New 8330 Pics - More Internal Memory On The Way?

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Mar 2008 10:12 am EDT

Sprint 8330 Curve

New photos (more after the jump) of the hopefully-soon-to-be-released Sprint 8330 Curve have popped up on the net, and among these photos was a shot of the status screen which shows the newest Curve sporting more Internal memory than the GSM Curves currently available.

Current BlackBerry Curves sport 64 megs of internal memory (though when I check on my 8300 Curve the total file size is 55.4 megs), while it looks like the 8330 will get a bump up to the 80 meg mark.

For media storage (ringtones, wallpapers, movies, music) this is obviously small potatoes-- go buy yourself a microSDHC card -- but when it comes to installing 3rd party apps and having your BlackBerry run fast and smooth this increase in memory should go a LONG way. Take a surf around the CrackBerry forums and you'll see that one of the most-griped issues with the Curve is that it tends to run outta memory quick and performance seems to suffer when internal memory drops below 10 megs free.

It always surprised me that the Curve didn't come with more internal memory standard. Last year in May at WES, the big message from RIM's coCEOs was that APPLICATIONS would take the BlackBerry to the next level. A nice message, but it's one that I had trouble relating to at the time. During the conference, as I was installing all the cool new apps that were on display at the tradeshow onto my 8700, I ran out of memory and had to uninstall apps to make room for more (so much for apps taking my berry to the next level!). I was expecting the Curve to address this issue, but when it was released shortly after WES it rang in with the same internal memory as the 8700.

If only applications could be installed to run off the Media card... man o man - I could put a LOT of apps on an 8 gig card :-) 

Sprint 8330 Curve

Sprint 8330 Curve

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New 8330 Pics - More Internal Memory On The Way?


If Alltel had the Curve when I got my Pearl I may have gone with the Curve especially if it had more memory. It appears I'll have to wait and see if they roll one out around the same time as Sprint.

And I would love it if somebody could figure out how to run apps of the microSD card.

I currently work for Sprint and specialize in the Blackberry Products. The actual realese model of the Blackberry Curve for sprint will be a Smokish Grey Black color.we have already seen the device from are Blackberry rep and actiously awaiting it launch date in April.

What can you tell me about the Instinct. I've seen many videos. I will be purchasing the 8330 curve or Samsung Instinct.
Or, is there another phone coming out this year that's worth the wait?


...but when am I going to see MMS on my Sprint BB??

Sorry, just a little frustrated with my carrier.

I'm better now. ;-)

Hey Dashon3100,
Do you know how soon in April will Sprint come out with the Curve? I know there were rumors of it coming out at the end of March or beginning of April. I would hate having to wait until the middle of April. I have a treo and I'm paitiently waiting for the BB Curve to come to Sprint. Every other day my Treo crashes on me. I hate it right now.

One thing I don't like about BB was the fact that the 3rd party software has to run on the internal memory. I know most 3rd party apps that run on Treo don't have to be installed on the internal memory. Hopefully RIM will work on this.

To comment on Dashion because I also work for sprint and specialize in the blackberry department i have a seen the demo and the smoke grey is correct if you want the release date for sprint the date is APRIL 20TH