Mooo for the BlackBerry PlayBook - more fun than cow tipping!

By Kerri Neill on 2 Jun 2011 08:29 am EDT

Test your cow rolling abilities with Mooo,a new BlackBerry PlayBook game by Richard Hoddinott, with 30 unique and challenging levels of trying to get your cow to the milk bottle. A game of both skill and strategy, you must work out the best way to roll your cow over the obstacles to the milk bottle and fill it up with fresh milk. Tapping on the haystacks will remove them which allows you to make strategic alterations to the layout of the levels. The more advanced levels introduce new challenges like bubbles and bombs. The game also includes super challenging unlockable bonus levels for even more fun.

It works flawlessly on the BlackBerry PlayBook without any lag or glitches that I've seen and at a price tag of only $0.99, it's sure to be a hit among many. It would have been nice if tilting the PlayBook from side to side would roll the cow utilizing more of the device's capabilities but aside from that, the game is so much fun that I couldn't put it down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that more levels are released soon! Roll that cow folks!

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Mooo for the BlackBerry PlayBook - more fun than cow tipping!


So cool to hear your voice Kerri! I need to play this one more. Of course I picked it up as soon as it appeared in App World.. I "rst" mine at least 40 times a day.. addicted.

The lady in the video is from MTL?
When she said "sliding bars" it totally sounded just like the guy from those old acne ads.

"People say I eat too many chocolate bars. (and that I don't wash my face)"

Sliding bars.

Chocolate bars.