More BlackBerry Curve 9300 pics arrive. This time in a interesting shade of purple

By Bla1ze on 30 Jun 2010 08:35 am EDT
More BlackBerry Curve 9300 pics arrive. This time in a interesting shade of purple

Salomondrin has taken a few moments to get some snaps of the next generation Curve. This time it was once again, T-Mobile branded but now sporting a lovely shade of purple. No idea if this is a color that T-Mobile will launch with or not but if we had to guess we'd say it's likely to happen. All that said, Salomondrin has noted that he'll be doing a walk through of this device and two others sometime soon so, here's to hoping he's found a magical Storm 3 and we'll all get a look at that.

Source: Salomondrin

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More BlackBerry Curve 9300 pics arrive. This time in a interesting shade of purple


This phone should have around the same memory as the 9700 and should be OS6 ready. I have no idea why everyone is freaking out about certain BBs not being able to run OS6.

I think you meant to have a comma after the first mention of "Tmobile branded" as that helps indicate....

Oh wait, I don't care enough about grammar to jump down people's necks.

or just change but to and :)

what does make me chuckle to mysel i how easy it woud be for RIM to ut out the leaks, i mean they prob only sent out a few purple ones right?

I always assumed that for devices like this, leaks can be good. They probably leak these devices on their own. However, stuff like the Storm 3 and the Slider, which are their new flagship devices, they probably want to keep those in house as long as possible to make sure they don't give anything away to the competition (not that the competition cares about 512 device mem, 2 gb storage, and all the other ancient hardware...).

Well, thats what the curve is. Its a cheap and easy to make phone for entry level users. Its the most popular smart phone for a good reason. I know a lot of blackberry users that chose the curve over another Smartphone (Android or iPhone) because of how cheap it was. People are able to get them for under $100 and in some cases, they can get 2 for about $50 (BOGO). They can't offer deals like that on better smart phones. It's actually very smart of them to keep the Curve behind the Curve :D in order to keep the price way down.

This is the 8300 successor, MANY users myself included have 8300 phones, I would say more than half of the BB users I know run 8300's only in very recent months have I started to see 9000's and 9700's popping into Ontario Business users hands, and that is because the 9000's are new to Bell and Telus right now so are cheap.

The 9300 will be the "fleet phone" the upgrade for those like my company who are using the 8300 phones, and compared to the 8300 this will be quite the upgrade, compared to my 9630, would not be worth it.

ALL of those that say "Big deal, NEXT" yadda yadda, need to realize that these are incremental upgrades for business users, unfortunately that is still what RIM is about, if you follow the Business notebook sector, you'll see from year to year the offerings are very minimal in improvements, it is all about maintaining the pricepoint, but after 2-3 years the upgrade is a noticeable one.

I do hope my Company looks at this to replace my 8330, in the next year.

i highly agree with you on that one, look at when the first 9670 pics showed up, everyone was sayin next please but when they actually looked further in like watching the video walkthrough they stopped saying that and learned that it was like the next gen bold just with the look of a fliphone. this curve in my opinion looks a lot better than the 85xx series and who knows maybe it might support 3G.

It's really weird looking at this phone without the dividers between the 4 "main" keys, after using the 8530 for a long time. And I really hope this will have better specs and features than the 8900, 8530, or the 8520.

I'm actually glad they updated the 8520, I'm on a 9700 now and miss the raised keyboard and media keys on top. Now it has 3G and better res, I'm digging it!!

This device comes out and the day after it comes out, the blackberry curve 9400 will come out. The difference between this one and the 9400? The 9300 has a micro USB, but the 9400 will have a mini USB, or the newer curve will have Wireless N. Thats it... LOL.

This is getting ridiculous. It seems as though for every single change they make, or a couple changes they make to the curve series, they are releasing a whole new phone. Come on RIM.

OK RIM. This is a step in the right direction for those of us who can't spend the money on the Bold or (like me) can't deal with it's high rez screen. Just bump up the memory to 512K and we'll forget all about the 85xx Curve2

RIM is fucking around, while I phone is taking our market and more people are jumping ship. All Blackberry devices look the same, kind dulls.... it’s not just about the OS 6.0, even the form factor must change. We need a WOW device, not every bloody device looking the same.
Very Apple is going to be number one in North America, while RIM has their head so far up the ass.
Come on RIM, makes up proud again, bring OS 6.0 and double the RAM to 2meg, Front and back camera and fast processor.

While I'm pretty sure purple will appeal to some, this picture of the next Curve makes me think of the 8520 much more than the classier 8320/8900.
So, put 3G, join-vent with ColorWare and this is it ?
C'mon RIM, you can do much better than this !

All this is is a damn 85XX, its the same got damn phone, only thing new is the colors, I HATE IT!!!! They need to make a successor to the 8900 curve, that was a great phone, thats what the people really want