Monday Brief: On a Wednesday!

By Ashley Esqueda on 1 May 2013 09:10 pm EDT

It began, as many things do with an idea -- I was in NYC for #TM13, along with all our Mobile Nations site editors, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Rubino, Rene Ritchie, and Georgia, and we had Martin Reisch and his RED Scarlet 4K camera. So, we figured "why not shoot the Monday Brief in 4K!". And therein began the longest Odyssey in Monday Brief history.
The shooting itself went pretty well, with Georgia and myself kicking things off, and Kevin doing his best to finish the show with a bang. Then things started getting complicated. Turns out it takes a long, long, long time edit and render 4K video, and a really long time to upload it. Even longer when things go weird along the way.  In any case, we got it all sorted now and as such we bring you, the Monday Brief.. On a Wednesday.

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    Monday Brief: On a Wednesday!


    "First" of all I am disappointed in you Ashley. Waited 2 days for this. It better be good. P's. Your too damn sexy!!!

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    Better late than never I always say. Thanks for your diligence. By the way, don't EVER do that again.

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    Save the best for last, CrackBerry Kevin!

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    I liked the written explanation. Reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird. "Thus began the longest night of our live."

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    Very hard to watch the video. Really poor lighting guys. If you sit in front of the window, you some lights on your subjects. I'm very surprised. :(

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    Thought it was a good brief. Pretty cool to switch things up from the regular Monday brief.

    Sure the lighting could have been better and there should have been more mics but I like the originality of this video.

    Keep it fresh Ashley and company.

    Can't wait for tm13.

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    Georgia Rocks !
    I will take her as she is.

    And Kevin ..... you need to stop keeping secrets. You are acting like Thor.

    What do you mean by that? I really like his new haircut! Has Daniel let his new found hair style go to his head or something? :)

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    Hey Ashley and Georgia, you make a great team - would love to see more of you on the Brief Georgia :)
    Loved that you shot in 4K but the video was so dark, had to crank up the brightness on my Z10.
    Better late than never!

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    Hahaha Kevin is the best! He took off the show with the mythical "kevin out" like a boss.
    Worth the wait for contents but the quality of the video is kinda meh. Please use more light as others pointed out

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    I really enjoyed this version of Monday brief on a Wednesday. Kudos for introducing Georgia and bringing Phil, Rene, Derek, Daniel and Crackberry Kevin to talk about the latest news on Android, IOS, Web OS, Windows Phones and BlackBerry. Ashley, as always kept the show informative, but very entertaining.

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    Rushed back from the loo there Kevin, did you wash your hands? XD

    Well, what Ashley doesn't know, won't hurt her, :P