More Details on new BlackBerry Music sharing service emerge!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2011 01:33 pm EDT

BlackBerry Music sharing service coming soon...

Following up yesterday's post on the previously-rumored BlackBerry Music app that RIM is said to be rolling out soon, we're starting to get a better picture of exactly how this service will function. Here's the latest summary of what we can expect:

  • Users will have to download the new standalone BlackBerry music app from App World
  • Once installed, there *should* be a free trial (may vary by country/carrier - but expect a month free)
  • Once the free trial expires, the service will cost $5/mo.
  • With the app installed, you can choose up to 50 songs of your choice. Apparently the catalog selection is pretty good!
  • From there, you invite your contacts via BBM, etc. to also download the app if they don't have it and join your music sharing network (invited contacts must pay the $5/mo. also to take part and remain part of the service).
  • From there, you can listen to not only the 50 songs you've selected), but any of the 50 songs from your music sharing network. So if you have 20 contacts, you'll have access to 1,000 other songs in addition to your 50. We're not sure yet if there's a limit to how many people you can share with, but essentially the more people in your music sharing group the more music you'll have access to.

I like the premise, though of course I'm not a huge fan of the price. But if it hits critical mass it'll be an interesting way to discover new music from your friends and colleagues and I think I'd personally shell out for that. Especially if we see some advanced stats tracking too - I wouldn't mind knowing which songs from within my network get listened to the most so I know which of my friends to put in charge of DJing my next party.

Assuming it launches as outlined above, how are you liking the concept? Would you pay $5 for it? Think all your friends will too? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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More Details on new BlackBerry Music sharing service emerge!


I don't think $5 a month is a lot of money, considering how much money some people...spend on their alcohol or smoking habits.

people (myself included) pay 9 bucks a month for slacker. originally i wouldn't have paid for slacker but after using it for a while, the playlists, caching, and great selection (for what i like to listen to), i was willing to shell out the cash. if this is good. who knows...perhaps i'll shell out for this too. lol
at the end of the day, if i'm rocking a cheap can i be? it's not a "cheap-o", save a buck kinda phone.

Hmmm, so who's going to be the first one of my friends to get this? If I'm the first, I don't see myself spending 5 bucks every month for 50 songs until my friends pony up. My blackberry has 2000 songs on it right now for free and adding new ones isn't all that expensive.

Maybe this just isn't for me but RIM will be missing out on the casual music listener and focusing on the heavy listener with lots of friends who listen to music.

I hope they do a better job of explaining this prior to launch than they did with the playbook.

This is a good point. I think they should have like a 9.99 price that would allow you to download whatever amount you want and then maybe share only 50.

I agree, they need to lay it out smoothly prior to launch. Maybe add a few benefits for existing BB users and new users alke (like mentioned)

This could be pretty cool. Looking forward to hearnig more about it.

Glad to see Ke$ha wasn't in the picture this time ;)

Nah, i buy all buy all my stuff on iTunes, just easier for me. BB sync for Mac works really well so... No need for this.. Do you get to keep your songs or just rent them for one month??

a few questions:

1. You only get to choose 50 songs? per month? for ever? ability to choose different songs? like drop a song and pick up another? what's the deal?

2. What happens if people in your network, likely your friends, have the same music tastes as you and out of the 50 songs you each choose, they choose say 25-30 of the same songs. so you only have access to an extra 20 songs then?

3. I'm ok with $5/month...but I was under the impression that would be for an all you can eat type streaming thing. but for only 50 songs and then access to some more songs is not really the same. also, this will be streaming right? not like the 50 songs you choose are downloaded to your phone or something.

thoughts on those questions?

I'm OK with $5... and I like that I get something out of the information they get out of MY social graph. The more info you give Facebook, etc the more $$ they make but I get nothing other than more paranoid..... At least this way if I choose to include my friends and family I get access to more music.

Is it 50 songs per month or 50 total? Do you keep the songs or is it like Sprint who tries to get you by having you buy it and keep in their system so if you chose to move on they would keep it and you have to start over? Questions.

I don't know about this one. In order to truly take advantage of the benefits, you will need to have a lot of BBM contacts, which means a lot of friends with Blackberrys. The large majority of my friends are Android/iOS users, so I would be paying $5/month for 50 songs... don't see much benefit over cloud players like Amazon or streaming services like Spotify.

No, but they also don't charge you for a product that requires you to rely on other people to also have said product to reap the full benefits of it.

I have nearly 3000. Songs on my SD card. As much as I love BBM I don't see myself using this. Ill try it out but I don't think Ill continue using foor an extended amount of time

Love that they're using Minus the Bear for the screen shot. If there's a free beta or trial I'll check it out but with google music coming out, and knowing how to manage and use media on my device, I dont see a real need for something like this. especially with a limit of 50 songs.. and the majority of my friends have troublesome droids.. but if this opens up to other platforms, as rumored bbm might do.. then it might catch on

Its too bad I only have a couple of people in my BBM list - and even those are looking to go iOS at some point. So I have no one to share with.

Eh I don't like it :/ 5 bucks for 50 songs sounds pretty crappy compared to me putting X amout of songs on my phone for free from my computer. I know I won't be using this :l give me unlimited songs for 10 or even 15 a month and I'd be down :)

I'm also interested if there's going to be a limit of people you can have on your music contact group. If there isn't a limit I can see a person or a group of people eventually setting up a "cloud".

Though the $5 a month might be an effective deterrent.

Good God, this is an ugly business model. I have to spend $0.10/month to rent a song, but I get more value if I have more friends on the service? Woof.

If I can't get unlimited streaming...then there is no point. I'd rather pay for a Premium Slacker account.

Need to understand the rules on the 50 songs (how often can you change them, etc.) but I doubt i would pay a monthly fee when I already have over 15gb of music on my Playbook and don't need all that many new ones each month.

I think they should actually make it an extension to BIS. Like increase it by the set amount, or allow us to buy the subscription like they do with bis. So just say one month we don't want it, don't fill the airtime to buy it for that month

This is a good idea, a typical online song costs $.99 each for 50 songs you would be paying $49.50, which is a little less than 10 months,

SOOO IF this plays out that we can trade our songs in and out of that 50 at least once a month this service is a great start.

especially the social element of it, as I get sent probably 1 song a month on BBM from people saying I NEED to hear the song.

I like your questions!

I really would hope the 50 songs are downloadable, even if they must be kept within the app and only playable within the app I don't want to have to be online to listen to the 50 songs! I'll go online to listen to BBM friends songs since when on BBM I'm online anyway.

The downloadable part would be up to the labels I assume. Hopefully they have leeway to adjust the program to fit customer needs.

It's just good to see RIM get into the content delivery game for media.

It is an interesting concept, friends could decide who will pick the new singles as they come out and it can be a good hook to keep people on BlackBerry.

It would also be nice to see people realize that these services are not compulsory. There are 45 million people using BBM. If you don't like something, that doesn't mean the rest of the users agree.

"be a free trial (may vary by country/carrier - but expect a month free"
I am sure that AT&T will be one that will be on the high end of whatever fee the carrier can charge for this service.
As so many have posted, I don't see how this is a better replacement to Itunes or any other service unless you have a tremendous number of BBM who will be wanting this service.

For me I too would consider the trial but at the end of the month it would be deleted!

Its all about the selection of musics.
$5/month not bad, compared to the other shit I waste my money on eh

you don't have to give them up though

just means HOPEFULLY you get a monthly fee to allow you to sample music you wish to buy

I for one think it's any interesting and innovative idea. Of course there are still many questions as many others in the forum have already listed But if this service gets good start and gets good marketing, it can hit jackpot. I see potential of it being big hit in UK, about US it is still tentative.

If you've already invested in a lot of music, this may not be for you. However, if you're a teenager it works out to $0.10 a song - way cheaper than buying an i-tune. If you can find 5 friends to connect with, that cost drops to $0.02 a song. I'm also trusting the songs are available should you lose you BB.

$5 bucks a month is very good for 50 songs per month, i would definitely sign up for this being someone in the music business that likes to see artists make money. Good job RIM. Any idea what major label or labels are participating?

Because it is linked to BBM I won't use it. I love BBM but I only have 4 contacts left. All my friends and family have iPhones or Android devices. Sharing music with my wife, mother-in-law, and two co-workers doesn't hold much value.

I am happy with Pandora for streaming and personal playlists when I want complete selection control.

The price seems reasonable though.

I think the price is fine, I like the idea but if you don't have a large amount of contacts to share with it's not really worth paying for.

I'll wait for the official announcement to see all the features but it definitely sounds unique compared to other music services.

If you only have a couple friends on BBM, some might think you won't have access to much music. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there'd be a lot of people out there who want nothing more than to share their taste in music and will be willing to add complete strangers to BBM. Maybe it'd become common practice for people to create a "Music Sharing" BBM Group where you add strangers for the sole purpose of accessing more and more music.

Who knows, maybe one user will focus on maintaining a "Top 40" collection, another user "Classic Rock" or "Hits from the 90s" etc etc etc. I can see complete strangers adding each other to build a complete music library.

We already see Music loving groups in BBM, this will just give the groups sooo much more to talk about and share, AND this will promote Music sharing groups.

i'm sorry, this sounds so incredibly lame and gimmicky. why does rim always try and re-invent the wheel with everything, and never learn from the competition or build upon today's standards? It's like they're blind to the outside world. the majority of people just buy songs on itunes, so get an itunes app on the dam blackberry or make your own music store, with the as big of a collection as itunes has.

Some people want iTunes Alternatives, I HATE HATE HATE iTunes.

This is an option for those that hate itunes, and THIS is a great start with an Alternative business model from iTunes so they basically don't get compared to itunes at every turn, as they gain user base, they can build it into a for purchase application like itunes meets a streaming things

I totally agree - gimmicky was exactly the word that came to my mind. Instead of really competing, they dreamed up a complex design that doesn't provide value. The world doesn't need another music service; iTunes, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, etc. Are olenty. RIM should focus on bringing great services to their devices and inytegrating them to BBM.

sounds like a rip of google music except google music is free. I'd like to see it as a final product but I'm not looking forward to paying for it

The key will be the free trial. The more people that try it the more people that are likely to buy it and so you shouldn't have problems like not having friends using it. RIM better think this free trial period through really well or else it fails from the start. Hope they got some good marketing brains behind this!

i still think a zune pass goes a much longer way... sure it's $14.00 but you get unlimited access to music downloads to "rent" and get 10 songs per month to keep permanently too...

the social aspect is better here though if it catches on because none of my friends have zunes that can share but all of them have blackberries.

I know there are some great music services, but in many countries we have no alternative to iTunes and Amazon!

Even Amazon cloud player is not working in many countries!

Many people would like to have an alternative! I really hate iTunes! Have started buying hardware CD again!