Monopoly for BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.3.15

Monopoly for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2012 08:08 pm EST

If you previously purchased Monopoly for the BlackBerry PlayBook then you'll want to check your MyWorld section on your PlayBook for updates. Electronics Arts has now rolled out v1.3.15 to the masses and although there is no changelog to go along with it, it's pretty safe to say this update has fixes for the impending release of PlayBook OS 2.0 in it. If you've not yet picked up Monopoly for the PlayBook, you can hit the source link below to grab it for only $6.99. Hang tight folks, we're expecting a lot more updates to roll out soon enough. Thanks, @RafaelMatosM!

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Monopoly for BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.3.15


Any word / guesses as to when we'll see the Facebook update? You were right about bridge, and although I'm not expecting too much from the Fbook update it'll facilitate the OS2 keyboard n hopefully iron out a few more bugs. Tick tock...can't wait... almost time!! For real this time!!

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I've noticed that the property names have all changed from the UK themed Monopoly to the US themed Monopoly.
That's all I can see so far....

Change the language in the options settings to English UK instead of English US and everything is back to the UK themed Monopoly

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App World won't install after it's done downloading the update - It gets to 1% during the install and comes up with an error