resources onto the playbook and QNX. I've been pretty loyal to RIM, but there's a ton of solid competition that's got me very interesting in switching, gonna see how they perform when released.

I would have to say the Bold Touch, since it will be availible for every carrier, also the Bold line usually is the flagship device for BlackBerry.

I've been waiting for this phone since the Magnum spec was leaked. 9000 is by far best BB ever. I have the Torch now, and now I'm in a toss up because I got used to the big big screen. The 9000 kb may sell me on this phone.

What to do what to do...

A PICTURE(S) OF MY NEW BEST FRIEND. If your a Blackberry club have to love doesn't get any better than this :)

Have a 9700 which I love, but this is great!!!!

Moving on to the QNX super phones in 2012. I would love to see this form factor, but remove the physical keys? track pad to free up more display. I think it would be a home run!!! Famoust BB Bold Keyboard with a bigger display. Ultimate productivity/ media bb device!!!!

Also would like to see a super phone 4inch QNX all touch device. And thats it for the QNX super phones. keep it simple with only 2 devices and take the design, fit, and finish to new levels.

It looks almost as if the call, menu, back, and end buttons are touch, similar to the Android phones. Hmm...

I like the size of this phone. My 9780 is too small.

It looks like they could have moved the keyboard down a little and added a little more length to the screen. Get the screen as big as possible!

I love the direction BB is going with this phone. However, I just dont like the appearance of it. IMO, I wish they would've kept the "sharpness" of the 9780 instead of going with a "fatter" more rounded look on this. Oh well, to each is own, and either way, I'm excited to see BlackBerry step up.

I like the appearance. The steel edge. The "solid" look.

It's not a girly phone, no disrespect to the ladies.

come on everybody lets call it how it really is. this phone has been talked about for about 2-3 years and its just coming out now. i wanted this phone when the storm 1 came out when it was talked about. now its just a waste. berries are records in an mp3 world. rim has been sitting on their hands and following since the first iphone. the iphone was a toy when it first came out and the berry had some advantages. now the iphone grew up has some competition with android and berry is left in the dust. rim had it with the 9000 amazing phone but now lets get real nothing has changed the browser is horrible and all people say is what about bbm well there are 100 ways to contact you dont need bbm. the iphone gave me a reason to leave blackberry hated leaving at first but just so much better and i get instant email for free too. this phone 2 years ago would have made me stay i love the keyboard but too little to late. now i know you wont like this cause its a berry site but the truth is the truth thats why market share is going down for rim. fyi no fanboy just like the best products and rim is no longer it

Thanks for ur 2 cents, now go enjoy ur iphone...*cough, loser* that joke is on u, cause by mid-summer ur iphone 4 will be old news and apple will force ur hand to buy a new phone. the thing with BB ppl dont realize, it doesnt get old, some ppl appreciate that. the fact that rim doesnt force ur hand to buy a new phone every year! i held 9000 for almost 3 years before i upgraded to the 9700. if ur a technology chaser then apple is for u, but if u like steady, reliability and consistency u stay with RIM. they might not be running like these other companies are, but RIM is reliable.

look at you defending rim like they care about you. im loyal to no brand just so you know i have a iphone 3gs and im not getting a new phone. mine is 2 years old and still out does any blackberry. once in a while i will pop the sim out and go to a 9700 just to mess around and it is so far behind its pathetic. the only consistency rim has is that once every 2 days you have to do a hard reset by pulling the battery out. as far as force my hands go as i said i have my phone for 2 years and i will get the iphone 5 when it comes out. tell me what berry you were able to upgrade for before your contract was up. ummm none. so its the carriers that force your hands. oh by the way i can still sell my 3gs on ebay for more then i paid.

2 reason why i know ur a loser. 1) u have an iphone 3gs, but yet u still go back to ur 9700 "just to mess around" now i ask (and ur probably gonna lie) how did u get the 9700? did u buy it? for free? ur company? deep down inside u know its a good phone, so once in awhile u go back to it. if u loved ur 3gs sooooo much, why would u go through the trouble of switching back and forth? obviously there are features on the 9700 u like that u keep coming back to it. 2) u assume im loyal to RIM. i owned an iphone and switched to BB before, the iphone i had a palm phone. As u can see the only company im loyal to is Rogers. I buy watever phone i want when i want. it just so happens that i have a bb right now and thats wat im defending. u look stupid for coming on and bashing RIM only to admit that once in awhile u switch ur sim just to use the bb, now thats just dumb. perhaps ur going through some kinda identity crisis, should i look cool and trendy today(with an OLD 3GS or should I look like a pro with my sexy new 9700. PS. Ur not even rich enough to afford two contracts so u switch phones!!!I read this article which stated 7/10 iphone users below 25 years of age are in constant negative at the bank...i can kindda guess which part ur

markanthony0419 you are a HOMO dude. I am excited for this phone and not once was I impressed by an Android based phone or an iPhone, EVER! First smart phone was a Moto Q and then off to a nice BB Curve. Love my full keybaords and the new Bold Touch is a must for me. Can't F'n wait!!!!

This looks great. Hopefully, RIM will put a front-facing camera on the production version. Front-facing camera will help developers make their applications fun so people will think BlackBerry is not just for work.

I'm personally waiting for the Torch 2 or one of the other Touchscreen BlackBerrys. I honestly don't see the point of a touchscreen that small.

as i said i thought the 9000 was a great phone . so i recommended the 9700 to a friend who didnt like touch screen phones. so to answer your question the phone was given to me because he thought the web browser sucked on the blackberry. (cant argue there). if you want my history with blackberry i will tell you. I had the curve i believe the 8300 or whatever it was the titanium one. the first curve. I then got an iphone hated it just couldnt get use to it and hated i had to wait 15 min to get my email so i got rid of it and got the 9000. Then the storm came out (what a bust) and the rumors of a storm bold hybrid aka the magnum was coming out so i waited and waited and waited in the mean time i got an iphone again because apple made adjustments and push email became available and that was it for being a crackberry for me.(took about a month to get use to the iphone). Now im due for an upgrade the iphone is boring me so i will look at this phone maybe i will wait for the iphone 5 who knows maybe i will go to the thunderbolt that just came out or maybe i will do nothing and just keep the 3gs which is fine with me.

When I first got my 8900 I always regretted not getting the 9000 (even though I loved my curve) now iv got my white torch which I'm absolutely in love with I want this! I think RIM release too many phones.

I am extremely excited for this phone. I really prefer the candy bar form factor over anything else, and I love the BB keyboard. Many people ask why such a small touchscreen but I could definitely see myself benefiting from it. Sometimes it's quicker than using the trackpad to move the cursor, and at other times I prefer the cursor. I find it much easier to copy and paste with the trackpad and keyboard than with a touchscreen. Here is a simple solution for all, if you love blackberries, want this phone, and can afford it, buy it. If you love iphones, buy an iphone stop complaining about RIM.