More good news on the enterprise front - Financial Technologies (India) upgrades to BlackBerry 10

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By James Richardson on 21 Nov 2013 07:21 am

Another week and another large organization makes a commitment to BlackBerry 10 in the enterprise market. This times it's Financial Technologies in India who are upgrading to BlackBerry 10 - good on 'em! 

Despite the constant barrage of negative press surrounding BlackBerry from the worlds media this is yet another slice of good news which hopefully should go some way to convincing 'said media' that BlackBerry are far from out of the smartphone game.

What the future holds for us is still slightly in the dark in terms of how much focus BlackBerry will spend on the enterprise side of the business in comparison to the consumer side. Either way - this is another notch in the bedpost for BES10 if that's the right phrase to use? 

Press Release


New Delhi, India – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that Indian financial services company, Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), has upgraded their mobile fleet to BlackBerry® 10 smartphones and invested in BlackBerry’s leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10), to manage their mobile infrastructure and support a BYOD environment. The provider of technology IP to create and trade on next-generation financial markets, FTIL is committed to bringing greater flexibility to employees who use smartphones for personal use, without compromising corporate data security.

As a company dealing with sensitive data, keeping information secure is critical to FTIL’s IT department. With an increasing number of employee devices entering the workforce, FTIL needed a platform that would provide access to company data from personal mobile devices without compromising company security. Rohit Ambosta, Senior Vice President of IT at FTIL said, “We are happy with our BlackBerry smartphones and the new BES 10 platform, which has enabled easy segregation of work and personal activities for our employees. Downloading apps has never been so convenient - even from a basic user’s perspective, the segmentation is clear. The BlackBerry platform ensures that our corporate data is not at risk.”

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides FTIL with the unified device management and security platform they are looking for. “BlackBerry 10 is specifically designed to support the complex mobility requirements of our enterprise customers. We are delighted that Financial Technologies (India) Limited has selected BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to empower their employees with greater flexibility, while providing strong back-end security and management architecture,” said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director for India at BlackBerry.



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More good news please...

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Can't get enough of this good news

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Great stuff. More bb10 that goes into hands of people, faster the word will spread
. Glad to see their marketing machine stepping it up!

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How big is the fleet?



According to Wikipedia, they had 1100 employees last year. So, maybe 1000 BES subscriptions, but not all phones will be BlackBerry devices.

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It's a small company listed at 1001-5000 employees. So not many BlackBerrys are going to be sold here, just BES10.


Granted, I think the intention is to outline a business case for companies within the same industry.


This is good news but it seems like a PR is released any time a company orders BES10.

R Field

Nah its not my friend who works at CBC got issued a Z10 for work and I haven't seen anything regarding a press release from them. Not a small company either.


They almost have to release press releases like this to counter all the negative articles about companies dropping BB.


wonder what's the device spread.... Z10/Z30/Q10... ?
Interesting times...

from an australian Z10...


Good News entreprises believe in BlackBerry BES 10 !


It's going to take more time to right the ship and more quarterly massive losses are on the way. That will fuel more negative news once again. The media, the competition, and especially the carriers in North America are trying their best to end BlackBerry. What BlackBerry needs is a quarter result that shows a profit. That would show a positive light to the future. Then advertising will begin to work. I don't think advertising will work until a future is proven, and the next release of BB10 which allows android apps to be easily installed is demonstrated. I have the new z30 and it is a killer device.

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Z10 is also an Killer device with its features. And now with Android Apps portability BlackBerry 10 os is a killer deal.

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Agreed. The z10 through OS updates has morphed into a great device. This shows how important the OS is to a device and BB10 is most likely the best on the market now and getting better. However, the negative press on the z10 at launch, and the write downs that followed will never leave the consumer mind, no matter how good it becomes. They need to turn a profit. They have the best devices and soon we will have the full android store on top of BlackBerry World. The best news is BB10 now can run these android apps on the leaked version better than most android phones can, while isolating the apps from the OS. I no malware issues.

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Everytime i hear a family member or friend talk about their viability as a company and whether my phone will be supported in the future i read an article like this and smile a bit actually more of a smirk.

You know whats really sad? Android and google play get more love on crackberry than BlackBerry and BlackBerry world


So happy for them. Wonder if I could get on their program and get a Z30 since, apparently, they have more "pull" in India than we do in the states and I can't get one at ATT.

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How many unit, anyone??

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Two words:
Awesome Sauce. :)

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This is great news for BlackBerry. I wish they would incorporate a comment or two on how the purchaser digested the uncertainty of BlackBerry's future and rose beyond it when they made their final decision. Hyping this type of confidence would be beneficial for all sectors of BlackBerry's business. Keep moving BlackBerry.

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How many units tho?

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nicky devriese



Great...where the hell are big Canadian companies...sacking their thumbs

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Nice :)

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Parthiv Shah

This is no bid deal why as FT (Financial Tech) has hardly 500 employees. I am from India..FTs share price tumbled from Rs 1000 to Rs 180 why? Its subsidiary exchange was involved in a fraud to tune of $1 Billion of retail investors. They haven't paid them as yet. I bet even this is based on advance credit by Blackberry and cash realization wont materialize. 500 BB10s is no big deal!!


BlackBerry... the only solution for real security.

BlackBerry communication tools not a joystick.

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As per wiki, this company has about1200 employees. Even if half of them have BlackBerry phones...we are talking about just 500 odd devices and maybe many of them are legacy ones. a small step in the right direction I guess :)


Let me know about good news in the USA.
Here is where we have problems!!!


It'd not just the USA anymore. BlackBerry's issues are all over the world now

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I wish we had numbers but still great news

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Go BlackBerry go!

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Obviously they've chosen the best mobile platform ever created. Good Stuff,


BlackBerry should keep struggling to secure its niche in the corporate market. But this is not a high growth market. In fact, this is one reason why BlackBerry has lost market share in the market as a whole. The high growth market is the consumer market. Here BlackBerry should market to consumers any out of box security features to them in innovative ways. I think many would be interested in this at least for email and BBM exchanges. Could families or groups of people and organisations rent bes units for enhanced security? At what price?

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Patrick Pierobon

James you are hilarious! Notch in the bed post! LMAO!


I laughed too when I read this. Sounds naughty.


Er need more companies... and we have to compensate Pfizer! it was a big loss..

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I'm pretty sure Pfizer was not a BES10 client. Their internal memo to consider alternatives because they were not confidant in BlackBerry being a company in the coming months was blown out of proportion in the forum.


'Said media' will do everything they can to ignore this story and any other successes.

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Financial Technologies // Number of employees: 1100

My company (90000 employees) just told me (after so many questions by when I can expect support for BB10 devices) that they are not planning to support BB10 devices - so sad.


So your company is large and cheap. Hmm, must be American based.

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Cloud based device management should help. Many companies are balking at investing in the BlackBerry servers.

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Is that already available? But even then respective companies must be willing to go that route.


The NSA thanks you 90000 people!

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Hello, I need help

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You'll need to be more specific, if you're looking to be pointed in the right direction.


My Richardson how about a little reporting? Call BB press office and get the endpoint count they have committed to. This story is of only minor interest unless we have the numbers.

John Timothy

@ jrohland, seriously what do you want to hear that they sold a million phones. The point is that they are making sales, and every customer counts. What you really need to hear is that more and more companies are adopting BES 10. Yes some are dropping Blackberry, some are adopting Blackberry, but in the end every sale is important and every press release announcing sales is important. Every customer is one step in the 1000 mile journey if i may use that phrase. The bottom line is that they are saying to Corporations who were holding off due to uncertainty we are back in the game so jump on board.


A press release is just light reading until we have numbers. This is good news, but how many?

Once again, BlackBerry leads us to speculate.

John Timothy

@birdman if its so important to you why don't you call the company who bought the phones and ask them!


Small steps lead to big victories

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Long live BB smartphones!

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1000 + and so when business grows because of great phone they will need another Thousand.

paul collins2

People who say BlackBerry is dieing they talk a load of shite BlackBerry rule

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As long as they subscribe to BES10 is all good. Getting bb10 handsets would follow. Awesome.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.


I find it silly when people say that getting a company to commit to BES at 500 devices is a bad thing. The business side is not to be confused with the consumer side. Totally different ball game.

I dont think many understand the cost to implement BES to a network infrastructure. Even is this company only gets 500 devices, its still an addition to the BES. If I recall, a company can implement BES while adopting BYOD. So when a company implements BES and additionally purchase devices for top management employees, it's a bigger win.

Also, through a relative of mine, GE uses BES and BBRY devices. That's a big one.

But, it's not always about the big corporations using BBRY. I work for a small company (less that 700 employees). Our VP's and top management uses BBRY devices. Getting a smaller company to adopt here and there adds up. Many companies still rely on BBRY to provide a secure mobile network solution. Every adoption just isn't publicized.


Excellent people

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Good news for BlackBerry. It's nice to see other parts of the world take notice of how awesome BlackBerry is!

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It is a race against time. BB10 is really good now and the next OS ups are will make it even better. BlackBerry has to keep making in roads and upgrading legacy equipment. I hope they have enough success to keep on. I really find it hard to believe that the world will settle on two manufactures of smartphones!! Are we all that stupid? Most of the time it is cool to have the niche product, in this case it is a two product battle and either way, as consumers, we will end up with lack of choice and will lose flexibility as two dominant companies decide what is good for us. It is pretty sad but I still hope BlackBerry can hang in long enough to start to gain some share. It will take some time but access to android apps may make a difference. It will take time. In almost all cases there has been product backlash at some point. Apple and Samsung are possibly on borrowed time.

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Good news.. and so happy to see this coming from my country India.. I have a startup and wish my company becomes big soon and can afford to splurge on BES.. :D

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Love my z10

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Haresh Kumar

Great news.

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TD Canada Trust and the Government of Ontario may or may not be upgrading soon. And I didn't say so.

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That's an extra 6 sales!

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John Timothy

@ AppReview, Gee hope you didn't lose too many brain cells with your comment!

John Timothy

I love how every one wants to spin it in a negative light. Okay so they sold 500 to 1000 phones which may not be significant, but start getting more and more companies coming on board and you start turning things around. So from a business perspective you would say that 1000 devices sold is insignificant, well if you believe that then you are not a true business person. Let me phrase it for you! Every customer is important! Also you missed the key words in this story. Let me quote it for you. " The BlackBerry platform ensures that our corporate data is not at risk.” Can you say that about the virus infested Samdung phones or the lobotomy minded Apple Iphone users? So all you trolls go away!

John Timothy

No releasing this type of press release is not wrong it's a smart thing to do. Corporate customers were saying they were holding off buying BES 10, because of uncertainty, so now when ever a company comes on board they should publicize it. So what they are saying is now that some company's have started to buy BES 10 it's time you make a decision and jump on board too! Also they should pay attention about why these company's jumped on board. Security, which others don't have. After all isn't it why they didn't just go and buy a Samsung or Iphone instead of waiting?


When software 10.2 come to egypt

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