More "BESX" And BlackBerry Shield Details Emerge

By Bla1ze on 15 Feb 2010 04:32 pm EST
More "BESX" And BlackBerry Shield Details Emerge
*UPDATE- Press release has hit. Some of the details were on par, others were not*

As Mobile World Congress is well under way already, many are waiting on Research In Motions big announcement tomorrow. As has been mentioned before we're looking at what could be a BlackBerry users hopes and dreams fulfilled as it's been rumored we're finally getting some better offerings for BIS users in the way of BES features such as Over the Air calendar and contact Backup/Restore capabilities. The folks over at BBLeaks have pushed a little more information our way today regarding BESX and BlackBerry Shield.

We've spoke of BESX as being the re-launch of BlackBerry Professional Services and the information today shows that's pretty on par. BESX will allow up to 30 users to be attached to the free download offering which allows connections to MS Exchange. You will still have carrier fees associated as to your data plan. More details will come later on this once the announcement arrives.

BlackBerry Shield is something compelling as well, we didn't mention it with the other rumors previously cause we were not 100% sure on how it would roll out to consumers but we now have a better look at it. Think of it as a personal protection application which, allows BIS users to wirelessly backup/restore information as well as offer remote kill services for data wiping. All in all, these offerings will fill in a huge gap BIS users have been seeking for a long time now. Makes me excited to hear the full information tomorrow. What do you all think now about these offerings? Let us know in the comments folks.

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More "BESX" And BlackBerry Shield Details Emerge


I think that BESX is not for me... I'm just your ravage Joe that uses his bb to chat msn and exchange some email... nothing work related..

Shield that is something that I'm lookin fwd 2.

I am so stoked. Since becoming a BB user November 2008, this has been the one hassle I have hated. Syncing wired to my computer daily to keep contacts and calendar (MS Exchange) up to date was getting old and tiresome.

Thank you BB. I cannot wait to hear all details tomorrow.

You have made my day.

Imo "BB shield" is why smrtguard is offerd as free version since last week now...think its not too bad for us BIS users...what do you guys think??

It sounds like there's going to be some SmrtGuard-like features involved here and if I can sync OTA then I'm set!

Who said you NEED to have employees to enjoy the offerings?...practically any user who enjoys their information being backed up and able to restore it from the "cloud" can make use of this. Be it and 29 others, whatever everyone can benefit from the options given here. Unless of course you don't give a rats abt your info being backed up and restorable then I can see you having no interest in this at all. But this fills a MASSIVE gap in RIMs offerings to users.

I can sync my calendar and my contacts via google sync. BESX offers nothing compelling for personal use, especially if they are going to charge 5 bucks a month for it.

BB Shield sounds promising. Nothing game changing, but a good feature to have.

Great. I'm an IT guy and have a static IP, personal domain name, Exchange server, and a Bold 9700 for my wife and myself. We've got BPS. It's great, except lacking HTML e-mail.

Now I can look forward to either a $1,900 upgrade to BES 5, or I can fork out $120/year for access to pretty much the same thing.

RIM has certainly figured out how to make yet another thing a per-month mini-charge to extract the most money out of their customers. My client base is mostly small businesses where 30 or less users is normal. I'll never pitch them on $5/month each. I can sell a CAL for $200 if it's a one-time purchase. But monthly anything just doesn't fly with small business.

I'm really just looking to have an account with a hosted Exchange provider without paying for BES on both ends. Not sure I understand BESX or if it relates to my situation. I'd be happy to ditch Gmail for $5/month if that's made possible.

BESX doesn't sound too good. I mean, it sounds like I'm still going to have to pay the extra money to Verizon for a "Business Blackberry User" after my normal $30 a month Blackberry charge, on top of the $5 a month to Blackberry. I would under the impression that this would be free, as in free.

I am very disappointed.

If you don't have employees, you might as well use Blackberry Professional Services, BPS. It's free for one CAL (one device) and is BES compatible, and not $5 a month.

I was looking forward to free OTA Calendar, Notes, Tasks, but I knew it was too good to be true.


I think $5 is reasonable for OTA sync of PIM data. Apple charges $99 a year for same. Gmail is free, but they use your data for advertising.

The question is, is this what the service is about? Until now I just couldn't justify, and I didn't think it was fair, for me to pay BES fee to the carrier, and a BES fee to a hosted Exchange provider. A single $5 for a reliable and private PIM sync service would be great. I just don't understand if that's what's being offered.

I can justify the $5 a month, IF RIM could make it such that I don't have to deal with extra $15 a month I would have to pay to Verizon. IMO, it's ridiculous.

Like a few other people in this thread, I think I will have a long hard look at these shiny new WinMo phones, because being a young entrepreneur, I can't afford a fancy BES server and $15/$20 a month to PIM sync, which I would LOVE to have.

Again, I got excited for nothing. But, BB Shield looks sorta cool. Having used BES at one point, the wipe feature is very nice.


Not everything in life is free. Carriers are the one who force you to pay extension fees for getting your Exchange e-mail, sometimes they choose to not enforce it on their "exclusive phones" (iPhone, Droid) but that is at the discretion of the respective carriers.

Overall BIS users can quit cryin about this.

Now October cant get here any sooner so i can get my hands on WinMo7's the fact that you still need a dedicated server. That's how I read it anyway. If I pay for BES through VZW, that's not a deal killer for me. If it even meant an extra $5/month to enable the functionality of BES without an MSExchange server, I'd handle it.

It falls short though. I may be better off redirecting my company's email (small business) to a server like AppRiver or DNAMail, which already has Blackberry Enterprise built in, and would cost me roughly the same as this solution...and, I don't have to buy and maintain my own server.

Plus, this still does not come anywhere near competing with the Windows Mobile environment, of which this functionality is native. Understandable, it's Microsoft's own product line. But even the hosting companies like AppRiver and DNAMail don't charge extra for that...and with Windows Phone 7 Series announced today?

It feels like this will be late to the party...again... :-\

Hopefully the announcement tomorrow will offer more insight and maybe a few surprises. *fingers crossed*

If you were using BPS (Blackberry Professional Services) you would have to pay a *flat* cost per device (depending on how you bought the CALs). $5 a month is cheap, but, if you plan to have employees for a few years, I would just buy the CALs, so even if you lose an employee, the replacement can use the same CAL.

Yeah, if it's true, its a big disappointment. The big thing is BES 4.1.6 is obsolete: only supports 1 MB files on MDS, no Openoffice, WMA, Win Server 2008, Exchange 2010 support. I can see why they can't charge the full fee for old software.

If they extend their current BIS ability to integrate with OWA to include calendar then I'll be interested. I like getting my work email on my personal BB without being subject to my loony corporate IT (why I won't join BES)and would like the calendar too.

I'm in the same boat. I like having my corporate email on my personal BB, but don't want the hassle of dealing with IT. I'm also not high enough on the food chain, so I won't get one. (Then there's the phones. I have a 9700, but they are rocking 88XXs. They've got them locked down so tight, if you jammed some coal in the battery compartment, you'd get a diamond.)

I would love access to my work calendar as well without having Google Sync do it. For some reason, there are events in my outlook calendar that I can't delete. They are dated 12/31/1979 and I can't find these events anywhere. They show up in my deleted items folder everytime I sync. Really annoying. Be nice to have something that could do this a lot better. Hell, I'd even reinstall the OS to make sure I had a clean calendar to start. ;)

Honestly, meh. This will not do anything for me. I'm starting to feel fairly underwhelmed with my first BB. At least my plan is cheap.

This is not "a BlackBerry users hopes and dreams fulfilled", that would be real Exchange Activesync.

Why should an IT department install a server product and subscribe $5/month per user for users to get work email/calendar/contacts on their personal phones?

It might be ok for SMEs who have corporate blackberries on BIS instead of BES but that's about it. Not sure if they would pay the $5/month, as Anguish has pointed out.

I'm an IT Manager who has a personal bold 9000 and wants to use activesync with his exchange mailbox.
All other phone manufacturers can do it, so why can't RIM?
I can't see me installing BESX at all.

I love my bold and would never swap it for anything... well maybe a 9700 :-) but I really want RIM to release an ActiveSync client.

This sounds like BIG news to me! I am stoked to see what develops out of this. It is definitely something I have been looking for to bridge the gap between BIS and BES! Can't wait! syncing with no server required and its "free" for 90 days (then they want you to move on to one of their partners that costs $5 per month...or you could just make a new demo account). It has 3 pieces really, an outlook plugin, a blackberry app and web based funambol calendar, contacts, and notes package for the syncing to take place between outlook and the blackberry.

Funambol IS free, if you set up your own server, which I did, and it works AWESOME! I have two BB's, and three computers syncing to the same calendar, and haven't had one problem, and it's free! Not going to pay a subscription for anything when I don't have to.

so this is the BB/RIM
By: kevindharner | Date: Mon, 02/15/2010 - 18:59 |

* reply

so this is the BB/RIM version of the SmartGuard app

I have been long awaiting this functionality, but it appears RIM is still missing the point. The other major vendors are providing OTA sync for free, while RIM feels they need to charge us.

If the details are true it is a bit underwelming. BB shield sounds good though. If they could only make that at least back everything up OTA that would be decent. Either way tomorrow should be interesting.

So what does BESX get me? I am a small business with no server, so I use BIS now. Does this mean I could get some sort of hosted exchange (still now entirely sure what that is) and use this to sync everything between Outlook and the BB? Currently I can only sync when I connect to the desktop, and it is kind of a pain.