More BBM Apps Hackathon Events Coming Up... Waterloo BlackBerry Developers lets see you get to it next weekend!

BBM Hackathon
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2011 03:32 pm EDT

Following up the success of their first BBM Apps Hackathon event in New York back in August, RIM is following up with a bunch more Hackathon events. The next one kicks off in BlackBerry's hometown of Waterloo next weekend, so I'm hoping we see a ton of local devs sign up to take part in the event and get some facetime with BlackBerry experts from RIM (seriously, if you're in Waterloo and have an app idea for BB, sign up now!!). After that, the Hackathon will move to Toronto for October 6th/7th before heading to the USA and overseas.

Signing up for a BBM Apps Hackathon event is super easy. Just jump over to and hit the Application page. You just need to submit a quick form saying that you have an app idea you want to make. Easy peasy. Be sure to signup and make some great apps. CrackBerry Nation is jonesing for some new stuff!!



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Wretch 12

I wish we could use Eclipse on the Playbook, because I don't have a laptop and nor do I have any plans to buy one - but I really would like to attend the UK event.


I see a lawsuit from Apple on it's way to you. You used the word facetime in your article. ; )

I'm glad they are doing more of these events. It's a great idea.


Next weeked... I'm seeing the wanted in london. Sorry guys!!!