More BlackBerry Z10 in-car Voice Control integration shown off

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2013 03:42 pm EDT

As we saw previously, getting the BlackBerry Z10 hooked up to an in-vehicle Bluetooth system and making use of Voice Control isn't very difficult. Michael sent us in a video a while back and noted that a Voice Control contact showed up when he was connected to his car's Bluetooth system. 

Chatting with Dave a bit last night during our CrackBerry party, he told me that this option can work for anyone with an in-car Bluetooth setup by using a number to dial in to the Z10 and get instant access to Voice Control. By dialing 999-555-1234 while connected in a vehicle (which is the same number that appeared in Michael's contact list) the Z10 activates Voice Control and is at your command. 

Interestingly enough, dialing the number on it's own results in an incomplete call - so it looks like you have to be connected to Bluetooth in a vehicle for this to work. 

In any case - if you have an integrated Bluetooth system in your car then give this a go and report back. Just another great way to make use of the BlackBerry Z10 on the road (along with these great apps for driving). 

Thanks Dave!



nice to see all these little tricks


Hopefully no one get that number assigned to them! Lol

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555 prefix.... isn't that a TV telephone number used to avoid reality?


Pretty neat!

I will have to try this when I get out to my car.

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Interesting...need to try this in my car....


Do we have to add the country code too when dialing from the UK? ; )

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Nah i don't think you have to though, in fact you're not going to call any number so that number won't connect your Z to the carrier network.

Simon thanks for bringing this up! My onboard bluetooth in my car doesn't recognize the BB voice control but this trick will always do that for me. Finally!


Thanks, just a wee joke really hence the cheeky wink at the end! : )

Gonna try it in my car tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


Cool, will try dialing that number later.

Same type of car as that photo, so should work for me too.

Thanks for the tip!

This is how you CB10, son!

Louis Belshaw

That is cool, I'm using my phone in my car constantly, for gps navigation and AUX voice calling etc. But one really annoying thing is when I've got it plugged in through the aux cable to my car. Whether its to play music or voice phone call, sometimes randomly the volume control buttons on the z10 won't respond.

It just randomly stops responding to up down volume, this regularly happens and I have to pull out the aux and put it back in then it works again. It's not huge life ruining error but it's annoying for a businessman life style.

Just to add, i love my z10 and it's by far the best phone for business, and games. And social life.

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Just to note at least in my car BlackBerry voice control comes as a name in my phone directory when connected to blue tooth

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Just tried it in my Mazda 6 2009 and it told me that the number was long distance and long distance charge may apply :-(

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Just try calling "Blackberry Voice Control" through your car's own voice interface.

For instance, in my 2010 Kia Forte I've got BT, and once the phone has connected properly I just hit the trigger on the steering wheel, wait for the beep, and say "Call Sally Work". In this case, I'd just hit the trigger and say "Call Blackberry Voice Control" and it should connect me.


I had to add the number to the car's directory (Mazda 3 2012), but it works. I haven't tried to use it for anything real life, just tested it out. Wonder if a 15-minute work-mandated lock might interfere at some point.

Craig Tewsley

I just hold down the phone button on my head unit and up comes voice control.

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Will try this when I get off work today.

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May need to put a NSFW on that one. The WTF was a little loud in my office.


I just wanted to say that I got me a bb10!!!


Well that looks just like my BMW nav screen there I'm gonna have to give this a go and see if it works

From the Zed of Rockivy


Worked fine here in the UK on my Fiesta!

Very impressed!

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Works nicely with my Audi A1. The BlackBerry number shows up as an extra number on the car's display and the system is quite easy to use once you've tried it a few times.

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Tony Tran1

Should work with BMW (s)... fingers crossed.

Why do hacks with Z10 turn out to be so cool. Nice.

Joe Fiero

In the '09 BMW 528 it is easily accessed using the phone book. Just select the entry with the knob in the center console and place the call. The BlackBerry voice control is now connected to the in car bluetooth. The Bimer's built in voice dialing is limited in the number of entries, but I programmed one of them to dial the BlackBerry voice number

When you hit the voice command on the steering wheel you tell it to dial a name. When asked what name you respond BlackBerry. It then connects to BlackBerry voice. Completely hands free.

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How exactly did you program it to connect to BlackBerry Voice?! What steps did you do?

Anybody know what car was featured in this video? That display and location looks as if its an Audi.

Joe Fiero

The Z10 has a default contact entry "BlackBerry Voice" with an invalid phone number. That number defaults to the BlackBerry voice server.

I programmed the BMW in car phone book to dial that number when I say "BlackBerry ". It connects to the BlackBerry voice server with that command and from there it's the same as pressing the side button.


Just tried and it works in my Subaru Forester. Way cool...

Posted from my sweet Z10


No dice for 2008 528i
Oh well...

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If it doesn't work, you should try again, dialing _exactly_ as shown in the video.
Don't add any digits you normally would to make a real phone call.
This should work no matter what kind of car you have... aftermarket bt accessories will work too.

My 2012 Honda only has "Voice tag" calling to 10 numbers. BlackBerry Voice is number one on my list and makes the voice system *awesome*!!

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Thats pretty sweet.


Works like a champ from my aura mdx!

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Rodney Wilder

Been using this with my Z10 on my Pioneer avh-3200BT car system for well over a month. works great especially considering my 3200bt doesn't support a2dp streaming bluetooth audio so was a nice surprise.


I got a pioneer avec X930 bt can you tell me how to make it work or what you did to get it to work on your radio


This is really cool. I have a 2011 aura mdx and it works perfectly

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Works great on my Chevy Volt

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Linked via BT to uConnect without problem, but when proceeded in telling the car to drive me home from the bar... nothing happened. That's it - I'm returning Z10 for an iPhone.

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Works great in my 2010 F150 had my Z10 since launch in Canada and still finding out cool things about it. Thanks BlackBerry, best phone

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Works in my 2013 Ford Escape

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Just activate a call and say call Blackberry Voice Control and it connects.

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Worked on my Ford touch like a charm. Contact was available as BlackBerry voice control

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Anybody try it yet with a Lincoln MKX, 2010 I think. (it's my b/f's car)

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Yes..I have a Lincoln MKX 2010...went to SYNC online and upgraded my software online..requires a USB...then insert into car and it updates your system...
Then I connected via bluetooth and the Z10 worked...but had some problems with the long "Blackberry Voice Control". (it would sometimes dial client care) I created a shorter named contact in my Z10 for "BLACKBERRY" - #999-555-1234...once I refreshed showed up on the Lincoln MKX and It worked perfectly...I now have my own BatMobile :)
Now if only they would provide a READ (text to speech for incoming) EMAILS, TEXTS and BBM MESSAGES...we would be fully in distractions...
SO WHAT WE NEED is "Drive" upgraded for the Z10 now...


My Blackberry Bold when connected to Ford sync on a 2013 fusion will read out the text messages when they come in, you just have to set it to do in the options menu.


Unfortunately the 2010 model doesn't allow that option that I could find..
it replied..TEXT MESSAGES not compatible with this phone...
I think your 2013 has a better SYNC system...
my SYNC software upgrade didn't seem to fix that issue...(I was hoping)
so will have to wait for a " Drive" upgrade in the Z10....


I posted this in the comments of the original article. You guys are slacking lol.

It works great on a vehicle with the mid level stereos. My 2012 Tacoma doesn't have entune but I can send it a hand full of contacts from my z10. So I made a contact for the bluetooth on my phone and sent it over. Now I can assign that to a speed dial, and call that speed dial with a button on my steering wheel.

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I'd paired my Bold 9900 with my car's hands-free kit and naturally paired my Z10 too. Works without a glitch. I leave my Bluetooth on at all times. The moment I enter my car and an incoming call comes in, it gets transferred to the car kit and I can answer by touching the control panel in my car. Likewise, when I dial an outgoing number, the car kit takes over.

A real essential for me.

Recommend that every driver buys a car charger for their Z10s too.

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Different car charger for home, travel and office ;)


I will try this in my car. More reasons to show off the Z10 to get these IPhone users jealous.

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Fantastic !! Could you or some one post detailed instructions. I do have integrated Bluetooth and Navigation system, in my car. I do have my bb10 paired but just need info on this feature.
I want give this a shot. very excited and thanks for the post !!.


Has anyone tried it on 2009 BMW 323i? Thanks


Worked well in our Audi Q5. Thanks for the brilliant tip!

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Works in my acura tl, but what can I do with it other than send an email?

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you can send a BBM alert ( Honey I am outside waiting in a no parking spot...I am running late, traffic jam...)...
or you could make a NOTE like...get milk...I just passed 7th and vine at 4:30..
or Mike Workplace,,finished at 23125 miles...(these are placed in the remember under Unified can later store in files) so convenient for keeping track of mileage related to work?
or you could access Internet for a quick question/answer...


Or you can "Open maps", or launch other applications that would be useful but you don't want to hunt for while driving.

Ex. "Open maps", then hit favorites and pick your destination.

Universal search is accessible too.

I'd bet BlackBerry will be expanding BlackBerry Voice Control to make it more useful while driving.

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2013 Honda Accord 4Dr Sport. Yes. It does work. For me this may be one of the best tips so far for the Z10. Speech recognition was perfect.


No need to dial a number on my system, just touch the screen on my JVC deck and my Z10 jumps in, "say a command"


Works in 2010 Benz GLK 350...Cool!!

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I'm very curious about something. Do Android and iOS devices offer this same native functionality? I understand that QNX is in 66% of vehicles on the road, but if this functionality is exclusive to BlackBerry OS that would be a coup of sorts. Am I right, or am I right?

Dave Raines

As a note guys, once I dialed this number, I did a press and hold on a flex key and saved it. See the next video on my YouTube page. For the person that asked, it's a 2012 BMW M6. Shown is my Verizon Z10 and it was filmed on my AT&T X10 :-)

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oddly enough I just discovered this function tonight while sending a text via voice control. however, I didn't have to dial the number in my car (2012 Infiniti M 37S), I simply held down the voice control button on the phone and realized I was talking to the car and not into the phone. I wonder if it's necessary, then, to dial that number from all cars or certain ones...


it's for steering wheel control...hands need to even touch the phone...
you just hit the voice control on the steering connects to the phone when you say "CALL BLACKBERRY VOICE CONTROL" or in my case the shortened "CALL BLACKBERRY"
TOTALLY Hands free ;)


very's not stored in my phone, however, when accessing the car's phonebook (which is not set up), speaking "BlackBerry" into the car automatically dials the voice control. And the display on the dash reads "BlackBerry Voice Control." But's not stored in my phone's contact list, nor my car's vehicle phone book. cool as hell tho...

Stephen McPhillips

My BMW show voice control as a contact. Works perfectly. UK

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Works fine with a Parrot CK3100. Adds a contact 'blackberry voice control'

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Additionally, using the voice control features of the CK3100 works fine too.


This does not appear to work in UK. All you hear is you have dialled the wrong emergency number.( UK emergency is 999) Is there a different number available for the UK?

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It's already in the phone book under blackberry voice control I think. No need to manually add it.

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It does work in the UK. But I think you can't add it as a contact, you have to let it add it itself

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Mystery solved! That number appeared in my list contacts when I paired my Z10 to the car but I had no idea where it came from. So, if you call that number, exacly what can you do with the phone and how?


"Search for crackberry on the Internet "?

Why not just, "Goto"?

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Tried and it works well!

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Just Me

Been using this since day one. Love the feature.

Has anyone had any luck setting reminders using voice control. I get right to end and my Z10 tells me it is unable to save.

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When using VOICE CONTROL for reminders...notice it is setting up the TITLE...look closely and you will see you can "add a description" before you say save...this becomes the body of your text...
You may have been using the TITLE as the body of text and maxed out it's room...I will check on this later to see if my assumption is correct...
you can save a reminder "TITLE" and it's "DESCRIPTION" which is the true memo text...
otherwise the TITLE is just a memory jogger...


Doesn't work in my 2012 Honda Civic. Voice control over BT works by pressing the voice control button just not the number.

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Why would you try the number if BlackBerry Voice just works for you?

They probably only do the "fake call trickery" if the BT device doesn't support directly accessing voice control.
You know, to make the feature universally available even on older BT devices. Pretty clever if you ask me.

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Great post just noticed this feature two weeks ago works great with my BMW Navigation Professional and Z10.

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That is super cool! Works on my 2012 Chevy Sonic, that's something my wife's Iphone 5 can't do.

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Didn't work on our 2011 Charger. Will try on our other car later (two different Uconnect devices). Was told by the dealer that updates are in the works from Chrysler.

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For me didn't work when I said to call blackberry voice control, but works with 9995551234

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I assume you have to dial it every time you get in your car?

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Man, this works great! tried it lastnight on my way home! Blackberry Z10 rocks!


Works really well in our Audis, I think that these cars already run a qnx type deal for their in car navigation/ media.

People are in awe when they see it in action.

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Only had about ten minutes to play with it, so far it seems you gotta say "call 9995551234" but the voice control comes on right away, you don't got to wait for it to ring or anything like that

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I use a visor mounted Motorola T-505 (plays through car speakers) in my company car and it works very well by pushing the voice control icon.


Worked great in my car. The great thing about dialing the number is that you don't have to take the phone out of your pocket/case/holdster whatever and push the button to activate. The phone could be in the back seat where you can't touch it, but just dial the number and you still have the voice control. Truely hands off control. My car didn't automatically download the number from the phone so I manually added it to the car phone book. One of many cool things about the Z10.


Help me understand what else you can use this for as I'm not seeing the value in this? So I'd have to dial this # everytime I want to use my voice commands from my phone? Why wouldn't I just pick up my phone and ask a command to save a step? Also, all it does it show the results on your phone, correct? Seems awfully distracting unless it shows up on the display - BTW I have have that display - Hint: BMW. :-)


It is illegal in some provinces to have the phone in hand while driving... ;)


You can:
Send an email, bbm, or text message
Update your linkedin or facebook status
Post a tweet
Create a reminder
Create a calendar event/meeting
Launch an app... only useful one I can think of would be maps.
And dead simple stuff like getting the current date, or (pointless) time (unless the clock in your car is broken).
All interactions use tts prompts so you don't need to be able for see your phone

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It's not always easy to pick up your phone to activate voice control when your driving right?

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Initially I was trying to dial using the phone 999-555-1234 and nothing happened. After reading the comments I found that when you look up at the Phonebook using the car bluetooth, the BB10 creates an entry called Blackberry Voice Control, then you hit it to dial and here you go!

If your BT equipped car has the functionality to dial from it, dial 999-555-1234. If not, for sure your phone book is accessible from it and there is an entry called Blackberry Voice Control, hit and you have the same result. If your car has a specific button/function like mine Citroën C5 '10 has, just hit it.



Voice control works in my 2011 Cruze by just saying "Voice"

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Voice control in your car, or Voice Control (the app) on the phone?

It works a little differently for everyone, if it works at all. Some have to add the phone number, 999-555-1234, to the car's phone directory. For other, maybe more advanced systems, the number may appear in the directory as soon as the phone is paired via Bluetooth. Many wind up renaming the automatic entry to something shorter, so you can voice control (your car) to 'Call BlackBerry' or 'Call Z10' instead of 'Call BlackBerry Voice Control.'

But then, once that phone call is 'connected' (it's just a handle to the Voice Control app), your voice will be controlling the Z10 -- not the car's Bluetooth commands. Can send texts and e-mails, whatever Voice Control on Z10 can do with it in hand (which could -- dare I say should-- be illegal while driving.) Dig?


@ Bold9930 The voice control provides a hands free functionality to your mobile phone. Perfect for when your driving. Check out the official Blackberry site for more info.


Actually works fine in both UConnect Chrysler products we have. It won't dial directly (my bad - my earlier attempt) - but if you say to call BlackBerry Voice Control, connects immediately (pretty awesome, I have to say). I wonder what other features are being planned for this?


Works great on Audi a4!!!!!!

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I should be trying that with my wired headset soon and bluetooth stereo headphones, once I get new earmuffs for them. I hate it when they don't fit bicycle helmets.


Ok, BB Z10 here's the Drive Safe hands free Text to Speech and Email App on Blackberry App site, it works great, they are now working on other languages and multiple email acct. At present you select the account you want it to read hands free. even when your phone is asleep..