More BlackBerry 10 webcasts and guides to help your business with BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2013 10:36 am EDT

If you're firing up some new BlackBerry 10 devices in the enterprise space you may find a bit of a chore on your hands. Thankfully, there are some great guides that can help in the transition with everything from preparing employees to helping them make the transition.

There are plenty of webcasts, guides and ebooks available for your viewing pleasure that include How BlackBerry Z10 Raises the Bar for BusinessHow to Make the Transition to BlackBerry 10 Devices and The BlackBerry 10 Ready Program: Everything You Need in One Place.

If you're new to BlackBerry 10 or just need some pointers for getting your business up and running with BlackBerry 10, these are some great resources that can help you out whenever you have the time. The guides are all totally free and there are always more being added. 

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That's great and all,but I believe that BlackBerry should focus on fixing the bugs first...

Poirots Progeny

And sorting out the fact that small businesses can't use commercial vpn providers!

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If BlackBerry really wants to help small business, they can start by including security as standard without BES and then fix the OS to at least make it as efficient as OS7. Then we'll migrate and watch the polished documentation.

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside


What are the benefits of having this in a company compared to having nothing?

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90%+ of businesses in the US are small business. Why is BlackBerry marketing geared towards "Enterprise"!?!?

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