Money Plus gets updated with improved UI colors, ability to enter transfer transactions and more

By Alicia Erlich on 26 Jan 2014 03:13 am EST

No matter which device I own, there has always been an expense and money management application installed to keep me organized. When I made the switch to BlackBerry 10, that application happened to be Money Plus. Now, we've featured it before for the PlayBook and even in the roundup, and for good reason. It is popular, offers a wide variety of accounting features, has an intuitive interface, and top notch customer support.

The developer endeavors to bring you a quality product and it's nice to see they continue to release important improvements and bug fixes for this useful application. There is an entire checklist for you to peruse at your leisure, many of which were are long awaited by users. 

Enhancements and new functionality

  • Allow editing scheduled transaction
  • Allow transfer between accounts
  • Include Kuwait Dinar, Morocco Dirham and Kenya Shiling in supported currency list
  • Add account column to transaction list when device in landscape mode (Z and Porsche devices only)
  • Hide action bar at the bottom when scrolling transaction list on Q devices
  • Improved UI colors and more consistent font styles throughout the app
  • Implement local help for key functions

Fixed in this release

  • Filtered transaction list returns all transactions after save
  • App crashes sometimes after entering password
  • App crashes sometimes when changing transaction filter values
  • Split category transaction does not appear in filtered transaction view
  • Scheduled transactions do not get processed when password is enabled
  • Adding large amount to a split screen transaction crashes the app
  • Fix spelling of word "specified" in General Settings
  • Transaction type colors not correctly reflected in transaction list until app is restarted
  • Application quits upon start when processing scheduled transaction pointing to deleted account
  • Multiple transaction filter values ignored
  • Sort account drop down (in transaction entry screen) alphabetically

Transfer Functionality

It is now possible to enter transfer transactions. Please note it is only possible to transfer between accounts of the same currency. Transfer between accounts of different currency will be added in future release. Transactions of transfer type can also be scheduled.

Scheduled Transaction Editing

At this time it is only possible to change schedule of existing transaction. It is still not possible to edit amount or other attributes. We are hoping to provide this functionality in upcoming release.

Money Plus supports all BlackBerry 10 devices as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can find it at the link for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Money Plus gets updated with improved UI colors, ability to enter transfer transactions and more


Essential. I rely on this one daily and it is how I track and manage my finances and bills. Can't recommend this one enough.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

Money Plus is one of my 1st app I bought for my Z10, a year ago and don't want to miss it, because it does all I need for financial tracking and getting better and better after every update.

On top of that, and this is very important.. support is grate with very personal and helpful on BBM CHANNELS, the developers are fast to respond, listening to users wishes and problems, always willing to push MP just a bit further with every update bringing this requests into reality.

What else can I say...
Well Money Plus is growing with BlackBerry OS10 as it's going along, don't want to miss it, MP is one of the rare apps to must have

Posted via Z10

BBM channels PIN of Money Plus is C00017D03
Apart of that there are several "Money Plus Support" Chats via BBM too, for the very personal touch, with serious issues solving discussions (require invitation)

Posted via Z10

What's the update version? I don't see an update. I have installed, maybe it's because I'm verizon BlackBerry z10

Posted via CB10

I've been waiting for this update. Managing transactions between accounts has been a pain in the butt.

Posted via CB10

Finally can transfer between accounts this update was greatly needed, I balanced my books thanks to this app, I highly recommend it

Posted by BBM#42 via Z10 ( Do not fear the leaks

someone should take a look at 'Daily Money' app. I find it to be an extremely powerful, stable, intelligent financial app

Posted via CB10

It's not bad.
Unfortunately, no sync between devices. No import/export, just awkward backup/restore.

Instead of moaning you may rather reach in your wishlist of features to the developers... they are working hard at the moment exactly on this things.. import / export is about to be released soon and backup / restore isn't that bad, working pretty well for me, never had issues with it.
As I mentioned before, MP is growing the same way as OS10 does... good for a surprise with every update.

Posted via Z10

Instead of bashing fellow crackberrians you may rather check definition of "moaning" and "feedback" and analyze the difference between two.
Good luck and thanks for information about future updates.

Yeah well.. morning is Brit slang for nagging, grumbling and not being constructive.. but pulling things unnecessary down... a feedback in my understanding is a attempt for being positive.... nothing to do with bashing

Posted via Z10

It's a great app but Money One is my preferred app for money management. I really like the UI on it. Kind of reminds me of Mint. Plus back up and restore feature is a breeze.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

One of the best holiday give aways. Use it all the time while on the road. Just wish they had an export to excel or something like that. And summing up filtered totals would be nice so you don't have to go to the reports for quick ad hoc stuff.

Posted via CB10