More Verizon BlackBerry Storm Images...

Verizon BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2008 12:40 pm EDT

ANOTHER UPDATE: Check after the jump for a fifth shot of the Storm. This one is a bit less blurry and features a look at Verizon's Navigator Service running on the device. **

UPDATE: 'Mr. Blurrycam' (Thanks for the hilarious reference Engadget Mobile!) has sent in another image from his Pearl. I've posted it above for your viewing pleasure. The snaps are coming from the Verizon vid that was circulated... we all know the Pearl's 2MP camera is rock solid (but the Storm's 3.2MP camera will be even better!). **

The news keeps coming in fast and furious on the Verizon Storm. If you haven't read the BlackBerry Storm Minute with Mike details, go ahead and check that out here. We've just received some new internal photos of the device... Check them out after the jump >

Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Sent in from our anonymous Verizon source. Now we just need to get the whole video in its entirety vs. still pics :)

Update 3: This one just in... another shot of the Verizon Storm featuring a screenshot of Verizon's Navigator service:

BlackBerry Storm with Verizon's Navigator Service

Update 4:  HERE's THE VIDEO!!! This is where all screencaps above are coming from. Enjoy!!! 

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More Verizon BlackBerry Storm Images...


I got a 8330 a week ago. I'm a new Verizon customer and I have 30 days to decide if I like Verizon. Should I cancel my contract and wait for the Storm? I still have my service with ATT... What to do? Decisions decisions...

I would cancel if I were you. Since you're in your 30days. Since you said you still have service with AT&T. I would come back when it comes out, that way you can get The Storm for promotional pricing, without any problems.

Cause if it doesn't come out until Novemeber and you're past your 3odays, you'll have to pay full retail price for the Storm.

I agree with the other reply -- cancel and wait, and use your AT&T service until there's a definite release date. If you get a chance to try the thing at a store and don't like it, you can always go back to the Curve. If you keep your current 8330 now, you may have 2 years of looking back in regret if the Storm is all it's cracked up to be.

if the storm comes out as projected you will still be within you 30 days, that 30 covers whether or not you like the handset you chose also there is no need to cancel your contract just tell them you dont like the curve (i did this 3 times before i arrived at the curve they will credit everything you've paid thus far towards the new device)

but ummm is that a crack at the top of the Berry?? Test model or dare you treat the BB like that!! LOL

The ninja's report was "I don't really like it because you have to push the screen".

That is not a review......

So who cares about the video he put on youtube. That is not a real review. I am almost sure he lost his job and for giving a crapy review at that. lol.. I almost feel bad for the guy, NOT.....

well in terms of how the ninja video only showed the on screen keyboard and the main menu, and was littered with "i dont like it" this provides us with pictures of the browser, and the main menu, with for how grainy the pictures are for being vid caps (which WILL put ninja vid to shame im sure when we see it) make the screen look great.

It gives you a better, clearer (as in camera work) look at the phone than these blurry it is a video, and it's not blurry. But, aside from what I was originally referring to, I agree with him. I enjoy touchscreens where you merely have to tap, not press down on buttons. I don't appreciate that ninja's outrageous bias, but people are entitled to their own opinions.. We'll see how the phone works when it comes out.

It was a ninja report, not review. He was just telling you about the phone. And then he decided to state he didn't like it. (his own opinion) So what, oh well. You people act like he was talking about a baby or something living with feelings or like you created it. Get over it. Yeah it was a crappy video and he may of lost his job. But you should thank him for risking it all to show it to you first. Ungrateful people, getting upset about an opinion. I hope you walk around with headphones or earplugs all day.

My only complaint is that from everything I've seen so far it looks a little hefty and thick, but not gonna stop me form getting one I guess..

From the screen shots I referenced the VerizonWireless home page it looks as if the Storm will have a screen size of ~800x480.

So I just called VZW pretending to be an irate customer threatening to cancel my service (BTW, I have 12 lines on my business account). They quickly shuffled me around until I ended up with a customer care mgr. He told me that the site has not actually been built as of yet but expects it to launch by the end of the week, possibly within the next 1-2 days. He also said they did not give any details as to pricing or release date to the employees. I know its not a lot of help but at least we know why the site isn't working yet.

OK...are we taking bets on prices. My guess is 2 year contract price of 499 before discounts. Also whats up with that gnarley finger on the first pic. looks like a growth on the thumbnail. yuck.

My main concern right now is the scrolling. I'm looking for an easy "flick to scroll" style ala iPhone. Although even if it is a click-then-scroll, I'll still probably get the phone just because it looks cool and I like touchscreens. I guess we shall see though.

Im with you there...I need to see how this button/click thing works....if i need to press down on the screen and scroll...or press down and drag items...then im not interested.

If you look at the video clip posted not too long ago, at about 53 seconds you see a finger scrolling with ease. Doesn't look like the screen "button" was / has to be pressed to scroll.

I liked it better when it looked like a full screen bold. I'm not sure if I like how big n thick this thing looks. I'm still not sold on the touch screen either. I think I might just get the Curve from Verizon. Let the 2nd Gen Storm come out and maybe it will be something a little sexier. I can always give my curve to my wife and pick up the Storm if it's all that.

I don't know why you think it looks big n thick, from the pictures it looks smaller than my current Blackberry.

^ yeah im with murphy. Its always exciting to get your hands on the new item that will drop but i dont think i want to chance it with a 1st gen piece.

Ill wait until the bugs/problems are perfected and then ill pick it up. just my 2 cent.

I think the pics are from video making it a lil blurry for mister blurry cam! Heres to hoping for better images soon!

As to the 1st gen vs 2nd gen.

When you are dealing with software powerhouses like RIM and Apple for example, typically things are bug free. This product wasn't launched to quickly it seems so I would go out on a limb and say I don't foresee alot of issues with it happening. Ironic people are wanting to wait for 2nd gen and with the Iphone it was the exact opposite, first one was better than the second... haha

I work in a mall and the people at Verizon know that I just a curve. He told me that I should return it and wait for the Storm. He just got video from his corporate of the Storm. The pics that we are seeing here are from that video. That's probably why the pics aren't that clear

This video went early this morning to thousands of Verizon reps and no one has been able to find it and post it online???? Come on people, what's the hold up!!!

Dude, its called NDA. They can't release anything. Whoever does, cause someone probably will, could potentially loose their job. How evil can you be? The only reason we have these pics is cause mr. anonymous took pics with his camera phone to stay far under the radar. Just have some patience. Their are more important things in life ya know.

there are NDA but as you may have noticed this site has a way of getting around this. All I'm saying is that this site has a way of finding info even when its only a handful of people that have it. It should be easy to get info that went out to thousands.

Anyone else find it weird that the phone in the pictures is not branded as Verizon? That seems strange to me.

This thing looks nice! everybody in the company got this email today. Unfortunately the video seems to be embedded in to the website on our intranet so we cant share it...truthfully, the ninja shows you a little more than mike does, b/c hes actually using it...but there should be some specs real soon(even tho their opinions of the device differ)

All right, I know a Verizon distributor Rep. who had their hands on a Storm (it was actually activated with Verizon service and able to cruise the internet and such).

I would say to anyone that intends to immediately buy one, play around with the touch screen first.

At first, my friend thought about the click thing as, "Oh, so you don't randomly do things you don't intend to do." But, soon, she realized it was a different experience altogether when the entire screen has to be pushed to "click" on the desired action. This doesn't become a real issue until scrolling or typing quickly. I've become quite use to tapping things in incredibly fast with my full qwerty keyboard, as has she, and the transition from something like a Curve to the Storm would be VERY different (her words).

She said she personally was going to stick with the Curve that she has vice switch over because of the interface. She said it was disappointing that it wasn't as seamless an experience as say, an iPhone's touch-screen interface.

Anyway, don't mean to rain on anyone's excitement-parade.

The clicking/moving screen is novel and sounds very interesting, but it is a cause for concern for me (and I'm sure others that type very quickly).

In particular, on any regular qwerty keyboard, in a sequence of keystrokes, I depress the next key in the sequence before the previous key is fully released. In other words, when typing "key" I hit "k", and as the key is coming up, I'm already pressing "e" down. Obviously, there is no problem with this on non-touch keyboards, since both keys have independant action (and so long as you are not hitting the keys simultaneously).

But what happens when you have one giant key? I feel that the typing speed will be limited because the user will have to wait until the entire screen releases before hitting the screen again. I realize that this is matter of fractions of seconds, but fractions of seconds make all the difference in the world for fast twitch type activities like this.

It would be sweet if the screen could recognize when you are typing very fast, and demphasize or disable the click necessity, so that you can type just as you would on any other touch device (e.g., iphone).

Just looks like another device trying to take stab at the iphone. So far all the VZW touch screen devices are junk compared to the iphone. I wish vzw good luck with this one.

if this is the release video how come when I call verizon they have no idea about the phone I just got my curve today do I take it back and wait for the storm or keep the curve?

I would like to know the reason why they do not post upcoming devices under webpage. By the way, what happened with the Blackberry Bold release in U.S? Is it coming this millenium? How long do we have to wait?

Not all touch screens are a stab an the I-phone. If Verizon wanted the Iphone, it could have been bought, if they wanted something more similar to the I-phone, it could have been bought. This is a phone made to compete with the I-phone sure, but not just the I-phone, just to get a high end touch screen device similar to that of the Iphone, so Verizon has one. It's to play the touch craze. While yes it is made to steal some of the thunder away from the I-phone i'm sure, no one is intentionally buying or making a phone to take it on. Any manufacturer knows the devs and software developers at apple are going to be impossible to just completely dethrone.

No real manufacturer or CEO or high office corporate rep really looks at this as the "I-killer" or a knockoff, so quit making comparisons, it's apples to oranges. Iphone can't even make a second generation phone without screwing it up, RIM is tried and true and I gaurantee you this will be just as good of not better than the I-phone.

The only thing that horrendous phone has is it's touch is better **Though to me not really that much better** and its graphically more pleasing. It can't do push email like a blackberry, it can't do picture messaging, and no removable batter, expandable memory, when you really throw the iphone down there, it's a good phone sure, but people need to get off this god phone attitude. My opinion not everyone elses, and all it did was make a splash to make manufacturers get off their butts and do something new and innovative. That's all the I-phone did in my eyes, it's revolutionary yep! But as great as everyone says it is? I dunno, I just don't see it I guess. Most blackberry users don't see it is the impression I get, lol

just an opinion, all phone manufacturers need to make thinner phones. that's a key feature for most people. any company, can compete in features but the bulky smartphones/blackberrys, will always be lowerer on the chain.

Anyone know when the Storm will be available from AT&T ? I use the curve now but would like to upgrade to the storm and want to stay with ATT.

The BB OS has come a long way but it's still horrible. Even palm OS has better navigation and is easier to use. But the worst thing about BB is the email. Shitty text-only email that's 15 minutes late if you're not on a BB server or Exchange. You can get anyone to send you sms triggers to check your email in real-time and get full html email a decent email app for a decent smartphone os.

"But the worst thing about BB is the email. Shitty text-only email that's 15 minutes late if you're not on a BB server or Exchange."

I am a BIS customer and my email shows up on my BB before it does on the computer. When was the last you personally used a BB, 2005?

I read someone/a few people leave a comment saying they're in a 30 day trial period with verizon and were thinking of cancelling until the Storm comes out, I may be a little outdated but last I knew if you cancelled your account during the trial you could not sign up for an account with that provider for a while ( i'm not sure on the time span ) . There are ways around it I'm sure ( such as opening the account under someone elses name, for example a husband, parent...) But just something to look into before you go ahead with that.

is verizon the only carrier of the blackberry storm? how long do they have exclusive rights? verizon doesnt use sims card do they?

is verizon the only carrier of the blackberry storm? how long do they have exclusive rights? verizon doesnt use sims card do they?

is verizon the only carrier of the blackberry storm? how long do they have exclusive rights? verizon doesnt use sims card do they?