More BlackBerry Link images appear online

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jan 2013 09:43 am EST

BlackBerry Link will be the BlackBerry Desktop Software replacement for BlackBerry 10. We've seen some images and features in the past, but some more leaked shots have surfaced that show off more of the new software. From the looks of things BlackBerry Link will have a much better UI than the previous software and allow you to transfer files to and from your device, browse files and perform restore/backup and other device functions. It should be fairly full-featured and will be a welcome upgrade from previous versions. Check out some more images below.

Source: RapidBerry  

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More BlackBerry Link images appear online


This looks excellent. I don't see it - but i hope that my dreams of cross platform BBM come true here. I would love to be able to use a keyboard and swap my BBM sessions to the computer when I get to my desk.

Looks neat, but just looks like a different skin to me so far.

here's what would make it great:

Changes on the fly.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to edit errors you catch during a PIM sync? It's such a pain to go through a sync, then make a change, then sync again, then check everything to make sure it populated properly.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to open/edit entries while the phone is hooked up. For example, I use PW keeper for all kinds of things. It's a little tedious to manage on the phone. If I had a way to enter/edit/sync my password keeper from my computer, PW keeper would be so much better. You could control security risks by perhaps only allowing that feature while the phone is hooked up (bridged?) to the computer. There are other native BB applications that would benefit from such a feature as well.

I have other ideas/hopes for BB Link, but I'm running out of care for right now. But those top two things would make link awesome, but I can almost bet it won't be available.

hmm, honestly, I don't know what you are talking about? who said is all about sync? as what you see sync on other platform?

sync in blackberry link is just like paste. You drag your file to copy into your bb handset, and sync as paste it.

Totally agree, the lack of PIM syncs, including memo pad, is one of my biggest complaints regarding my Playbook and 9300. Not only that but the current desktop manager is a POS and cannot sync with Microsoft Outlook the same way twice in a row without screwing something up. Palm had this figured out 10 years ago, what is the matter with RIM, of course it did not save Palm but there were other factors. I will not buy another BB or Playbook until these basic issues are resolved. No more automatically choosing a BB product. I will give serious review of other platforms before my next decision which is due in the spring. I am amused by the Kool Aid drinkers that think that BB10 is going to solve all their issues after having 2 years of deceit from RIM and to some extent Crackberry. Am I bitter, yes, but cannot afford to spend another $1000 on crap that does not deliver what was promised.

Looks amazing.

PS: I hope all those Britney Spears' songs in the 1st screenshot means RIM is willing to hire her as testimonial for BB10. Whatever that girls touches turns into gold, she got the Midas' Touch.

No! Her testimonial would singlehandedly ruin BlackBerry 10. She got 15 million to be a judge on X-Factor last year, she maybe said noting the whole season, and the ratings tanked. Keep that girl away from anything BB 10 lol

I'm sorry, not even Britney Spears could save that sinking ship after the appalling season 1. Everyone knows she's like a walking version of the Superbowl... RIM should be so lucky.

Very quiet about it for a long while. I guess it will take a bit more than January 30th since no pics leaked of anyone testing it..

...and hopefully it will stop deleting old appointments in my Outlook calendar on my PC when it syncs.

Old appointments have no use to be on a calendar when they're completed. They're in the past. I wipe them off mine when they're done. I don't keep that clutter. It's a feature, not a bug or glitch.

So just because YOU have no use for past appointments that means no one else does? I often look back to the previous year to see when I scheduled a certain appointment so I can schedule it about the same time the following year.

That suggestion doesn't work for all people!

Some people require to keep old appointments as a matter of history & reference.
- Doctor appointments; sometimes ask if you've had an operation/dental surgery, etc in the last 6-12mths. Not everyone cares to remember these and most difficult if you've had a bought of these in a short term. Referencing an Appointment in the past that is completed helps get an accurate timeline reference.

This also brings me to wonder if BB10 will hold appointment total times for reference in the Calendar?
- BB4-7 shows you the total time when you enter the length of an appointment (yet disappers when the appointment is saved/created). Having this total time remain helps at times; double-shifts spanning over a normal clock 24hr time period.

I completely agree with you. In my business, I need to keep a history of client interactions for at least seven years. If my history got wiped I'd be screwed. Fortunately HO controls that and while I do lose history off my device after a period of time, it remains on the server. So as long as the removal from history doesn't look like I deleted, all is cool.

Prior to my Bold 9900 I still used a Dell Axim X51v (which even though it was 7 years old was awesome) for all my calender and appointments. All those years I synched it with my desktop Outlook and it was my choice as to what to do with my old appointments. I'm not sure why BlackBerry desktop doesn't let me do that too. I think it's a major design oversight, and I hope that they change it. If I wanted my equipment vendor to dictate how I can use my device, I could just run out and spend too much for an iThing!

Looks way better than the current DTM, but I was really hoping (praying) for a calendar app like the old Palm desktop, that I could color code without regard to the email accounts I have on the phone and edit on the PC, instead of having to use a thrid party app like outlook....

I'm MORE concerned or interested really if RIM has FINALLY gotten rid of IntelliSync!!!

For those that don't know, IntelliSync is licensed by RIM from Nokia! IT is the pinnacle of just about every BlackBerry Desktop Manager version, and many "PC Suite" sync applications by Nokia, SonyEricsson (I'm not sure if Sony has this still), Samsung (prior to Android), and many many many other manufacturers having desktop sync applications.

Also it was a server application not unlike BES and the very FIRST of its kind for multiple OS support - LONG before NTP case against RIM, Long before Motorola purchased Good Technologies (an MDM solution) and other similar MDMs!! This was KING in its day for features as a solution yet it did NOT sell well. Nokia used a dumb down version of it in its now useless (not heavily used) platform. I wrote a huge article on about this software if you wish to have a very interesting read (its been months since that most so you'll need to quickly good search for it).

IntelliSync began life as its own company and was purchased by Nokia and expanded from Windows only support: to Novell OS (non Linux), and soon after some early OSX support.

RIM has made huge and incredible strides in having this technology in Desktop Manager - a LOT of things we take for granted in Desktop Manager:
OS Installation
FULL OS backup and migration (Switch Wizard, Full Backup)
Part and parcel of db's or software instead of having to blow out an OS!! (no other Mobile OS allows this!!)

But ... this technology has begun to get buggy, ladden with too much code! I'm hoping RIM has a much leaner and yet more powerful desktop software technology in BlackBerryLink.

Not sure what to think. I guess its still software to update your BB plus some extras. It doesn't look like it actually does anything interesting and it doesn't look like it would make things easier in anyway.

IMO its a poor design, and why is there so much text.

Compare this to a Cascades app, oh wait don't.

its a poor design? are you crazy or something? compare this to the current DTM and its insanely better looking,

Yes! Yes! Yes! it is way better looking. But when you look at some of the Cascades apps this design isn't very efficient and it should even look like or resemble a Cascades app, shouldn't it?

I guess my main criticism is the main page. I wouldn't have used any thumbnails at all (its almost pointless anyway even if it side scrolls) They should have used more charts/graphs to represent information but that is the problem it actually doesn't do anything (no statistics for frequently played music for instance). It just seems like they've managed to split the usage of you're regular music player and Link so that you still need to use both.

Don't think I'm trolling cause I'm not. Maybe if they added more functionality they could do more with it. Again I'm not saying it isn't better just close to useless. At this point I'm happy to drag and drop using my computers file manager like I do now.

charts and graphs lol, i get what ya mean, but ya gotta admit if your a company trying to shake the `too businessy` image, thats not the route to go lol.

as for cascades, maybe yes i see your point, but this isnt a BB10 device, this is for pc`s where (sadly) you have to play to the lowest common denominator, so having fancy animations and such may look cool on your latest i7 6 core desktop, but on your xp running single core laptop? probably not gonna be the smooth slick experience for the user.

Lowest common denominator, maybe but I don't think its fair to say something can be done on a phone but not on a desktop.

ugh, charts or graphs/graphics to represent which files were most active, played or even somehow connected/tied into with BBM (yeah I'm one of those guys that wants BBM on the Desktop - (I'm dreaming I know lol) I guess I have to be happy cause its clear they aren't moving in the direction I prefer. I'm sure it will work great, my expectations were probably too high anyway. Are they afraid they might awaken the dragon if they do an iTunes competitor?

thats my entire point though, we know for a fact the lowest spec device running cascades will be the playbook when it gets BB10, which is 1ghz dual core and 1Gb ram and the framework for cascades is built into the OS.

If placed on a pc lets say worth $100 on ebay second hand, you`d be looking 2Gb RAM max, and probably a single core processor. add the fact your gonna lose alot of that RAM with windows, and the fact nothing cascades is built into windows and your going to have poor performance. its not that hard to figure out.

also id be willing to bet a 4 year old XP running laptop would have way worse graphics specs than the PlayBook, which means transitions and fluidity would suffer massivley.

also, personally, id rather they sort BB10 on devices first then look at extra stuff on pc`s, its about getting their priorities for mass market right.

As long as it gets the job done I am good. Not a big fan of desktop software from anyone really. For backups I'm good with BlackBerry Protect and for moving stuff on and off the phone generally I prefer to do it myself just dragging and dropping rather then use software to sync. Looks pretty clean and BB10ish though so its great that the interface will be consistent for people when using Link.

I've been waiting for almost a year for what bb10 has to offer for all the die heart fans like myself. This product has all the potential to the lead again. Go RIMM and looking great. I believe there is a lot more to be discovered, and Rimm is teasing our palate with bits and pieces of jaw dropping threats.

incredible improvements from just a few years ago. Rare to see an large enterprise (RIM) improve this much from past legacy

Other than that, will we be able to back up files to our computer from anywhere anytime? Over wi-fi I mean, or over your data plan?

Also, howz about some nice "When your phone is plugged into your computer, you can use BBM and Text from it"

Not sure why they never did this for us non-BES Outlook would realy make the PlayBook an even better tablet than it already is!

Major oversight in my view. I was really disappointed when they neglected this with OS 2.0.

Anyone have insight on if we can play music by folder? It's the simplest way to go, drag over a folder and play music that way. I wish all players could fetch up music this way. Ya ya, tagging is cool too but it's a pain in the ass sometimes to have to go that route.

Make it so i can use the Desktop MAnager as player like itunes, make it so i can use the desktop manager for a pc version of BBM, also add a full codec video player.

Indeed, don't make anything like itunes...
Rim is going there own way and i like that.
Bb10 will change a lot more than some people may think

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

No no no no.

I meant aplayer.

I F***ing HATE iTunes' sync crap.

I meant just the music player nd video player side of it and how it organize songs and how you can buy music from a store and videos and apps on your desktop and add them to the phone and stuff.

if they add music playing app and codec, then they`ll have to license those codecs for pc use maybe, which is an extra cost.

when you consider windows comes with media player, theres vlc and many many 3rd party players already, thats a very low priority for a PHONE launch tbh

Fresh, new, modern, and definitely a welcome addition to the BB10 platform. I'm certain it won't take an hour to load and another hour to detect the phone as with DTM :)

That aside, I hope BB10 will somehow give us the option to choose a dark theme and a light theme (the one we've been seeing) as I'm really digging this dark grey-cyan color theme BB Link is showing.

I think this should be a cloud service for your BB10 device and PlayBook with each BB10 owner given 25 GB of free or paid cloud storage (that's what I get complete Microsoft). If it's not, then RIM had better snap to it.

imo the album artwork attests to the timeframe RIM seems to be stuck in. this redesign looks like a watered down blacked out itunes.

I really like the new look of this BB desktop replacement. Sleek and professional. Just how I like it.

~I am Blackberry by choice~

Nice design. Hope to see it works as fast as it the actual one does or evenimente faster. Nice job RIM. Can't wait to get my hands on a X10.

It looks to be the same as the old software. I think it would have been nice of the computer software could be more interactive. Kind of like when my playbook is bridged with my phone. I can use bbm, sms, etc. I think (now I know this may wrankle some people for just saying this, but...) something along the lines of itunes would be nice. By that I mean being able to search apps, play music, etc. Instead of having to use WMP (as shown in one of the pics), or even itunes for your music source, why not make this my music source?

tbh, if ya want an `itunes` style thing, why not just use itunes for your music? or one of the many 3rd party media players for windows?

yes they need to have good PC software, but in the big scheme of things, the PHONE is what matters a whole lot more. I`d rather they have an awesome phone thana itunes client tbh.

oh and if ya think it looks the same as the old software, i`d suggest a trip to the opticians lol

I wrote a post not too long ago regarding all the +itching ppl do when rim introduces something new. Point confirmed. My goodness look at all the +itching happening in this post. You people haven't even tried it yet and there is already complaints "oh this is missing oh it doesn't have this oh I wish it was like ITunes oh I wish I can bbm from my PC" goodness gracious. When are you people ever going to be satisfied? Jezzzzzzzzz

Yes it's nice looking.

However here is what I am most concerned about, and which could stand improving from Blackberry Desktop:

Straightforward OS updates/rollback that don't take half the day
OS updates that don't lose app data and registrations

What I would really like is something like the old Palm Desktop, where I can enter/edit calendar items, contacts, tasks etc on the PC/Mac. A lightweight app that doesn't require the Outlook monstrosity. Yeah I know I won't get that. An API that allows a 3rd-party developer to develop such an app would be great, though. ;-)

I would really like it if bb link gives us the ability to view and modify contacts, calendar events through it

Once I found a Crackberry solution to wirelessly transfer files from my Ubuntu desktop to my Playbook , I've been a pretty happy camper. Nonetheless, it sure would be great if RIM would provide BBLink for Linux/Ubuntu. They're leaving out a huge customer base in not doing so. Am I wrong in believing that the countries /continents with some of the strongest BB following also have very high Linux os usage?

This looks so good! Much smoother, more polished than the current software. I can't wait to get my hands on an x-10/"n-series"! Go RIM!

It looks more and more like BlackBerry 10. Nice, very nice. Waiting for BlackBerry X10 is killing me. It will go great next toate my playbook. QNX is the best OS.