Need to track your outgoing expenses? You must check out MoneyMind for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 10 Sep 2012 11:20 pm EDT

On a budget, spending too much money and not knowing where it is going? We may well have the solution for you with MoneyMind for BlackBerry smartphones. The app is an expense tracker and a highly customisable one at that too. To be honest I have tried a few similar apps in the past and not really got on with them however this one rocks! It is very user friendly, looks good and most of all it tells you exactly what you need to know.

In this day and age more and more of us need to keep an eye on how much we spend and for $0.99 this one gets the thumbs up from me. As well as viewing your spendings in list form you can also see graphs and the app will even generate reports that you can export. You will see from the above video that MoneyMind really is a joy to use and for the first time ever I shall now be keeping track of what I spend.


  • Log your expenses by defining Categories, costs and remarks
  • Maintain your Categories by defining their names and descriptions
  • Generate expenses reports and save them to CSV files
  • Easily send expenses reports via email
  • Multilanguage support: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Create backup of expenses and Categories
  • Define expenses and categories in a format of CSV files and import them to MoneyMind.

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Reader comments

Need to track your outgoing expenses? You must check out MoneyMind for BlackBerry smartphones


The number one thing I look for in a money management app is the ability to mark items as cleared or not. It seems that so many of these refuse to have that ability. After that, is automatic back ups. I like that this has back up, but I can't mark anything as cleared from what I can tell. Ascendo Money still seems to top dog, but it is way expensive now a days.

I think I am going to still give this one a go and see how I like it.

Why would you need the ability to mark something cleared or not? Either you've spent money or you haven't

Because it allows me to ensure that the balances from my ledger match what I see on my online account. If my online account says I have an available balance of 275 but my ledger has 233, I can quickly and easily see that I have an expense or two that hasn't cleared nor show as pending.

If I didn't have this option, then it would be very difficult to track down the expenses that have not cleared my account. Also, it allows me to catch discreptenses in my account early as I can match up the balance errors early.

Take the previous example. Lets say I have a transaction that isn't showing up on my online account for 40 dollars, then I know right away that I have a 2 dollar discrepency somewhere. I would then start looking for a 2 dollar fee somewhere in my online account.

The next reason why being able to track what has cleared is good is that I have several accounts. If I mark something in my checking as an expense and it never shows as cleared, I would then start looking at my other accounts for that transaction. I may have put in on a credit card because of a sale but marked it in checking. I check my bank accounts regularly (4-5 times a week) but my other accounts maybe 2-3 times a month.

Managing money is more than just writing down what you spend. If that was the case, then people would only need to look at thier online banking for that. Knowing where your money is going and when it gets there is just as important. Knowing when a transaction clears is just one more tool that doesn't take a lot of effort to add into these types of programs.

I will have to give it a shot. I bought Ascendo Money from one of the mobihand websites back when the Bold 9000 launched, but that is no more so I have been looking for a replacement. What would be great is somebody to just recreate Ascendo Money for under 5 bucks or 10 bucks if it has a working offline program for syncing. I would gladly pay for it.

To anybody searching a lightweight "app" for expenses, try xpenser, a web service, as you need no app. You just comunicate your spendings to them with gtalk or msn messenger or email or text (I think even voice), and then review on the webpage. Perfect for mindlessly and easily input your data while on the go, and you won't waste time checking all data every time, as there is none other than the balance :D

I purchased it a few days ago and it's... great!

However I have noticed that two things are missing in your review movie:

1. The Reports screen: when you click on a trackpad on particular report item, then a list with details regarding the expense category is displayed (beer with Bob, beer with John, beer with Bob and John), ;-)

2. The Report screen again: you can export the report to a CSV file and then send it via email. This is a really great feature, which makes this app friendly and much more simple.