More BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos turn up

By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2014 08:09 am EDT

We've already grabbed some camera time with the BlackBerry Z3 during MWC, but it seems like it's popping up more and more as the release gets closer. As such, a new set of BlackBerry Z3 photos have turned up online. These aren't the greatest shots, but they do again give us another look at the upcoming Z3. Nothing new to be seen for the most part, but for those of you who are anxiously waiting on one of these, it's always fun to see more new photos.

As a refresher, here are the expected specs of the Z3:

  • Display - 5" display, 540 x 960 pixels, 24-bit color LCD display
  • Memory - 8 GB application storage and 1.5 GB RAM
  • Processor - 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • Battery - 2650 mAh non-removable battery
  • Rear-facing camera: 5 MP Autofocus and flash, 5x digital zoom
  • Front-facing camera: 1.1 MP Fixed-focus, 3x digital zoom

We should be hearing more on the release for this one any day now — so say tuned!

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More BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos turn up


I liked the back on my Z10, better than, the one on my Z30....

Which battery door does the Z3 have?

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Nice one Blackberry, at the price being quoted for this handset, it's going to be flying off the shelves.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I'm thinking it will be 1280x720 still. Secondly, I'm hoping there is no incompatibility with apps. Won't want people getting frustrated if apps don't work for the Z3.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has stated tattoo there will be no issue with the apps resizing for this device.

Don't count on the resolution being much higher than what is in the article.

Posted via CB10

They said the same thing about the Z30 and still I'm missing a lot of apps that were available for my Z10.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I was thinking the same. BlackBerry wanted to reduce resolutions to make development easier and now a new resolution? Which also goes down?

Retaining the standard resolution would make more sense.

Posted via CB10

Lower resolution is cheaper. That's I guess the main driver.

Being said, if apps screen resizing is not a hassle then there is no issue.

Posted via CB10

What is the exact release date again? And is there already a date announced for the LTE version?

Even with the budget phone, adoption rate will be slow (in North America at least, once it comes) because while Windows is picking up on big name apps, BlackBerry continues to wait for a "working android version"

Posted via CB10

Agreed..i lost 1 my bb10 fren today and 3rd in 7 days..reason apps..native apps..2 jump to win phone 1 to iphone..

Posted from my large Z30 with CB10

Is the front facing camera on a Z10 fixed focus? Cause if so, the cameras stink on the Z3. Not to mention 1.1 MP? Come on BlackBerry, at that rate, why do you even have a camera on the Z3 then?

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Come on! Why do you use such a slow processor. Why do you even use on?

For me 1.1 mp fixed is more than enough for bbm video or skype...

Posted via CB10

Tell them bro!!Some people need constant slapping to get them back to their senses!!Its for the emerging markets....its not a flagship....its not a high end device....Got that?huh?

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

This will only be clear to media morons and others when they set a: budget price budget price budget price budget price. BB has always put out less that premium spec phones at premium prices they need to start pricing their phones competitively (which for the mess LESS THAN other phones)

May I ask you what phone has the Z10's specs and has a $150 price tag? Because I'd like to buy it.

Would you like your Moto G shipped or sent by regular mail?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

No LTE, 5MP Camera, 1GB of RAM and costs $200 on Amazon, the Z10 costs $220, I'd go for the Z10.

Let's not go down this road of tit-for-tat spec comparisons, because then I say 'Yes, but the Moto G has a quad core processor, and a 2070 mAh battery', and then you say 'but the Z10 takes 1080 video' and then I say 'but the Moto G has an Adreno 305 processor' and then you say 'but the Z10 has a 2 MP secondary camera' and I say, 'yes but the Moto G has Gorilla Glass 3 and a built in FM radio' (oh, and by the way, when I say that the Moto G has a quad core processor, some smart alec replies 'but BlackBerry phones don't need the best specs to run, unlike process hungry Android' - ignorant point copyrighted by the CrackBerry forums c2011, all rights reserved).

And by this time, our multiple replies mean that we're really, really far over the right hand side of the comments page, with only a few words per line, and neither of us win, but everyone else who uses CrackBerry loses as they have to scroll past our pointlessly long tit-for-tat point scoring.

So let's just save ourselves the trouble and agree that they're both great devices, both have things going in their favour, and they are both in the same order of magnitude. Remember that even J Chen dubbed the Z10 mid range, and the Moto G is a mid range phone at a low range cost.

Not to mention that we should be talking about the Moto G as the competitor that the Z3 will be facing - that's the reality that BlackBerry need to be alive to.

Posted via CB10

Ok Moto G vs Z3, $200 vs $150, Moto G vs Z10 $200 vs $220, in reality the Z10 is in the same price range; also I couldn't care less about what processor my phone has as long as it runs smooth.

Except for the fact that the 8g Moto G (same internal memory as the Z3) is actually $180 on Amazon. Meaning that (if the Z3 is $150) you're looking at something a little more expensive than the Z3 for better specs - particularly screen res.

Plus, what makes you think the Z3 will be $150? Don't you think BlackBerry saying it will be a sub $200 phone means it's likely to be $199?

As much as I really want the Z3 to be a success, I can't help but think that BlackBerry crapped out with the screen res, and if they price it above $150 it's not going to do what we all hope.

Btw - I think that the Moto G owners with their 1gb of ram feel the same way about ram as you do about processors

The rumored price I've heard was $149,99, it'd be pretty stupid to say it will cost under $200 and then price it at $199.

And yeah, well the S3 with 1GB of ram doesn't really run smoothly.

That's TouchWiz for you! The S4 didn't run well with 2GB of ram to start with! I hope you're right about $150 - I've seen BlackBerry do the $199 thing far too often (eg cross platform BBM will be here this summer! And yes, by summer we do mean the very last day which is technically summer)

Come on guys a few more replies and we get exactly to where he said. Let's see 2 digits per line on CB app just for the heck of it.


You guys are funny. If this phone even launches in North America and that's an extremely massively huge IF, it's going to be at least $399.

Google is practically subsidizing the heck out of the Nexus and undoubtedly dumping the price and that;s not even $149. Granted the Z3 has lower specs but hey, don't be too disappointed when I'm right about the price.

The Z10 is over a year old and it didn't sell well, at all. Of course it's priced low. This will be all new and exciting, despite it's basically the same old BB10 with no apps, so of course the price will be higher, off contract.

If lucky, it will be $149 on contract but I doubt it.

Let me help:


This phone is going to be HOT! I'm thinking about buying one just to have a larger screen as opposed to my beloved Z10 because the Z30 is still out of my price range given id be buying it outright off contract.

And sure it has a slower clock speed on its processor but it's also a better quality processor with a smaller manufacturing process and a much faster gpu that can no doubt make it run just as fast as a Z10 given the slightly lower resolution!

As for half the storage I still have 10 gigs free on my Z10 lol so I'd be fine there considering I have all the apps I need installed.

Not to mention when the legacy feature gets implimented where you can offload app data to sd card I will be golden. Hopefully with 10.3

Posted via CB10

"Tuned" - I said it. And now what? Oh wait I think it should be "sTay tuned" lol
Swiping a Text from a Device is nice but not really Error Free. Well this is not a professional Site so... ;)

But seriously: I hope they will sell a good amount of their new Devices to get some urgently needed Market share back. Every good news is one way back to the future :)

Via CB10 App / Z10-100-2@

To be honest I don't think this will be successfully, what are the selling point?

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Large 5" screen, big battery plus it will do everything your Z10 does at a very cheap price. Isn't that sufficient selling point?

So basically it has slightly below par as far as specs goes compared to the low priced Android devices it will be competing against in emerging markets, still no apps, still an OS people didn't want.

And with BBM cross platform, yeah, what's the selling point again?

Those Specs, lol. But for 99 Dollars it's ok

"I'd like to see a CEO who uses the phone and can see hey I accidently take 50 pics and call 50 people on accident a day - maybe I should fix the OS!"

It's all about the pricing. This seems like this is their last chance for survival at low end device category.

Source from in indonesia
:-) z3 with local apps for indonesia...

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I'm wondering if the 5 inch screen will be the standard size for all BlackBerry touch screen devices?

I'm also thinking whether the LTE version will have a flash thrown in as it is the more expensive one.

Furthermore does the Z3 have an expandable memory slot, as the battery is non removable?

If BlackBerry launches in Indonesia first we need a four week time line for the rest of the world.

Once they launch the Z3 3G, immediately start on the LTE version

Nothing less will do.

BlackBerry...Get it done ( still missing a copyright symbol and others , hopefully 10.3)

Posted via CB10

That's their problem. They keep skimping on specs. Give us good specs for a good price. Stop being cheap BlackBerry. The Z3 should have at least the same cameras as on a Z10. A slower processor, I can live with, but the cameras simply such on a Z3 as it stands.

And storage? Why not offer 16 GB's internal storage like a Z10?

What I'm trying to point out is this. If BlackBerry could make the Z3 cheap (cheap price), but have amazing specs, it would take back market share, all the while having a cheap pricetag.

Who is going to flock to a device that isn't great on specs even if the price is cheap? Come on. People will just buy a Z10 instead.

BlackBerry, you just done it to yourself again.

Same ol', same ol'.

You guys are hard to learn. You still do not know how to attract everyone to a device, and keep it cheap for everyone to afford.

Good luck BlackBerry. I can see more unsold stock piling up already.

Posted via CB10

In my country most people carry crappy Android 4.0 phones, please stop acting like if poor countries don't exist.

And by "most people" I mean "most people that have smartphones" because actually most people have feature phones made by Chinese manufacturers.

So do you think there is nobody out there looking to buy a cheap handset? If you think so then you are wrong sir. The countries where it will be initially launched are those where price matters a lot. According to me this is the wisest step BlackBerry could have taken. Those who haven't ever used BlackBerry because of price will be very happy to get one at low price. And there are many such people.

In emerging markets where Android is having massive sales now due to low priced phones, with a massive app store, eco system and Google covering your back plus BBM cross platform, why would you possible even care about this phone?

If price matters a lot, get a cheaper better specced Android phone with more apps? Why is it so hard to make people here get a grip on reality?

This isn't about my Android being better than your WP which is better than his iPhone. This is about a product that doesn't have an ecosystem to back it up without piggybacking on Android, add to that cross platform BBM.

I was reading they want sell it for 199$?

Too much, it will fail

"I'd like to see a CEO who uses the phone and can see hey I accidently take 50 pics and call 50 people on accident a day - maybe I should fix the OS!"

I also cannot edit my posts. What's up with this site? It is Co standby bugged up like this. Please fix this issue

Posted via CB10

I hope this phone is a big seller. I have my doubts as we heard that the Z10 was going to sell tens of millions. Looks like a good phone for the price though

Posted via CB10

Cameras on the Z3 suck. They did it again. They expect this phone to sell like crazy? Highly doubt it. Perk it up with great specs, and keep the price at $199.00 with no contract, and it will sell like hotcakes. Otherwise, BlackBerry just shot themselves in the foot again, with sub standard hardware and specs. More unsold devices/stockpiles of phones coming up...BlackBerry is hard to learn it seems.

Posted via CB10

Difference is, inventory risk is with Foxconn now, and the cunning fox knows what he's doing...

Also, you are comparing it with a run-o'-da-mill Chinadroid, this thing has BB10, which is a differentiator. There is no other phone with BB10 that was ever made to be sold at that price point. Please don't mention Z10s sold at $200, once the overstock is gone, this will never be repeated again.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The Z10 with dumped prices didn't help the marketshare much in North America and Europe. And the risk is with Foxconn? At what cost? Do you honestly think they're doing this risk free out of the goodness of their heart? They're most likely getting a HUGE profit if it sells and giving very little back to BBRY.

How much are they actually saving by reducing memory from 2GB down to 1.5GB? Personally I can't see it being enough to make it worth possible poorer performance.

Posted via Z10

Not to mention, a non removable battery? Q5 syndrome here we come. They thought that the Q5 would sell like crazy....yeah, ok. better Re examine that thought BlackBerry....

Make your dang phones with a removable battery. This is what is stopping people from buying devices. It resembles a throwaway device with a non removable battery. Get the drift BlackBerry? It cheapens the whole experience, and is not convenient.

Posted via CB10

Mobile growth is in large screen < $200 phones right now. This one will do well.

Someone looking for a $200 phone is not expecting 1080p and 4 core at 2.5 Ghz.

It has BB10 and not ugly tile Windows and super messy Android.

Posted via CB10

Poor John Chen, a leak like this steals the excitement of launching the new Z3 in a more grandeur fashion. He already stated before how he dislike leaks like this...

BlackBerry wants to go android way by launching the budget phones so as to allow more people in the bottom of the pricing pyramid to try the power of BlackBerry 10 os and in a way this gives rise to referral sales as more people in developing market unaware of bb10 would refer the goodness of the ecosystem to wannabe buyers of phones (android)with a budget.

I feel this is a great strategy of BlackBerry to reach people in developing markets.

Posted via CB10

200$ »» 150€
Looks to good that BlackBerry is going to recover him reputation :D

With a good marketing, BlackBerry z3 will kill Android.

Posted via CB10

The Z3 I think is a good device. The procesor is like the Q5 and its work fast. RAM 1,5GB is adequate. My Q10 never use more than 1,2GB.
The only problem maybe that BlackBerry is not that hot again this time in Indonesia. So if they want to launch the Z3 firstly they must make it hot again.
For example BlackBerry sent to all BBM user in Jakarta massage Rp 250.000,- discount like they do to T-mobile customer :p

Posted via CB10

I like how the screen goes all the way to the bezel, unlike the Z10 that could be almost an inch shorter were it not for the extra space under the glass.

Like the screen, too.

But only 1.5GB RAM, hmm my Z10 using 1.3GB only this APP open.

How much difference production cost between 1.5GB and 2.0GB?


"I'd like to see a CEO who uses the phone and can see hey I accidently take 50 pics and call 50 people on accident a day - maybe I should fix the OS!"

I have 2 apps open and I'm using 1GB. But I have to agree with you how much more would it cost to have another 500mb? I don't understand the logic behind it but oh well. I believe that BB10 needs at least 2GB to run nicely. Lets see how it runs with 1.5GB when they do the reviews. There are times when I'm using 1.5GB. How will the Z3 function when it hits 1.5GB is anyone's guess. But I believe that the Z3 will sell well, they have to get the Marketing done right for it succeed. This could be the device to really increase BB10 sales and get into as many people as possible.

PS: I have to say its a pretty decent looking device. I really like the way it looks. It's thinner than the Z10 from what I can make out from the dark picture.

Motorola G Presents A Better Case For Itself To Most Buyers Considering That The Z3 Isn't All That Impressive

Posted Via BlackBerry Z

Different OS, so performance will vary depending on efficiency of OS. In software terms, it's like the difference between using bubble sort vs quicksort. Both will sort your items, but one will be way faster even on slower hardware.

Did you intend to make that point for the Moto G (less RAM, KitKat)? Fair play if you did.

Still don't care about John Chen's dislike of leaks I see.
It is all about the money, regardless of whether or not it hurts BlackBerry's competitive position.

From the blog, it sounded more like he realizes leaks happen but what he doesn't want is someone intentionally masquerading as a carrier partner to obtain leaks.

You won't find Google Services on any smartphone that doesn't comply with the rules Google have set for using Android. So no.

I think it will do well in enterprise as an affordable update or alternative.

On mass consumer side even in emerging markets even at this price bracket will not compete with Android. Consumers want apps, and don't want to be bothered with downloading APK or side loading which doesn't even give you the native android experience.

Posted via CB10

That battery will likely last 3 days before even needing a charge with those specs. That's one hefty Battery!

Now update the z10 with a z30 grade CPU & gpu, upgrade the z30 with a better CPU (quad) and recent gpu, you can leave the innards/exterior pretty much the same, also the name - maybe add a letter - save on marketing.

The z10 now has entry level android specs, the z30 midrange specs. The prices match midrange ( z10 ) and high end (z30).

Don't get me wrong, I love my z30, it just is not worth the price compared to the competition, even with bb10.

You need to update the CPU every year or you'll die. The z10 upgrade is already overdue.

Posted via CB10

The problem is no matter what upgrade they may do, who's going to sell it here. No one in the US is pushing BB and now there is one less outlet with T-Mo just about gone. BB doesn't advertise. Who is going to sell the Z3? We need a high end phone not a low rent one. It may sell in Asia, but I have huge doubts it will sell here. Only the diehard BB owners/collectors will buy one. I see no high end phone on the horizon. I would like to have a Z30, but T-Mo never carried it. I am still paying off my Z10 (more left to pay off, than what I would pay for an unlocked one on shopblackberry site). I can't afford to pay almost $500 or even $400 with Chen's offer for one, while still paying off my current phone. I was hoping to use my Jump program to stop payments on the Z10 and start on the Z30, but never happened and will not happen ever unless the 2 heads kiss and make-up.

The back looks like a hard plastic, if it is I'll pass but if it has the feel of the rubbery z10 then I'll buy one for sure.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 has better specs and probably has nicer hardware. But you know with all BB10 devices, they all run flawless due to the BB10 OS. This low end Z3 will feel like a high end device.

I'm loving the sharp edges, I wonder what the back material will be

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Just sell quickly before lost the moment.
Moment is very important, to long to wait will impact lost of potential customer.

Posted via CB10

I don't see how this device is going to sell even as a budget device. As much as I love Blackberry, the specs seem a bit low even for a budget device. They are going to have to sell these phones at a REALLY low price. This phone looks really nice compared to the Z30 but what is going to stop people from buying the legions of inexpensive android phones on the market? This needs some sort of X factor that really drives people to it.

EDIT: Budget friendly phones would have replaceable batteries.

As far as looks goes - who cares ? They all go into cases of various types to add individuality. The big issue for me is the screen. I too would rather see a better screen. I think its main competition will be the cheap Lumia's as the android phones have such a dominance.