More video tutorials for the BlackBerry Touch (monaco) extracted

By Bla1ze on 4 Apr 2011 08:25 pm EDT

Although some of the videos from the BlackBerry Touch have previously appeared, not all of the videos for the BlackBerry Touch (monaco) tutorials were able to be extracted. But, that hasn't really stopped folks from trying and as such -- those that remained unseen are now available. Again, not a whole to see in the videos but they're pretty cool either way. Now all we really need is some official confirmation and release dates to set our minds at ease. Although, RIM requesting the previous videos to be removed kind of serves as confirmation in my personal opinion. Jump on past the break for more.


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More video tutorials for the BlackBerry Touch (monaco) extracted

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Same here. I'm 99% sure that I'm going to get this phone instead of the Bold Touch. However, it really depends on the day. I'm thinking that a Bold Touch + Playbook is the perfect pair. However, I think that I'm going to miss the screen realestate when I'm not on my playbook.

My problem is that I want everything. I want a Bold Touch, Storm3, Playbook AND a 10" Playbook with it becomes available AND I want to have them ALL available at all times because who knows what mood I'm going to be in.

RIM - Just release the stuff and let me start spending some money will ya??!!!

You're gonna have to get a loan for all of that. I, too, want all of them, but I will have to settle on just one.

Nice to see the tutorials but it'll be nicer to see the devices on shelves!

I'm due for an upgrade in August and have been debating on switching it up to Android for a year to see if it's something I'd prefer over BlackBerry. At least until QNX drops officially for BB's. We'll see, most likely will go with a next gen BB depending on what's dropping at that time on AT&T!

I'm overdue for an upgrade to my S1 and I want an S3 so bad. I have to wait till August or so to get one -- another 5 months of sweat!

On the other hand, the Moto Atrix looks interesting, and I'm sure Apple will have an iPhone 5 out by then. My S1 can't do much now except core apps and phone functions. Native text messages are messed so I use CrunchSMS but it sucks another 400 KB of precious memory!

I'm with HotJava -- release the stuff so I can spend my money!!!!!

I had a S1, could not make it through the contract with that one. I had to upgrade to a Nexus One part way through. I think that since my contract is up soon I will get this. Assuming it comes to Bell.

hmmm???,the blackberrys in these vids have physical buttons and not touch sensitive ones like in the leaked video,i hope its just on the virtual models

The more of these videos that I see the more I want these phones. Please, please, please let this come to T-Mobile.

For multitasking on the new upcoming touchscreen phones Blackberry is coming with when using the multitasking function (Menu hold) the recent apps should be on the bottom of the screen instead of the center. Personally I think that would make a lot more sense since your thumb is there anyways. I never use this function but with that change I think it would be much faster and might get me to use it. Just a suggestion

Use the trackpad your thumb will be right beside it. Usually it switches to the last program you were at, which is the most logical since you most likely use this to switch back and forth.

Are there any high end phones from rim that don't have a touch screen coming in the near future?

I did notice the lower keys are physical buttons as well according to this video. I like I like! I dont want to press down on any part of the screen! That tech has come and gone with pleasure! Give me the buttons like it appears here and I'm a happy guy

also, this thing needs to compete with iphone 5 to survive... especially now that verizon has the iphone. If it doesn't..... well.... iphone 5 it is!

Hmmm..... Just wondering...... If Playbook can run Android apps, I wonder if OS 6.1 will be able to run them.....

Show me the keyboards on this puppy as well as the speed in texting, and will this end up with front and rear cam

Did my eyes deceive me or is there only one key on top? I see the "LOCK" but no "Mute"? Also, coule the left convenience key be making a comeback in its place? Inquiring minds wanna know!

I don't think it is a left convenience key, some people thought about the Bold Touch as well. I think it is the USB port.

I am 100% getting this phone when it comes out. I just hope it is released sooner rather than later. I had to revert back to my Storm after accidentally going swimming with my Storm2.

Don't think I can go back to a phone with a keyboard after being on a touch devivce for so long.

That said, If the new iPhone comes out and the BBM app is soon to follow, I think I may jump ship...

This phone cant come quick enough. Although these videos have me back in honeymoon mode. My speaker on my S2 seems to be fading away so I need you S3, I need you.

So this is gonna be SPRINT right? Shouldnt be Tmobile, since they are about to be AT&T, thus they will have the Torch!! sprint NEEDS this bad!!!

Yeah I agree sprint has some lame blackberries out and don't seem to be getting Torch any time soon. :'(

Dam! I just realized or actually i just saw where they insert a SIM so its not likely to be Sprint! I have the Style and I am trying so hard to remain loyal to BB because honestly I havent saw anyone personally that has switched from BB to Android be happy. But SPrint needs a Touchscreen device and soon. Id settle for a Storm at this point.

It's not that bad, but I am still waiting for another Torch-like phone for CDMA (specifically, Verizon). If I'm going to get an all touch screen phone, I'm going to have to make the switch to iPhone. It pains me to say it, but especially if BBM goes cross-platform, an iPhone will sync so much better with my Mac. Not ready to yet, though! I still question the traitors, haha.

RIM is really screwing this up.

a 3.7 inch screen in todays market? are they serious? the fact that they didnt bump this phone up to at least 4.3 inches (like the thunderbolt) was a horrible decision made be some very stupid people.

will this thing even have 4g, a front camera, or flash?

why are they putting out phones with worse specs 3-5months after better phones are already out in the market?

I agree where is the front facing camera?? I thought this was a new standard

RIM you’re doing it again, releasing hardware a year late by release date

Unless you’re planning on doing this with the storm series 4.3 inch screen

Otherwise this phone is a waste...

I said I never would but I finally did I had been a BB owner and supporter since 2006. After the whole Storm 2 OS 6 letdown and being kicked to the curb. I went to the darkside. I gave my storm to my Son and bought an Iphone 3Gs. Im not being paid by apple just as I wasnt being paid by BB, however in my opinion this phone rocks, AND its the older model. Im just saying dont let your loyalty to BB keep you from making a sound purchase.