More confirmation on new BlackBerry devices coming to Bell this summer

Bell BlackBerry lineup
By Michelle Haag on 13 Jul 2011 09:31 am EDT
Another day, another spotting of unreleased BlackBerry devices. Last week we saw internal documentation showing four new BlackBerry smartphones coming to Bell by the end of August; three of those remain unannounced as of now. That's right we're talking about the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360.

A watchful eye spotted this image and sent it in to MobileSyrup today, providing even more proof that these devices will indeed be headed to Bell. I think by this point we're all tired of being teased, we just want to know when, exactly, we can go down and have one of these for our very own.

Source: MobileSyrup

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More confirmation on new BlackBerry devices coming to Bell this summer


Does anyone have an update on the projected release date for the 9900 on AT&T? Berryreview is reporting a rumor that the Torch 2 will be dropping in September and the Bold 9900 in November for AT&T (but in August for all of the other carriers). Hopefully this rumor isn't true..

I agree with RIM launching all of those at once in August. There is enough to please everyone: fixed physical keyboards, slider keyboards, full screen touch. Let's not delay these or they won't get their fair time in the sun before the QNX superphones comes out in "early 2012".

Hopefully RIM's marketing team is up for the challenge. They have the devices, now let's see if they continue to leave the marketing to the carriers, or kick the competition in the teeth

I wish RIM was in a position to give a definite release date for their upcoming devices. The setback is the approval of the individual carriers on the hardware and software end. With that said, T-MO better hurry up :o). I am getting impatient for that Bold Touch!

RIM is WAITING for the carrier certification. They are good to go. They need the carriers to certify it.


It's interesting that Bell is getting all the phones in August, but AT&T isn't getting the Bold Touch till November. Must be all those exclusive contracts... as the reverse is true for Sprint & Verizon.

It's not fair that Bell employees are given that kind of announcement on four new BB devices when the general public hasn't even heard of anything new except the Bold Touch 9900/9930. Why can't RIM come clean and officially announce the other devices already!!!

We're seeing all sorts of rumours, videos, photos, dates, but nothing official. Are there problems with the manufacturing or manufacturing logistics? Availability of components? Problems with engineering? Software issues?

For a company getting hammered for months (and rightfully so), it's hard to believe that they didn't make anything official at their AGM yesterday. All we get is empty promises and nothing tangible. Why they're not making EVERYTHING official at this point and generating excitement for new products is nothing short of stupidity and incompetence. I've been looking forward to a new blackberry for so long (like a YEAR), that this continued vagueness and nonsense makes me not want a blackberry - it frustrates me to the point that I don't want to buy from them. They seem to have no regard for their customers, while IOS and Android (especially) are constantly pushing the limits and getting cutting edge products INTO CONSUMER HANDS! With the exception of Apple (who makes a huge number of products above and beyond the iPhone), no other major player has rumors and leaks and pictures and videos of products floating around for months and months without anything official. We've seen pictures of the new curve since January and now we're hearing "rumors" of a November release - 11 months for a new curve is inexcusable! It all makes me want to just look elsewhere!

the lack of features has slowly killed the bb. those features that mike thought were not important (mp3, web browser, are whats driving the sales of apple and android. (FLASH will not make the average consumer buy your device. apples leads the market without flash on any of its devices)

the whole focus of the article in general is that mike l has an idea of what a phoen is suppose to do and not do. this mindset and REFUSAL to change had left the bb behind the times.

it seems mike l is the true cause of bb's decline while jim b is trying to move forward - just look at his spin on leaked devices.

You can't see the lettering under the pics on that slide, but the Curve is the 4th phone (far right), and is confirmed on the slide for September - Not August

The other 3 are August though.
It sounded from the presentation that they would be over 3 weeks, not all at once though... hope the 9900 is first (presenter had a live device 9900)