More Hints At Verizons Push To Talk Services Found

More Hints At Verizons Push To Talk Services Found
By Bla1ze on 13 Mar 2010 03:29 pm EST

Yesterday, Boy Genius dropped some whispers hinting that the long awaited OS 5.0 update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 was coming in the next 2-3 weeks and that it was also bringing a new Push To Talk feature. As it turns out, the files needed for that new data plan using push to talk features has been turning up in the past two OS leaks for Tour owners. And from info gathered in the forums, Verizon is seemingly not really trying hard to hide it from end users either.

As posted in the forums, some skilfull folks have found through the Verizon wap website you can actually find and attempt to add the services to your Verizon account. While at this point, the files and the addition to your account doesn't mean you can get it to work. It certainly puts weight behind the timelines given for push to talk and the rumored 9650 release.

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More Hints At Verizons Push To Talk Services Found


Just Curious as to whether or not VZW subscribers would want PTT or not. Interesting idea. Bla1ze, you think this is why os 5.0 isnt out yet for big red?

Possibly. But, I prefer to blame it on Verizon just being Verizon. They're known for causing delay after to delay for stuff they just well, want to delay.

As for folks wanting Push to talk. I don't think it's very high on most peoples agenda. If that was a priority for folks they'd be on Sprint already. Look what AT&T did with their Push to talk...umm, nothing.

I would love PTT I wanted it years ago when i got verizon i almost went to nextel just for that but thankfully i didnt. It would be a nice addition for VZW

Does anyone with PTT already even use it? Just curious, everyone I know re-assign that left convenience key as soon as the new BB is powered up! ( Yes...I'm with AT&T! Here in the mid-atlantic the service is good enough to keep!) I feel like this is a waste of funds that could be used elsewhere...

PTT is a good idea for someone in my type of sales and industry. I know when I was out in the construction field, I had Nextel and it came in very handy contacting our salesmen. Now that I'm on the sales side and I have construction customers...PTT would be a handy thing to have. As for an above comment..I don't think a merger between Sprint/Nextel and VZW is likely but it would be awesome for the PTT aspect.

i wouldn't mind ptt myself. being as i'm in construction. (what's left of the industry).

is the tour even capable of PTT though? i've seen no mention of ANY bb being ptt capable.

Isn't that the d@mn truth...there isn't much left of it at this moment. And yes the 9630 is capable of PTT *IF* the files from the OS are there. The Tour 2/Bold/Essex/Whatever is suppose to be PTT capable too.

I'm also in Construction out of Cleveland. Soooo slow at the moment, but this PTT REALLY REALLY comes in handy for us Construction guys! (when were working)

PTT might appeal to some users, especially construction workers, perhaps law enforcement or EMS, but I don't think it will appeal to the average Joe. Two big reasons...the other person you PTT to will have to have the service. Also, the Verizon PTT will not cross networks to PTT to, say, a Sprint PTT user. Just my personal opinion, but I say Verizon already nickel and dimes us enough.


If Verizon is adding PTT, it sounds like it just needs a software change and that all the BB would be able to use it. Seems like a fair assumption. For $5 I might consider it for my wife and I. Who knows. Nextel seemed cool back in the day, but it's network really sucked, and I'm not a fan of Sprint either. When VZW first introduced PTT I thought all phones would get it, but instead it was just a few and a big price difference on your plan. I welcome the addition of PTT. Even if I don't get it, I like having options available to me. I know a lot of people who would use it.

I have been a beta tester for verizon for PTT for a few years now...IT"S called DIALING...I push the green button and I talk to people...LOL

I have been a beta tester for verizon for PTT for a few years now...IT"S called DIALING...I push the green button and I talk to people...LOL

What I really find funny is where I work just spend two grand on Southern Linc's so they could have instant communications when they already had Blackberry Tour's.

I would not use PTT if I had it. When I talk on the phone I do not want everyone around me hearing the conversation. It's not like I'm talking dirty it's just that I like my privacy.

I do not care, if they do make it happen I will give it a go.

I could see it being handy for work and at the race track. Oh and playing COD MW2 to hit buddies up on something in the game or what not. Seems real handy but not needed.

PTT is pretty lame.. our company switched to AT&T (from Nextel) and went with PTT... I hate it... and I actually dont know when the last time I actually used it.. it's that bad...lag time,, annoying beeps, announcements..

Today just for the hell of it i went under and under the search engine i typed "blackberry tour 9630 ptt" and it pulls up technical support on how to edit permission on your ptt contacts. Its obviously OS 5.0 because once images show to go under your options and applications its way different that whats on OS 4.7 does. Just thought id put that out there for people. I'm looking forward to it but i wish it would cross over to nextel/ sprint ptt service but its a start and hopefully they will release the official OS 5.0 for VZW SOON!!