Monday Brief: webOS cuts team by 50%, MWC wrap-up, SGS2 winner, iPad 3 preview, and more!

By Ashley Esqueda on 5 Mar 2012 08:41 am EST


I know most of us here use BBs. But anyone here used WebOS like that system more than the Blackberry?


I loved the user experience of webOS more than anything else I've used in the past, especially when it came to managing multiple programs that were open.

Sadly desktop PIM integration was nonexistent, which is one thing that made me go back to BlackBerry. On the bright side, BlackBerry handles e-mails great for me.

wes werkman

I have both, and I do prefer the touchpad, the tabbed browser is nicer, if you have a few different pages open, you just swipe them away. The playbook you first need to press the tab button.


I like how they handle cards on the TouchPad vs the Playbook. The ability to Stack cards, as well as the one card per swipe is handy. Something I wish RIM would implement on the PB.


Nice brief. The only correction about the Solar System Explorer app is that it's not a port. It's a native app. The Dev mentions the same thing in his blog post.
To quote: "...Solar Explorer isn’t really an Android port, it’s actually been recompiled into native code for the Playbook."


Nice show but I was hoping to hear your personal impressions of the Playbook.


The graphics that keep sliding up from the bottom of the video are too distracting.

El Cid

FWIW: I consider WebOS to be the most advanced of all mobile platform based/focused OSs, it was sadly ahead of its time and its main purveyor's (Palm) timing could not had been at its most critically frail financially speaking.

Let's hope that RIM does not fail to learn Palm's failure's lessons.


Back to looking yummy Ashley. Good job!


I always enjoy these Monday Briefs.


How is a Metric Truckload any different from any other Truckload?


Um... It's non-US and its heavier?