More BlackBerry 10 flow in action

By Adam Zeis on 26 Nov 2012 10:50 am EST

The flow in BlackBerry 10 is one of the things we're looking forward to most, and for good reason. BlackBerry 10 is all about getting things done, and flow helps you get things done even faster.

Inside BlackBerry has posted up the video above to show just how easy it is to use BB10 to multitask even with one hand. With flow on BB10 you can easily switch between apps with little effort and never lose the task at hand. While the video is a bit cheesy (but cheesy = awesome) it still gets the point across. BlackBerry 10 is fast, flow is faster, faster is awesome. Only 64 days to go!!

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More BlackBerry 10 flow in action


Might I suggest a bib and maybe a diaper for yourself. It might reduce the embarrassment of any flow problems.

Excellent commercial ...... run it !!!

Love the music.

All we need is to see breakers doing their stuff afterwards.

Kinky - the new job skill requirement at RIM where every job us a rim-job. Okay, okay! Calm down boys and girls.

reminds me of that guy who did a car chase scene contest video entry on here .. I forget the name
of it .. like a cross between that and an episode of 24 lol

Is the video choppy for anyone else? The audio is fine but the video is really choppy. Even letting it fully load and playing it doens't change the choppiness :( but nonetheless, it is a fun video that doesn't need to be taken seriously yet still gets the point across :)

Why would it skip over a bridge? You using a record player?
Ok I know, that was cheesier than the video but I couldn't help it

at 0:45 couldn't he just bbm him from the contact screen instead of going back to home screen and loading the bbm app?

Cheese for sure. I was able to dip my nacho chips right into the screen. Oh ho MOvember makes these guys look like '70s porn starts!

But seriously, love the power of BB10 and the ease of use.

Nice. The video is not professional at all, but a good idea anyway and BB10 is really impressive. A new little piece of the puzzle.

It took him around 20 seconds to start writing that message.

It took me around 18 seconds to write that exact same message on my curve 9360 qwerty keyboard with both hands.

You should try the virtual keyboard with predictive typing on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was just fooling around waiting for my hot chocolate and wrote a short story using only the predicted words after each preceding word choice. Maybe I found a new use for the tablet at a party; a new take on the add a phrase game played as kids. :)

When my girlfriend used myplaybook she caught me. Some of the inapropriate words i have typed came up for the saved predictive text lol. Some embarassing stuff. Moral of the story go straight to brazzers dont search for it.

YES! I thought I was the only one that recognized it! Witnessing it was like hearing a cat scratch a chalkboard.

is it random or are we manually putting the space in without needing to. It happens to me all the time but I think I'm still pressing the space bar when I don't have to and two spaces = .

This was definitely chessy as hell but BB10 was freaking fast and smooth!! Damn, BB10 is gonna tear this industry a new one when it releases!

Based on the demonstration a BlackBerry 10 smartphone all-touch user will develop carpal tunnel thumb (right) in a matter of weeks. The liability claims in the USofA ought to send RIMM into the toilet. Let's hope the real devices keep our thumb from behaving as though it is on crack or suffering from ADHD.

As for the kidnapping of the RIM employee surely the production value could have been stepped up a few levels. Reminds me of the Justin Bieber half-time spectacle during The Grey Cup on Sunday; painful. No guns or baseball bats or even hockey sticks to accost the victim, no toque over the victim's head to prevent him from seeing the kidnapper, and worst of all no hot woman. What kind of clandestine operation has no femme fatale? LOL

i doubt your first statement, if it was true, the fingers of every other android or iOS user would have fallen off from all the swiping

Long time blackberry user that was forced to switch to an iPhone 5 for my job. Long story short, this phone is horrible for a productive person. The fun stuff is awesome but its all app based and not UI or UX. I simply cannot wait to get my BB10 for "personal" use and relegate this to the expensive iPod touch it is. BB4L.

Can't wait to throw out my iPhone 4 for BB10. I hope it will be out before my birthday (Feb 24th).

Anyone else going from iOS to BB10?

This is cheesy, corny, and odd....and its EXACTLY what they should be doing....stop being so serious, do something fun and weird and then throw us this jewel of a demo. Thats marketing ppl will watch with amusement and realize later what they saw was flippin awesome. He did all of that one handed in less than 30 would NOT be possible to do this on any other devices out there right now...thats how you show just how effective flow is that keyboards power (did he backspace at all???) and multitasking. (clock was running on the device the whole time) good stuff.

It was fun. I'm a big fan of cheddar. With the moustaches, they probably decided to go for porn-quality acting and production values!

Got close and personal to a BB10 LONDON-Series at Vodafone HQ during a conference yesterday......It felt nice. Imagine all that has always been good about BlackBerry.....add the best bits of new touchscreen droid + iphone handsets......then just sprinkle on a bit of BlackBerry innovative Black Magic...... #BB10Believe

Who is this strange mustached man with even stranger eyebrows??? WTF is going down in Waterloo? Why this amateur shite keeps crawling out of there?