More new features turn up in OS 10.2.1 including contact profiles, Q10 speed dial, new BBM icons and more

By Adam Zeis on 13 Nov 2013 01:26 pm EST

OS has been taking over the forums with eager users jumping on what seems to be one of the best leaks to date. We've already seen some of the awesome new features included on OS 10.2.1 and we've been hard at work diving deeper into the OS to see what else we could find. As it turns out, 10.2.1 is bringing a load of new features for BlackBerry users. It's almost like BlackBerry put in every little thing that users have been asking for and we definitely won't complain about that. 

If you haven't been following along in the forums with all of the latest news, we've seen some crazy improvements that BlackBerry is planning for the OS 10.2.1 update. In addition to features like pic password, APK installs and custom quick settings, some other goodies have been spotted as well. 

Open App from Lockscreen

For starters, you now have the ability to open an app directly from the lockscreen notification. Simply swiping the app icon will bring you directly to the app, not just the homescreen like before.

Contact Profiles

Full, custom contact profiles are back. You can now set alerts for each contact for email, phone calls, text messages, BBM and social apps.

New BBM Emoticons

BBM is sporting some new emoticons as well including a rainbow, moon, camera, martini glass and happy wavy guy. Very cool.

Contact Groups

In OS 10.2.1 you'll have the ability to create and set groups within the contacts app. Please and thank you.

Q10 Speed Dials

Finally the Q10 has the option for speed dials from the home screen. Just press and hold a key to assign a speed dial.

Device Monitor

The new Device Monitor (listed under settings) shows your battery stats, CPU use, memory and storage. Very cool insights.

What did you find?

Are you running the leak? What other new features have you spotted? Head to the forums at the link below and let us know what you've spotted!

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More new features turn up in OS 10.2.1 including contact profiles, Q10 speed dial, new BBM icons and more



Not to long ago finally the 10.2 update was released for Rogers which a lot of us were waiting for and now the 10.2.1 update were waiting for.

Keep those features coming BlackBerry!!!

Who cares about all that stuff. I want a trunk monkey! When it hears someone bad mouth BlackBerry out comes the trunk monkey with the tire iron. :)

Posted via CB10

Hahahaha! Best series of vids I've ever seen online.

Sometimes I wish these leaks would stop coming out because now I want it! It sounds amazing.

So did BlackBerry fix the bugs on:

1) Buggy Outlook Contact importing into BB10 device?

2) Missing/Duplicate/Triplicate repeating contact bug?

Even the "legacy" and "End Of Life" and "obsolete" (as defined by BlackBerry) Bold 9900 did not have these bugs!

no kidding, never seen major updates come out this fast, usually every year for apple and google, BB is spitting updates fast, but really they need to in order to bring BB10 up to a new level, bring back the core BB feel of efficiency and the ability to customize like legacy devices. BB10 had the feeling like they were holding back like apple does as far as beign able to change things, now all they need to bring back is the ability to change themes

Full functionality on the Q10, Q5, Z30, and the STL-100-1 variant of the Z10. Other variants of the Z10 will NOT be able to make calls or use the mobile network.

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Best leak indeed!!! I never installed a leak so far, as the rumored changes were never that "sexy" to do all the work... but this one honestly... think I'll finally give it a try...

And the best is, in case something goes completely wrong, just straight to the crackberry forum for great help from a great community...!

Sorry for hijacking, btw...

Posted via CB10

Thanks freeze. I'm going to go over the bugs and fixes. Do you think we will get this leak via Sachesi?

Verizon Q10 with 10.2 :-)

I have added your question to the question area of that post, but the answer is: Most likely no, because this is a beta (leak) and the files over Sachesi are official releases (at least somewhere in the world).

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with changes, bugs, fixes and the new features you gathered from other threads and from your own testing.

Very much appreciated :)

Definitely like how you can now re arrange hub accounts in this update. Always wanted that

On the Z10, the speed dial works as well, but only from the Dialing Pad in the phone app. Not if you just pop-up the menu on the homescreen.

On the Z10, the speed dial works as well, but only from the Dialing Pad in the phone app. Not if you just pop-up the keyboard on the homescreen.

That's been available from before 10.2.1 from what I can see on my device (on Z10STL100-4/, but don't know when it was implemented.

Posted via CB10

Now we just have to wait until AT&T will release this... Or I guess when the official leaks I'll side load it...

Be careful. Apparently phone calls don't work on some device models. It's still an early build.

Posted via CB10

I need a Z10 download of this that will let me use my phone as my daily driver and still make phone calls and shit, i need radio! I wanna download this leak so bad

Posted via CB10

Now that BlackBerry has got bb10 rolling, all their expertise now seems focused on improvements that show real potential to make the OS even more distinctive, more productive. Keep movin'. Come back to BlackBerry....

Posted via CB10

So blackberry waits until now to start listening to their customers.. OK :)

Presumably the q5 gets speed dial too, they just didn't mention it because hardly anyone is using a q5... ?

Posted via CB10

I'm sure it works on the virtual keyboard as well.

The phone app got a major overhaul. I for one love the nice full screen picture ID.

They've been listening. You just can't code this stuff in an instant. Everything we've been asking for has to be designed, coded, integrated, and tested so it takes time.

The temptation to go back to an iPhone is getting more and more less likely !
Wait a go BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I am sure you meant less and less likely. Lol!

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Wow, 10.2.1 looks huge! almost seems like there are more improvements here than 10.2.

Can't wait for this. It's so great that they actually listen to feedback .

Posted via CB10

For sure. Plus, they seem to have cleaned up all bugs. It's been running perfectly for me for the last 24 hours.

It is t('.'t)

I think it is an emoticon giving someone the middle finger with both hands...that's what it looks like to me. :-P

It would be nice if it were an actual Emoticon.

It just gets better and better! Can't wait for the official release!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Are we sure this isn't 10.3? Seems like a more substantial update than 10.2 lol

Posted from my 295ppi super amoled s stripe 720p Z30

Thinking about it, if we are getting so many goodies in 10.2.1, I can't imagine what we will get in 10.3!

Awesome. This might been my first leak to install. Email Groups? Just what I have been looking for. Now I know why I couldn't find it before, it wasn't there. LOL

Posted via CB10

I need to see at least the next 3 calendar items on the lock screen! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Messages aren't the most important thing! I need to know the next few events without having to unlock the phone - one isn't enough when events are close together, and another more important event is upcoming but cannot be seen!!!
Why can't I tap on the clock to see my upcoming events?

Hi Adam:

Great article. Thanks for the info. BlackBerry needs to pick up on its marketing and show off these and other features. Do you or anyone at CrackBerry have a contact at Verizonwireless to see when they are going to be sending out the 10.2.1?



Open App from Lockscreen

For starters, you now have the ability to open an app directly from the lockscreen notification. Simply swiping the app icon will bring you directly to the app, not just the homescreen like before.

I don't get it...

Posted via CB10

Do but I don't think this is a good idea as this was an issue on general iOS 7 that allowed people to access the phone from the looked screen without going through the security.

Posted via CB10

It means that when you unlock your phone, instead of swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you can swipe from the notification icon and when it unlocks it will go right to that notification instead of the home screen. As long as they took the right amount of time to ensure that you still need to enter the password before moving forward, I'm totally on board with this.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Waiting for a leak or at least the radio for the Z10 (STL100-2).

Z10 | PlayBook 64 | Macbook Pro | iPad


No one ever knows ahead of time.

Other than "coming soon". And no one's said that officially.

Posted via CB10

I hope in the next leak battery percentage is not only in the peak and the lock screen, but remained in the home screen menu bar. I think it's more efficient.

Some are indicating that more android and/or BB apks are now available for ported apps. Have not been able to test whether sideloaded or BBW's Endomondo will utilize a paired HRM or whether Tether for Android works, but these would be Earth rattling changes.

Can't they just release this already... I don't even have 10.2 official from ATT yet and now this... cmon.

So cool! Now I'm waiting for the first official release that will run on my phone!

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately bell doesn't for BlackBerry 10 and i want to be able to view all the apps and the data they use

Posted via CB10

See all in good time. I can't wait to get my Q10 soon
Since I'm rocking my BB 9930 which kicks ass
BB rocks

My BB9930 does so much of what I want I'm reluctant to go for the Q10. But as soon as Verizon gets it's 10.2 act together I'll probably sucumb.

Release date for 10.2 at&t USA???

That's what I really want to know... not yet 10.2 and everything now is all about 10.2.1...

USA carriers updates SUCK!!

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Ok great notice know roll out this awesome step for all the world, 5 continents!! Thanks Blackberry!! #ichoiceblackberry10

What is the purpose of a lockscreen when you can still access stuffs displayed on it? Might as well not having one.

Posted via CB10

For some the lockscreen is enforced by your IT. I'm guessing your work apps won't be available until you type the password.

I'm all about the emoticons! I want like 50 more!

Who here doesn't have conversations with pure empticons?!


I was thinking the same thing. They should get rid of the current ones and have TAT re designed all the emojis.

Posted via CB10

Waiting for it to on att.
In no hurry to install a leaked one.
Q10 is amazing. 10.1 or watever

Q10 \m/

This looks promising. Now the only thing that will suck is having to wait for the official release in Tmobile Usa. We still haven't received the 10.2 update and I don't trust myself (nor do I have the patience) with leaks.

Posted via CB10

Most of those BBM icos are not new but none the less awesome features! Get these os updates a.s.a.p Mr. Chen!

Posted via CB10

Loaded on my Q10 and it is excellent! Also, the BlackBerry Express app is so quick and easy.

Posted via CB10

I'm still missing 2 features that I used to have on my palm that is very useful. That is;

1. To be able to check off the tasks or events that I have planned for accomplish in my calendar.

2. To do a phone look up in the calendar when I need to call or contact someone for a particular task or meeting. Now i have to copy & paste their phone number on the calendar manually.

Posted via CB10

Please hurry and make it available for all Z10's!!!!!!!!!!! I have been begging for contact customizations for a loooooong time!

Posted via CB10

Hi Adam:

I forgot to ask earlier, with the 10.2.1 with regard to email setting, has BlackBerry stored the feature where the user can choice to delete the email either 1. just on the device 2. just on the server or 3. both?
This is a key feature I hope they have restored.

Let us know please and thanks.


My understanding is that was a BES feature and not available without BES. But I could be wrong!
I want that feature back too!

I want the choice to delete from device and/or server also. I hate clogging up my phone with emails, but like to keep them on my server.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I would love to see the hub get reset once we leave it and then go back to it!

Posted via CB10

Oh, please just as an option. I like to return to what I was doing ( just like on my desk, lol)

Swiped with my awesome Z10 keyboard

Mr freeze is the best. And every one involve with this new os. But still Mr freeze is the best. Just cause he took the time to put it all in one place.

Posted via CB10

It's almost one year since the Z10 was launched. So, I expect a new Z10 to be released( with upgraded hardware specs) around February with 10.2.1 baked into the new device.

"My toast is better than yours!"

"Open App from Lockscreen

For starters, you now have the ability to open an app directly from the lockscreen notification. Simply swiping the app icon will bring you directly to the app, not just the homescreen like before. "

That is confusing, by App do you mean accessing email/hub/text?

Symbian, Maemo, WebOS, MeeGo, iOS, Android, and finaly peasce with BES10

Anyone else miss the Auto-on/Auto-off feature of the old BlackBerrys?
I'm so glad they have brought back the key speed dials; it was mush missed.

Posted via CB10

Auto-on/off!!! Yes PLEASE!!!!! Used my (previous) Torch yesterday and wished my Zed had this!

"Zed(10) AIN'T dead, baby! Zed ain't dead..."

Would notify during calls be implemented in it and the ability to have different settings for notification volume and media volume? Also spell check before sending option as in legacy devices.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else have a problem with rotation? My app icons do not rotate and bbm does not rotate. But bbm will rotate when I access via hub! Annoying.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone have insider info on an update release date, specifically Rogers?

Posted via CB10

While it's great that we finally get speed dial, it's very disappointing that it's only for dialing numbers, and doesn't include launching apps and toggling settings. I was hoping that the feature would be worth the long wait. It isn't. IMO.

Posted via CB10

Contact Profiles - Woohoo!!
Q10 Speed Dials - Yeah!!

Contact Groups - I thought they were outdated ;)

If also the cursor circle would be replaced by a virtual trackpad, we're finally there :)

Take that, haters!

It's really amazing, how rapidly BB10 is evolving. Thank you, BlackBerry!

So, maybe 10.2.3 will bring back charging pins? :D

Can the battery monitor get per app usage estimations? This would be a killer feature, depends on the hardware and if the OS can access per second miliwat usage...

Posted via CB10

OMG just looking at these things now since I uploaded it and wow! Blackberry two words, THANK YOU!!! These are the changes we want! Can't wait for the official release!

I installed on my Q10 and now I am in love with my BlackBerry again! Just like my 9930, but better... Now keep moving forward BlackBerry! The 10.2.1 OS needs to get to everyone soon. It is what should have come on all BB10 devices from the start.

Posted via CB10

I hope this update will also include the common sense options in contact as well such as Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Mobile 3,.... Right now you can't even tell which number you want to send an SMS as there are no numbers on any contact classification.

Posted via CB10

I feel sorry for all the American BlackBerry 10 users that are still waiting on 10.2 I guess jamaica is following the rest of the world we support BlackBerry and love bbm go blackberry I'm ready for 10.2.1 hehehehehe

Posted via CB10

Come On these are the MOST BASIC features that any OS should have. Blackberry sends them via updates. No doubt now we are at No 4

Thank you so much BlackBerry for listening to our cries! I'm about to tear up for finally being able to make groups of my contacts! BIG YAYYYYY!!! :D

Posted via CB10

Wow - just replaced with this new leak. -- I love this phone!! But it is 1:27 am so digging into the OS will be in the morning.

Posted via CB10

Anyone see that issue where you text a contact non-stop for many days and you get it where it lags?
I found a trick instead of restarting the entire hub where you swipe down 5 times, you just swipe down 3 times with a conversation with the freezing contacts conversation open and it will refresh it for you rather than you waiting like 10 minutes for it to refresh.

I don't understand this "custom profiles" feature.

The OS has had per-contact notification customization since at least 10.1. What is new here?

What *I* want is global, custom notification profiles (not just "silent" or "vibrate only" etc) that change EVERYTHING at once, like legacy BBOS, and can be assigned to "bedside mode" if desired. Based on the screenshot on this post, that is not what is being offered here.

All I see are 2 added profile notification categories: text messages and "other messaging". Phone, email and BBM already existed.


If your MAC os is fairly current you can use BootCamp [part of MAC os] to boot into a partition created for Windows. I side load all the time using this method.

Good news on new features. I would love to schedule your profiles. So at a certain time your profile would change. Example: i could set it to change to vibrate after 10 pm and back to normal at 8:30 am.

Can I remove the sim and update the os 10.2.1. Is it possible as my carrier has not yet carried the push and as usual it's going to be quite late
Or do I wait for the official push..?

Aziz ..... Z30

Just can't get excited about this because it'll be years before I get to see it on AT&T. The upgrade path issue really needs to be dealt with.

Posted via CB10

I feel like I'm stuck in the stone age with the 10.1... and leaks are not for me, so it's not a valid option.

Posted via CB10

Just can't get excited about this because it'll be years before I get to see it on AT&T. The upgrade path issue really needs to be dealt with.

Posted via CB10

Um... see the forum. Loading this on your device is as easy as hooking your device to PC with USB cable and double clicking the installer.

Headless apps ability, me want!!! Also, I'd like to see a dedicated camera shutter button like my legacy BlackBerrys.

What a surprise?
Why didn't BB put those features from the first day of BB10???
They are not new... WHY?

So no news as to when 10.2 will come to Verizon, I guess the only way to get it is to buy the z30.

Posted via CB10

HELP!! Phone doesn't vibrate and ring at the same time anymore!!!!!

I'm using the Q10 since June and I like it very much. I do have a small problem though, since the last update My phone doesn't seem to vibrate and ring at the same time. It doesn't matter what I do it suddenly just stopped working at the same time. I tried almost everything, taking the battery out, turning vibration off and on again, but still nothing. It does work separetly.

Does anyone know what the problem might be or how to fix this? It's pretty annoying.

Posted via CB10

Would love to see this update fix problems with viewing 'rich text' attachments sent from outlook to my Z10

Posted via CB10

On BES activated devices free-busy lookups are back in the work perimeter (activated with exchange)

Does any body Know whether public folder support is planned?

Posted via CB10

Finally...I gave in and installed the software release...worked like a charm..even on BES and everything restored after backup. Took about an hour for everything to sync back. Loaded Amazon and 1Mobile and now downloading some of my faves...ooVoo is kinda sketchy on both but Instangram is very stable and so is TMZ...still hunting, I was skepticle bu now I can sow off apps on the BB. How cool is that.

I have the same leaked OS and I install the Android Runtime 4.2.2 but when I download and try to install 1mobile it crashes and said 'instalation stalled'... Dont know what Im doing wrong... would you help me please.? Thanks..

I've found a new lock screen when I'm paired with my Volkswagen. It's got the VW logo and list of things you can do while paired. "Hands Free Calling - Media..." Sort of neat, but I'm curious how/why it got there.

Loving the leak so far on my Q10.

Oh wow there is so much new stuff I'm like a kid at Christmas and can't figure out what to do first! I like the different sounds on the keyboard depending on if your going forward or back or space/shift/flick, sounds like group of woodpeckers when I type fast. But I want to try out this stuff they list for photos like face detection for focusing on a person, grid lines to align photo landscape, and peeking at the last picture I took to see if I like it. Now if I can just figure out how to use all these new features lol.

Is there a thread where we can post ideas for future improvements

If this has already been suggested then apologies but it would be a great option to be able to pin open app windows (e.g. Weather) to stop it from moving down the queue when other apps are opened or from accidently being closed that way it sticks to the position it has been pinned


For Q10 would like to see the return of:
* Application launch with shortcut key instead of search
* Notification custom categories creation (in addition to stock "Normal", "Phone Call Only", "Vibrate Only", "Silent", and "All Alerts Off".
* Holster silencing - when device is holstered option to mute all sounds like when you go to a meeting.
* Mapping the three media buttons to perform additional functions.

I love everything BlackBerry is doing with the upgrades. Excited really. But there are some old homerun functions that shouldn't be left behind.
By the way, if you know of any apps that can help to do any of the above (or if I just missed the options altogether in 10.2.1), I'm all ears and could use your help. At least that would be something to have in the meantime. :)

Hi, late to the party. Anyway since Tmobile USA or the other US carriers not pushing this anytime soon, i installed this last night. This thing is badass, but watch out for that new BBM update with BBM channels. Updated BBM through appworld this morning, now i cant send or receive BBMs. I keep getting the red clock??. i will try to sideload a older version of BBM tonight and see if that will fix it. I Will keep you guys posted..

Hello can help me somone i upgrade my BBZ10 to OS but i can use the totaly application on the phone. I cant use the alarm clock, wether, and lot of program they dont exist in setings? pls help

I bought a new q10 today, updated it to the latest OS, have it on reset later after the download, entered a wrong BB ID, to put the Id I want, I did a complete wipe out. Now my bb has problems in connecting to WiFi and I can't finish my new set up. I don't know if my bb is on the new OS or with the previous one., I don't know where to post this question but here., sorry., please help me.,