More BlackBerry Javelin Hardware Sweetness!

BlackBerry 9300 Javelin
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2008 04:44 pm EDT

* Updated Note: When I first blogged this I totally forgot about the device model name games that have been going on... I referred to the Javelin as the '9300' but '8900' and '8301' have been tossed around lately too (I think 8900 is now where it's at). I'll just refer to it as the codename 'Javelin' to be safe. My bad. Sorry about that!! *

If you're not dreaming of the BlackBerry Bold, 'ThunderStorm' or KickStart when you lie in bed at night, odds are it's the  Javelin that's dancing through your head. We've seen quite a bit of the Javelin in the past few weeks, and these new images (more after the jump!) further clarify and confirm the details.

Items of note:
  • 512 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB onboard flash memory (more room for apps)
  • Hot-swappable microSD slot - located under the battey door
  • 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Micro USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data

Keep in mind the date on the screen caps above as you check out these images - May 21st...though May 21st, 2008 was a Wednesday and not a Tuesday! Poining being, while these images are new to the net, they may be "older" than some of the live devices we have recently seen in the wild. These images make me wonder whether the final release keyboard buttons will be green or red?! 

All in all this going to be one nice little device - no 3G, but at least it will have both WiFi and GPS. With all of these new BlackBerry smartphones hitting the market over the next few months, the tough question people will be stuck pondering is not what smartphone to buy, but which BlackBerry to buy?! I can't decide!!!

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin


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More BlackBerry Javelin Hardware Sweetness!


This is your next-generation BlackBerry Curve. GSM carriers - T-Mobile, Rogers, Vodafones, AT&Ts... etc. I'm sure they'll all get it with a bit of time.

Didn't you report that AT&T's CEO announced back in May a big committment to 3g phones and stated that all phone sold by AT&T in the near future would be 3g compatable? If that's the case, wouldn't this support 3G as well when it is available on AT&T?

Good Point. But everything we have heard so far suggests the Javelin will not have 3G. And I would still think AT&T would want to pick this up as a Curve replacement, especially if other carriers are getting it. But honestly not sure at this point.

I know you're going crazy along with the rest of us. Which blackberry is swaying you to be it's daddy?

I work for AT&T and yes all of our phones being released especially any smartphone/pda is going to be 3G and from what I was told it will be replacing the Curve in the near future

What's with the black trackball? RIM get tired of the constant complaints over the white open-cell plastic getting dirty, they decided to just make it out of black plastic instead of fixing the issue?

Also, MicroUSB... what's up?... the old MiniUSB didn't break fast enough?

On a side note... the hardware stats (cpu/memory/camera) these will probably be the same on the new Thunder coming out. Again, LAME RIM!!! 256MB Flash? WTF, you're just now catching up to HTC? LOL at RIM's developer dept!!!!

I had the same thought about the roller ball. However, it's not RIM's problem to fix. They're not responsible for making sure that we keep our damn dirty hands washed. That's what dirty's the trackball, oil and dirt from our fingers.

Not completely true. It's impossible to keep your hands perfectly inert to oil from your body. I don't even use mine with dirty hands or let anyone else use it for just this reason, but the idiots at RIM should have seen this as a problem and made it from another substance. Preferably one that is absorbative.

Wow, I can't tell that you're a little biased in your postings! Your "concern" over the trackball is like complaining that you have to remove the ball on a desktop mouse for cleaning or that you have to wipe off the keys on your laptop keyboard "because they get dirty"....get over it.

I have been wondering why RIM still uses a trackball, instead of upgrading it to optical track. Hopefully this is the first of its kind for RIM.

It gets sort of annoying that the trackball gets dirty, and it needs cleaning when it stops scrolling properly...

I don't know anyone that's broken a mini USB, or any other RIM product.... Also don't compare something as great as a Blackberry to a piece of shit HTC.... Windowsmobile has more problems than the Osbournes(and slower too)....remember the HTC Tmo wing with 48MB on board...yeah 48..... Pales in comparison to 256, huh dumbshit?

The black trackball is called "Atomic trackball" It is supposed to be a newly designed trackball that will stay clean and almost guarnteed not to get dirty and stay smooth (thats what I hear)

I'm almost positive that Sprint is getting this. I'm on a call right now, and during Q&A the Blackberry Rep just mentioned a new blackberry phone that was supposed to be released in June/July, but they're looking at August 09.

I'd like to add: If this IS the one we're expecting, it will be REV-A, so full power-vision. It will be a worldphone as well, which is probably where the GSM chatter is coming from. It will be MMS capable, of course, and that is about all I know.

Thats one nice looking blackberry...for those of us not too familiar with the Bold, how to these stack up against eachother in the various categories?

I don't know this blackberry is pretty sexy. its got the new sleek design of the storm which i like a lot and its just overall beautiful. I think if this one is doesn't have any problems and the speed of the bold it might be better than both the bold and iPhone...and i have an iPhone

Why does the javelin get the good camera? Is it like the more fun and outgoing sibling to the bold? Im getting the bold but i would love to have a 3.2 meg camera!

This is the phone that is driving me crazy! I want it so bad!! I am hoping my 8300 holds on till then.

This is the only bb that will cause me to part with my 8700! Yep I said it. I ALMOST took the curve, but I'm glad I waited.

wow. this phone is truly something. why didnt they put 256mb ram onto the bold also. this device will be hard to beat for sure.

Omg this is my phone....t mobile is getting this and I cannot wait. wow so sexy who cares about 3G bold....thank you Kevin your awesome

I really think this is the next bb for me. I like the sleek design and I'm not wowed by the whole 3G thing---I don't think I'm in a 3g supported area anyway.

I'll probably use my quit smoking savings to purchase retail...when it's avail. on Att.

In a year I hope they have this for CDMA carriers. I might be able to get the Thunder in a year... but this is like a Cuvre. A ramped up Curve with a 3.2! megapixel camera and a good looking keyboard. I like the spaces inbetween the keys unlike the 9000 (sorry). Man I don't know...

What's with the colored number keys? The original hardware had them as green colored, which was awesome. Now, in the top picture, they're red like on the Bold, but in the bottom picture, they're half black and white!

Bring back the green numbers please! :)

date on the screen capture is may 21st - so while these images are new to the net, they likely aren't "new new".

i like the green keys too.

I hated those green keys, the device looked BLAH then, now when I look at it with the red keys / grey keys, it actually looks like a device a would buy! lol

I didn't like the green keys AT ALL...This is so eff'ing HOT!!

Hmmmm, less memory, processing power, better camera [don't know if I care] and UMA [WOW!!] vs. the bolds processor and memory, 3G, external mem slot...and SIZE matters, hrmmm...This is a tough one...

This is going to be my new girlfriend...she is sleek sexy..curvy.. ok.. let me stop.. but this phone is HOTT...3g would make this even hotter.. but I can live without it. Sprint... you need to get this phone first.. to stem your customer exodus.. really... send some of your sales people to sleep with RIM employees.. I dont care how u do it.. just get it moving..

Why would it not have 3G? This is a backwards step for a new and possibly the best BlackBerry to date. Any new phone without 3G is too far behind the curve(no pun intended).

QCan someone tell me what the big deal is about this device over the BB Bold? I don't get it, this is still running Edge.

Nice Kev. This looks real nice! If it had 3G, this would be my choice over the Bold. That glass in the back freaking OWNS!!!

"Internal MicroSD and 256MB flash memory.



Is it that hard to understand or are you just dumb? It's obviously an alternative to the more expensive BOLD and if they made the Javelin with all the same features then it would CANNOBOLIZE it. duh.

for me it's about the faster device that really makes me want it. The bold has faster surfing along with the ability to actually have a tethered device that runs at a decent speed. Still lovin the bold.

I will say that this phone is very sexy and slick though. Answer me, why did the bold not get a 3.2 meg camera also??

Ok, so I do like the full keyboard and while I'm really looking at getting the Thunder on VZW when it supposed to be released on 13 October, now I'm thinking. But if it's only got 256mb memory on-board, then NO. But it won't be GLOBAL either, so out the door it goes for the wifey...Maybe I'll get it and give it to the daughter.

I really like the full keyboard. The Thunder has it, virtual of course, but it looks like it takes up 1/2 the screen on vertical or horizontal views, which I don't like. Why couldn't RIM just make this like a Thunder but with a full keyboard. Touchscreen to this would be an added benefit too! You know they'd sell like hotcakes if they made it with 1gig+ and touchscreen.

So what would you choose? A Thunder or this? And WHY?

And one last thought... I think RIM needs to rethink their use of MicroUSB to charge the devices. I've broken like 4 of the MicroUSB ports on 8830WEs (THANKFULLY THEY ARE ALL WORK PHONES). Maybe get a plug-type that slides into the device like most other phones.

"I will say that this phone is very sexy and slick though. Answer me, why did the bold not get a 3.2 meg camera also??"

It boils down to separate target markets for each device.

The Bold will target the business user (ala 8800), while the Javelin will be a replacement for the Curve so the target user will skew a little younger.

As far as what carriers, with UMA you can bet it is coming to T-mobile. Yeah!

Isn't there a "mirror" spot by the camera on the Javelin? I find it useful on my curve since I do self-portrait pics often with friends.

Anyone notice there's no headphone jack anywhere on the device? I don't know about you all but i have to have that. I use my curve as my mp3 player in my car and i need the jack.

You don't see the big headphone jack on the right hand side of the phone? Near the top? Try and look at the pictures just not the captions.

Is this site a Canadian site? I have to assume so, as they state it does not have 3g. In the US, there are MORE CDMA customers than GSM. So when Sprint/Verizon release the phone it will have 3G (EVDO). There is 0% chance that it will not be 3g for Sprint/Verizon.

EV-DO Rev. A is comparable to 3G... 3G is a GSM specific moniker. VZW/Sprint call it 3G so they won't lose customers to AT&T.

When you see a VZW phone with EV-DO Rev. A, does it show a "3G" icon? No.

This phone would be perfect if it came out in June and the Bold came out much later then we'd have something to tide us over but this is so much crappier than the bold why is it coming out after it. RIM sucks.

The Javelin kicks a&%. Given the fact that I don't live in a major city (meaning a wait for 3G), this is the going to be the best thing since sliced bread. LOL. All I have to say is, Can Santa Come Early T-Mobile?

aaaaaaaaa they keep teasing us with all these new phones but none are released yet. The bold is still my favorite, but the thunder and javelin are tied for second. My next phone needs to be gsm so I dont have to go through all this waiting.

seriously - its 3G?! too bad because I really like the look of it....not switching off my att curve until att offers a blackberry that uses their HSDPA network - i have the att 3G on my laptop and it is FAST. dying for a berry that makes use of it.....

Anyone else notice that if the specs are in fact accurate that makes the display on the javelin (480x360) BIGGER than the bold (480x320)??

OMG the javelin is looking sweet but is it true that it won't have 3G? i like the keyboard on the javelin better than the one on the bold.

Why no 3G?

Coverage, cost, & power management.

3G on AT&T is limited, as it will be for T-Mobile once they roll out their 3G network in a big way. So probably 50% of customers won't be able to regularly take advantage of 3G for the next few years.

3G circuitry costs more, just in licensing fees not to mention R&D. Furthermore 3G requires new designs, premium ones not yet amortized.

Power management is a huge issue with 3G. Witness Apple's advice on their iPhone 3G: Turn off the 3G (!) Blackberry is about a reliable, seamless, experience, not a phone that dies halfway through the day.

So yeah, 3G isn't the panacea that the fanboys dream it will be.

Furthermore - the phones don't really take much advantage of the greater 3G speeds. Witness a Blackberry on WiFi - is it hugely faster? No. The phones are tuned for the speeds they typically see, which considering congestion, server responsiveness, power management, etc. isn't anywhere near those potentially offered by WiFi or 3G.

As to onboard features, there are tradeoffs.

Only so many modules can be put in a phone. AT&T likes GPS. T-Mobile has a big investment in WiFi with their UMA technology. I'm sure everyone would love to load up the phones with everything, but there are space & power budgets that pretty much preclude a does-everything device, especially at a Curve-like price-point.

The MicroUSB connecter - not a dealbreaker. Motorola and others have already gone there, it has proven slightly more durable then MiniUSB, lots of phones & other devices are adopting it. MicroUSB <-> MiniUSB adapters are $1.99 retail. As to MicroSD inside the phone - I've not seen it's being externally available as a huge selling point for the 8120. Practically an exposed MicroSD slot is one more port to soak up water.

Besides, 8GB & 16GB MicroSD chips are now priced the same as 1GB & 2GB MicroSD chips were when the Curve shipped. How much chip swapping do folks honestly expect to do, in numbers sufficient to justify external slots?

The improved camera - yeah, that is a selling point on a consumer product. The bar is two megapixels now; three will be the new populist premium point. What will be interesting is if Bluetooth hardware gets revved to a new version, greater range, etc.

I'm looking forward to this Blackberry - it isn't the luxury model that the Bold is but a cost-effective sophisticated solution both office workers and cutting edge consumers will adore - both for its features and it's price (= value!)

I agree with most of what Maggard said, especially the issue with internal vs. external memory slot. I've been saying that ever since the Pearl came out. What is the big deal??? How many times in 1 day does a person swap memory cards??? Seriously!!!

Are we being brainwashed by just the mere mention of 3G?? Apple is forcing it down everyone's throat and so now everyone feels like they HAVE to have it. Yes, the U.S. is waaaay behind on this technology but it will soon be common place as 4G gets closer to Europe and other countries across the pond.

Think for a minute what your getting. Not only are you going to have battery life issues but how is everyone going to feel about paying a little more for their 3G data?? That's definitely a possibility if you're with AT&T and most assuredly if you're with Verizon.

This phone is awesome and by dismissing it simply because it's not 3G is flat out lame. Have you heard of wi-fi much??? You know, wireless internet at speeds faster than 3G. Yeah, this phone has that.....and a huge vivid screen with a 3.2 MP camera!!

Stop with the lame @ss bitching and whining about internal MicroSD slots, 3G, on-board memory (that's what SDHC MicroSD cards are for). This phone is gonna sell....and it's gonna sell big.

P.S. I was reading today somewhere that November is the magical month for the Javelin. I hope so...

i love this phone. idk why everyone is crazy about the bold when there is this baby. um i have been wanting a iphone 3g but the monthly price is just crazy! this is a great looking phone and im excited to see it launch, i will be def getting this!!!

This would be sweet if it had 3G and enough memory. I can't fully get into the Bold because of the craptastic 8800 keyboard. This looks like the 'New Curve' but it's just not up to snuff compared to the Bold. I'm beyond disappointed. :(

So .... when do we think the 10,000 series are going to come out?

I like this a lot!

Although, I personally like the Green keys a little bit better, there easier to see. That's just me.

Hopefully 3G, will be put onboard, since T-Mobile is launching there 3G network, it'd be dumb not to.

And Finally, the black trackball! Looks awesome.

Overall, I'll prolly end up replacing my 8320, with this when it comes out. Def. good competition to all the 8300 competitors.

I just chose this story to comment on all things Blackberry. I've been a Blackberry user for some time. First it was the Pearl. Then the Curve. I couldn't wait for the Bold and got the 3G iPhone. I love my iPhone just as I loved my Curve, but in different ways. The Curve is a better phone....hands down! The iPhone is a better multimedia question. RIM was just too slow in getting the Bold in U.S. hands. If RIM finds away to incorporate iTunes and free GPS, I WILL COME BACK!!!!

"The iPhone is a better multimedia question"

Humm...better multimedia device with no multimedia messaging...

cant wait for this phone ,i do really care bout 3g sure everything fast but doesnt matter to me and idnk wat part of nyc is goin to have 3g so it nuthin
and tmobile suppose to get it by the end of the year yea, hope for a gud price

I have the 8800, and this is the next step up. I love my 8800, but would really like to have a camera. I am definitely on board to get this phone through T-Mo as soon as it's released. Does anyone know a date yet?

This is a pretty nice looking phone, but the one thing I would like to see different is the size of the shift keys. Making them the size of a regular key just doesn't seem right to me. So when does this one come to AT&T? I just might ditch my curve 8310 for it if the price is right lol.

On the whole internal memory thing. It seems to me that reading the specs, that the Javelin will have more memory then the Bold. The Bold is 128mb Ram plus 1 gig memory. I read that believe that the bold will have 128 mb for OS and Apps and 1 gig for pics, ringtones, videos, etc (Just like an external memory card). The Javelin will have 256mb of ram which I read to believe 256mb for OS and Apps. So really, You get more memory for your buck. How much is a 1 gig MicroSD card 4 Bucks? Again, 3G is a non issues, it has a better camera, it will be on T-Mo, Wi-Fi and GPS. I'm so waiting for this phone.

Can u watch tv on this device?Are there any blackberry's that you can watch tv on.(not download movies!)


1. Yes you can watch TV on this if you have Sprint. You can watch TV on ALL Sprint Blackberries.

2. The headphone jack is directly above the volume buttons on the right side of the phone.

3. The status light is built into the earpiece. The long skinny hole at the top of the front of the phone.

4. Yes this phone is 3g. Sprint/Verizon = more customers than ATT/T-mobile. So for the majority of cell users in the US it will be 3g.

Read the specs. It is not 3G and it IS GSM. It will be carried by T-Mobile.

You can watch TV on it if you get Slingbox for Blackberry which will be released later this year.

I did read the specs, and obviously they are talking about the GSM version.

Im talking about the CDMA version. The version that most US cell users will have access to. The CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) version WILL be 3g.

Yes the GSM version will likely come out 2 months or so before the CDMA, but the CDMA version WILL be 3g.

No guarantees Sprint or Verizon will even get this yet. We'll see. Could be a T-Mobile exclusive for a while, especially with it having UMA and GPS. No other major US carriers have UMA yet...

I will definitely CONSIDER this phone. Size of the phone is a big thing for of the biggest. The curve is a great size. Size is what's turning me off of the bold, I mean I love the features of the bold, but not the size. Once I get one in my hands will be the real test tho...but i'm also on T-mo and if they get the 3g-less bold, then no thanks. The fact that the javelin doesn't have 3g isnt' the biggest deal, I do see that it's for a different breed of consumers than the bold. But so far there's nothing on the javelin that I HAVE to have over my curve....once again we'll see once I get one in my hands. Price will make a big difference too.

i don't want to sound weird or anything...but that is a sexy phone. hope it comes to t-mobile first!

You mentioned that the date could be showing older than other wild live shots. Well I would not hold too much to the date showing on the phone as May 21 in 2008 was on Weds not Tues.

This phone I think is so much better than the bold. What exactly is 3G is it something that you must have now a days? But this phone is more sleeker I think. Has a better camera then the Bold and the Bold has 3G so I think that this phone is more toward like the people with Blackberry's that don't use it for business. Does anyone know if AT&T is gonna get this anytime? Cause if they do I am so getting this phone cause it will be released right around the time that I can upgrade.

3G is 3rd generation data network. Most people are looking for it for speed and since it isn't everywhere some aren't worried about it. The really cool thing is that it lets you do voice and data at the same time. That is the only thing I like about getting calls dealing with BlackJacks, Q's, and Tilt's is I know there is a chance I can trouble shoot there data, since an ungodly number of people call from there phone and don't have another line. Not to get off topic here but really...people can't call from the office or home. Most of the time they say the issue has gone on for a couple days but they are always driving or in an airport.

I'm looking forward to seeing this BB out and about. I love the black and white look on the keys like they're pictured, the way it is pictured it just looks very sleek. i love it

I think RIM is doing the same lauch strategy as it did with the 8800 and the 8310 (curve), if I remember right the 8800 launched first and several months later the curve came along, i believe the BOLD is the new 8800 and the Javelin will replace the curve...

Anyone notice how different the bottom pic is from the top? Different keys, different trackball. Silver surrounding the phone is thicker. I think the bottom one is a render or photoshop but the pic before the jump is real.

The Bold I got to use for a few hours a few weeks ago
was 100% 3G
Fast as the Iphone on browsing
it is the Blackberry that is all grown up
very cooooool phone

Am I the only one who sees one speaker output on the top?
What happened to the stereo speakers al the Curve?

please refrain from calling me or any other poster an ass, you can say what you want that's not inflammatory, but keep your vulgarities to yourself...too afraid to use Your name, anon???

Got to play with this device, and it pretty much OWNS the Bold. The only thing the Bold has over the Javelin is net speed(3G & Processor). Thats it. If you can live without 3G, this device walks all over the Bold.

THIS might be the one to convince me to give up my Pearl--but I still have to put my hands on one and see how it for the hot swap micro sd--does that mean no more
essentially taking my bb apart to put in a new card? I like what I see of this.....I think I will put off getting a new berry till this comes out.....

When can we expect your hands on review Kevin ? ;)

Javelin looks like its going to be the "one to buy"
if I'm right in my thinking it looks like its between the Pearl & Curve in size which could be the perfect size.
Bold is now already old !

What is the big deal on crackberry's wanting this unit to have 3G? I am (I guess) lucky enough to live in an area that has a strong 3G signal, but many others do not which means this BB is probrably up their alley. 3G is a batteries worst enemy anyway unless you have a die-hard under the hood.

RIMM has to cater to consumer of all markets. I could see if the "Kickstart" had 3G and the Javelin didn't, but not everyone spends 23 hours a day web-surfing. If you do, there is a good chance you probrably don't have a job with responsibility and probrably don't deserve a BB of any model.

So long as I can receive my messages/phone calls/maintain my schedule/keep up with contacts/etc... Super Galactic 3G is last on my list of luxuries.

I do not have 3g and who knows when I will get it, in the mean time I have work to do and need a javelin. Need a release date...

After doing days of internet research this phone seems ideal for me... if only I knew for sure when it was coming out!

Does anybody know if the Javelin has a speakerphone and if it does is it LOUD & CLEAR or soft and tiny!!!!!

I too wanna know abt the speakers on the javelin. Are they as loud as the 8320's? I use my phone as an alarm clock too.... my 8320 is loud, so it wakes me up even if i've had 3 hrs of sleep before an exam.

omfg!!!!! i want one!!! i have a verizon BB curve 8330...and im willing to ditch it for this phone! this phone looks really awesome :)

t-mobile care reps informed me (i work at tmobile) that bb reps have put the release date of the jav for end of nov early dec, and the storm for feb

I'm due for an upgrade from T-Mobile and their reps told me this would be available 1st quarter 2009. There are so many dates going around I'm confused. Anyway, I think this is the phone for me--I live in a 3G supported area and don't feel it's necessary for me, I use it for the email feature for the most part. So I'm more than excited about the Jav....I fell in love with BlackBerry with the Pearl and now can't wait for this one!

You post, along with the other well reasoned gentleman above who appears to also have a job, makes a whole lot of sense to me. I barely use my MS Mobile w/3g for web browsing. If I need to browse, I use my notebook, which is with me just about everywhere I go & has a built-in EVDO card. Task and Contact Management, along with good bluetooth reception and voice command capabilities, is what I need in a converged device. The javelin might just get me off of the MS-Mobile devices and back to RIM after a long hiatus.

I am waiting to get this from AT&T when it comes out. I thought about getting the Bold, but I am not a corporate, or power, user so I think this would be better for me. I like the gray look with the red numbers. I can't wait for it to come out.

I could be wrong but is the battery cover also made out of the "soft-touch" rubberized finish like the side rails? What about the metallic-like finish on the perimeter of the phone- plastic?