Monday Brief: November 21, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 21 Nov 2011 08:36 am EST


I don't know if it was her voice or the music that was annoying me...


Ah Ashley........what can I say.

Certainly a great start to the week !


No mention of the new Curve devices on the Blackberry side of things? All we get is news of Kevin's bricked 9900?


also no mention of the galaxy tab update for wifi tabs that killed....wifi
or the random volume issues on the galaxy nexus.

nope, no android negative articles allowed.


hahah i know. its like that was the only thing that happened in the crackberry world. kevin's dead bold 9900 is more important than the new curve and the new bold, as well as the leaked bbx phone. the new phones nothing breath taking i guess and that leaked bbx phone has a release date of Q3 so maybe she will talk about that next year in Q3 haha


Three perfectly-fantastically aligned spots and a Monday brief.

Excellent start of the week. =)


She should have been a Blackberry, she has Bold Curves,999999!


Can I see her Tuesday briefs? (:


Bold 9900 issue is limited as far as I know to the first shipment of Bolds, I got a 9900 in August and it died a week later when i did a battery pull. I called rogers they sent me a new one and I havent had an issue with this new device.


Ashley - Great video, love the background and you were looking fine as well....great cast a hypnotic spell on all of us!!! Go girls-gone-gadget girl!


you know i gotta say this Ashley looks phenomenal in HD. whom ever she's married to's got to be one lucky sob cause even though she's loud, she's not obnoxious and that's one seriously thin line, lol. :) oh and from a fashion stand, you really should get a tongue ring/stud. it would match the eye liner and ur white teeth. just sayin. :)


Background image change - good

Background music - annoying