More BlackBerry PlayBook promo videos from RIM!

BlackBerry PlayBook commercial
By Michelle Haag on 6 Jan 2011 02:33 pm EST
Following up on Kevin's post from earlier, here are two more BlackBerry PlayBook videos from RIM: Your Portable Life and Striking Power. I really like the one with the cowboys. ;) All this advertising lately is very encouraging to those of us waiting anxiously for any indication of just when the PlayBook will be released. Check out the videos after the break and make sure to stay close for more coverage from CES 2011!

Your Portable Life: BlackBerry PlayBook

Striking Power: BlackBerry PlayBook

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More BlackBerry PlayBook promo videos from RIM!


My thoughts exactly! The Play Book is great for that market, but with all the fabulous new dual core Android phones being announced, where is the BlackBerry Dakota / Magnum / Bold Touch?

I sure hope that RIM has at least one great new BlackBerry to announce soon.

That old man looks like Dave Lambert, and I think he's letting the poison out.

PS. The music is catchy and would make a great ringer or alarm tone. Who wants to get on that because I'm too lazy?

I'm really loving these wave of new BlackBerry commercials. A lot of them have some of the catchiest soundtrack ever imo. I think they are better then those Apple vs. PC commercials which is nothing but trash talk.

Great ads, I just can't wait for this thing to come out... Now how about a superbowl commercial huh rim?