More BlackBerry 10 screen caps - Is this the BlackBerry 10 lock screen and notifications?

BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen
By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2012 10:08 pm EDT

The forums are on fire tonight! There are now more screen casp of what could potentially be some BlackBerry 10 features later this year. Again, we're not sure that any of these are/will be official, so take them for what they're worth. The latest are a set of images that show off what could be the BlackBerry 10 notifications, lock and unlock screens. Keep reading for a look at what could be some more features included in BlackBerry 10!

BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen and Notifications

The lock screen layout itself is pretty basic, showing a clock on the left and notificaitons ("Peek Icons) down the right side. The most recent notifications on top, these let you view everything without unlocking the phone. This brings over the BlackBerry notification banner we know and love, moving it to a new layout for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen

Cinnamon Toast is seen here and is pretty impressive. Essentially as a notification comes in, you can tilt the device slightly to view more info, then again for another line of info. For example, an SMS alert is shown -- tilt the device to see who sent the message, then tilt more for the message itself. Amazingly awesome (if it holds true). 

BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen

To unlock the device, you'll be able to drag the screen up (yes, just like Windows Phone). This is a feature I love and would definitely welcome with open arms. As seen here, you'll have to drag the screen up at least 2/3 to unlock the device.

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More BlackBerry 10 screen caps - Is this the BlackBerry 10 lock screen and notifications?


I would prefer a dedicated physical camera button.

Nice to see "Cinnamon Toast" support one-handed operation.

That is awesome if you can unlock it without pressing a physical button like the playbook. Definitely one of the best features about the playbook.

Honestly... these late night news aren't fair... lol keeping me up lol...

awesome features... i really hope they hold true...

Cinnamon Toast looks to bring a whole new level to the whole gesture-based thing. Promising, but the responsiveness has to be perfect.

This is starting to look real nice. I hope this holds true and more of these type of features and tonnes of great looking apps are coming! I got my fingers crossed. Lets go RIM, I think you may have just hit a home run here.
Pair this with an awesome hardware design with all the specs we come to expect from a late 2012 early 2013 phone and if anybody bad mouths RIM they are haters that need to get a life.

This Cinnamon Toast when the device is locked you can basically tilt it @ an angel and view your notifications, that's sick lol would love to see a video of this whenever BB10 is fully ready for release

Zodiac BB10

N9 and PB user here - can't wait for theese babies to come out. After N9 it will feel very familiar only better IMO.

We got a peek at this at blackberry world when the screen shot of a call coming in when the phone was locked and you could drag the call up or down to decline or answer it. But it certainly looks like the lock screen will have a great deal of flexibility from day one. Something apple is just getting around to adding after 5 years. If RIM puts as much thought into the whole ui as they seem to for the lock screen then I suspect Microsoft needs to be worried and so do most android oems as bb10 is looking like a very compelling platform. I can see it having a large appeal across many demographics. People who want a consistent. And reliable experience but not apple. People who use android but really don't love it. People who use symbian that don't want to use windows phone. People who hate metro ui in general as its kind of a love it or hate it ui. In otherwords all the people from all walks of life who want to be successful. Let's rock and roll this

If MS were worried (and I don't think they have reason to be) they would simply buy RIM for 2 quarters' worth of profits.

Palm's OS was also epic.

This looks cool.
I should seriously consider getting the full touchscreen BB10 instead of the keyboard version BB10.

Seriously, if they are innovating all of these settle but meaning tricks, they need to patent them all. So all the other competition can pay up lol

It is like WP... but better. And I love WP!

Great leaks today on CrackBerry! Making me interested again, as one of the oens that left the BB device fold for greener pastures - in my case WP. Still rockin' the BB 9780 and PB for work, though.

I wanna see OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc...not just the dedicated app that comes with the PlayBook. I hope we finally see these on the phone too...I alos wan the 2 convenience keys back...

There is another approach they could take with the whole video chat stuff, they need to do their own web-based client that worked on other devices and desktop machines as then people wouldn't be hampered if their friends or family didn't also have a blackberry device and unlike with bbm its not like they would be harming their own market by doing so.

People say all kinds of things but it's like designing an envelope : there's only so many ways.
You ever notice how many details on the iphone originate on the Bold?

There's a quick link to the camera, what about a calculator?

Business people and consumers make spur-of-the-moment calculations...

I am more excited about the fact the phone drawing is identical to the Black Berry London. I thought that phone was very sexxxksy. But Cinamon Toast is a game changer... can I get an Amen.......(Crackberry followers all together) "Amen"

Dear RIM,
PLEASE make sure you have these and all other features copyrighted /trademarked / registered so no one else can use them by the time BB10 is released!