More hints on BlackBerry PlayBook training at Staples emerge

BlackBerry PlayBook Staples Training March 30th
By Adam Zeis on 7 Mar 2011 04:27 pm EST

When we first heard news of the BlackBerry PlayBook being sold at Staples locations, their plans for employee training were set for March 16th. Some new details today from more internal docs shows that training modules for the PlayBook are scheduled for availability on March 30th. The training modules are made available to employees before a product launch. What does this mean? Hard to say for sure really. According to the print, employees will have up to 30 days from the course launch date for completion. So that being said, doing the math that puts the Staples launch date no sooner than April 29th. That doesn't necessarily mean the PlayBook won't launch before then, just that Staples most likely won't see it any earlier. The same most likely goes for Office Depot as well. I guess we'll see if the April 10th rumor still holds true (for those that say it won't launch on a Sunday - don't forget both the Tour and Style showed up on a Sunday). 

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More hints on BlackBerry PlayBook training at Staples emerge


on the orginal andriod site that posted this said that the xoom would be on sale on april 3rd meaning that is 10 ish days from the start of the training. so if that follows to be tru and the same for the playbook the april 10th rumor might match up time wise. I JUST WANT AN OFFICAL ANNOUNCMENT already. I WANNA GIVE RIM 500ish bux lol

I'm just sick of waiting. Almost to the point of not giving a sh$t anymore - even gave some serious thought to the iPad2 or the Xoom! 6 months of hype doesn't work!

I couldn't agree with you more. RIM is so ridiculous...I'm not excited about it anymore...No more videos on youtube, leak his, leak that. I'm so uninterested with it all.

I love my BB Bold 9650 and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon but seriously. Every phone manufactuer that has came out was teased a little, presented to the public, and has had a release date after the announcement. Why is RIM doing it half ass with no release date?? Example.. iPad.. Gets shown off.. Has a release date. Get it? Last year... Evo.. Gets shown off.. Has a release date.. See what I mean?

A family member works at Staples in Toronto, and last week they were told that training on the Playbook would begin on March 15. I don't know how long it takes from training to launch, but I'm hoping it launches by the end of the month. Cant wait

For people who read this and other blogs the lack of a release date is getting VERY PAINFUL, but I wonder if the android boys went through the same thing with Xoom. They must have known it was coming I just didn't pay any attention and then one day it's there.

I talked to a guy at work today who has a new Torch and a iPad and I asked him if he'll keep the iPad when the playbook comes out and he said what's that? No kidding he really had not had a clue that Playbook even [sort of :) ] existed.

Also have to say, to drop the release date too early would be stupid so if it is really March 31 or April 10 it's too early to say not. you really do want to say: WOW Look at this! AND you can get it next week!!! Yeah, not You can get it next month.

I don't get it.

i heard rumors that the OS goes 'gold standard' on the 31st of march and that individuals will be prompted to upgrade the OS out of the box....

BUT if it's shipping in April then why wouldn't the gold standard OS be shipped with it????

doesn't add up...

Just because the software is finished before release does not mean that it can be applied to the devices before they ship to the vendors. In manufacturing, the devices have to be ready for a while before they hit the shelves, and they have to be producing enough devices to meet demand - hence having been producing devices for weeks to months before the actual release date.

You have to think of the scale of the launch that they are trying to do; imagine that you are trying to sell 1 million tablets, and your software goes gold on March 31st. Let's also assume that they are going to meet the April 10th rumored date; in order to do that, they would need to build or update 1 MILLION devices in around three days, ship them immediately to stores so that the stores could get them 1-2 days early, and then put them on sale the morning of release. Does that make more sense to you now? You can't magically fabricate these things instantaneously.

The best way for RIM to make it to market soon, and ALSO have the latest software on day one is to do it the way that they are planning, which is to flash the latest software after the devices are already made and are booted for the first time.

This is the magic of firmware, as you can continuously tweak something right up to the exact date of release, whereas hardware has to be finished in large scale for a good period of time before release.

went to a rogers store today and i was checking out a galaxy tab. the rep asked if she could help me so I asked when the p.b is coming knowing she would have no idea. of course she said she didn't know, so then i jokingly told her i was going to the apple store to buy 5 ipads to spite rim lol. ahh gimme a gd release date already

How many front page stories does crackberry need to do about the playbook coming out soon? Just post the release date when you have it jeez

Even though the wrong tablet is "boxed" to support the article, I think a lot can be inferred from this "mistake".

The Motorola XOOM is out on Verizon as of right now. The fact that the training module is scheduled to go live on March 23 tells me that Staples will get the product later than it launches on the carrier's network/ in VZW stores. The same logic may be applied to the PB's training module. Just because Staples will train their employees starting from that day does not mean that Staples will get dibbs on selling PB first and the launch will be even more delayed past April 10th.

Just my .02

The PlayBook will launch on or slightly before March 31st. This has never changed.

The reason the OS will need to be upgraded is because they wanted to be able to fill the entire distribution channel with product so that it's ready to sell everywhere on launch day. Knowing that they wouldn't have the final build of the OS ready while the units were being manufactured, they needed to have a basic version of the OS that could be upgraded when the user opened it. This way, they could work on the OS right until the last minute to do fixes, improvements etc...

I became impatient waiting for the PlayBook and went out Sunday and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Boy, was I disappointed! I returned it last night. There was no way to sync directly to my Blackberry without first sync'ing to Outlook, then Google. As an avid Sling Player user, it was very choppy - my Blackberry Bold plays Slingbox flawlessly. At a price of $550 through AT&T, it was not worth it at all.