Monopoly now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2011 02:51 pm EST

If you're looking to get your Donald Trump on then EA Games has your fix as they've now released Monopoly for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The classic game has been revamped for the BlackBerry PlayBook offering a new table top mode that allows for immersive and interactive gameplay. Not quite up on your Monopoly skills? You can take advantage of the teacher mode as well, which offers tips and tricks for better strategy playing. For the more skilled, a Play Now mode offers gameplay with up to 3 other players or play against the in-game computer opponents. Monopoly is available now in BlackBerry App World for $4.99. (Edit: Looks like that was an introductory price as it is now $9.99 in App World.) Wonder if we'll see a BlackBerry edition added?

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Monopoly now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Anyone know if you can play, then quit and resume later on rather than starting over? LIke the next day? Monopoly can...well..monopolize a lot of time.....

UK user here, cant search for the item in the store but follow the link and it shows @ 4.99 but states "this item is not currently supported by your profile".... im OS, any ideas?

Available where? Just in Canada and the USA? What about for the rest of PB owners, or are there any copywright issues, therefore not available for the rest of mortals? UK not available, what a joke. Besides, wasn't RIM going to fix the FX rates? $4.99 = £4.99? Carry on RIM, you don't have any chance of competing against other platforms with your existing lack of customer care and support.

Firstly, awesome! I'm waiting till it goes on sale to get it.

On another note: Haha! This will never come out for BB7. Who would play this game on a BB smartphone? For money?! I don't think so....I have the 9860(awesome phone btw) and I still don't have any real games that are worth playing on it. Imagine on a Bold? LOL

Let's face it. As much as I am a fanboi of BB. Games on BB7 aren't worth even 99 cents. Plus, when all of us keeners get a BBX phone in fall of 2011, we should be able to play our playbook games on our BBX phone (#winning). So buying this for the QNX platform is a much better investment.

"Wonder if we'll see this for BB7"....LOL

Damn. EA just keeps showing the Playbook love.

Do they hate Android or something? I have no problem with it though, my Playbook kicks my Android phone's ass.

Want this. Will probably need to buy it before I start the tours of family (lost of car/bus/train time) for the Christmas season.

This is awesome! I've played this on the iPad and it's freakin addicting. So glad to see it make it over to the Playbook.

Has anyone been able to confirm it's compatability with the 2.0 beta?

Awesome, i was waiting for it. i will buy it when at home.
Now waiting for Fifa Soccer 12 on Playbook. EA Sports, come on bring it on :)

Not available here in The Netherlands. Damn, was waiting for this one... Hopefully it will be there for the other countries soon...

I think ALL apps should have a trial period, so I can see if I like it are not. Some of these games and apps are rip offs and not worth it

I had this on my BB when I had OS5 on my phone. Worked with OS6 as well. So it has been around on the BB phone, mind you the graphics were not great but it was still a good way to kill time. I downloaded it from bplay.

When I'm not on my playbook this is the only thing I use me FREE 64 gd Ipod touch for...after music on the go. Once I get this (when available in europe) and a new phone, that ipod will be useless!

I don't own the board game and I barely ever play Monopoly but this is one of the apps I had on my wish list. Merry Christmas everyone!

Genius!! You have to look it up in Appworld. Don't use the link on or it still says that it's not supported.
Downloading right now from the Netherlands! :)

Looks like Playbook is finally gaining some traction at least with some software developers, a good sign ;)

Don't understand people complaining about the price. It's just $4.99 and well worth it. This is a great app, I've been waiting for it and glad to see it arrive. Bought it, playing it and loving it. Looks great on the PB. Looking forward to hours of fun with this one.

Pick this up last night and is so fun. Smooth game play and great graphics. Can't go wrong for $4.99

I've already played 3 games. It looks/plays really great on the PB. This should come stock instead of NFS (which I've never played).

Although, I'm starting to think it's fixed because Al never landed on any of my properties once I put up hotels....starting my 4th!

You have to go to your WiFi networks, and from the dropdown menu, you have to select 'saved networks'. Now you can select your AP ;)

Don't know what you're talking about, I just bought for $4.99 and I'm in Toronto, Canada. You might want to check out App World again.

I am a Monopoly lover so this was exciting for me. Payed the 5 bucks happily and was really amazed by the graphics and game play. EA always made my favorite games growing up and this PlayBook support couldn't be better for a fan like me.

I am in Ottawa, Canada.

I have notice on the PlayBook, under Featured, when you select "Top Purchased" I see $4.99. But when I select it, to view the details/reviews of the game, the price is $9.99

If you go Games>Board Games and find Monopoly, the price is shown as $9.99 before you even select the game to purchase it...witch still shows $9.99 :'(

Maybe a bug within AppWord for the PlayBook?

Try to get it with a Canadian proxy server as stated in a few comments before. It worked for me, and it was $4.99 (CAD) in Appworld on my PB.
Note: You have to look it up yourself (search for it) in Appworld, otherwise your PB doesn't refresh the Appworld list. So don't use a link in your PB's browser.

Proxyserver details:

IP address:
Port: 80


Looks like they've changed the price to $9.99
Every Appworld that I've tried (US and Canadian) says $9.99 at this moment. I really bought my copy for $4.99 yesterday. That sucks!

it shows 9.99 for me too (california, US) but when you click buy, and after you enter your password, the price for you to confirm is 4.99

snoozininsomniac's post confirmed. I just purchased for $4.99 despite it showing $9.99 on product page. When you checkout, it shows $4.99.

I got a bit upset when the price doubled in a days time. I am happy to find out that the PAY NOW price is $4.99. I bought it to avoid the risks of the App being $9.99 which would have forced me to wait for a sale , why wait when the $4.99 price is already there :)

Was about to buy, I guess not. Now I'm going go to wait for a sale when it's under 4.99$. Thanks EA.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to access the US or Canada app store from the UK as I dont wish to pay more for my apps than you guys do. $10 does not equal £10 on any FX. Or at least explain why DDL cost more here? Hardware price differences I can just about stomach (shipping and taxes). But app prices I dont get.