Download free apps for your OS7 device compliments of BlackBerry

Compliments of BlackBerry
By Jared DiPane on 6 Mar 2012 01:37 pm EST

Everyone loves free applications, right? The good folks at RIM are back at it again with another round of Compliments of BlackBerry applications available through BlackBerry App World. Running from now through May 31st, you can download great applications such as BeWeather, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fixmo Tools, Screen Muncher and many others -- all for free. The apps are an incentive for current or new BlackBerry users to upgrade to a BlackBerry 7 device, and are unfortunately only available for US customers. Along with the BlackBerry Smartphone applications, RIM has also included Modern Combat and Asphalt 6 which both run on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

This free batch of applications will require BlackBerry OS 7 and above unfortunately, so not everyone will benefit. If you have a BlackBerry 7 device or a BlackBerry PlayBook, you will certainly want to hit the link below and check out these great free applications for yourself. Be sure to hop into the forums and let us know which applications you picked up and let's all be sure to thank RIM for this awesome deal!

Note: The free apps are only available for the US.

More information and to download Compliments of BlackBerry Apps 

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Download free apps for your OS7 device compliments of BlackBerry


Yeah I keep getting "Unavailable for this device" when I have a Bold 9900, and the BB Website clearly states it's for my device.

It also says only available in the US, so you looked to see if it was support for your device but not your country? lol.

Thank you RIM! I see the strategy here, they want everyone to adopt BB7 devices. The fact that they're making a play in the U.S. makes me glad.

Same here, tried on both Bell & Rogers, no go. Funny that RIM is a Canadian company...and they generally don't include us in the new features until later on.

Don't be too mad about that. 12 out of the 13 apps I downloaded are slow, buggy, useless, etc and will be deleted ASAP. It's the same story all over again... -_-

No kidding, this is horsesh*t.

If you click on the orange banner at the top saying "FREE APPS" and click on one of the applications in the search results, it only lists US as a supported country.

Way to give back to your own community RIM, especially where your devices hold a semi-decent market share.

This is whny i hate RIM sometimes, os 6 has great market share compared to os 7 and blackberry is number in the uk!

As a matter of fact, nothing new - there is a lot things at a low availability in Poland (therefore I left this strange country in the heart of European Union few years ago). On the other hand, I think people from RIM have just started to release this stuff = we ought to let them widespread their wings with it :) shows that some people are truly ungrateful. I can tell this article is gonna get alot of heat towards RIM

Oh my... I feel bad for the RIM employees monitoring this thread...

This is good for RIM, people outside of the USA and OS7 should be happy that RIM is targeting a demographic that needs the most support. And who knows, maybe they'll roll out some of these for other countries.

In the end, they're not taking anything away from you so why whine? Be happy!

It's like if you went on the contest blog posts and complained that you didn't win and that CB sucks for not giving you the prize. None of these were promissed as far as I know* so why are people so upset?


OH! Right, I'm on the internet...

Actually, they did take away the ability for me to download these specific apps on my phone, even for a price. All it says now is "unavailable for this device", rather than show me a price and download option.

On a side note; this is nothing like winning a contest and complaining about it. Difference = 1 person winning vs. a whole country winning.

Why would you want to reward loyal customers in the countries that support RIM like Canada, India, UK and others? Let's give out free apps to the United States of Apple only.

This is a garbage move ... I'm disappointed.

If it does work for you and it is via wifi or through (included) carrier roaming agreements it will be worth it. lol, don't do it if you will incur roaming and international charges :)

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU RIM!! Severeal of these apps I've been holding out on buying because I feel they're too expensive so thank you!!!

Weak sauce...

It's bad enough my 9860 is severely lacking the app support that my 9550 got, but to rub it in my face by offering the only decent apps free of cost only to my southern neighbours, and then not even giving me an option to buy these apps is incredibly upsetting...

-1 to your test score, RIM.

I got pretty excited about this until I read it was only for Americans. Pretty sad Canadians don't get to benefit, considering RIM is a Canadian company, and blackberry is the number one phone in Canada. All I can honestly do is SMH.

Seriously rim, no matter how hard you try to kiss American asses, they don't give a shit about your product. It's other markets that keeping you afloat. How about a little respect for customers actually support you?

I think you folks in Canada should calm down a bit. Think about it, where is the official announcement from RIM? Maybe RIM is still in the process of rolling these apps out. This looks like someone just did a search in App World and saw these apps. How about you wait for an official announcement before you throw RIM under the bus.

Oh and USA, USA, USA ;).

I may be agreeing with an American here :) but there isn't anything on the US BlackBerry site about the free apps yet. Maybe like a few others have mentioned, they're in the process of setting other countries up. I'm going to wait awhile before I do throw them under the bus. I am looking forward to getting a few of these apps like BeWeather & maybe a couple of the games. Hopefully an announcement will be coming soon detailing the free apps. I'm officially in wait & see mode for now.

Why not whine?? We loyal Canadian BlackBerry customers have stuck by RIM threw good and bad and USA (not all but most) of the people have left them and gone to other devices. I do agree that this is a good move to gain interest in the US but why not give it to other places to?

Please RIM, stop giving us stuff for free. We obviously can't appreciate the effort put forth. Instead, we are a bunch of 3 year olds in which we will only bitch about what our siblings got and not us.


Bold 9900 user and Blackberry loyalist.

You're damn right we're going to complain. Its like both siblings getting A's on their report cards, but only one gets a reward for their effort.

The App world items are in appreciation for purchasing an OS 7 phone... which all of us outside the US did.

RIM constantly overlooks Canada with initial roll outs, and yet here we all are loyally continuing to use their products. I can't blame them really. They've got us whether or not they care to acknowledge us.

Uncool, most of the apps aren't available worldwide, but I hope it's only a matter of time before they make them available.

I'm a Canadian, and I think we here spend more money for our devices and plans (individually) than anyone else, and RIM is a Canadian company. I think whatever the are offering to the US should be offerend in Canada too. That's just what I think.

Instead of bitching ... anybody figure out if you trick app world in thinking your on a us carrier? Maybe using build VPN software that comes with BB7 to US server?

Calm down people...
I am sure it is a strategic move on their part. Don't get your panties in a bunch over a few apps!!! Seesh!

It is not about these few free apps, it is matter of equality, and when Americans dumping bb for ips and androids, other countries sticking with blackberry, and this is the muthufecking thanks we get?

oh hush up! its not thaty serious! There isnt even an offical announcement from RIM yet... Please relax!

Uncool RIM - betray your own home country and simultaneously snub the rest of the non-US world. Very impressive. Idiots.

Uncool Crackberry - for not letting me know as a non-US Crackberry member that this doesn't apply to me; If it's because RIM didn't let you know then give your partner a shake

Nice effort.

It states in the post... "the apps are an incentive for current or new BlackBerry users to upgrade to a BlackBerry 7 device, and are unfortunately only available for US customers."

Super, thanks for pointing that out - you are correct.

My apologies to CrackBerry. I will try and delete that portion of my comment.

WTF RIM what about us guys using os7 and living in the uk remember your number one hear not for long though I. See my self going to android when my upgrade is due! :'(

Maybe because that is what it says in the post. For US Customers only!

USA, USA, USA lol...

Just messing with you, hopefully you guys will get it soon!

wowww... i just received my blackberry 9790 in the mail. I thought rogers had the new OS 7.1, turns out they don't. then i receive another shocking news that the complimentary apps aren't in Canada? seriously RIM get your act together and show Canada some love.

1. Buggy BBM update, resending my last broadcast msg out to all my contacts.
2. BB upgrade over the weekend that went bad, and partially recovered.

And now, this.

3 strikes for me, time to look into Android.

I live in the Bahamas, this SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RIM , you claim to internationally minded but you consistently, focus on one market, whats up with that!

"Focus on one market"? Do we Americans have a carrier that sells the 9790? or even the white Bold 9900 for that matter. There isn't a single market that can get it all. Regardless of the company origin!

Maybe you bunch of whiners should look at the bigger picture??...RIM needs to get a bigger marketshare in the USA as they aren't very big there so if all goes well hopefully RIM will get a foothold there.

Yah - and everybody keeps pointing to RIM's lead in the UK and other markets outside of the US as being (1) a pointer that all is not lost, and (b) the engine that generates the profits that keep RIM going. Then this? It's called killng the goose that lays the golden eggs. Or at least dissing it.

Speaking of lookng at the bigger picture, try holding off on the "whiner" comments until you've thought through the issue.

- R.

If this is only a us based promotion then it's an other kick in the teeth to us in the UK we already have to pay more for our apps than the us do due to rims pathetic non attempt at the exchange rates.

I will wait to see if they allow the UK to download these apps but this is my first bb and could be my last.

So let me get this straight *dwl* you're going to switch to a new phoe company because you weren't offered free apps the first day they were available? Eventhough you don't know whether or not the promotion will ever be available?? If thats the case, RIM surely doesn'tneed customers like you! LMAO

I am in Canada. It would be nice if it was offered in other countries but I can understand why they are trying to appeal to the U.S. market first.
My question is, aside from people like us who frequent the forums, how is RIM letting people without a Blackberry 7 phone know about this offer?

They're not! That's why this "marketing scheme" doesn't make any sense. Its not going to pull any more customers in the US if no one knows about it.

And especially the way they're promoting it in App world, saying they're giving them in appreciation for purchasing an OS 7 phone, everyone should be getting these apps.

This was a huge screw up if they're not expanding the offer to more countries. They don't seem to realize that they need to try to keep the current customers they have. By focusing on only new customers in a tough demographic, they're burning a lot of bridges, especially on their homefront (Canada).

So bloody typical of RIM and Blackberry to only make this offer available in th US just like the competitions they have that only US BB owners can enter. Blackberry Bollocks that's why I will be upgarding to IPhone better apps better phone

Very very sad. Why only the US ? I am à very big BB fan, I now have my 4th BB device. But now seriously considering leaving BB and move to something else.

Come on RIM this is ridiculous! Absolutely bullshit. Go ahead and let me see what's next incredible announcement.

Nothing for Italy. I don't get it, I don't like the policy of RIM that creates so many differences among the countries. Why? In Europe we even pay much more RIM products (a playbook in Italy syarts from more than 400 euro / 500 dollars!)!

matte976 wrote

"Only US?? And for us Italian customers pasta pizza papa mandolino???"

I guess you do get something...

Hey too all the Canadians hitching, RIM donated billions in your school and community shut the f up.

Thank you RIM for everything you do.

This is very unfortunately. Did RIM leave Canada out of this because they knew regardless Canadian will still continue to buy Blackberry?

They all say "free of charge until May 31st" - does this mean we'll have to pay to use the application after May 31st or I can download as many as I want NOW (until May 31st) and use them forever ?

I laugh because all the people on here complaining will continue to buy RIMS apps, tablets and smarphone devices regardless.

You are right everywhere else still rocks blackberry
living in the United States of Apple is is VERY much needed from RIM...

all the people that HATE blackberry had OS 6 or below...OS 7 is stable and with a few touchups very comparable to Droid and Iphone.

I battled my friends Iphone and won 3 oout 4 of the tests he was speechless! HAHA...

Free apps in the US is exactly where to start. Marketing is everything for example the PLAYBOOK is probably the best tablet but since its blackberry will not get the true praise...

Ivan S. Harris

Obviously RIM is after the US market where sales have been so poor. Not sure this is a good way to do it though reading all the comments lol

I wonder how many of these "free" apps will actually be upgradeable to BB10; after all, we all know how smoothly this occurred for the OS 6 apps. <--sarcasm

On another matter, while it doesn't say "compliments of Blackberry"; I see that Sonic Advance by Gameloft is also free for BB7 least for those in the Dominican Republic

Man I love country specific deals :)


Secondly, Remember the nice gift box in AppWorld when RIM gave us gifts before? The fact that there is no formal announcement in AppWorld and the fact that some cannot even get to the apps at all, indicates this might be unfinished. After all, surprising the CrackBerry Nation is no easy task.

Thirdly, give RIM the benefit of the doubt. Do not choose malicious intent as your default assumption. RIM's past communication style works against it here, true. But there have been some positive changes started. Give them a chance to play out a little.

Lastly, the hard cold fact is that existing consumers of a service or product (example: satelite TV) are always feeling left out of the promotionals they never got. However, promos are an important tool companies use to gain new customers. Remember, what is good for RIM is good for all of us.

So, how do they really think that offering free applications on Blackberry's is gonna actually increase sales in the US? Im currently out of the US but using Verizon international plan on a 9930, I cant download these cause Im roaming. Im not whining or complaining cause these are just extras being offered to me, but Im one that will not be convinced to buy a blackberry cause of 4-5 free apps. stupid marketing strategy. just sayin'

I like this list of free apps a lot better than the previous list. The only app I didn't download is Fixmo Tools because I already purchased a couple months ago.

Got a ton of great apps/games for my android phone today, since Google really knows how to promote a new product. Launching "Google Play", which consolodates their music, movie, and app markets. Got dead space, Shadowgun, world of goo, tune-in pro, etc all for $.49 each. It's like the $.10 app sale all over again...

I appreciate the two free games on the playbook (completed MC2 a few days ago), but they just don't know how to build the same level of brand appreciation or excitement that Google does...

I am so not feeling the love from RIM right now... I have a 9850 and even with apps showing they work with the 9860 I cant download because my phone isnt listed.....................

if RIM decide US gets the cake and it is the only important market that they care about, just keep US as the only Blackberry user in the world,
might quit using Blackberry for a strategy like this from RIM

Free Apps for selected individuals? Sad day...
After you burned me in April for a full priced 32G Playbook, and now I'm treated as a second class person once again?
I have 1 9900 new and 3 9700's up for renewal this fall. They won't be BB but instead I'm now definitely going Android or Apple. The Apple will be here before your ready anyway.
Give Canadians free Apps too!!!!

WOW....please dont wait until fall, if your dumb reason for wanting a phone on a different platform is because you weren't given free apss on the first day they were available, PLEASE leave now!! tired of you stupid people with stupid excuses!

Come October I won't be crying, in fact with marketing like this, you might not have to worry about any of us crying....
I suspect many will be leaving...Best wishes for the few additional new American Customers they gain while losing more Canadian customers.
Net gain will be negative...
Marketing 101 cases studies...more fodder on how to lose market share..

I didn't think less of BlackBerry during that whole blackout, but this pisses me off so much. Was that what they were going for? Foster relationships with those in the US, but piss everyone else off? If so, BlackBerry, you succeeded.

I'm from Canada and I have an OS6 device I'm left out but I understand why, first the need to promote the latest OS and secondly the US is a market where they need to make up the most ground and everyone loves free stuff.

Great idea with idiotic execution. Wasn't RIM stating to have to biggest growthrates outside the US? Despite this fact, their marketing is still fully US centric.

I think RIM is not fair only given this free app for US only. They should give it free to all over the world that using blackberry.

Indonesian market that using blackberry is more than 80%.

Hope that they read all these comments

sent from my playbook

some of you are really really pathetic... RIM are giving something away for free... so if you do not get that something then how can you be angry? It was not yours in the first place and it was not owed to you. Its like saying if you give a beggar a £1 then every beggar in the world should be entitled to a £1 from you too...

Only in the US? So I have had a BlackBerry 9900 since the day it came out in the UK, but don't get the 'incentive'/'gift'/whatever you want to call it? Doesn't come across very well, if I'm honest.

If you're going to release a 'Compliments of BlackBerry', release it to all your customers. I feel like the unloved child across the pond.

Thanks RIM, love the free stuff especially the games but would be nice to see some of free games available for my playbook also. love my blackberrys long love RIM

I am just happy to have an OS7 version of Berry Weather. The last round of freebies were definitely not for us OS 7'ners

RIM IS A CANADIAN COMPANY! Why the BLEEP do they consistently leave Canadians out from the beginning? This is completely unaccepable!