More images of the BlackBerry Dakota, Apollo, Monaco and Torch 2 posted

By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2011 04:18 pm EST
More images of the Blackberry Dakota, Apollo and Torch 2 posted

Research In Motions 2011 device line up has spilled out onto the web and while we got glimpses of it previously, the full on images have now been posted. Whether you're looking to be picking up a brand new Bold (Dakota), a new Curve (Apollo) or even looking to put yourself in a newer, faster BlackBerry Torch 2 it should be a good year for RIM all around. What about the Storm 3? Well we're still not sure RIM will even be keeping the Storm brand at this point but that device is looking pretty awesome and it's nice to actually have something more then just one individual picture to refer to when speaking about it. Personally, I like the code names Monaco and Monza better for it.

RIM hasn't strayed far from their current line up in the way of looks; they certainly have extended in the specs department providing if what we have seen thus far makes it to market. As we know, RIM has taken a lot of heat in the past for having their device specifications lower than those of others but this should level the playing field a little bit when people are looking at specs and nothing more. It should be an interesting year what with the PlayBook launching and now these new devices. Hit the break for some more images of the Dakota, Apollo and Torch 2.

BlackBerry Apollo
BlackBerry Dakota
BlackBerry Torch 2BlackBerry Monaco

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More images of the BlackBerry Dakota, Apollo, Monaco and Torch 2 posted


We know that the screen is 2.8" (71.1 mm) diagonally. I scaled the image so that the screen size was correct, then measured the overall dimensions and compared them to the published specifications of the other devices.

The Dakota is definitely bigger than the 9700, only slightly smaller than the 9000, and very thin.

Bold 9700: Screen: 2.4", Width: 60 mm, Height: 109 mm, Depth: 14 mm.

Bold 9000: Screen: 2.6", Width: 66 mm, Height: 114 mm, Depth: 15 mm.

Dakota: Screen: 2.8", Width: 65 mm, Height: 112 mm, Depth: 11 mm.

so that`ll mean new accessories for all current torch owners? i see why to move it, but that would suck for current owners

I agree really nice ..
They should have called the Torch 2
The Silver Back Gorilla .. Lol

AGREED!!!! I'm typing on my Tour right now while it's charging & I've had to get accustomed to the "plug" being between my index finger & middle finger. The location on my old Curve was SO much more convenient. Does anybody know why RIM allowed this??

Bottom would suck almost as much as the bottom side for 1 hand typing,

I keep my BB in my shirt pocket and the curve is the best positioned charging device I have,

The curve like device is the sexiest thing on here. But I will be getting the torch 2 and the dakota for sure and I am sure that both will hold me over till a QNX device is released.

I can't wait to see which ones are going to sprint I'll love which ever one I get tho!! I really hope its the torch 2 tho!!!!!

I don't believe this is the full lineup for 2011. Either that or the specs are incorrect somewhere and/or variants are missed. Why? Not a single CDMA spec - not even the "Storm 3". Given the value of the North American market to RIM, I cannot believe they would completely leave out Verizon and Sprint from the mix. It makes no sense.

I saw someone on a blog posting, "RIM is walking away from VZW because all VZW wants is Android now." Ludicrous. VZW will sell anything that makes them money and let the consumer decide what they want. They already have an installed BlackBerry technical infrastructure to talk to RIM's NOCs and have BlackBerry tech support. They aren't going to waste those investments. I know that GSM covers 85% or whatever very high percentage it is of people on the planet. Regardless, there is no chance whatsoever that RIM is going to walk away from 1/2 the US market intentionally. Far too much money on the table.

So, while I think the above Bold, Curve, Torch, & Storm represent a very nice mix of form factors, and I think the specs are a lot closer to current than what we've seen for a year, there will either be a) new devices yet to be leaked/announced or b) we'll find CDMA variants coming for some/all of the above.

And sooner than later or BlackBerry won't have anything left on Verizon... But if that's the case, it's not BlackBerry snubbing VZW or vice-versa. Instead, it will be negligence and terrible planning.

Sounds about right. The pictures look legit but I'm not too sure about the specs neither. RIM where using low battery life for the reason not to come out with a single core processor, now they all of sudden changed their mind. No CDMA? No QNX? Lets see.

The Storm 3 had specs that said different models would be made for world wide markets, I really expect to see a CDMA version

I also suspect the Curve Series would also get a CDMA version,

However, you have to remember that they lost basically all of Canada in the CDMA field. The two major CDMA carriers in Canada, Telus and Bell, both have UMTS networks now, and therefore are more interested in new UMTS devices. Looking at their BB lineup, there is only one CDMA-based device left, the 8530. The rest (Pearl 3G, Curve 3G, Bold 9780 and Torch) are all UMTS-based devices.

And because of the apparent focus on Android and iPhone by Verizon, they would only have Sprint as a potential carrier for the phones. That's only one major carrier on CDMA whereas before, they had 4. Compared to the number of GSM/UMTS carriers, there is simply not enough reason to pump out CDMA phones as there is to pump out GSM ones.

Thats not true Vlad, they have the bb style (thats all cdma), and they always come out with a cdma version of the curve, its the curve 3G 9330(how else would it be there number 1 seller if it wasn't on both kinds of networks?) and they have the bold 9650 (again all cdma).

Tell me what that dual core will do for you buddy on a 3.5 or 4 inch device that a super fast and efficient single core chip can't do better? Give me one example other than multitasking a movie playing in the background.

These phones look absolutely beautiful. No Droid or iPhone can come close to the sexiness of these BBs, specially the Curve. I would almost get that. The specs are just what we been waiting for, with the exception of 4G, but the lack of QNX is whats killing me. C'mon RIM, you can't shrink the QNX OS onto the Storm(Monaco) by September? Don't get me wrong I want to stay with Blackberry but the grass is sooooooo much greener on the other side:)

Face proximity sensor? ok Im a noob WTF is that??

Back to business to be critical- nothing really new form factor wise, Bold(Dakota) looks like the classic 9000 body with new guts. The internal specs are finally something worth mentioning in discussions. BUT where's the QNX OS?

Why wasn't the S3 (already outed here & BGR) in this line up with more specs? Where's the front facing camera.
RIM needs to stop with the half measures and go all in after the Playbook launches.

Proximity sensor keeps you from activating the touchscreen when you have it next to your face talking on the phone. Wasn't on the Storm 1 - they learned with the Storm 2. I think it took Apple a couple of iterations to get it right as well. Now, it's standard fare on any touchscreen phone.

Apparently android hasn't gotten it right yet. I talked to a woman at the airport a few days ago and she said her driod kept calling others while it was near her face.

you can't really say android hasn't gotten it right, android is just a software company, other companies make the hardware ie motorola, htc, samsung, and LG to name few, I have a blackberry and android and mines have a face sensor

you can't really say android hasn't gotten it right, android is just a software company, other companies make the hardware ie motorola, htc, samsung, and LG to name few, I have a blackberry and android and my android does have a face sensor

@kameleon: hmm nice catch.. the Torch 2 is no surprise so I dont think anyone is questioning that one, and the Dakota looks real, but looking closer at the Apollo it kinda just looks like a rendering of the BB someone wants to see.. because in addition to having no convenience keys, there's no volume control either and that's almost less believable than having no convenience keys.. there also doesn't look to be a logical way to remove the battery door.. due to the shape it doesn't look like it could slide off but also no notch either for a release button if it had a battery door like the 8900 or like the Dakota looks like it has...

so the images seem kinda questionable but the device may exist because the specs sound just like a RIM device- they're a needed step forward while still being slightly underwhelming compared to some of the competition and those who only care about #'s..

Have you not kept up with this site?? There have been past mentions on this site of this device being the form factor of the 9000 with a touch screen. Not new news. There was even a (so-called) prototype of it named the Magnum. Same thing under a different name. This is just possible proof of its possible future existence. And still, just leaks.

I call Bull! 2 reasons:

FIrst, what is with the "Brand" on the first set of pics
Second, those pictures look like a highschool project, not very good quality.

Those are design images... the create the phone then mark where words/images are to be placed. The phone name/carrier are then printed onto the phone. In this case the print "brand: - you can tell that its edited into the image.

There are supposed to look "leaked" if they dropped an official image it wouldnt be a leak. Not sue if you know that 90% of leaks are leaked by the company. Sometimes multiple sites get the same shots at around the same time. This is planned to get some excitement. Maybe since people complained about no new phones at CES and were showing big disappointment, they decided to drop some images out there.

I can't believe RIM is doing the same thing with these smartphones that they did with the Playbook. They're making this incredible announcement for a device with specs that are somewhat relevant, but none of these devices will be released until Q3. The Playbook announcement was monumental BACK IN SEPTEMBER. They even had a working PB prototype at the conference, but it's not being released until April??? WTF.

RIM just screwed over millions of U.S. consumers and their wallets because contracts are up and there's no decent replacement BB. I was thrilled when Verizon rejected the crappy Storm 9570 refresh. No carrier or company should have to pay the same premium prices for BlackBerrys that they pay for the newest iPhone and Droids. As of last week, AT&T listed the Bold 9000 for $200 with a 2-year contract. The Bold was released in November 2008. Verizon listed the Storm 2 for $200 with a 2-year contract. The Storm 2 was released in November 2009 (and was a proven disaster).

Also, don't be an idiot when you read RIM is making record profit each quarter. RIM sells 3/4 of their phones to foreign countries that don't even have 3G networks. Overcharging for outdated phones is what they do best. Companies have no other choice in smartphones because of the security, but they have to replace their BlackBerrys every 5 or 6 months because of defects or lack of innovation. The costs are ungodly.

I'm a crackberry addict on my third device for personal use, and on my second device for work simultaneously. I've been on both AT&T and Verizon and I hate anything Steve Jobs touches. But I'm not keeping my Storm 1 for another 9 months until the next BB is released. And like all sensible people, I'm not going to fork over an extra $500 to bail out of my contract and pay for a new BB in September.

Wow!?!? A little unhappy?

1. RIM isn't announcing anything. These were leaks. So they aren't doing the same as what they did with the Playbook. I do agree it's taking a long time to market for that devices.

2. Not sure how consumers are screwed? If RIM doesn't have a device ready when contracts are up, it is RIM who loses the business. If someone is locked in to a BlackBerry and can't switch because of their corporation, then it is also very likely the corporation is paying, not the person.

3. As far as profits, yes, RIM is making record profits. It's a matter of public record and I just looked it up. It's also very illegal (translation: CXO level employees go to jail) to falsely report financials.

4. Companies aren't stupid. They wouldn't indefinitely support BlackBerries if they were dramatically more costly than other devices. When was the last time you looked at other smartphones at your phone store? It's not like the Palm has any kind of a decent build - they are cheap and plasticy. I had a Motorola Droid for awhile, same thing.

I think that your main point is that RIMs not doing a great job of innovating and bringing value for the price they charge. I would tend to agree that that has been the case the last few years. Their market share of smartphones is down 4 percentage points in the last quarter - so I think you are seeing the result. It will certainly be down again this quarter. Don't confuse that with not growing, though, since the entire market is exploding globally.

no, their USA market share is down (although different reports show different figures).
RIM are a worldwide company, so to look at just one market of that isnt a full picture

Market share? who cares. What do you think is going to happen to Apple's "share" of the tablet market this year??? With the ton of android phones flodding the market how could share not fall.

RIM buddied up with Boy Genius Report ( to intentionally RELEASE these photos, they are not leaks. These projected release dates are mostly accurate, which means RIM still has time to slightly modify any specs they want after seeing the public's reaction to this. Although it won't be anything drastic, RIM had to do this because they haven't had a new smartphone released since September 2010, and no new phones are coming out in Q1 or early Q2. This is their strategic plan so as to not fade away from public perception.

I could easily buy that. There are leaks and then there are "leaks". I agree with their need to stay in the public eye. There are some things in the story which make zero sense, like the statement that the Storm 3 is going into manufacturing...but won't be available until September?!?! It doesn't take that long to build a car...

No new Blackberry since September? Have you living under a rock? Sprint got the style 9670 flip phone and we have the 9780. Bother released after september

In Response to "smart28" :
Get your numbers straight before spewing forth your personal opinion and passing it off as fact. You are entitled to your opinion for sure, and its obvious your upset, but, very little of what you typed has even a shred of truth to it.
RIM did not screw over anyone, ever. Thier business model is one to be envied, even by Apple. They consistently release reliable devices to enterprise clients world wide and back it up with second to none service. How do I know this? I am a military op and a BES administrator, and we NEED our devices and networks to work, all the time, everytime! We have literally thousands of BB's out in the feild (in some of the harshest environments I might add) and the failure rate of said devices is in the single digits, percentage wise. In fact, we still have tons of 8700 series devices working flawlessly to this day. Can the competition boast similar claims about thier so called "toy" devices? I think not. RIM may not have the "cutting edge" multimedia dual core processors or flashy apps, but guess what, people who actually use these devices for what they are intended (WORK), love them and can count on them to work all the time and not worry about batteries dieing or poor reception, or delicate cases or screens failing. Get the picture?
RIM is doing very well, and will continue to do so, because they listen to thier clients and so far, they have given us what WE want, without disappointment.
FYI, AT&T put the Bold 9000 on their discontinued list 2 weeks ago, but you're right on the Storm, thats why most Enterprise clients never adopted it in the first place (not everyone can be perfect, everytime, LOL)
If your company is having to replace BB's every 5 or 6 months, I would certainly like to know what line of work your in, since like I already mentioned, we subject ours to some pretty intense environments......without issue.(Normal life cycle rate is 3-4 years) LOL
Its obvious from your rant, you're not happy. I guess then maybe the BB platform isn't really for you then. God speed.
Cheers, M8.

I'm an IT Specialist for a the federal government in Washington, DC. I also have a degree in Economics. Everything I said above has truth to it. I can even post SEC Filings, MarketWatch news reports, and International Data Corporation research to back it up. Simply put, RIM charges too much money for their phones.

You're right in that companies, especially the military, needs reliable devices for communication. But RIM does not get the majority of praise for that. AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers are responsible for the actual transmission and support of communications. It's 2011 and we shouldn't be praising phones for doing what they're supposed to do. (That goes for all smartphones)

*BTW the end-of-life/discontinue report of the Bold 9000 two weeks ago was a leak, not the actual start date. The actual discontinue date was sometime this week.

Did you learn in your Economics classes about the inverse relationship about price and demand? lol. The reason they charge more is because they can, the demand is there. If they can't get rid of stock, that's when they put those phones on sale.

We shouldn't be praising phones for doing what they're supposed to do, so what do you have to say about the phones that can't do what they're supposed to do, like text the right contact? (And cost $200 on contract LOL).

"You're not supposed to praised them for what they are supposed to do" then what do you praised them for? Doing what they are not supposed to do? If you have a reliable device and it comes through every time you need it then I say give it praise, and you cannot give all the credit of the transmission to the carriers, the phones antenna has a lot to do with it, bb has one of the best antennas on the market, just look at the Iphone 4 and it reception issues.

Do carriers even still sell 9000's? I'm not even sure they sell 9700's anymore... Might wanna confirm that statement. Aaand... Millions and millions of americans will continue to replace their old BlackBerry's with new BlackBerry's for 4 very good reasons (not in order):
1. They are a great phone for yak yak yakking on.
1. They have bbm for great msg msg msging on
1. They have top notch email for emailing on
1. And the have great security (for all them paranoid businesses out there).

No other real major reasons.

Anyone notice how it says "brand" on the back of the Apollo image. Like where it says "bold" on a bold. I think the specs are true but the images are concept rendering.

OK first things first... The Dakota its all the ingredients i've been wanting in a BB since i owned my first one (bold 9000) but we gotta face it! THAT SH$% IS F%CKIN HIDEOUS!!!

I hope they keep the size of the phone as the bold 9000 but wtf with that form factor?? its too old! If i know RIM well, and i think i do, im pretty sure they'll launch all these new devices with the Apollo form factor (Look at the Storm3 back as well as the Apollo, they're very similar) or at least i hope they do!

If they keep that form for the Dakota, well thats pretty much a deal breaker for me! I am an industrial designer and theres no way jose im gonna be seen with a device that ugly! I would rather buy the curve and save some bucks!

OHHH i forgot... if they launch the Torch 2 with 500 MB RAM they are pretty much idiots! at least 720 MB like the Dakota.


"I hope they keep the size of the phone as the bold 9000 but wtf with that form factor??"


And here I was thinking that people have been clamoring for the 9000 form factor with updated specs...

silly me...

"OK first things first... The Dakota its all the ingredients i've been wanting in a BB since i owned my first one (bold 9000)"

"I hope they keep the size of the phone as the bold 9000 but wtf with that form factor?? its too old!"


Ok the form factor looks just like the 9000 just with a slimmer back, maybe you need to get some glasses or something because I really dont see what you are complaining about, and you really cant say anything until you see real pictures, remember when they 1st leaked pictures of the torch? Everyone thought it was the most hideous bb ever until it actually came out, now everyone is salivating over it like its a fat juicy sirloin.

Interesting timing of these "leaks", considering the amazing dual-core Android handsets and the VZW iPhone have just been announced and will be released over the next month or two. No doubt the ONLY reason was to counteract those announcements, but underwhelming given that the releases of these concept devices are 6-9 months away at best. There has to be more up RIM's sleeve...if not, well then that's going to be disappointing.

You shouldn't really take dates from any leak as gospel, specs are likely to be in the same ballpark as reality but the dates on rumor sites tend to be a lot iffier and given that we know the playbook is due in late q1 then the odds are that most of these devices are going to come out mid to late q2 as rim generally seems to like having regular releases of new devices unlike apple who obviously has other stuff like new macs to launch at other times of the year.

Is rim losing it?

From the looks of it they removed a convenience key from the bold/monaco , and both of them from the curve

Don't know what genius thought it was a good idea to axe the convenience keys.
I wish I had a left convenience key on my torch.. It was a real convenience key, worked everytime, and was in the right position. unlike the camera key, which is annoying for use as a convenience key (because of the camera focus half click)

And that new bold had better have speakers equivelent or better than the sound system that came with the first bold..

I don't care what anybody says, personally, I'm excited!

With any luck, some of the current in market devices (like the Torch 9800 I'm currently rocking) will get updated to OS 6.1

That would definitely make me happy. Plus, depending on how quickly RIM releases some of the devices, they'll be coming out around the time I'm due for an upgrade!

Honestly, I really like my Torch 9800 but the photos (and specs of course) kinda got me drooling over the Storm 3!

All in all I think things are looking up! I never really doubted RIM (maybe get a little envious at times) but overall I'm very satisfied with BlackBerry (in general). Keep up the good work RIM :)

I don't understand why everyone is so excited about some fake pictures. These are all images that anyone couldve made on their own computer. I'm ready for some real images!

Wouldn't count on it. Rogers won't put any of these phones on their line until next year. And that's if they even come out in the States by the end of this year. Rogers is so slow when it comes to releasing anything. As a Canadian carrier, you'd think we'd get first dibs from a Canadian communications company.

Why settle for these pretenders when a genuine Chinese Bleckbarry is available? Hope they come out with their own fansite soon,!


1. noun: specifications that we'd love to see, but accurately reflect the pessimism that we'll actually see this device anytime soon

I love how people still ask for a Bold device similar to the 9000. My mother got it from work and I think it is one of the uglier of the phones if not the ugliest. It shows how much people loved everything about that device whether it was the large keypad or amazing screen.

From looking at these screen shots, I think the new touch screen Bold (Dakota) device is going back to the 9000 form factor, or something similar to it and BB fans are going to get excited. I'd like to see it in more of the form of the current Bold line up (square) and just make it a bit larger instead of the curvy 9000 form but its still good to go back to a proven winner and the most popular BB ever.

If RIM doesn't take this opportunity, they will regret it definitely.

looks are deceptive, you will know if you have used other BB(or matter of fact any other phone) can exceed the bar it set 2 years ago, the feel, convenience, keyboard are amazing..touch screen is an added bonus, this is huge for BB world of users, a huge plus as good as Playbook and QNX..

I buy the Apollo, Torch 2, and I can even see the Storm 3... but definitely not the Dakota. Maybe I'm wrong... but I just cannot see them using an old shape/design from an old phone for a phone with new specs, new everything pretty much. I just do not think they'd return to a design that they're scrapping now (EOL for the 9000 on AT&T). Just cannot see it happening.


The new Torch looks looks like the Torch!

There is nothing wrong with the current 9800. What a cash grab this release is going to be.

My BlackBerry respect points just went down a notch

So, you would prefer they not update it at all and continue to sell hardware that's "old, outdated, underpowered" and whatever other adjectives people wanna use? Why? So you can complain about that too? If you were ready for a new phone the week after this comes out, you'd be okay buying the original Torch at the same price instead? Because it would be pointless for RIM to ever update their phones to attract new customers?

Some people just don't get it...

Wheres my debit card, I know its here somewhere...........Here it is now where do I buy mine?

Excellent way to help keep the faith Research In Motion!

Omg cant wait for the dakota and apollo! its so funny just a couple days ago i told my brother about it the dakota and he asked when it was coming out and i had no idea. Lol. I love the dakota (bold) keyboard. That will for sure be the phone i get in 2012. But i gotta say the apollo looks spiffy.

I was afraid they would remove the left convenience key on all future models and it seems that's the case (barring modifications).
I do agree the Dakota should get the Apollo's cleanup treatment to keep it from looking so dated, if this can be done without losing the 9000's sound quality.
CDMA gets the Monico, and prolly a version of apollo, but if they pass on the Dakota as an update to the 9650 it will be a repeat of VZW's 2nd greatest BB mistake. No need for Torch with Monico though.

The Curve Apollo looks the best! But the 9000 form factor on the Bold Dakota is HOT!
Here's my ranking:
1st - Curve Apollo
2nd - Bold Dakota
3rd - Torch 2
4th - Storm 3

I don't know why but I always think the Curve looks better...

I don't know about the rest of you (even though I've read most of the comments), but I'm on the side that believes these are fakes. Seeing a new Curve that neglects to have a convenience of any sort and claims to have a 5mp camera but no flash are real quick indications. Also, the "new Bold" looks really bad. I don't specifically mean the design, but I mean the picture. The "Bold" on the back of the phone looks to be copy and pasted on badly. Is the Torch "2" even worth debunking? The icons don't look right and the colors just don't aesthetically match. All this is just from looking at the things. I think the specs are too inconsistent for my taste. RIM knows better with all these new phones on the market. I'll wait for an official announcement before I decide to break out my wallet or just get mad.

Thank you, finally someone with their head screwed on right. I think most people on this site are too focused on buying the "perfect Blackberry" and not on... well, the reality. I think the Apollo could be a real design, and I think maybe even the Storm 3. But I agree about the Torch 2, and there's almost no doubt in my mind that the Bold Dakota is a fake.

I'm not claiming to be a RIM employee, nor am I claiming to be a phone specialist at all. But the specs aren't close to consistent with what RIM has put out in the last two years, their progress aesthetically and internally, and RIM doesn't seem like the type of company to regress back to their previous design patterns (the Dakota at least). I think everyone getting our their wallets and readying to change their data plans needs to stop. IF these turn out to be right, fine, you can shoot the messenger of bad news (me). But until I hear an official word, I don't see the Dakota or Torch 2 being real.

Oh, and also, I'll stick with my Torch 1. It works, it's sexy, and it's real.

It would not be a regression to go back to an earlier size like the 9000 if there was good design reasons to do so and an obvious one would be the upgrade to the 640x480 touchscreen, the ppi is a significant jump for them even at that larger screen size let alone if they had used that rez on a 9700 model and the larger screen makes the touch part of it that much more useful too.

As far as the actual specs, they clearly couldn't continue to limp along with their old 600mhz chip so if they were going to make a change then it would either be to the 1-1.2ghz range or to dualcore and the latter isn't efficient enough for the batteries they have just yet so that leaves 1-1.2ghz and the faster option there means that they should be able to avoid the whines of using year old components.

Run-on sentence much?

Honestly, I'm not really sure what you're trying to say. You missed my point about the design... I'm not saying the size is the problem. I am, however, saying that the aesthetic look of the BlackBerry would most likely not go back to a design that they used 2 years ago (and since then, they've redesigned and sold 3 Bold models). I agree that the faster processing chip is definitely something RIM has/is looking into. But everything else seems to be made up... If you, or anyone, can give me good reason why they would go BACK to a design that they've put EOL and explain why they wouldn't continue to move forward with their design aesthetics, I'll reconsider my position.

Thank you, finally someone with their head screwed on right. I think most people on this site are too focused on buying the "perfect Blackberry" and not on... well, the reality. I think the Apollo could be a real design, and I think maybe even the Storm 3. But I agree about the Torch 2, and there's almost no doubt in my mind that the Bold Dakota is a fake.

I'm not claiming to be a RIM employee, nor am I claiming to be a phone specialist at all. But the specs aren't close to consistent with what RIM has put out in the last two years, their progress aesthetically and internally, and RIM doesn't seem like the type of company to regress back to their previous design patterns (the Dakota at least). I think everyone getting our their wallets and readying to change their data plans needs to stop. IF these turn out to be right, fine, you can shoot the messenger of bad news (me). But until I hear an official word, I don't see the Dakota or Torch 2 being real.

Oh, and also, I'll stick with my Torch 1. It works, it's sexy, and it's real.

It lets you navigate without obscuring the screen e.g. in landscape mode when scrolling through a webpage the trackpad would be better than touching the screen.

Ok the gloves I can kind of understand. Though I think you'd have the same problem with the track pad. As for the argument about not being able to see the screen.... ummm...move your thumbs out of the way, and not being able to copy and paste or accuracy in selecting boxes or links....thats what zoom is for...I know for some the extra step is an inconvenience but come on....geez. It's a "touch screen" for a reason.

Personally I love this sight for the useful information about the device/s I use..

On the other hand I dislike this site simply for all the rants about what a blackberry device should have..

Seriously? You want to watch tv? Go watch one.. Your want to play a game? They make systems for that.. Mobile and none..
You want your phone to run faster then a computer COOOLLLLL.... Instead of comparing a business phone to the toys you want.. Go get a toy.. Why does blackberry have to meet your standards if other companies already do.. Why do u stay and complain? I use my blackberry for emailing texting phone calls I love the simplicity of the phone and what apps that its has is good enough for me.. As others have suggested if you want a toy a blackberry isn't the right platform for you.. Stop filling up the forums with rants about how rim isn't keeping up with the times.. Go get you a droid which has a shorter shelf life then a can of skoal.. Keep up with them since u need a new device every 3 months with a faster processor blah blah blah.. Thanks for posting the pics I'm excited about the new line up


I am planning to buy my first BB. Could you please suggest the best BB handset to buy in India.


Hey Crackberry guys: why no love for the Storm line? I always read posts about apps and accessories and you guys act shocked that anyone is still making stuff for the Storm or Storm2 like it is a 5 year old device (ie- "if anyone is still rocking the Storm2... Even in this post acting more shocked that RIM would continue the Storm line). Unless my memory fails me, the Storm2 rolled out in October 2009 and you guys had A LOT of big time blog posts pre and post release. Also didn't it come out right after the Tour and years after the curve 8300 series? Even when I look at the Shopcrackberry launcher on the blog, the Tour 9630 and Curve 8300 are on there like they are newer devices but the Storm2 remains the second class citizen despite the fact that new apps constantly roll out for the Storm and Storm2. I know you guys are in love with the Bold 9700/9780 but give us touch screener's some love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

These leaks are obviously controlled by RIM because if it wasn't there would be C&D letters sent to crackberry/engadget etc which have relationships with RIM. RIM does these to see the publics reaction and adjust accordingly. It doesn't cost them anything either. If you work in the wireless industry you know that most of the leaks we've seen have been pretty close to final product

Well they need to get to adding some convenience keys and a flash for the Apollo and make these available on all carriers and they will sell like hotcakes on a cold morning

Not true at all. C&D letters wouldn't be sent over pure speculation... so no, these aren't "obviously" controlled by RIM. Do you know how many 'leaked photos' there have been on the internet for the past 5 years over the supposed new iPhones and new Blackberrys?

Not to be such a downer here, but it seems a bit premature to get overly excited about a device that hasn't been created, finalized, and in some cases, not even a potential yet.

Awesome! Cant wait to get a better look at the new bold. Will def be ungradeing to that bad boy :) anyone else think it resembles the iphone4, with the flat stainless sides and even the buttons....little change could be needed there.

Can't say that I'm feeling the size of the Dakota. I mean I skipped the Bold 9000 for a reason (just felt too big for me). So looks like I'm getting a new Curve or Torch2. Which I guess means I'll have 3 new Berrys by the end of the year lol (getting Curve 3G, Playbook, n one of these new beauties). Go RIM!

I think it's hillarious that whatever blackberry brings out will never be good enough for 99% of the trolls that inhabit these forums. Only a few weeks ago people were screaming "I want 1ghz!!!" A phone comes out with 1.2ghz and they cry like a newborn! WTF??? I can assure you trolls that RIM does not take your rants into account and you do not represent the average consumer that most companies care about or depend on. I'm far from being a "techie" but I think my Torch does a really good job of everything it was built for and guess what?...... I don't even care what size processor it has even if it is 1.1 jigawatts.

Who gives a sh%t about these BB's. Why would you get one of these when you could get an Android or iPhone on Verizon now. RIM is so far behind and it pisses me off because I was a huge BB fan.

Ummm move to another device platform?

Like I said and many others agree..
Android phones have a shorter shelf life then a can of skoal, they are a security nightmare to say the least. Bad with emails for those who need that feature rather then playing games and downloading apps..

Iphone? Its a worthless piece of junk as most users agree.. It does no more then an android phone.. If rim is so far behind then leave it and stop complaining.. Your obviously missing the point of a blackberry anyway.. Its not the processor its not the graphics and its not about fun.. Although it can be a fun phone for those who don't expect the world out of a phone.. I mean the way people act we should throw away all tv's computers game systems and any other form of entertainment so we never have to put our phone down..

I really wish Rim would utilise real cold metal on their cellphones. Up the quality Rim! My Torch feels like a plastic coke bottle next to the wine bottle iPhone 4. Using metal has the obvious advantage of thinner and more solid devices that the weight gains are more than sacrificable.

The Storm 1 had a metal back, but Rim foresaw the potential plastic had of breaking when you jam guitar picks and bits of paper.

No front facing camera on any of them? Or is there one on the Torch2?
If I have my blackberry playbook, I wanna video chat with my mom or dad on there blackberry, ya know?

I wish the Dakota hardware could run Android. I love the hardware and I do like BB software, but I need the Google integration that Android provides.

That's funny because I wish I could get hardware like the Droid X or Atrix running BB OS 6. The "Google integration" is exactly what keeps me away from Android.

It just goes to show that there is no *one* phone for everybody!

I need solid, secure Outlook integration across the desktop. If a secure "cloud" solution existed (without a corporate Exchange server), I might reconsider, but until then, only BlackBerry (and iPhone to some extent) offer the core functionality that I need.

I am pretty happy with my Torch. Coming from a Bold 9000 the smaller shorter throw keyboard took some getting used to. And the USB connector is definitely in a bad place. But the signal reception is great and performance is very good overall. It could use a faster CPU when loading graphics intensive pages like But if it had Adobe Flash support it would be a 4.5 of 5. As it is I have to give it a 4 of 5. Based on what I see I would like the Storm 3 but given my experience with on-screen keyboards even on a 5 inch screen I might go for a Torch 2 instead.