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More BlackBerry Slider Pics Show Up Online

By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2010 09:10 pm EST
More BlackBerry Slider (9700a) Pics Show Up Online

In an effort to give us all a better feel for the BlackBerry slider (aka 9700a as it has shown up as... at least for now anyways as that could easily and should change), the folks over at BBLeaks have got some more pics for us to gaze over. These pics give us a look at the back end of the device as well as give us a size idea by being compared to a BlackBerry Curve 8900. As with all prerelease devices, what we're looking at here is pre branded hardware. And while it may likely be close to "final form" the released models will have branding and such from carriers on them and will certainly look more polished. Past prerelease devices such as the Bold 9000 first showed up wearing a plastic battery door. A far stretch from the leather backing it arrived with at release. Some of you may remember the Bold 9700 was first seen with a trackball, so while pics give us a general idea, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until newer, branded hardware is spotted.

Still lots left to learn about this device as the days go by, hopefully we'll get to see a better look as many, many questions remain unanswered here. What about the camera? Is it 5MP and making use of the liquid lense we heard? Or is it still running the old 3.2MP that has been standard. What about the screen? Is it touchscreen? OS it's running, if any? Here’s to hoping someone out there can actually get an up close and personal look with one that actually powers on at some point. Now, with these new pictures showing up has it changed your thoughts on the device? One more picture after the break of the side by side with an 8900.

Side By Side


Can't wait to get one of these.


hmmm okay, I am getting more interested, just barely thicker than the 8900.


I want one, when can I get it ???


Interesting... Definitely a BlackBerry to check out.


I am guessing that since it is only the screen that slides up, it might not be as top-heavy as first thought? Most of the actual components (camera, battery, keyboard) seem to all stay with the keyboard, so they will remain at the bottom of the device while the screen goes up...

Interesting... :)


Im just wondering if it will be the flagship or if its just another new model? Hoping for atleast a 1ghz processor and the good camera.


conveinience key only on one side???


first thing I noticed - wonder if that would be something that changed w/ final version? If it's really a true touch screen, maybe there would be short cuts on there...


This device isn't "top heavy" in any sense of the word...


How can you be so sure as to make a definitive statement like that when it has not been released yet? It doesn't appear so to me either but it certainly could end up being before this is released. If it ever is of course.


I wasn't a huge fan of this design, but with these new pics, i must say i am getting more interested in this phone...looks nicely sized. definitely have to check this out.


I agree. These photos of the slider does make the phone look more interesting. Hmm.


the device is not top heavy like the palm. the part that is in your hand is heavy so it wont be dropping when you are typing. one worry is cleared!


The palm pre is too light to be top heavy in my opinion. That is a fantastic phone with a terrible battery life and I small keyboard if you ask me :P


Nothin to special about these pics. I am still very interested in it though. Hopefully we'll get some specs one of these day


Why not include a picture of the keyboard? If, of course, it will have one...


Because those pics have already been seen...



that desk looks familiar....hmmmm


I guess we're a little closer to reality. I'm still going to wait to see it before I believe it. May be fun to fart around with.


"Past prerelease devices such as the Bold 9000 first showed up wearing a plastic battery door. A far stretch from the leather backing it arrived with at release."


"Past prerelease devices such as the Bold 9000 first showed up wearing a plastic battery door, a far stretch from the leather backing it arrived with at release."

Come on Blaze, get with it!!! And don't tell me you did that on purpose to have me read this article! No excuses!!!


Actually, to be totally honest. I'm pretty sick of you being a word gangster and attacking every single period, comma and misspelling I write. You have become a comment troll. Bring some value besides pointing out what's wrong with the article, please.

However, just for you I fixed it.


LOL! Dude, this is the first time I've ever said anything about your writing. You must be confusing me with someone else. Anyway, reason I said something is because I recently listened to the latest CB podcast and heard the discussion about intentionally misspelling words to draw attention. Was just a joke!


I know....Bahaha! I used you as my "test pilot" for my new response. What do ya think, can I get away with it? ;)

Doubt it eh? Kinda abrasive and prickish?


Jeez! Oh man you got me, but something seemed fishy since I've never commented on your grammar before! I think you'll scare everyone from correcting any mistakes ever again if you rip on them like that! I'd just let all the grammar-nazi comments slide :)


I personally dont't care about an article's grammar for small things like that. I didn't even notice the missing comma and I got the point of the blog so it doesn't even matter to me...


lame. someone has WAYYY too much free time.


I want this device! Please come to T-Mobile with 3G, I will be in heaven.


Why couldn't they just have made a Bold 9000 size device with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen?


Nothin to special about these pics. I am still very interested in it though. Hopefully we'll get some specs one of these day


I don't see anywhere in these pics a slot for a media card??? maybe it will be on the screen side of the device? Total speculation of course.


on the right side, is that the sim or media?


its both, sim card at the bottom with a media card slide in slot above where the arrow is.

Miss Anarchy

I was thinking about upgrading, but with these and the previous pictures I am thinking I will wait.


The more I see, the more I want it! Doesn't seem like it would be top heavy, and if it has a touch screen as well it might actually get me into the newer bb's.

vinny jr

It's not much bigger then the 8900. I thought the way it looked in other pictures it was going to be a very big, out of shape ugly phone. Not at all, very clean and neat. I want just a few simple things, touch screen, wifi, great OS with great browser, able to download apps to memory card, stereo speakers, front camera for skype calling ect. and a ton of memory. Downloading apps to memory card would help the memory situation but adding much more memory will not suck. Not only downloading the apps to memory card but of course being able to one click using them from memory card as well. I can probably think of more but those few changes would be great.
PS I know what I forgot, better GPS.


dude, that sounds like the perfect blackberry. hopefully we'll see a bb like this someday. with any luck, this slider may be it or at least inch closer to what your suggesting.


I've always loved slider phones and now my favorite people are making one! Can't get much better than that!


Looks very interesting to me. Just the screen sliding makes sense, leaving the bulk of the weight with the keyboard as well as the ability to grip and type like a normal blackberry. I actually wouldn't care if it wasn't a touch screen (though we have seen the previous photos of the screen and know it is a capcitive touch). I pray it does NOT have surepress and does not have the icons like the Storm OS. Just leave them the same as in the current Bold and such. I would say give us 1gig of RAM but then you could fit most of the apps in app world on it! Webkit browser, 1Ghz processor, LTE (it could happen!), 850x480 screen res, and the 5mp liquid lense camera and this would be the definite flagship berry. Why not throw 16GB on board for movies/music also for fun. Dreaming here.....


Good dream, though. I would prefer to see that on a candybar phone, though. No touchscreen.

Michael Scrip

Pretty soon... RIM will offer models in every type:

QWERTY/candybar, touchscreen, flip, and now slider.

Why not?


YAWN. RIM continues to miss the point. They keep adding a bunch of chrome and polish to an OS that was out of date 3 years ago. Adding a potentially faulty sliding keyboard to a lackluster unfriendly and unhuman OS does not fix things. Sure it fills a needs. It addresses issues that Storm and Storm 2 owners have had which is a lack of physical keyboard. Nothing else. It doesn't fix their antiquated UI, 2005 era browser, or mediocre social networking. Sure it does email. Except that my Palm Pre (yes both are activated simultaneously) gets email faster than my Tour AND I don't have to waste $20 a month to get something as simple as Exchange access. This phone is as exciting as a papercut. Blackberry is as banal as it gets.


So I guess you're clairvoyant? You know what OS the slider will ship with already!
I'm damn impressed!


pre-central is looking for writers, you should head over there...


some one turn on the bloody device


I'm even more excited with these new pics!
It looks more 9700-ish then it did in the original post.
I do hope the second convenience key makes it into the production model though!

Nice and compact, full keyboard, nice big screen (hopefully with touch)...

I just can't wait! This is the BlackBerry I've been wanting since I first picked up my old Curve 8310!


This phone is ugly. The sliding to the top thing is a turn off. If they had made the phone slide out from the side I would have more interest. I'll pass on this and wait it out. Anyways I still like my Storm 2.


no left side convenience key huh???


Will they be able to make an Otterbox for this. I'm not sure if that would work.


no left side convenience key, headset jack over the volume rocker...poo.


If you look closely at the SIM card slot, is that the media card housing above it?


According to BBleaks tweet, this device is not called the 9700a. Supposedly, it will blow our minds.



It looks a lot better at these angels. Um, idk why the battery is so small. They could have given this thing a battery much like the 9700. The 8900 form factor is old news if you ask me.


what do you mean 8900 form factor is old news? Do you mean candybar? Or the thickness of it? Either way its not that outdated as far as actual dimensions


Dont get me wrong i love Blackberries. But come on RIM give us what we want. A Storm with a Slide out keyboard from the side. Not from the bottom. Are people @ rim dumb. This is a wack phone. If RIM is serious about being number 1 then get with the program. And Yes a Higher Camera then 3.2mp. Some kind of Flash. A snapdragon Pros. Now that would be a hell of a blackberry.


Personally, I would hate a side opening phone. Maybe they'll have that someday, as well. They can't cater to everyone's tastes. Unfortunately, they have to make what they think will sell. And this will definitely sell.


This has got to be the ugliest thing since Jennifer Lopez married Mark Anthony.


I can stop laughing that the best comment in this post. ha ha ha ha ha ha .

If a have a chance to buy this i will just to get out of verizon, I hope t-mobile, be the provider of this phone, because i'm really tired of verizon and this piece of crap, storm 2.

I will always regret let go my iphone for this piece of fine equipment, (storm 1 and storm 2). just because i need de BlackBerry Messenger. ( this is the only good thing about any blackberry).

I hate the blackberry processor and the flash memory and is too limited to surf in internet, play games, and other thing, that the iphone is million times better..

guys don't hate me, but is the truth. just i'm applying freedom of speech.


Hopefully RIM gets their act together and releases this phone by the end of summer along with OS 6.0 and the webkit browser. They're playing catch up right now and the longer it takes for this phone to get to market the further behind they will be.


There playing catch up!? Are you serious? This is the first time I have ever seen a company release like 5 devices in a year. They wont release OS 6 for a long time dude.

Everything takes time.


yeah, 5 of the same devices with a different look. None with atleast a 1ghz processor...if their next flagship does not have a processor OVER 1ghz they truly are playing catch up


I guess you have a point. They did release a lot of phones, but the phones were about the same. The only thing that they made different was the pad instead of the trackball.

However, I think this slider was the wrong direction. They should have made a tour/8900/9700 series phone with touch screen. I miss my Palm for that one reason.


I'd love to see this in the Pearl form factor with touch screen, and a side sliding full qwerty keyboard, using it in candybar mode for quick sms messages and using facebook and twitter etc and useing the side sliding qwerty keyboard for web browsing, email and using Documents To Go or Google Apps like Google Calendar and Docs.

I think RIM really need to add a front facing camera to there 3G devices. Would be nice if RIM could add 3.5G or 3.75G to there devices for added speed. Glad to see RIM going more consumer friendly with there full qwerty devices though. Would love to see the two way slide feature that the Nokia N95 has where the screen slides down a bit to reveal media player buttons so that you don't have to keep the Media app open to control it, maybe even bring back the old pressing Mute to put the device into standby, even if it's just by adding a dedicated convenience key, and adding back the second convenience key and side loaded micro SD slot as it'salot more convenient than having to pull the battery, my HTC S710 the wifes HTC Touch and my Sony Ericsson W910i and even my Pearl 8110 has got a side loading memory card slot with a cover to protect it, My LG Shine has got memory card slot under the battery cover that doesn't even require the battery to be removed to access the memory card, small niggles I know but RIM should take note of this type of thing it they want to keep the consumer happy and not just the Business user.



i think rim better making storm & bold more better than the old one, coz i love that 2 model very much. big screen and keyboard, and etc. ...etc ..


I love my BIG 9700 battery!
This is to small..


I agree. I won't buy this device for THAT reason.


I stir don't know what I thonk about this device. New hardware doesn't seem to be the answer for RIM. But I am willing to het that it will be just as good as any BlackBerry device that is out now. That would be a good and bad thing.


Needs to charge this thing and power it up.....


how big the screen will be.


This device would look a lot better if they dropped the chrome trim we saw in the earlier pics and kept it all black.


If a have a chance to buy this i will just to get out of verizon, I hope t-mobile, be the provider of this phone, because i'm really tired of verizon and this piece of crap, storm 2.

I will always regret let go my iphone for this piece of fine equipment, (storm 1 and storm 2). just because i need de BlackBerry Messenger. ( this is the only good thing about any blackberry).

I hate the blackberry processor and the flash memory and is too limited to surf in internet, play games, and other thing, that the iphone is million times better..

guys don't hate me, but is the truth. just i'm applying freedom of speech.

P.s i'm sorry if i have any mistake typing but my english is not really perfect..


Any news on the Bands it will have or memory??


I'm more interested in the OS6 it's supposedly running.


make it available for 9700


i am not interested in this phone.

i think 9700 has good hardware specs
but comparing to hardware...
software(OS) sucks....

RIM should work more on device software part instead of new hardware every 3 months...


This is an ugly phone. I don't understand the fascination with BB. BB makes simple upgrades to its phones and passes them off for the next big thing.


To me, it looks like the microUSB slot is still pretty low on the device. You might not be able to hold it and charge at the same time....


Looks okay for what it is. Would definitely like to see a storm size phone/screen with a landscape (side sliding) keyboard. I don't have the best eyes so I like a bigger screen and web pages are generally easier to read in landscape, not to mention the keyboard could likely be bigger and easier to use in landscape. Oh well, maybe in time...


I don't like this design at all.


The battery is way too small if this device has 3G. I love the battery life on my 9700 and there's no way this device will stack up to the 9700. I'm beginning to think it's a non 3G device since they keep comparing it to the size of the 8900. I guess we'll wait and see.


um the size of a phone has nothing to do with it being 3G. They have a pearl 3G which is smaller then the 8900...


This is getting even more interesting. I think this is closer to release than they are leading on. I just hope T-Mo will be selling this device.


I wish it was out already.


i dont like it, its a weak design and its putting rim into devices getting defective even faster, if this phone drop and it will thats it say goodbye and what case will be there to protect it in case of a hard pull and thug, or knock, otterbox is pretty good at protection but with all this slide slide dont look like we will be seeing a case in a form factor that stands up with this, leather cases are just not rugged enough. havent even master the storm yet and already a slider with a another touch screen well we will see this goes at press time, will it stand up to the performance and hype only time will tell. one things for i had enough of these slide slide phones and they dont last long, i dont think not even rim will be able to make this a break through. thats my 2 cents, slide phones is no way tougher than straight phones. and i guess we are getting led astray with good looks these days instead of quality products well let it roll.


I have noticed from the picture of the back of the phone with no back cover that there does not seem to be a slot to put a memory card! On the 8900 there is a slot by the Sim Card Slot to put this. On the Pearl this slot is on the side of the device under a rubber cover...on these Pictures there does not seem to be either of these access points!

Does anyone know whether this Device will be MicroSD ready?? I would think a new device would be pretty useless in this day and age if does not!


And I just got the inside scoop for sure at least Sprint is getting this phone - as I was playing with the test 9650 Bold- and according to my info its coming out sooner than later!