More BlackBerry 9800 parts go on sale from Truesupplier as launch seems close

More BlackBerry 9800 parts go on sale from Truesupplier as launch draws near
By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2010 06:22 pm EDT
If you are among the folks out there who like to modify your BlackBerry devices with custom bezels, housings, trackpads and more then Truesupplier is looking to gail your love. They have most recently pumping out parts for the BlackBerry 9800 in a fashion not really seen with any other device. In the past, in order to get a lot of parts one had to wait until actual release of the device, then more and more parts became available. This doesn't appear to be the case with the BlackBerry 9800. Right now, if you check em out you'll find red, white and black housings available for the BlackBerry 9800 so if you're looking to get ahead a bit on your parts ordering you might wanna check em out.


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More BlackBerry 9800 parts go on sale from Truesupplier as launch seems close


Looks like the photos on the right are of the back half of the device. the ones on the left are the front. Looks good, I'm a traditionalist. L 'll leave the colors for others! Straight black for me.

From the previous times i've bought from truesupplier, the quality of the product was not to par. Within a week there were chip marks forming that turned into full cracks. I dont know about anyone else but im just throwing my experiences out there with them.

I'm guessing that the 9800 will come out the same day as OS6 sometime in the beginning of the 4th quarter

Will be within 2 weeks from today. I'm not sure what the exact day is because my source won't tell me, but it is VERY soon...probably by August 4th.

I really wanna play with this in my hand. I want to see how it slides and fits and how the keyboard is. I also want to see the different cases. I'm excited for this phone, but there are a few things that could make me not want it and just skip it for the 9700 refresh. So let's get it out on the street!

at least this time it looks like they aren't 9700 products they are showing. these appear to be real 9800 housings. as for that charging pod i emailed them and got no response on whether they have pics of the 9800 one yet.