More BlackBerry users are women than men!

By James Richardson on 14 May 2013 10:49 am EDT

With Alicia Keys taking the stage at BlackBerry Live - one thing she mentioned that we have never heard before is that more women are using BlackBerry smartphones than men. In fact she stated that 56% of BlackBerry users are women!

As you can see from the above image girl power is rocking the world.

Come on chaps - see sense and go buy a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It's your destiny! But keep it up ladies - nice job.


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Come on men!

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Come on men!

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As far as I know there are just about that many more women in the world then men!
Men tend to die earlier.
So no great news hear.

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There are more men than women actually.


His right, the numbers were trending very hard toward woman a decade ago but recently it has gone back to the middle with men being slightly more.


This is funny stat.

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Women tend to know a good thing when they see it. Then we try to convince our men.


No. It's just that you're safer, have more advantages and more opportunities and more disposable income then men.


My gf just got a z10

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Hmm, interesting statistics we've got here.

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Love it!!!

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Women tend to know a good thing when we see it. Then even when things get rough we hang in there :). BlackBerry for life!

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Tomas Carrillo

Because boys gift BlackBerry to gf (official and the no official one ).

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Really not loving all the sexism that Alica Keys seems to be bringing to BlackBerry


A woman who uses a BlackBerry = HAWT!


Hard to believe. My wife is totally an apple user.

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It's true. There are four female BB users and only two male BB users in my family.

Hale Kim

Either way, we need to change the trend of iOS and droid to BB10. :)

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Maybe a month ago there was a Seeking Alpha article titled" BlackBerry 's Secret Weapon: Women" in which the writer pointed out that a very large percentage of BlackBerry users were women. Don't remember the details but it looks like the percentage is even higher than he suggested. I find this a bit surprising as BlackBerry is associated with business and I think more men are in business than women but perhaps not that much less anymore? Of course there are personal uses as well. In any case, Go Ladies!

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This statistic is likely to be due to it being harder to use a touchscreen if you have long nails, generally.


This is the very reason I know a large number of females swear by their physical keyboard. I can name 5 right off the top off my head that have told me someone will have to pry their BlackBerry out of their cold dead hands. And because of that, they're carrying old Curves and Bolds and just can't wait for a Q10.

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Let's go men we can outnumber women next year or at least tie them at 50/50 for BlackBerry user base ! ;)

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Females represent!

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Woman like to message socially more than men ,guys like toys and gadgets more than woman

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Really? I see more women with iPhone 's

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My husband is blinded by all things apple whereas I have stuck with BlackBerry!
We women do know a good thing when we see it!!!

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Great presentation...Women cannot live without keyboards ...all those dollars spend on nails is going to help BlackBerry.

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Wearing hand lotion also makes a touchscreen grungy. Love my Q10 keyboard, even though I don't have long nails.


I have long nails and I'm using the z10 :) just saying

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I was a die hard physical keyboard girl and yes I do have long nails but since switching to the Z10 I'd never go back! I love the silence of typing and like not typing with the end of my nail now but rather the pad of my thumb. :) Best keyboard ever!

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If you like to social then nothing beats BlackBerry. Especially the HUB now trumps all. Let's face it, women like to chat!

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Most women like the organization BlackBerry gives. My boss is on a 9930 and unfortunately will give it up at contract time for a iP4s.

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Cool... I guess females know what smart phones a best!


Long nails or not (I used to be a nail tech so I had acrylics all the time but now they're short and natural) I've loved BlackBerry since my Curve 8520 and used to press the buttons with the end of my talons, now I have the Z10 and loving the virtual keyboard as well :) nothing beats a BlackBerry for messaging and multi-tasking which is probably why us women love BlackBerry so much :D may I also add that the hub is the greatest invention since sliced bread! The way this sexy device flows so flawlessly is just epic! One of my guy friends saw this when I first got it and it took his breath away... he said he was ashamed to own an iPhone. He took a pic of my Z10 so he could swoon over it until his next upgrade... lol :P sadly the only way to get the masses back on board is to provide all the big apps and get a hype going so the sheep will flock back to BlackBerry...

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