Monday Brief: November 28, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 28 Nov 2011 08:31 am EST

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Monday Brief: November 28, 2011


As a Jethro Tull and BlackBerry fan, I don't agree with a lot of Ashley's opinions. But she's easy on the eyes. :)

Lol, yeah I've seen these countless times, but never watched them. Once I started this one I was immediately transfixed. She was all jumping around and stuff... I like when Milk Sacks bounce around... /drool

Wow she has a great rack on her, maybe next time the camera could pan down a little more to much headroom


My God girl.....those tops are getting more low cut by the week. Obviously intentional....keep it going lol!

i wish Ashley would do one brief high out of her mind lol. that would probably be the greatest brief ever haha.. Love your briefs Ash, keep 'em coming. :)

Very interesting topics. Hadn't seen the samsung commercial until guys are hilarious. Ashley, don't be offended by these guys...I'm sure you've had your share of obnoxious types tho...take care CB nation.

hahaha in the uk we call this '..on the pull..'. Good luck, let us know if she asks you out like 'hey, you're so nice, not like those other pervs. Let's go out'.

It can happen man, just keep believing, and keep acting like a douche bag in front of women.

Ive just watched this with the sound down because i was listening to something i had on the tv. Is that bad......... Who cares its a great video.

Producer: Ashley, if you want to be famous, you can't just get your tits out.
Ashley: Huh?
Producer: Put those peanuts down and listen; you can't just get them out, you should bounce them around a little.
Ashley: Like, jump?
Producer: Yeh
Ashley: Ok