Mord Theme by Calx Design for BlackBerry Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Curve 8900

By Michael Hepples on 13 Dec 2009 02:55 am EST

The latest offering from Calx Design, Mord is sure to clean up your Berry with a professional feel, while adding a little fun to the mix. With a weather icon in the top center of the homescreen flanked by two today docks, the balance of this theme makes it a hit for me right from the start.

Mord features a slot for your favorite weather app in the top center, below the clock, also 6 slots where you can select the icons of your choice and there's also a central "Today" section which conveniently summarizes your next 4 appointments and latest 4 unread messages. Next to the quite standardized (by Calx standards) metering there is also a icon for switching profiles directly from the homescreen.

Mord is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 for the Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Curve 8900. 



This theme looks very professional and clean, I really like it! Too bad there's no Curve 85xx love, this would definitely be my favorite theme. Good work anyway, keep it up!


I too love it, but i wish there was support for the Curve 8500 series


This theme is beautiful. I have been searching and searching for the new perfect theme and this would so be it, except it's not for the Storm.

Looks mint though!!


I need a professional looking theme like this for the Storm2. Any ideas if one is in the works??? Great looking theme.


Discount? any chance of a 50% one day discount?


Like this theme. Wish it was for the curve 8330. Is this possible?


We apparently get the shaft with pretty much every new application out there, having the 8330. I guess we need to upgrade. Seems kind of lame huh? I'm waiting on the Essex before I jump use my upgrade!


Hi all, I might do 8330 version, and I will be converting it for Storm in the next few days.

Hope this helps.


This is exactly what I wanted to hear! I already purchased a new theme to use in the interim but I will still buy this the second it's available for the Storm!


Just a quick question before I download. You can change the wallpaper on this theme right???


OOPs one more thing. I have OS 5 with hybrid on my Tour. Will this work with mine??


Hey Calx.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this available for th 8530... My husband has this on his Tour but I really want this on my Curve2 as well. Please consider it. Thanks!


Would love to see it for the 8330.

I really would like to see it with the calendar on one side and the tasks on the other, Bold 9700 --


this theme is definitely a good one. I have been looking for something similar, will have to try it out.


would love this for my storm 2!


I have been wanting to download this all day. But any idea if it will work with the tour with os 5 and hybrid?? It said 4.7 on the info page????


Just purchased this theme and it looks very nice & clean on my phone. Great job


I am running .230 on my Tour and it works great!!


Love the theme!! What weather app are u using on the sample?


can default icons be used, also can the background be changed?


Hi all, thanks for your kind comments. In reply:

1. Yes, The wallpaper can be changed.
2. No, you cant swap 'Messages' for 'Tasks'
3. I've not tested it on any Hybrids.
4. In the screenshot it's BerryWeather
5. Due to popularity I am going to develop it for the Curve 83xx/85xx and for the Storms too.

Thanks for your support, for updates, keep an eye on the forum thread here:


wish they were offering some free onesssssss


Bought it on 9700.

I don't see how to switch sound profiles. What am I missing?


scroll up past the weather slot on the homepage :)


Just an FYI, It works flawlessly with the hybrid.


Just uploaded v1.2

Added a shortcut for QuickLaunch - From the Homescreen press SPACEBAR.


I love this theme, however there are 2 issues I'm hoping can be fixed. 1) when someone calls me I can't see the caller ID clear cause the letters are colored a faded black and doesn't blend with the white background image. Is there a way to change the background image when someone is calling? 2)The font color on the home page is black. When you change the image to a dark one you can't see the calendar and messages. Is there a way to change the font color on the front screen? If these 2 are possible then this theme would be the ultimate theme!!!! Please adivse!


Hi, When someone calls you the screen should be blue...
Can you just email me and i'll look into this for you cos it doesn't sound right...

As for point number 2, if I change the text to white then everyone who has a light background will complain, there are ways round this, such as an underlay, but they are a little clumsy, and this theme wasn't really designed to show off your wallpaper. Please get in touch about your other point, though i'd like to get to the bottom of that...


This theme is amazing, I love it! I have just one problem though. The icons on the homescreen are overlapping, even when I use default icons and not facebook and other apps. Is there a reason to this or a way around it?


in version 1.3.2 which is now current.


Great looking theme but was wondering if it has a memory leak. I drop 6MB overnight while charging and easily another few MB with light use. Tried two other themes without issue so it doesn't seem to be the OS (5).