More details on the BlackBerry Storm 3

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2011 10:53 am EST

BlackBerry Storm 3

As if all the crazy device info that showed up yesterday on the Torch 2, dakota and apollo wasn't enought. Today we have some more info on the rumored BlackBerry Storm 3 as well. BGR landed some more details of the next-gen device and the specs look pretty amazing as it stands now. These images do look just like the in-the-flesh device we saw a while back as well. Not only will the device have an 800x480 display, it also has a trackpad among other things. Specs include:

  • 1.2GHz processor
  • 3.7-inch 800 x 480 capacitive display
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Tri-band UMTS/HSPA
  • 5-megapixel camera with 720p video recording
  • 8GB eMMC (storage for apps and data), 512MB of RAM
  • microSD slot
  • Magnetometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n Wi-Fi + UMA
  • 3G Mobile hotspot
  • Optical trackpad
  • 1230 mAh battery
  • BlackBerry OS 6.1
  • OpenGL ES 2.0

Again, most of these devices are still just rumors at this point, so take all the info for what it's worth. Still some very exciting stuff. Go Team BlackBerry!

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Source: BGR

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More details on the BlackBerry Storm 3


HOLY CRUD!!! Just read the source link. Released maybe by September. SEPTEMBER - 9 MONTHS FROM NOW? This device rocks last generation's hardware - which for RIM is amazing. Very pleased. But not if it comes out in September. Virtually all new smartphones releasing Q3 2011 will be dual core, LTE devices. If this can't get to market by March/April, who is gonna wait except for those locked to BES or too cash strapped to break contract? Or pay upgrade fee.

Some would suggest that people look at the last generation of handsets from Android and Apple, they are dirt cheap if you reup your contract, and far outperform RIM's latest offerings.

I don't hate Blackberry. I hate nazis and other closed minded, ignorant mouth breathers. I merely want RIM to learn from ATI/AMD and step it up so that technology pushes forward and they keep the promise they made to millions of businesses that invested in BES to consitantly deliver high end products, and the poor users who are handcuffed to a BES that can't just pick up and go to another platform.

But - yes, as soon as my IT dept completes conversion from BES to Exchange - I am so gone.

Thank you, rkosowsky! Seriously, people, if you don't like BB thats fine, just pop over to TiPb or Android Central, but don't come and whine on CrackBerry forums please!

wow ppl think they know so much yet are so wrong

lte is not coming out this year and def will not be on most devices....neither will dual ur just wrong

[QUOTE]neither will dual core.[/QUOTE]

Huh? There are several dual core devices coming out this year. Look at the two new Droids, Bionic and Atrix, from Motorola. Those are Q1 devices.

I really don't think 1magine is hating on BB here. I love BBs, but am severely disappointed in those specs. RIM isn't even trying to keep up hardware-wise anymore.

WRONG. 10 LTE devices are already announced at CES and it's only January, there are several LTE handsets already in market, even prepaid carriers are getting LTE devices. 2 dualcores already announced. 2 already in use. Monaco is comparable to the HTC desire released 6 months ago. Check the specs.

And you, like most blind fanboys miss the point. I love this device. I want this device. I'm merely pointing out that this device if ready today to go to market would be extraordinarily competitive. But releasing in 9 months is a problem for those in the market who have been waiting for their BBs to be competitive. I have no doubt, that you and thousands of others will hold on and wait the next 9 months for this to come out (assuming the rumor is true). I think it is a safe bet that those not locked into a BES, a long contract or blindly following RIM will not wait. Disagree all you want, but deep down anyone folloowing this industry knows how its consumers act, and know I am right.

I have to agree with 1magine... Sept is way too late. If you watched CES you know whats coming. and LTE is here already. No its no National yet, but if you live in an LTE area, you might want an LTE device. I personally dont care for it... (cost is already expensive enough!! lol)

In reality.. these specs are fine.. for a current device. NOT one for Sept! Not to mention... OS6.1, yay great... so we can run out buy these new devices only to find out in a few months when QNX is officially announced that WE CANT UPDATE!??? How many of us are there that got left behind because our new phones could not upgrade to 6. This is my first BB, but it MAY be my last.. I have till Jul/Aug to see what happens.

What you geeks don't understand is that if you are reading this page you are NOT a typical user. The typical user has never heard to QNX and will be happy if they can answer the phone, take pics and listen to music.

RIM may be slow but their phones work, which is more than most can say including iPhone and Android. I'll never by another iPhone and Andriod seems to be so full of security problems that I just don't feel comfortable using one.

If the phone can so what I said above as well as surf the web and pair to a playbook. I could care less what else it doesn.

On September 21, 2010, MetroPCS began to roll out its LTE network in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On September 29, 2010, MetroPCS rolled out LTE services in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

On December 5, 2010, Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE network in 38 markets covering 100 million people in the United States, supporting "loaded" network download speeds of 5-12Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5Mbps.

On January 5, 2011, AT&T announced that it would be launching its 4G LTE network in the 2nd half of 2011, with a goal of deployment being "largely complete" by the end of 2013.

On January 6, 2011, Verizon Wireless announced that it plans to add more than 100 LTE markets to cover 175 million people by the end of 2011, have 2/3 of the US population covered by mid-2012, and provide nationwide coverage by the end of 2013.

HTC Thunderbolt - 4.3-inch display - 1GHz processor - LTE
LG Revolution - 4.3-inch display - 1GHz processor - LTE
Motorola Bionic - 4.3-inch display - 1GHz Dual core - LTE
iPhone 4 - 3.5-inch Display - 1Ghz processor - 3G
Storm 3 - 3.7-inch Display - 1.2Ghz processor - 3G

Currently they don't LTE radio chips to fit in 3.5 or 3.7" form factors, LTE requires additional antenna and the real estate on these phones won't support it until they have something good enough from semiconductor companies in near future.
4.3" is the size of a mini-tablet and not a phone, normal people carry phones in their pockets rather than in a laptop bag with an extra battery and a charger..

LTE radio chips aren't optimized as you think and are ridiculously big to fit in a 3.7" form factor, that is the reason why you will not find LTE chip in iPhone too until next year. RIM and Apple doesn't make jumbo phone factors and LTE is out of question until they have something good enough from semiconductor companies to fit in a 3.5 - 3.7" form factor. Also none of us don't know anything about power requirements for LTE at this stage, EVO 4G sucks battery like crazy when 4G is enabled, also why do want to pay extra for LTE when 80% of its network upgrade is still work in progress. Android manufacturers are sweatshops and they doesn't care about enterprise or battery requirements and it seem they are just competing among themselves with the specs race than with Apple or RIM.

I'm with you. I've been with BB since my 8300 now have a Torch, no one can tell me to go to another site because i'm feed up with BB's old technology. You have to be a crackhead to be excited about a phone that may be released 9 MONTHS from now. No one is waiting 9 months(if you know BB it will probably be 10 or 11 months)for a phone. The specs sound great, if it were to be released now, but 9 months later... I'm not even excited about Torch 2, which should have been Torch 1. If the price is right, why wait for a Storm when you can get a Motorola Atrix, Motorola Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt much earlier?

Also, time to stop using the word FAIL!
It used to be funny but now its just annoying and is being overused by people with no imagination that cannot think of a witty reply to a topic or post.

would sure love to see surepress included in a future touch only device. I'm liking the trackpad but i guess you can pretty much agree that this will be OS 6 as Playbooks QNX doesn't necessarily need one because of its use of the bevel.

Why? Why not, is a better question? Why wouldn't I want a bigger screen so I can read & see better? Why wouldn't I want more memory so it runs better/faster? Why wouldn't I want QNX instead of OS6? Why would I buy a phone on Verizon in September without LTE on it? Why would I want 2009-2010 technology in a late 2011 phone?

why oh why! LOL! More doesn't always mean its better. No offence, but you come off as a spoiled brat. Sure, there's nothing wrong with having more or asking for more but having the best of the best in in a device doesn't come cheap and it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get a better experience of the product now or its apps in the next year or two because of that.

Sometimes all this power just means a sacrifice in battery life and how much do you value that? maybe battery life isn't that much of a dealbreaker if you need to squeeze a little bit more power out for that excel sheet.

But judging by specs on its own merits, its a step in the right direction for those who sight specs over their own needs.

I think it's pretty reasonable for Storm users to be wary of insufficient storage. You might recall Storm users being a little bit (understandably!) upset about their phones not being upgradable to BB6. A cell phone is something you're expected to have for at least 18-24 months before you get a new one, and a lot of software upgrades come out in that amount of time. Wanting extra storage/memory/features isn't just about OMG NEED A COOL NEW TOY. It's about future-proofing, which is an entirely valid concern.

Storm 1 and 2 were released in both CDMA and GSM versions as we had them both in the UK and none of our carriers use CDMA

They say there will be different versions. So more than likely will be a cdma version a US gsm version and a EU gsm version.

This CDMA debate was exactly the comment I was reading for. I didn't believe that they wouldn't make a CDMA version, so I was ready to call the whole post bunk. Let's just hope it stays dual-mode of some sort because I need coverage nach Deutschland auch.

Now, that also makes me wonder if the Torch hardware we saw in yesterday's post will also be multi-version, or if that will stay GSM-only.

If u guys look at the history of the storm an the storm 2 they were both world phones for Verizon, they worked on both cdma an gsm, they had to be unlocked to work on gsm. I know I have an unlocked storm. there are gsm storms versions in Europe.(9500)series. That's probably what they'll do with the storm 3 I'd love to see the storm 3 gsm version for the states. I just don't see it though. Verizon had the storm for 3 yrs I dont think that's gonna change any time soon.

Even though all touch is not my first choice, if they get the on-screen keyboard right, this is a fine looking device. The inclusion of the trackpad and dedicated send/end keys is awesome. The 'blackberry-ness' remains, so users who were traditional QWERTY fans can still have a smaller learning curve.

I dig it.

I'm due for an upgrade in June (VZW said I can upgrade early if I want), and I've been holding off to see what's slated to drop on VZW this year. This may cause me to switch to a Storm if this is what launches. We shall see...

MOTH477 says "You realize this is a GSM and not CDMA if that the case then it won't be on Verizon."

I thought EDGE was basically same as CDMA?

VZW has stated before that due to so many problems with the storm 1 and storm 2 they didnt want to release anything with the storm name

I'd heard the same - on this site I believe - but that was when the Storm 3 that was in the works was just a S2 refresh with enough memory for OS6. This is a much better-spec'd device than that was, so I'm keeping my hopes up!

VZW is more the cause. Have recently gone to BES on my storm 9530, and have seen a difference. Big difference..

That might be my next device. I said the only way I would go with a touchscreen device if it came with a trackpad. That would give me the ability to select cells in a spreadsheet more accurately while zoomed out. It will also makes for better accuracy & precision when selecting words or letters to copy within a sentence without having to zoom in.

Just realized it's not CDMA. Verizon is getting left out in the BlackBerry market. Hope I don't have to switch carriers. No wonder they're putting all of their emphasis on Droids. They don't seem to have any good BlackBerry phones coming their way.

I think you have that backwards. It's not they aren't getting Blackberries so they support Android, it's more like they are too busy supporting Android to push for new Blackberries

I am going to hold by breathe and say that the info on the CDMA version is not out yet!!!!!! I do believe there were GSM versions of the Storm 1 and 2. To play it safe, i am just going to say that the are providing this info so we can relax a little and so we all know something is coming soon!!! Now i need to figure out how to speed up time! CDMA!!!!!!

It's not LTE, specs are good for today, not September = FAIL. RIM is the titanic and is sinking quickly.

Their stock seems to be treading quite I'm not sure how that's sinking but baseless ramblings are always interesting

Do you even have LTE in your area? I bet not, and it's not a CDMA phone, it's GSM and looks to be tmo, which will be "4G"(even tho it's really 3.75G). Have fun with your two hours of use with those 1GHZ dual core, brighter screen and LTE/WiMax phones that will do nothing but suck up power.

thank you someone thats knows something...lte is suffering because of all its issues why no one is really going to have one out anytime soon.

Time to STOP using the word FAIL!
It used to be funny but now its just annoying and is being overused by people with no imagination that cannot think of a witty reply to a topic or post.

I am totally confused with RIM, 512MB RAM WTF? I think they're smoking some different kind of drugs!

Hey guy, do some research before complaining. The best a phone will get is 512MB RAM. That's what all the best smartphones, even the iphone, are sporting.

Thunderbolt will have 768mb. However, 512 should be sufficient since the apps no longer have to take away from it though.

It says "8GB eMMC (storage for apps and data), 512MB of RAM"

There are desktops that run OS's with only 512MB of RAM.

There's nothing confusing about it.

I wonder is there 1.2GHZ processors are dual core, think about it, 600Mhz times two is 1.2GHZ, right? Oh and this is going to Tmo, UMA baby! And built in storage meaning they're working had on apps and games. I know that iPhone and android users are gonna be like "no dual 1GHZ, this sucks), but I have friends with 1GHZ android phones, and they can't get a day with charging them, so they better hope that the new phone has bigger and better batteries. I was gonna get the new Bold with a touch screen, but I'll wait for this and keep my 9700. I don't see these phone coming til fall or summer if we're lucky.

These new devices look sort of promising, but I dont understand the tiny batteries they are putting in these phones. Unless it's a dual-core, I dont see this phone having very good battery life with that size of a screen.

Has VZW given up on BB then? All of the specs for the new models are on GSM and not CDMA. I guess if they're holding back until BB gives them a LTE model, that's one thing, but it's tough to get excited when I'm wedded to VZW and still waiting for OS6 on my 9650 (ETA 1/19, but we'll see).

Just the opposite. RIM has given up on Verizon, just as it did with Sprint.

They're not too crazy about CDMA in general.

maybe its just me but a trackpad on a full touch-screen phone seems redundant.... but its still not gonna stop me from coppin this 1.
s1--> s2--> (soon to come) s3 :-)

A trackpad or similar on a device like this is actually quite nice as it means if you are scrolling through a webpage or something like that then you can keep your hand away from the screen and see the page more easily.

VZW, please be interested in this and please have there be a CDMA/LTE version coming soon... Ironically this info is leaked just after the VZW iPhone is announced. I would go with this over the iPhone.

Hopefully that doesn't mean 8,16,32 GB... :) I would imagine it will have a CDMA version if it will indeed go to market as the "Storm 3".

3 versions is more likely to mean a cdma version and 2 gsm variants as most hardware makers seem to do separate ones for at&t and t-mo 3g bands.

NOW THIS IS A DEVICE!!!! Sleek, sexy, powerful and enough AP memory to do some things. Magnometer so we join the 21st Century. If this has indeed gone into production, I will wait 2-3 months.

"Magnometer so we join the 21st Century."

Don't you mean the 1st Century? I'm pretty sure compasses have been around since then.

I can't imagine the usefulness of a compass on a phone. GPS places your exact position (give-or-take). The only thing I can think of is for you'r GPS software to know which direction you're facing before you start moving, though that wouldn't really affect anything that I can tell.

looks great but ,that battery isnt looking to clever,a bigger capacity aftermarket one would be a must have.shocking that a battery of at least 2000 mah isnt supplied.

Finally! Now Sal can start talking. He's been waiting for someone to say something so he can say the rest.

I finding it hard to believe the supposedly leaked phones. All GSM? All with very similar specs? It's as if someone made up these specs and attached them to 3D rendered pictures. Nope, my gut feeling is telling me these are false leaks.

Nice but Shaw Wu says the battery life sucks! LOL!

Btw, where's Kevin? No updates from Bali? He's having too much fun down there :)

Once again it's gonna be a year to late. Verizon is pushing Androids and now iphones so there's no room for it there, so maybe att...

If RIM has given up on CDMA, it's because they know all VZW wants is Android! If they make a CDMA version I might stick with BB. But so many choices will be out by Aug. 1, which is when I can renew with VZW. RIM, Step your game up, or I might have to find something else. Don't want to, but just saying!

VZW prefers Android currently because its what sells, RIM has grown stale and Apple prefers(d) a monogamous relationship. Outside of the torch that was a year late and severely underwhelming what else is there that RIM can offer currently? With that being said, all these phones seems like a step in the right direction and I too wish to see them come to VZW, I dont want to jump ship to Android, but I can certainly understand why so many do as of late.

I'd like to thank RIM for making my next choice of phone much easier. September 2011 for this phone and it's already a year behind the 8-ball when you have the likes of a Droid Bionic or an iPhone 5 rumored to come out in late summer. All of this assumes that this phone would launch as CMDA on Verizon, also. This is the phone that should have been out last year that maybe I would have used my upgrade on, but I'm having a harder time with each and every rumor to come out to stick it out with BB.

Bingo. RIM is a full year behind, even as they start to finally move their hardware forward. (The Torch, as much as I don't like it, did signal such an effort).

I don't know how realistic 4G "LTE" will be by July or even November 2011 on most networks, but it's becoming a buzz-word, and RIM better be prepared for that change b/c it will happen quickly and RIM will get ROLLED if the aren't anticipating it.

You guys are complaining about GSM/CDMA, how about complain about no LTE? Also I feel like I'm losing the battle holding out for QNX. LTE and QNX phone would be a win, maybe even a dual core processor.

Agree... roll out in the second half of 2011 should be LTE/3G. Heck... too many markets are rolling out with LTE coverage to be locked out of them for 2 more years (on your contract).

I keep hoping, and each leak pushes me away from BB. :(

It sure seems a little strange that RIM is making all of these announcements after CES, Verizon's Iphone, and Sprints announcement. Not sure about this..............

Because, I think they would have been killed by bloggers and etc, if they announced these phones behind; Moto, LG, and Samsung announcements... Not saying these phones are bad.

I think this person stated it best in the forums..

"The fact the specs are still bringing in all the Android users and soon to be ex BB users claiming the specs are so last year, and not worth gloating about, it really does smell of RIM, and not a rumor mill, if it was someone just looking to make rumors we'd see higher RAM numbers, screen resolutions, and Front facing camera's" - deRusett

September release means more likely an october or november release knowing rim. This means when the phone is out it will already be 6 months outdated. good job rim you guys react to the market rather than innovate

If that comes to Verizon I can wait. I have been ready for a new phone since October and my actual contract is up in Feb/March. If it comes to WZW I can hold on to my Storm 1.

WOW! Looks amazing. If it doesnt have the 'clicky' screen I will get this! I do not want to wait until Sept tho......

If this device were released next month, I'd say it is a big step forward for BlackBerry. But as several have said above, if this comes out in the Fall of 2011, this is NOT the BB device that's going to keep me from buying an iPhone 5 and possibly switching to Verizon (depending on how the iPhone adoption goes).

Really...aside from the awesome processor (and what could be a larger genuine touchscreen than what the 9800 has, I don't know...), what is really NEW here? You can make phones like this all you want, but you have to think about the consumers actually BUYING them...who cares if your form factor looks more an more like an iPhone if you don't have an equal web browsing experience and if the App Marketplace for touch-devices is virtually non-existent? Crap, you can't even play Angry Birds on BB yet!

I feel like RIM is starting to "get it" in terms of their marketing and realizing that smartphones have become a populist, commercialized "accessory" now. But while they dip their toes in that potential market, the still do so with this elitist business-class mentality..."Oh, you have apps, but we already have SUPER-Apps", or "Serious people don't need to play Angry Birds on their phone". Guess what, last time I checked, the iPhone still makes calls and checks emails, AND it does all the "immature" crap that you can't believe people care about, including games, HD video, easier web-browsing, etc....

Dam, some cool ass phones coming out for to try them all, lol! Funds won't let me though...I told myself I wouldn't go back to a Storm phone as I hated/loathed my S1, but this here with the specs and apps and data like we always wanted is awesome! May give this one the 14 days on Tmobile as it will be there if using UMA! Will be this or the Dakota! Can't wait...of course I have too...

Actually I'm pretty satisfied with the specs, coz what attracts me to bb is the push services,bbm,and cheap data plans (in my country) which no quad core droid or retina display apple could ever come close, if I needed entertainment I'll go to my playbook, but there is one thing I still can't understand is the EFFIN battery WHY OH WHY I hope it's not true, and even if its true I hope it's a typo..

This observation is probably totally irrelevant, but why is the reflection on the rendered screen of this most recent leak the same as the reflection from the spy shot from a few months back? Who renders these things?

I can't see RIM borrowing from a fuzzy, unauthorized spy photo and pasting it into a glossy "official" image, even if it was only intended for internal use -- unless it's some kind of inside joke.

On the other hand, if RIM didn't produce these most recent images, who did, and how accurate are they? Are the specs and release date equally suspect?

spy shot image:

I'm with you. These are not RIM released photos. Someone just took the real picture of the phone, and recreated thsese images to match up with these so called specs. I won't believe this just yet, ti'll i see real pitures of the phone.

Last years hardware, RIM is sinking, RIM will fail, Blah Blah Blah.

Really people? These are impressive specs by anyones definition, especially taking into account how much more efficient the Blackberry OS is vs Android (Android NEEDS those kind of specs just to run ok). Yet, still not enough. It's clear RIM will never satisfy you, and you have no interest in a BlackBerry. Just get out please, I'm tired of reading it.

I want want want the Storm3!!! I had the Storm1 and loved it! I switched to the Bold and it's good, but I can't get use to the keyboard. I miss my touch screen and can't wait for this to come out! It better be coming to Verizon!!

ok lets be honest about where this device could end up...VZW just hitched their wagon to the Iphone craze, but i wonder how long before their bandwidth issues from its use will creep up. ATT could carry it, but wouldn't that drive down sales of the torch? So yes i would think that you could see it on T-mobile because of the fact that besides the 9780 and the 3G curve, they are the only ones never to have a touch screen model blackberry along with sprint. I will get one if they release it there!

I like the direction RIM is going in terms of specs on these unofficial devices, seems a bit to late (September 2011) but I will be getting on board like everyoneelse that is complaining and will be purchasing a few of them.

Well all the new devices coming out on the second quarter ,they all are going to have a dual core processor, RIM will be behind ! They should just move into dual or quartz core.

Needs to be both GSM and CDMA for me to stick with Storm as i need a world phone and NO I don't want to swap to a US GSM carrier like ATT or T Mobile.

I for one will miss suretype if it isn't on this model.

As much as I want to see this phone succeed, I know RIM will foul it up one way or another. A release date for September is one. Here's to a release date of March at the latest! Get me back on BlackBerry, RIM!

I still can't figure out why dual core is needed on a mobile phone, my laptop is not dual core and it's pretty fast. What exactly would require dual core on a mobile other then some heavy games?

I think the trackpad is great! there are sometimes where i can not put the cursor in the exact place i want it. The trackpad would help.

I am a big fan of RIM. I love my Storm 2. It has been a fantastic device.

That said, I don't think that I will be picking up this device. RIM has been behind the curve for a while now in terms of hardware. That was tolerable until the other OS's really started to pull ahead. So then we start hearing rumors of this revolutionary new OS. As it turns out, that new OS is definitely here. But it's only going to be used on the tablet for now. Instead we get OS 6. Which has been described by many as a "band aid" solution. It does work pretty well. But revolutionary it ain't.

We Storm owners have been waiting for a truly next gen device for a while. This isn't it. I probably won't be picking up a new BB until dual core processors and QNX are standard. Might be time to go over to the Droid side.........*shudders*

Oh well. They will probably get ahead of the other manufacturers again. Maybe by the time my NEXT phone is ready to be replaced.

Looks cool but i rather have a keyboard. I like the pimped up Bold 9000 what ever it's called that was leaked yesterday.

Why is there so much emphasis on processor speed and ram? Do you remember back in the day of 386's and 486's... all the way up to P4 it was always about the hertz? Now no one really cares as long as it runs windows, office, and a web browser. Dual core, quad core, six core, 8 core... ask an average consumer if they care.

Today, phones are undergoing the spec revolution... but think about it. The bb does the most important things (email, browsing, im, social networking etc) well. It's fast enough to compete with most android phones. Why would the average consumer care which processor is faster?

Case and point. i load up an email on the galaxy s... even basic emails take a a second to load... my torch loads it just as fast, and sometimes faster. as a consumer, i get my work done as fast or faster than an android. why would i care about processor speed?

Well said. If dual core 1.2Ghz LTE comes to mobile devices and has a 4 hour battery life, what good is being able to open the browser a nanosecond sooner? The truth is, optimized software is going to enhance performance more than just giving the platform more horsepower. The ability to render away from the processor is obviously going to help tremendously, although I'm not sure if the upcoming devices will support hardware accelerated Flash.

This is all new territory for RIM, obviously they're going to be a bit behind the 8 ball. Who knows how long they were working with QNX before the aquisition though. Many companies OEM Neutrino, and I'm sure RIM being the superpower they are decided it was worth buying after already working with them.

Looks great, but I have to agree with others. If this isn't coming until September, nobody will want it. UNLESS September brings an LTE version on Verizon. For this phone to be successful it needs to release by March and it needs to be available in CDMA on VZW. Even then it will be fighting with the 4G Droids and the iPhone. But there are still plenty (like me) who would rather have this. But NOT at the end of the year!

The other issue I see is the size of the battery. As long as Seidio offers an extended batt it will be OK, but the stock batt size scares me.

But yes, I WANT if it comes out soon. Not waiting until end of year for it though...

You know whats funny is all these people defending rim in these posts but in the last poll on the site about going to the iphone 45% of the people said they were, and this is on a blackberry dedicated site. Now thats scary! imagine with engadget did that poll would probably be like 90%

What's your point?

The results from pre-election polls and the actual election results don't always match up perfectly either.

LTE radio chips aren't optimized as you think and ridiculously big to fit in a 3.7" form factor , that is the reason why you will not find LTE chip in iPhone too until next year. RIM and Apple doesn't make jumbo phone factors and LTE is out of question until they have something good enough from semiconductor companies to fit in a 3.5 - 3.7" form factor. Also no one really knows about power requirements for LTE at this stage, EVO 4G sucks battery like crazy when 4G is enabled, also why do want to pay extra for LTE when 80% of its network upgrade is work in progress. Android manufacturers are sweatshops and doesn't care about enterprise or battery requirements.

OMG WTF RIM? I can't run VM's on this phone? or host a streaming HD porn server? That's it! I'm switching to a desktop PC! You're like 20 years behind the PC world RIM. Get a clue!

Forgive me if I don't get all excited about this one, much as I'd like to see it. Especially at VZW where BB is moribund at best.

Why does anyone care that there may be dual core phones out by the time this is launched (that is if this is even real) If you try the phone and you like it and it suits all of your needs buy it. If it doesnt, dont buy it. Seems pretty simple to me. A bigger processor doesnt always equal superior performance. Its pretty funny that choosing a new phone these days has turned into nothing more than a big dick measuring contest.

OS6 powered 9780 is my current device and its with 1500mA battery.
Still battery is not as good as it was on my 9700 with same 1500mA with OS5.

May it has to do with how to balance device financially so that consumer will get it in nominal price. Batteries are deciding factor in handheld development.

Apple can ad 1800mA battery, but why they have done so.

Thank God the form factor is the same as that picture in the summer. I think its quite a bit nicer than the originals.

With all these Rumors coming out I'm least interested in the Torch. The big hits will be the Storm3 and the Touch Bold. The Curve is not much different but I like the change in form factor, its much nicer from the last

For the people wondering why Dual core makes a difference.......

Dual core would allow more efficient battery use by only utilizing one "core" until the processing power demand increased. It could then utilize both cores and then, once the demand dropped, return to low power operation. It would get complex tasks done faster. That means lower battery consumption and longer life. When multitasking it would allow for smoother operation. Come on folks. I like RIM. I like Blackberries. But their hardware is beginning to show its age. 1.2 Ghz is a good step in the right direction. But it is barely compettitive with the other devices on the market NOW. Now what about 9 months from now. RIM is a strong company and has a huge pool of resources at their disposal. They need to get back in front as an industry leader.

I do understand the benefits of the dual core and how it may or may not be benefitial depending on what the OS you are running is capable of. Running one task on an android OS may take more resources as running the same task on a BB or other OS. I think it has become more of a marketing term than anything else lately, (just like "4G" has)

I'm pretty sure if you know about how dual core works, RIM does too! RIM would definitely take advantage of better core processing and low power operation to improve battery life. The way dual core works probably wont be beneficial on an os such as OS 6 as the software might not be optimised for it as as such, putting a dual core into a system thats not supported will probably suck!

QNX is probably not ready for smartphones just yet but we know where QNX is going to end up but they just aren't there yet. Same with their OS. They will eventually jump to dual cores but not to the detriment to their systems and battery life.

I think its more important that we see dedicated graphics included to allow for some pretty apps to come to Appworld more so than how fast the phone can go. It's not a gaming platform, i'd rather leave that to the DS/PSP but i'd like to see more than just backgammon for the casual user.

This is my ideal touch screen phone. Especially with the track pad added. Unfortunately by time it comes out I'll already have the PB to satisfy my touch screen needs so I'll probably end up staying with the Bold form factor when my next upgrade is due.

If this phone was coming out now then it would be ok. But its coming in September. By September the phones available will be significantly better than this leaving this phone and RIM once again behind the times.

I think it look sweet. I would like to see a front facing camera for video BBM.(wouldn't that be cool) I would also like to see more than 512mg ram. I don't want to be screwed again like I am on this crappy storm2 which cannot upgrade to OS6. Give this thing a gig ram. It might cost an extra few bucks, but it is worth it for the future.

As for Sept. No way it is coming out that late. I am thinking March.

This looks good ... but not great. :/ I want to return to BlackBerry, but I want a truly competitive smartphone. It's 3.7 inches ... why didn't they just do 4 inches like the vast majority of people want? That screen real-estate is a deal-breaker for me. :( I'm confused ... it's to be released on Verizon in Q3 and it will NOT have an LTE radio? Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

I was hoping for a BB superphone dual-core QNX LTE device by Q3. This clearly isn't it. I'm disappointed that BB isn't using 2011 to get back into the high end smartphone sector. The Playbook looks soooooo promising, from the QNX OS, dual-core environment, to the graphics, to the workmanship ... I'm ready to sign up for the smartphone version ... but RIM continues to be late to market with each major jump in the smartphone sphere. I'm disappointed. I can't go back to a mid-level smartphone ... so until RIM starts to court the high end again, I can't come home to BB. I wish I could. :(

Just curious and I am not bashing your comment "I can't go back to a mid-level smartphone" but what is it exactly that this phone with these specs will not allow you to do besides maybe a couple of games?

I just would like to see the Battery a lit better on this. And it would Rock if they annouce this during MWC or sometime very soon.

Sorry but I think this another fake the storm line is a verizon exclusive looks like most of the specs were copy and pasted from the other leaks like dakota

Storm 3 looks long as it is on Verizon....Im not a sheep so I wont bother with an iPhoney or hemDROID....BlackBerry 4 ever....awesome cant wait to upgrade

I am still looking for 9000 formfactor with QNX, non touch is fine with me. Even 256MB ram/rom is fine.
But it shold have excellent BB experience and it should do its job.

Still waiting..............

I really hope these are just rumors. I really don't think RIM would risk losing anymore market share especially when Apple will most likely be releasing an LTE device around that time. I haven't renewed my contract from my S1 I got when it first came out and I've been waiting since September for RIM to come up with something. Thankfully, I got a used S2 to hold me over. I really don't want to get rid of my Blackberry due to the work email, but if RIM doesn't have an LTE device around September I will look elsewhere. Especially since other OS's are gaining group for corporate email.

I don't cdma listed anywhere does this mean if these specs are right my hopes of upgrading on Verizon to a s3 are lost :(

Storm 3 needs to come out sooner than Sept 2011! My S1 sucks for memory. I can't even take advantage of bb app world because their isn't enough space on my phone.

I remember right before s2 was released everyone was saying omg its not coming to verizon casue the s1 had so many issues, which was total bs. I cant see how verizon wouldnt grab this phone which will be the best bb on the market when its released. As for the specs, arent they comparable to the iphone 4?

this should be the storm 3

1.2GHz processor (dont need dual)
4 inch 800 x 480 capacitive display (with great resolution)
Tri-band UMTS/HSPA
5-megapixel camera with 720p video recording
front facing cam for......
video chat in bbm (which they should have) and skype support
8GB 16 and 32 eMMC (storage for apps and data), 1GB of RAM
microSD slot
Proximity sensor
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n Wi-Fi + UMA
3G Mobile hotspot
Optical trackpad
1230 mAh battery
BlackBerry OS 6.1
OpenGL ES 2.0