More BlackBerry Storm OS Screenshots Emerge!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Sep 2008 03:58 pm EDT
New Storm Screenshots!

This time courtesy of Kevin Byrne, aka The Man, we have more screenshots of the BlackBerry Storm's OS. The image above shows that you will have two typing options in landscape mode - if you're not a SureType fan you can still choose to tap characters out the old school multi-tap way (no full qwerty in portrait). After the jump we have two shots of the Storm's homescreen (both in portrait and landscape (I wonder what options are listed under Set Homescreen Preferences?), and best for last, we have a screenshot of the Screen/Keyboard Preference page. You will be able to change the Tap Interval, Hover Period and Swipe Sensitivity of the touchscreen to dial in your Storm user-experience. SWEET!! Thanks Kevin!

Storm OS


Storm OS


 Storm OS

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More BlackBerry Storm OS Screenshots Emerge!!


looks nice man...this is definitely gonna give ATT a run for their money with the iPhone and the delay with the Bold

I really hope that's not what the homescreen is going to look like once all the app icons are visable. (shot taken at 2:11) Nothing is centered and the icons look clunky and boring. If things look like it on the shot taken at 2:09, I'll be mooooore than happy. Glad my renewal is up in Nov. w/ and extra $100 off, plus employee discount. Looking forward to this.

The 2:11 shot looks like it should be the screen when you hit the 'menu' button...I'm sure that won't be the home screen.

I'm the 2:09 shot is more or less the final shot.

I'm not switching to Verizon for this, but I'd sure like to play with one for a little while.

These shots do look really great. Icones, even if you don't like the shot at (2:11), I am sure that you will be able to get a new theme that is more to your liking just like other BB's.

You know, my new every two is up at Verizon and so I went in looking to upgrade to my first BB (thinking Curve). The girl working told me that they have been told Oct 20th for the release of this and it should be worth waiting for (this was on Wednesday). I don't know about the date, but it sure does look worth waiting for!

it's my understanding that Apple holds patents around multi-touch, so you may never see it come to non-iPhones

The last picture has arrow keys at the bottom. What are your guys' take on that? Think you need to use those to scroll the menu??? I would assume it would be swipe to scroll?

You may be able to use those to scroll. If so, I actually think that is sweet. The RIM philosophy is always been to make their phones easy to use with only one hand. Having those arrows means you could grabs the phone in only your right hand and easily tap/hover to scroll.

But there is a swipe sensitivity setting, so maybe you can do both.

Again Kevin - THANKS!!!! Looking forward to my 1st BB experience. You and the likes of Kevin Brynes (and many others I could mention) have not only enthused me about this phone, but BB's in general. Being a 1st smart phone device for me I have been looking for 2 primary things (1) a good phone that holds a signal & (2) a stable OS, hence my choice to go with a BB device.

Jim Goldman over at CNBC (URL is finally putting a name to the hurricane that has wiped out more than half of RIM's market cap in the past 60 days and almost 30 percent in the past 24 hours: iPhone.

Yes, you iPhone haters dreaming of the Storm —— and I for one love the Storm screenshots I've seen and can't wait to try one for myself —— you were right and I was wrong.

I've been maintaining that hating the iPhone doesn't make you a good BlackBerry fan, just an iPhone hater. Now I see you do have a reason to hate the iPhone: Not only is it superior in the eyes of the consumers, dumb though they may seem to some BB fanboys, it is literally destroying BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN RIM CAPITAL. This is money that RIM desperately needs to finance it's long-promised and never-delivered "iPhone killer."

Too bad the market has already discounted the Bold, the Storm, the Javelin Curve and the Pearl Flip.

The reason is simple: the iPhone, despite its many flaws, was and IS a game-changer. Not one of BlackBerries new devices——yet to even be delivered to us here in the U.S.——come close.

Yes, I love some things about the Bold. And I love some things about the Storm. And I love some things about the Javelin Curve. And I even love some things about the Pearl Flip (cool preview of emails and voicemails, for example on the cover).

The problem is that RIM got cut and divided key features among several devices instead of coming out with an all-in-one killer device that delivers the "ultimate BlackBerry experience."

And isn't that what we all want: the ultimate BLACKBERRY experience instead of the iPhone experience?

Instead we get the 80 percent experience on the Bold, or the 60 percent experience on the Javelin, or the 20 percent experience with the Storm, which if it came with a slide-out physical keypad and WiFi along with the touchscreen might have been true to the BlackBerry brand instead of damaging it with inevitable comparisons to the iPhone.

Those of us converted to BlackBerry need no excuses to upgrade. But expecting consumers who don't already use these devices to pay out of pocket for them in lieu of their corporate welfare is wishful thinking. Would YOU pay out of pocket for a BlackBerry as a BIS customer--not enterprise user—-and fend for yourself?

Instead of BB fanboys irrationally bashing the iPhone——like some iPhone lemmings do to BlackBerries——we should be preparing for the day we may have to switch over now that RIM will have even less money to make the products they should have delivered a year ago.

Bash this post all you want. I like BlackBerry. I'm OK with iPhone. But I don't like what's happening to RIM's picture looking three years out from now. RIM executives have seen the future. So have the markets.

They're just hoping and praying you haven't. And in the meantime are spinning a Matrix-like illusion of PR screenshots and vaporware you haven't even used yet and are frothing over unaware of the inevitable letdown you'll feel once you have them in your hand for two weeks——just like the analysts who've handled the devices and are now dumping the stock.

Wake up and DEMAND that RIM show some respect for its customers by giving them ALL the features a BlackBerry is ALREADY capable of delivering.

Well, get a blackberry a record a video of your iphone and post it! haha

Really though, the iphone is a fun device first, and a functional device second. The blackberry is more function oriented, and you can have fun with it.

Personally I sell phones and use my blackberry simply for fun, music, movies and internet. But blackberry's name was built of its email platform.

Blackberry will be producing smartphones 3 years from now, will Apple still be making phones? Or will they have moved onto their next project? A better question I think.

RIM stock was unrealistic and over valued. With the US economy going down the tubes it further impacts the share price.

The iPhone is great for its intended market, but it's not a business phone. Two years down the road, what is Apple going to come out to keep people interested in it?

RIM Q2 Net Income of $495 million, that’s up 72% from a year ago.
RIM Q2 sales of $2.58 billion, up 88% from a year ago.

RIM’s stock is down because they missed earnings expectations by a penny, not because the iPhone. In fact, even with the added competition of the iPhone this has been RIMs best quarter ever! It's just that analysts expected a penny more.

The second thing is forecast earnings. Now if you bother to read RIMs results, you will see that they revised their margins down for two reasons:

1) To spend MORE on R&D so they can launch more devices. A good thing.

2) To spend MORE on consumer marketing, because they are launching no less than four brand new devices. Another good thing.

So, RIM is down because for short-term traders, lower margins is bad news. For the long-term health of the company the results couldn't be better.

Saying the iPhone is wiping its butt with RIM is short sighted and the farthest from the truth.

* I didn't write all of this post - thanks to others that compiled some of the facts.

Well first off I will say that in the past month I have seen in the wild over a dozen different Berries. In the past year, one Iphone. You say that RIM is spreading their ideas to thin, according to you, a Super phone call it the BLackberry Infinity will be a touchscreen/flip phone with a slide out keepboard that has wifi, GPS, Bose quality speakers, voice dialing, makes popcorn, and will drive your car.

To say that the Storm pales in comparission is delusional. It is a BB, by its very nature it is better. The Iphone is an overpriced toy with a substandard carrier around it. Does it look pretty yes, does it have good multimedia yes, does it have a pretty web browser sure. What it does not have is RIM's superior e-mail system, Blackberry Messenger, copy and paste functions which every smartphone should have, and a business and government employee market.

I work for the State of Michigan, what does their DIT and emercancy systems use? Blackberries thats what. Because nothing compares to the level of communication that a Blackberry can offer. The Bold is for hardcore crackheads who need their berry with them 24/7 12 months a year, even on Xmas. The Javelin will have a market due to it's increased tech specs and smaller size. The Pearl Flip will be a monster among college students and high school age kids. Flip phones are still the most popular out there and the text message fad isn't going anywhere. When parents see that their kids can use BB messenger without having to pay those damn text messenging fees they will jump at the chance to get one.

And the Storm, can't forget the Storm. As I said the Iphone had those three nice features, well the Storm has those. Full browsing capabilities, improved multimedia features( with a higher resolution touch screen than the Iphone) and yes it looks very very nice. Add those three items to the items I listed ( and the hundreds of other uber BB qualities I didn't list) and yes you have a phone that is in my opinion an Iphone killer.

P.S. to you people bi**hing about Wifi get over it.

P.P.S. And one other thing phones with slide out keyboards are hideous and I hope RIM never makes them.

I'm glad the Bold has been delayed. Gives me a chance to take a look at this sweet thing and maybe switch over to Verizon.

Sorry if anyone was wondering.

My tirade was against Mr.The Nightmare Has A Name.

What the hell is up with that anyway?

P.S. to you people bi**hing about Wifi get over it.

P.P.S. And one other thing phones with slide out keyboards are hideous and I hope RIM never makes them.

I agree to both of the above. Looking forward to my Storm.

I dunno if you posted that with your puter or your berry, but it sure looks like you cut and pasted my comment. That guy drooling on his Iphone couldn't do that :)

Comment made: "iPhone for play, RIM for work..."

The obvious question: Why can't (CAN'T!!!) RIM compete in the lower tier iPhone market?

Huh? Is BMW not allowed to produce a budget line of cars, even if they wanted to- just because they're BMW? Huh?

The RIM haters out there don't seem to understand this- the Storm is not designed as a business device. It's designed as a competitior on the wide-field touchscreen market.

The fact that it ALSO has BES support is the cherry on top-

Why you people think RIM is incapable of working the lower market ONLY because they are so good at the high-tier market is simply baffling. It's obvious that the Storm is in it to compete with the iPhone, but RIM also targets the hard-key market as well (unlike the other Fruit company, which has only one product in the cellular arena).

RIM wants EVERYONE using their phones- not just the business folk, not just the college kids who like fancy toys. They've got the resources and the engineering brilliance to play ball on both courts. Period.

RIM could care less whether you use the Curve or the Bold or the Storm- they just want to sell you a phone and they want it to be the best damn device you've ever carried!

Go Berry, Go!

Even though I just purchased the 8130 Pearl 3 days ago off my girlfriends mother. When this is released you can find me at the huge line at the Verizon store trying to get one of these =) This phone is sweet

I dunno much about the site but the offer looks kinda bogus, but there is a site called that is offering the Storm for preorder at 599.99 with expected availability on Oct 1. I thought it was interesting, but I wouldn't put much stock in it.

I am really looking forward to the continued info, leaked or otherwise, leading up to the RIM Developers Conference the 2nd week of October. Considering the media aspects of the Storm I think that Kevin will have quite a bit of eye candy for us coming out of the Dev Conference. Not only in App's and forthcoming media content. But I feel that some of the "Cool" media stuff we has yet to be seen will be demonstrated on the one and only Storm. I am confident that our master of getting his hands on devices, Kevin Michaluk, will get his hands on one if it is in the area. Great work again Kevin!

First, for anyone that thinks this is a bad choice for RIM to directly cmpete with the iPhone you have to realize that when a revolution occurs, in order to stay competitive, you have to follow and hopefully improve upon that advancement.

Second, I currently own an iPod Touch (iPhone without the phone) and I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the idea of it and the simplcity of use, but apple has seriously dropped the ball with all of their software updates. These are the same updates that have applied to the iPhone. The software is slow and buggy, especially the software that operates the touch screen. I was initially considering switching from VZW to ATT for the iPhone, but after this experience, I would never recomend switching to the iPhone.

However, I love the idea of the iPhone and abilities of "the network", enter storm. I am neither a business user nor current blackberry user and cannot wait for the storm to come out. The stability that should come with a bb os will sway more people over to bb's storm that otherwise may purchase the iPhone or even some of Verizon's other standard touch phones.

I'll be waiting in line for this most definitely!!

"And one other thing phones with slide out keyboards are hideous and I hope RIM never makes them"

Rim are always going to look for new ways to expand their market if they have any sense, if there's the demand for one from a carrier or users like that then you can bet they will make one, just like they did with the pearl, the kickstart and soon the storm.

With their comments about expecting all phones to eventually be smartphones, those who think apple is their target are almost certainly mistaken. The iphone is a popular product, but still a niche and if rim have a target in their sights its going to be nokia not apple.

Set homescreen preferences is probably just some simple stuff like how many icons there are on the main homescreen or other things that can be changed regardless of current theme such as wallpaper.

nice job kev but can u get some more pics please

I check this site almost everyday,

THE Storm will blow u and the Iphone away

Is anybody home?

AT&T is shooting itself in the foot by waiting sooooo long to release the Bold. I currently have a Tilt and have been waiting on the Bold since mid summer when all the rumors started flying. Who would have guessed that you had to move to Chile!

Customer satisfaction means a lot...

Alright well i just talked to a vzw manager today at my local store. He said that the storm is coming very soon. I'm hoping we should know for sure on oct first the release information if not pre order. Why would verizon set up an email sign up two months away from the release of the phone? He said you cant go by that training schedule for an release on the phone. lets all hope the first we will know.

I'm a Pearl user.
Mine broke.
I can upgrade now.
I'm tired of the refurbished units they keep sendgin me.
Which one should I wait for: 9000 Bold or the Strom (Touch)??

This question is vague, Who is your carrier? If you aren't going to switch from AT&T to Verizon or vice versa, then you just answered your own question.

Eventually they might... but at the moment it is exclusively on Verizon in the United States. Also, as long as Apple and AT&T have an exclusivity contract, I'm pretty sure Apple would throw a hissy fit if AT&T agreed to take on a touchscreen Blackberry as well...

Eventually touchscreen blackberries are going to spread to other carriers, but this one is an exclusive for verizon and vodafone.

you wish crack fags, iphone ll kick your asses any day. who will develop the apps for storm anyway will and when will other developers get in the game????? quit now go apple!!! eat from the fruit of knowledge.

wackberry sucks