More carriers begin pushing out latest BlackBerry Z10 OS update

BlackBerry Z10 OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2013 10:08 am EST

Rogers, Fido and Telus began pushing out the latest BlackBerry Z10 update a little over a week ago, and now it looks like other carriers are starting to push it out as well. The latest group includes the likes of Bell in Canada, Vodafone UK and Bouygues Telecom in France, but still leaves out plenty of carriers that have yet to drop the update. If you haven't received the new OS yet and are using the Z10 on a supported carrier, you should hopefully see it populate to even more carriers in the next few days.  

Those of us using an unlocked Z10 on a carrier that has yet to release it will have to turn to alternate methods to get things up and running.

Changes in this update really do spice things up a bit and fix a handful of bugs that had users complaining.

Updates include:

  • 3rd Party App Performance - improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth
  • Phone, Calendar, and Contacts - fixes for Gmail calendars, improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log, general improvements to importing contacts from online sources
  • Camera -  optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations
  • Browser and Media - a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback
  • Battery Life - over 60 battery saving improvements

Did you get your BlackBerry Z10 updated to the latest OS? Hit up the forums for more and drop a comment and let us know what carrier and how things are working out!



Indosat not yet :(

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Telkomsel not yet also. Maybe after the official launch. I hope..

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I hope so too. I'm curious to how much better the battery life will be. My Z10 is always looking for the charger. I have to have the network on 2G only and display brightness on the minimum setting in order to have the Z10 last the whole day...

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don't worry indonesians! yakin deh once Z10 is available in the market next week, the update will follow your phones shortly after.


Nothing from O2 in UK as well

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O2 UK Pushed out the update last week. Try searching for updates in the settings menu. I had two from them, one at 151mb with the main updates stuff, and another at just 11mb which reinstalled Facebook and foursquare.

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Thar is weired. I never got the update... will try again and reports back

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Had to restart the phone. It found a 150 mb update. Downloading it now. Thanks for prompting me.

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I'm surprised (happily) how much better the battery life is.....:)

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Nothing from EE UK

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Me neither and mine was bought on launch day too :-( I hate having to wait!!

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Does anyone enjoy waiting? Atleast you have your Z10. I'm in the US


Vodacom in South Africa has pushed out latest update this past week.

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Louis Belshaw

Qatar's Qtel got the OS update yesterday :)

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Louis Belshaw

Battery life is like 30% longer lasting overall, love it.

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On tmobile UK and so far no updates but then i have an unlocked Z10 and updated to the latest update via Vodafone here in the UK. Just stuck a voda sim in my phone and the update came up, installed and works perfectly fine.

I suppose i wont get the update now when and if it ever comes from tmobile as i have the latest update anyhow. But still i think its pretty poor that as a sim free owner, ill still have to wait for my network to push updates to my phone in the future. But if Voda pushes them out first then ill just stick my voda sim and do the update that way.

Tommy legend

O2 UK and im up and running

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Nothing on EE yet, rather disappointed.

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Vodafone. Seems to b on the ball

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What about Vodafone? I live in Amsterdam and the Z10 is not yet out in the Netherlands.


Hey everyone. Just to let everyone know of a little neat thing that I found. When the Z10 is powering up and that blue square is visible if you press on it and svime it downwards it shows you remaining time in percentage. Idk i just thought it was a need little thing.

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It works if you just touch anywhere on the screen, no need to swipe if you just want to see the percentage.

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Updated on O2 UK but had one download at 157MB then another that was 757MB followed by an app update at 11MB.

Running after these updates. Anyone else with the same?

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Still waiting for EE to push out the update. They're notorious for being slow at these the time EE have it readied, BlackBerry would've probably push out 10.1

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Received the update. In Singapore.

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Received the update today on Vodafone download of 87 MB followed by another download of 718 MB...running on now...

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Strange I just got the 89 mb update that's it.

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Although the update is great there is one thing that is annoying. There is two apps that are attached to the update, one being Sportsnet, the other being LinkedIn and since I'm not a user for neither of these apps I unistalled them. Now I have a notification every few days telling me that I have a software update that's 5MB. When updated, both apps reappear.

Other then that the performance is great.

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The rubbish like sportnet etc are pushed by the carrier not BlackBerry. Just install them and put them in a junk folder and forget about them.


Yeah. This is annoying me with Facebook. Damn thing keeps popping up like herpes. The same Telus update keeps popping up every couple of days too.


Anyone tried on dev alpha b?

Marc Noel

I'm with Virgin Mobile, 1st update on Thursday, 2nd on Friday. Working fine.

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Ahhk, I'm using a UK version of the Z10 and I'm in PH, now I'm left wondering how will I get the update -_-


Still waiting for t mobile UK

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I wonder if I can buy some "used" UK prepaid simcards just for this sole purpose online. anyone knows where?


O2 UK has it now

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Done (Bell Mobility) and so far so good.


Telus update works great. The battery life has gone from interesting to really good, impressive actually!

New OS is seamless and phone works awesome all round!

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Battery Life is greatly improved for power users

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I'm on Wind and i got the update pushed to me last week.. the update is so Awesome!

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Nothing from EE in the UK :-(

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Ohhh man. I need that update!!
What about unlo phones? The methods that he posted not working!!!
I did via BlackBerry Link. And it "Updated " to the same version

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Turkcell (Turkey) released ( this week.

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Got for my unlocked z10 on the giffgaff network this morning :D

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Wondering if anyone knows if Virgin UK will push any updates due to not selling planning to sell the Z10

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Still waiting on SaskTel to push the update... I'm really hoping you're right when you say "next couple of days," because I really want to see all those battery improvements.

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Hi Ray same here, I've been pestering them the past couple of days on Facebook. Feel free to pile on.


Already pushed here in Bahrain. Big change in battery life. A lot, lot better.

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I,m waiting on my micro sim coming from Vodafone cos still waiting on orange ee UK really poor to be honest


Still nothing from mobily or stc for the unlocked flavour. Getting a little impatient here considering the local phones got them and my UK unlocked is still in need of a refresh.


Nothing at SaskTel yet. Emailed them yesterday and this is the email I got back:

"Currently there is no estimated time on it's availability. We're working with BlackBerry on this software update. When the update is available your device will notify you "

Hurry up and wait!

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my carrier, Orange UK, still has not rolled this out yet. Good job I still have my o2 UK sim.

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Probably no US carriers.


Just updated. I'm on 3 UK but I cut an old unprovisioned Vodafone sim down to size with a pair of scissors and stuck it in and was offered the update. The second small update (11mb) installed a couple of extra apps like newsstand, box, twitter and LinkedIn but I just deleted them.

I'm looking forward the extra battery life :)

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I thought there were to be moderators going forward. I still see the same bot ads at times


Hey can anyone confirm if they got their update via Vodafone UK. I've got a grey import here in New Zealand and it's the STL100-2 unit from UK. Would like mine updated as well....


just noticed that in Australia, you can just simply pop in an unprovisioned prepaid sim from Optus and you'll get the update! Come on Aussies, let's keep moving!

i've just updated mine, now it's sporting the OS. thx to Optus prepaid sim & BBRY. keep moving!


So did the update come OTA or did the phone update itself directly from BBRY.....

Asking so if the phone updates itself from BBRY, i'll get a mate to bring me a Optus sim card from Aus here to NZ

And do you have the STL100-2 model ???


I did the same thing in Aus with an unprovisioned $2 Optus SIM on my STL100-2 Z10. Connected to my wi-fi, put in the Optus SIM and off it went. I then popped in my Telstra SIM. Seeing there was no credit on the Optus SIM it couldn't cost me anything so I repeated for the other 3 Z10s I was setting up for my key employees. All good with running fine.


yeap, mine is STL-2 model, only this model is available for LTE on AUS & asia pacific. the sim doesn't need to be activated, as long as it's an optus sim and off it will go. after having updated mine to, i updated my mate's Z10 also by popping that optus sim in, and it went for an update as well!

the update cost 451MB on both mine and my mate's Z10. what about the others?

meanwhile, i think perhaps too early to conclude the battery life but i disconnected my phone from the charger at 9AM, been pretty active on BBM, openwhatsapp, several browsing, receiving emails, socials and maps, right at 9PM the phone went to 10%. quite impressive but i'm expecting more as days go by. keep moving BBRY!

Russell Durose

I am on EE and nothing. Not even without the SIM.

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Sasktel still not upgraded.

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Jason Clark

DId the update from Bell today - email send is now broken from pop accounts. On another thread this is confirmed from when they did the Telus release - nice to see Bell just deployed the same issues. Revert to backup pending unless anyone has a better suggestion (battery pulled - wifi on/off no help)


Got the text from Bell. Downloaded, see what difference it makes.

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I've been using my phone all day and it was charged at 9:30am. It's 10:00pm now and I still have 20% battery remaining.

I've been listening to music, did some video watching and had at least 4 apps running all day.

Most of the usage was using Internet apps but the battery life seems really good.

Excited for future OS updates but the phone is already great!

Derek from my Z10!


Nice seeing carries rolling out updated version os faster instead of waiting for stamp of approval,testing etc. This should be a standard principal for everyone not wait 2 weeks.


my unlocked phone had .10.58 updated 4mb but its still .58 version... uuurrrggghhh!

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Nothing on Three UK, oh well just have to wait, they are usually slow with updates. Hopefully EE pushes through the update as I have a EE sim.

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Just did it with Bouygues Télécom France

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Tweeted EE and they replied with we have no information on it and sent me a link for BlackBerry link and to keep following their Twitter feed

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In Russia. Moscow. Beeline. No update :)

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Nothing in Italy yet

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No update on T-Mobile UK

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On MTN in South Africa, they haven't pushed the update. Put in a Vodacom Sim and like magic the update came through

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hey, just got update in India. Downloading right now. don't know why it is not but its all good as long as i get the improvements.


Anyone have info on release date for T-Mobile - USA ???? For the Z10


Not posted for Sasktel in Canada yet. At least I'm not seeing it on mine. Hope it comes soon.

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I am on, in saudi arabia. Is this the latest update?

Posted by me


Still no update with sasktel.

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Hi i have Z10 sim free, using T Mobile UK sim no updates, so used Vodafone UK sim and update
notification came up then switched to Wi-Fi, update 144 Mb, 10/3/13, battery life improved,


Helppp! My z10 is running the latest but battery life is now worse. It was disappointing pre-update and now it is worse. Pre update, my z10 lasted an average 10 hours but now it is dead around 7. Anybody has idea? Is mine a defective unit? I don't seem to change any settings. Now I am even afraid to use it too much which defeats the purpose of upgrading my 9900.