Money Plus - Day 23 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Money Plus - Day 23 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts
By DJ Reyes on 23 Dec 2013 04:14 am

There are only three more free downloads left, including today's freebie, until 25 Days of Gifts is over. I've said this before but I really feel the past 23 days have flown by. To think, we have been given 23 free downloads by BlackBerry. There has been a nice variety and we have seen one developer go all in. It has been nice to see smaller developers take part in this giveaway too. And after a string of games the past few days, there is an app in store for us today.

Day 23 brings us Money Plus - an expense tracking app. It looks feature rich too. And possibly it may well may stay on my BlackBerry device for a while - we shall see. Money Plus is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and all carriers, so the same for everyone today. 23 days in, you should know the drill by now. Refresh, search or use the link. Getting a friend in the same region to share the link with you also works too.

You can see the full listing thus far in the original post. There is also the forums, where you can give us a shout when you see tomorrow's gift.

More information / Download Money Plus from BlackBerry World



Finally an app again though still no neutron.

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You have more chance begging the dev to make it free :p


Enough with the apps and games, already! I need more pairs of jeans, and I hate Joss Whedon!

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zeon mohamedd

Yes...neutron music player or say it will be the best gift among the 25 days

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zeon mohamedd

I hope in day 25 we can choose the gift from app will be amazing day for every bb10 user

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Addie Jane

I just downloaded it 15 minutes ago. Hope it's a good one!

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Not bad not bad at all
Thanks BlackBerry.

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I wish it had other currencies too!!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome


It has loads of currencies. Check the settings for each account to select.

Tater Tots

Can they give us the gift of more top app coming to BlackBerry World?

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There are two things that I've learned when it is free... first, just say "thank you"... second don't expect "gold"...

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Gold is for Wankers. I expect platinum :)

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Exactly, and MP is the best Finance / Money App you can get for BB10 at the moment. Plus the Devs are really good at taking on-board suggestions for improvments.


Maybe gold on any app of your own choice.

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zeon mohamedd

Aaaahhh...if will be freaking awesome

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Thumbs up.

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It's free. Be thankful. 

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Thanks I'll take that

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe this app does allow for multiple currencies.

And thank you very much BlackBerry for the 25 Days of Christmas apps. All have been appreciated, and most will be used often.

Now with 2 days left, my request is for the Printhand Mobile Print Premium app. Would be great to have a true Wifi direct print app. But if not, I'm still grateful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years BlackBerry.

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I agree, mobile printing that would be awesome! Anyways, thanks BlackBerry for all the great gifts to you have given :D. So far my BlackBerry experience is nothing more than amazing!
Happy holidays to all at BlackBerry, and to all of you out there reading this.

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I was going to buy it after 25th ^^ thanks BlackBerry...

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No good me having this for tracking my money, I know where is goes to the Mrs haha


This is a great app; thanks!

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Ohhh great! I bought it yesterday :(

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And the dev most likely thanks you for the support.


I've been looking for something like this for free... Finally!

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Still stuck on day 22 here in dubai lol (angry pigs game)

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side..., but the Carbonate case is Killer!


Still trying to get a handle on that game!

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Haha true story, it's a start tho. And almost ended :)

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Minutes ago, just before waking up for the day (my day starts as 2am), I was having a very vivid dream.
I was dreaming that the day 23 giveaway was Velveeta cheese, specifically a large Velveeta cheese loaf.
I thought it was so odd that BlackBerry was giving away Velveeta cheese instead of an app, I was reasoning to myself as to wether I should download it, since I don't ever buy Velveeta cheese...then I woke up!
To bad I didn't download it, as I am curious as to how you would download cheese.

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In Cheddar Bytes? Lool

I have this app on my main BBID and now on another. Great app, built really well !

Thanks BlackBerry and the dev :)

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not for euros... :-((

Spurs Star 123

It's also available for PlayBook!

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Not for free though right?

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Sure could have used this earlier to manage my Christmas expenses LOL! *THANKS* to BlackBerry and the dev. Love the giveaways. Have liked the fun stuff and appreciate a solid app like this one.

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I'm a bit confused, the App World blurb says there is support for 100 different currencies. Yet, some reviewers complained that the only currency supported was the USD. Surely they can't all be dumb....?

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I haven't figured out how to switch currencies yet, but mine defaulted to CAD based on my location.


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When you add an account, just select the currency in the drop down list.

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Observation Junkie

Just curious how many people download any of the Apps during the 25 day give away. I haven't downloaded any.

None have appealed to me so far

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Downloaded this a year or so ago. Excellent app which gets better all the time. I hope this is a windfall for the developers. Surely BlackBerry pays them.

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I bought this app the same day I bought my Q10. I definitely recommend this if you prefer to keep your checkbook or account ledgers on your device instead of on paper. This is an app I absolutely rely on, though there is a slight learning curve it is awesome.

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Great app. I bought it about a year ago as well.

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I think it continues to be good fun just to look and see in the morning what waits.... I now use about 10 of the apps... they must be worth near to 15$ or more. In the end, good gifts and a aggod alive marketing play. Thanks to BlackBerry.

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I purchased this app for my PlayBook about a year ago and was happy to see it's one that you only have to buy once to get it on the PlayBook and BB10.

Very nice gift from BlackBerry for those that don't already have it. :)

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Thanks, BlackBerry. It has been a fun month. I love waking up each morning to see what's there. Like a kid at Christmas!! Some I have downloaded, some not. Different apps for different chaps!! This one looks good, though I am lazy about using QuickBooks :-(

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So Pissed! I bought this app like 3 days ago..... :/

Good app, but sad to spend unnecessary money.

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Personally I like "my accountant " better.

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Thanks BlackBerry.

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This is one of the best apps on BB10. I already had this on PlayBook, and bought it when released on BB10. The BB10 version has been updated more and works much better.
Take advantage of the Christmas cheer and get this.

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Another reader just posted that he/she purchased this app for their playbook and stated that the BB10 version was free. Which is it?

Keep The Faith


If you bought it on for your PlayBook you could use the same license for your BB10 phone. You didn't have to buy it again.

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Good apps so far. Would be nice to have a mobile printing app or a good photo editing app.

Thanks BlackBerry!

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Thank you BlackBerry and developer! Merry Christmas!

Keep The Faith


Nice app. Downloaded it in case import/export with qucken or quickbooks occurs.

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I would have thought they would concentrate on Made For BlackBerry apps a little more. Anyway, come on, give us Neutron lol

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Will give it a shot

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Thanks. Nice app

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Most apps given are games or of finance hardly few apps are of common use, BB still two days to go give us power tools and a common app to be used by everyone.

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This app is cool but Money One still takes the cake.

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Thanks for the nice freebie, but I have been using Mint now for a couple of years, full cross platform with Mac/Windows, Android/iOS. The current apk works great on my Z10. No need to look for anything else.


Why not Toshl? Ít's the best money tracking app ever :(

Z10 the Awesomeness


No if's, and's, but's or anything else.

Just Thanks Very Much to BlackBerry and the respective developers for the 25 days of Christmas freebies!

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Dammit! I already bought this one in November :(

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Thanks for this one. I was holding out on an app like this one for my travel expenses. Tried a couple so far and didn't even see this one. Will give it a try cause I'm not too pleased with either expense notes, tracker or expensify. So far, I'm pleased with it. Just hope they have a way to export it out somehow.

Thanks again for a useful app.
And I'm still holding out on some kind of app that will scan business cards. Thinking about camcard but a little too expensive and the reviews aren't that great. Hopefully a good one will show up under the tree before long...

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Thanks for reading my mind, BlackBerry - this one is just what I've been looking for!


I hope BlackBerry gives us Gadget Box as one of the free's a must have!!


Finally a practical app. I grew tired of the games and videos. I was looking for a good expense tracking app since Check Mobile died off. 2 thumbs up for the developer, and for BlackBerry for giving this one out

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