More BlackBerry Thunder Details...

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jun 2008 12:05 am EDT

BlackBerry Thunder 9500 Touch Screen

We talked about these details during this week's Podcast, but in case you're not a listener it seems worthy of a dedicated post. Good 'ole Boy Genius posted some more information on the BlackBerry Thunder this week, following up on the awesome photo that surfaced on Sunday. The new details:

  • Yes, it has a SIM card slot, located under the battery of the device
  • MicroSD card slot is also located under the battery of the device
    • so don't expect to see a ton of onboard memory
    • and I guess I was wrong when in the past I've stated that RIM would never make another device where you'd have to remove the battery to access the memory card. Consider me disappointed that it's not externally accessible. ALTHOUGH...silver lining, this does actually make the device LOOK nicer.
  • Release Date: Still aiming to launch in the 3rd quarter on Verizon (I'm hoping the calendar year 3rd quarter and not RIM's 3rd quarter)
  • Network Support: CDMA 1x, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSPA
As Craig talks about in the podcast, the broad network support means this baby will be packing a Qualcomm chip with Gobi technology (more info on Gobi here). And if you're on a GSM carrier don't expect to be able to toss in your SIM card and use the Thunder. It's sure to be locked down tight and will be roaming on CDMA within the USA.

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More BlackBerry Thunder Details...


VZW makes me cringe...

At least it looks cool.

Now people wont be able to flip that AT&T hordes the Touchy goodness.

Now we can say it about VZW too.

VZW may make you cringe but they didnt have to merge with AT&T (Cingluar) to get out from behind a lousy reputation. Or was it a Cingular buy out. VZW is one of the few companies that has not had to merge with other companies like Sprint and Nextel to stay afloat I wonder why is? Hmmmm. As far as typing there are a couple rumors first I've heard is the will be a slide out keyboard, or and since it came from a very reliable source at VZW, the keyboard will be touch also.

Cingular didn't merge with anyone. When SBC rebranded as ATT it decided to rebrand Cingular as well. (SBC had something like a 60% stake in Cingular)

Same company, only the name has changed.


What does merging have to do with cringe factor?

The likelihood of a Slideout in my opinion is unlikely.

Especially if the above picture is **somewhat** accurate.

Well being that I work at verizon, the phone does look like that. I just went to a training seminar, and the release of this phone will be in Q3, early July.

Yes, it was confirmed to me by Verizon that the Thunder is REAL and will be released in September. I'm on the lookout.
Got one coming to me in late July early August.