More Info: Rogers Bold Pricing - $649.99 Off Contract

Rogers Bold - MSRP: $649.99
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2008 10:17 am EDT

Last week we dropped word that the BlackBerry Bold will hit Rogers with a $399.99 / 3 year term contract price. Following up on that news, it's looking like the off-contract price is coming in at a comparitively (almost alarmingly) low $649.99. If this holds true, I for one will be buying this bad boy from Rogers without contract, and I have a feeling a lot of CrackBerry Addicts south of the border may soon be doing the same if the AT&T wait becomes unbearable. 

THIS IS THE WEEK that the BlackBerry Bold has been rumored to arrive for sale at Rogers. BUT...there have also been rumors that the release is being delayed yet again. My fingers are still crossed that I can purchase one this week, but I won't actually get excited until I can walk into a Rogers outlet and see it with my own eyes.

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More Info: Rogers Bold Pricing - $649.99 Off Contract


That is a very low price for a device of that kind of quality, I will be definitely getting that without a contract. The time is almost here for the BOLD to make it's Canadian debut....I'm getting excited!!

Absolutely not buying this phone for near 7 hundo's not happening. I work for att and I will definitely wait, I do have details on release but am under strict confidentiality agreement.

The BlackBerry Bold has now launched on KPN in the Netherlands, where it apparently takes nothing more than a €36.25 per month (about $54) plan on a two-year agreement to skirt any and all charges for the handset itself. Heck, even on a mere €26.75 monthly deal, you're still only shelling out €99.95 for the phone, which works out to something like $148 -- dirt cheap for a phone of the Bold's capability.

Sounds better than Rogers in Canada.

I'm not that familiar with blackberry devices but I am getting interested.

I'm just wondering, if Rogers is the ONLY carrier to offer the bold in Canada, then you will be forced to obtain a monthly plan with them regardless. So why would you buy this at $650 to avoid being tied to a contract? You will need one anyway.

Do you honestly believe another carrier will be along in the next 3 years? Or do people plan on upgrading their Bold in less time than 3 years?? I guess that would make sense...

Pay $250 more to avoid being trapped into a 3-year contract with Rogers?? Absolutely!!! I'll be doing it, for several reasons.

1) The additional cost now is less than canceling my contract a year or two down the road. It can cost up to $200 A YEAR to cancel a contract (not sure what Rogers policies are on this front since I don't have a contract with them now), so if a new company comes along next year with a product that I like, it could cost $400 to cancel out of the remaining 2 years of the contract. I might consider a 1-year contract, possibly even 2-years. Definitely not 3 years. I've cancelled almost every 3-year contract I've signed with a cell phone company (first Rogers, then Telus, then Bell). At some point, a carrier will annoy me, or another carrier will have a better product or plan, so I will jump ship.

2) I'll likely upgrade my hardware again in eight months to a year. I want the flexibility to go where I want when I want. RIM is likely to make its best devices for GSM first, but if they turned over a different leaf and released something in a CDMA model that I want, I'd have no qualms switching carriers again. I never keep my devices for more than a year, so there's no point in getting trapped into a contract just to save a few dollars. I'll have to pay the full price the next time, and there are just too many disadvantages for me with long-term contracts.

3) Yes, I think there is a very good chance that there will be a new carrier in Canada in the next year or two. The government just sold off a bunch of new bandwidth to several new companies. They might choose to go with CDMA, but considering the rumours that I've been reading about Telus and Bell starting to switch their towers over to GSM, I think new companies would be smart to start out with GSM rather than CDMA. This would create some competition in the GSM field in Canada and I want the option to be able to switch carriers overnight without having to pay a cancellation penalty.

Holy smokes is certainly right. I am every the least bit as a Blackberry addict there is out there but the $649 price tag is pretty steep. The Bold's price out of contract is $649. $399 would be the price with a 3 year contract.

My question is... What would be the estimated price of this phone with a TWO year contract and how much longer would T-Mobile users have to wait to get this phone?

ummmm... if you add the $30 6GB Blackberry Data plan (introduced last month) to your existing account you're automatically renewed and locked into another 3 year contract. So, why not just take advantage of the reduced price?