More BlackBerry Javelin Images!

BlackBerry Javelin
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2008 12:08 pm EDT

Engadget just posted more images of the BlackBerry Javelin! All I can say is LOOKING GOOD. More images after the jump...

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin

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More BlackBerry Javelin Images!


The pic with 3 phones, is that theBold on the bottom. I guess if TMO does not get the Bold, and gets this, I would be ok with it. I want 3G, but this to me is an improved Curve, with better buttons for my pudgy fingers!

i do believe that that is the 8800 worldphone on the bottom, not the bold. as well i dont see what the big deal is for 3G, most carriers dont have that many 3G towers to support it.

Ya, I like it too. Keyboard seems like the 8700 w "soft" keys. I've always been impressed w the 8700's keyboard. I too will upgrade from Curve. I'm mostly anxious for an updated OS. Running Curve w 4.2. Hopefully this ships w at least 4.5, cuz I'm VERY excited about DocumentsToGo.

Now i'm torn between the bold and the javelin. I'd like the 3G however with AT&T restricting the speed of the 3G is it really even worth it if the Javelin is a significantly better phone without it?

You know what's really great... that RIM hasn't changed any of the key arrangement of their keyboards. Either they've perfected the keyboard or they're fearful of backlash ...haha


This is definately the next hot Blackberry. You can see how RIM is working their magic here. It's as if the Bold will replace the 88xx series (camera availability aside) and this baby right here will replace the 83xx series. Go figure I had to get my 8310 just over a month ago...Oh well, at least I'm now in the BB Family.

Javelin in a word: Sexy
Bold in a word: Sophisticated
Blackberry in a word: Innovative!!!

My conclusion...The Javelin looks very consumer friendly which is what RIM needs to shoot down these iPhone tweekers. Nothing against those that own one. I have many friends that own Apple. But this baby just has that "it" factor of visual appeal combined with the gadgets we all got into Blackberry in the first place.

RIM has a winner here. Bring it out to the masses!!!

this is really awesome and very much what would make me trade my curve. glad to be in the BB family with such cool phones coming out.

Looks sweet except those booger green numbers lol!!

No external SDCard slot though, RIM had it started with the new Pearls and the Bold. Where's the consistency?

The size of and keypad structure of this makes me wonder if I'd prefer it better then the Bold, but alas I'll be getting which ever one comes available first to me, which will be the bold since I'm on Robbers Wireless.

And with BIS 2.5 going in anyday now for the Americas, we should expect any new devices to be loaded with 4.5 or higher really ;)

I LIKE the Booger Green Numbers.

Makes more sense - it's the same Green as the Send Call Key. Makes for a more clear distinction that this device is a phone...albeit a very Smart phone

I agree, I like the green numbers. I think the phone overall, looks sharp, and I disagree about the coments stating that it has an old and outdated look. I am not real impressed about the lack of it being a 3G phone though. Hopefully, that might make its way through when it's released.

The curve has an awesome keypad which makes it very easy to type on, but the Javelin keys don't look like they have they same curved ridges as on the curve. The Javelin keys just look flat. Am I mistaken on this?

I just cant see what you all see in this. I think it looks plain and outdated. I love BB, but I wish that RIM would give us a device that would make the Iphone look plain and outdated.

I don't care if it does look like a pimped out curve I MUST HAVE IT!!! I just got my curve about 4 months ago but I'd trade it in for this one in a heartbeat!! Oh so sexy!!

Okay... i think I would seriously think about buying the javelin instead of the bold because of the keyboard. As we can see the javelin has the keys that are seperated so theyre not going to easily be damaged/picked off like the bolds will be. I use to have the old xv6700 and it had a keyboard like the bold and eventually a couple buttons came lose and popped off... of course you could just super glue them back on, but who carries superglue in their pocket????

anyone else feel this way? I feel like I have a valid point for the javelin... so I think we should Chalk one more up for why the javelin might be better then the bold?

As much as I love my BB, I would not jump the TMO ship to be with AT&T just to have the latest unit. Eventually the updated unit makes its way over to TMO anyway. My Curve is an 8310!

It true, "You got to get in where you fit in." I fit in with TMO. Javelin is nice looking and I look forward to owning one.

i heard from 3 t-mo reps that t-mobile is definitely getting a new blackberry and it is definitely a touchscreen is there any truth to this????

No. Absolutely not. (Unless Verizon defaults on their agreement with the Thunder and opens up their exclusivity AND that RIM has a GSM model waiting in the wings.)

I heard tmobile would be getting a version of the storm in the first couple months of 09...because verizon only had a 90 day exclusive policy on the storm...don't kill me if I'm wrong its just what I heard

all those detail shots and not a single overhead view. Can you do some magic and do a side by side comparison between the Javelin and the Bold? since all these high res pics are out.

I'd take the Javelin hands down. The Bold reminds me of the MotoQ 9m too much. I'm not a fan of the Bold at all. I will keep my Curve then upgrade in a couple years to the BB Stryker...........

I like this much better then the bold. Rim better start using this keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this thing had 3g, I would actually buy it. So now, I am not buying the bold because of the keyboard and I am not buying this because of lack of 3g.

Have you used the Bold's keyboard? I have. And I have used the Curve, the Perl, the 8800, the 8700. The Bold has the BEST keyboard hands down.

What do you say to this Kevin?

Honestly I don't see the innovation in the phone...

It does look nice-

But still, it looks very similar to other BB's.

The Curve to be specific.

But I guess theres only so much we could do with a phone with a QWERTY keyboard to begin with.

I would not upgrade to this device from the curve. I don't know why so many people are so impressed with in this phone. It is a curve with a new chip and gps and wifi. My curve has 3G evdo and gps already. So what, this is only incrementally better than the curve. Be smart and wait for the next device. In 2008 you should not by a phone that is not evdo 3g or ATT 3g, unless you live in a rural area with little coverage.

Yes, very awesome! I want to know who's getting it though??

I mean, if VZW is going to get both of them, then I'll wait for the Javelin. But if they're not going to get the Javelin and going to get the Bold, then I'll have to get that. I gotta get rid of the 8830! Though I do love it, just want the NEWER one!

With vzw supposedly moving to an "open" network by the end of 2008 (that may have changed since I last read up on it), I should theoritically be able to buy whichever BB I want (even if from another carrier) and use it on the vzw network, right? Any thoughts on this? That would give vzw customers more optons as to which BB to purchase.

Maybe I am just hoping that is the case since vzw usually has the worst phone selection and gets cool phones a year later than the other carriers.

Notice the space between th ekeys? Yay! Its back. My two biggest gripes about my 8830 are the lack of key space (so I frequently hit the wrong key) and that stupid voice button that I'm always inadvertantly pressing when I re-holster.

seems like somebody could drop a turd stamp the words Blackberry on it and people would love it...I just don't get that. Is there anything that RIM puts out that you people just don't really care for? Honestly this phone looks pretty cheaply made. It looks like an OLDER version of the Curve......I don't know I just don't get the hype over the Bold and now the Javelin. I do like the current Curve very nice phone.

Bold takes it's styling cues from the MotoQ 9m and this phone looks like a cheap throwback of the Curve. I'll wait till RIM puts out something thats worth getting.

I like and own a curve, it does the job... however im hoping for a little bit more from RIM for my next upgrade... but these new additions don't really do it for me. I want a phone that screams quality! right now the Bold and Javelin are meh... and only 3.2 mega pix...c'mon rim move with the times.

I agree with what some people have been saying: the keyboard flatly looks cheap. It's almost toyish. I also like some space between keys, but this keyboard is certainly NOT a step up beyond the Curve's.

I'm sticking with my curve 8320 and have decided to wait for the Javelin cause I didn't like the Bold due to the kbd. Since I'm Deaf, I rely on my BB mega time so I thumb on my bb at lightening speed. My concern is that the Javelin keys are black and it won't show much with backlight on?? I love the white keys as it shows very well with the backlight on in the dark. 3.2 mp camera is sweet though!!

I kinda diggin' this thing, I love my Curve, but this seems a touch hotter. If they would just make a 3G CDMA version for Sprint, I would then think about switching.

When I saw the BOLD I was excited to see such a nice BB coming...I was more excited knowing it was 3G capable and was hoping TMo will be speedy in upgrading to 3G.

The Javelin looks great, but kind of sucks TMo customers gonna have to wait even longer for a 3G BlackBerry. Nonetheless, I'll probably pick up a Javelin!

nice to see that this handset is not going to be as wide as the curve(just guessing, by comparing the keypad shift keys on here to the curves), hopefully a lil thinner too! 3.2mp is a step up, but wish it was like 5.2mp. o well, still looks cool, hope it comes a lil late tho bc i want to get a good deal on upgrading. don't really care about 3g or not, i'm not surfing the web for long periods of time, or using data intense sites. thats what all of the pc's/mac's on campus are for + wi-fi everywhere.

p.s. from 49.
i don't like bulky phones. palms are way too fat(depth), they are skinnier tho(with) this looks like it can compete skinny wise. i like palms keypad layout a lot better, and wish bb were hybrids like them as well(touchscreen & physical keys)

Looks cheap to me. Looks like a China BB knockoff. Hate to say it, but it looks even cheaper then the Curve does. I guess RIM moved their design department to Mexico as well as their assembly line. Shame...

WOW. My spouse will LOVE this keyboard! I'm personally very pleased with my BB 8330 Curve, but for those Crackberry Users and Abusers who type a lot, that is, send out many, many e-mails, this keyboard should really suit them. The other features aren't too shabby either, especially the better camera and OS.

Kevin, any idea when RIM will be introducing this baby?

Keep on Crackin',

- CB

Are you gong to be able to replace the trackball? I love this BlackBerry but on the Curves you can change the trackball if it gets dirty. I don't see a little ring that pops off like on my 8310.

Is that the Javelin on top, Bold in the middle, and the THUNDER on the bottom??? someone confirm!

If its not the Thunder on the bottom, then is it the phone in the middle?? when i looked again, looks like it is the Bold on the bottom...

This is something I would pay for.

The Curve was worth the money to upgrade (from a Pearl)... the Bold I would pass up (manliness, urgh), but the Javelin... I might line up for it if they release a CDMA version.

It's HOT! 3G or not... I don't browse either way.

I hope this one doesnt ship with restricted Wifi. I don't like the fact that I have to get the 'data plan' in order to work with the Wifi in the bbcurve. I've found ways to work it but it doesnt work 100% of the time. I've heard iPhones have Wifi open. I only need to access the network from time to time and don't really need the data plan, nor pay $20/month for something I barely use.

That's one of my major grinds about the bbcurve.

i heard the lucky carrier of the javelin will be...tun tun tun TMOBILE...but is this true? hope it is..i would definitely upgrade.

damn now im torn between this phone and the bold...i was looking forward to the bold but i like how this phone is a little smaller and the keys look awesome

The Javelin looks nice. Having said that, you all really need to get a LIFE! Remove all electronic devices from your person, turn them off, put them on the table, shut down your computers, put on your walking boots and go outside. Take your significant others, kids, and/or dogs and go for a long walk with no interruptions. Kick some leaves, splash in a puddle, watch a sunset, breathe some air that doesn't smell like new plastic. Lie down in the grass. Close your eyes and listen to a tree move in the wind. Smell the earth. Communicate with someone by physically touching them. Pretend you never heard of the internet. This exercise requires at least one hour. Your mind and soul will be refreshed, and you might benefit from accepting that the world will go on long after the next Blackberry is released, and the one after that too.

wow this one looks sick, never seen it. when does it come out in canada? and which companies will supply it? thanks