Monday Brief: Our EiCs and Their 2013 Predictions

By Ashley Esqueda on 31 Dec 2012 08:38 am EST

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Monday Brief: Our EiCs and Their 2013 Predictions


Finally first!!! I just which the best for BB10 on 2013... I can't wait for BB10 OS on my playbook!! Happy New Year crackberry nation!!!

Always informative!! My Prediction,.. Android hmmmmm,.. IPhone boriiiiinnnggg,... W Phone problems,... Web OS wondering,.... Blackberry "lets Rock and Roll IT,..NOW"

This is a pretty accurate picture of the user base of each OS in my experience. Each one is optimistic about theirs, but understands the challenges and sticks to the facts. Except Android. Total d-bag with nothing to contribute except "zomg my specs are better than your specs ggnore roflmaololol"

Is Ashley married? If she is ...... will she ever be single again?

OK ..... BB10 all the way. People will line up for this baby.

iPhone has OLD software, and they will continue to use the same old software for another 20 years because stupid people will probably still be buying it.

Android .... will suffer a meltdown. The tax man will eat away 75% of the company profits.

MS - will gain a bit of ground - like they do with everything

I'm going to have to share Crackberry Kevin's enthusiasm for BlackBerry 10 on this one. It's going to be THE phone to watch this year, and if it lives up to what I've been reading over the past year, they're back in the game. If not, it could be game over for RIM. Hope not, as I'm seriously considering getting the physical keyboard variant of BB10 this year in order to replace my Torch 9800.

As for the others ...

Microsoft - They should seriously give up on their Windows Phone OS already. It has always been crude in comparison to what Palm, RIM, Apple, and Google have to offer; and I see very few of them around. They would be lucky to hold on to whatever market share they have left.

Nokia - They made a big mistake when they decided to go exclusively Windows Phone for their smartphones. Didn't they learn from Palm? They also went exclusively Windows Mobile, prior to their brief stint at WebOS and their eventual acquisition by HP. If a major phone company is to be shut down or acquired this year, it will likely be them.

Apple - Could their glory days be behind them, with Steve Jobs' death in 2011 and their iPhone 5 / Apple Maps fiasco? They may be down slightly, but far from out, given they still have some very strong qualities. (e.g. highly devoted following, large App Store collection, iPad's dominant position in the tablet market)

Google - They will likely further solidify Android's position as the mobile market leader, thanks to their licensing agreement with numerous OEM's, highly successful phone launches such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the proliferation of lower cost tablets.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Regarding what you said about Microsoft, if they had any brains about them, they would've bought RIM. now keep in mind, I DON'T want to EVER see that happen. But look at all they would've gained! Now I see BB10 launching and crushing any hopes that Microsoft ever had.

(Oh and poor WebOS, it was a good OS that met an early demise mostly due to HP. )

BB10 FTW! This will be a historic year for mobile tech!