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Monday Brief: November 14, 2011

By Ashley Esqueda on 14 Nov 2011 08:30 am EST


For some reason I couldn't pay attention to what she was saying.


Damn, Why does she have to keep bouncing.. and then randomly on of them will flex.. wth!! I can't concentrate..


Honestly....+42, the bouncing doesn't help at all.

I mean, holy low-cut shirt, my eyes feel guilty going up and down every 2 seconds....

But I'm not going to lie, she looked very good, a very nice colour choice for the shirt too.

I want to hear about the smartphone news though, and I don't remember hearing anything about WebOS, iphone or BB because I was distracted :(


umm maybe its what you first see when looking at the screenshot....mmmmmm


why the 5:27 mins? i saw all i needed in 2-3 seconds


-_-' Keepin it classy eh guys?

Regardless, Ashley is looking very good albeit slightly flirty.


why do people not get the whole BBX phone thing, sure they announced the first will be a touchscreen phone, but heres the thing people, this ent apple, RIM make multiple form factors.


if RIM made only touchscreen i would not have a Blackberry. The main reason people use BB is for the keypad. If that goes, Blackberry will go down the drain and i dont think Lazaridis is so naive.


This is something I emailed (and got a response from) Alec Saunders about. Granted, BlackBerry phones are known for their excellent physical keyboards, but that shouldn't change just because it is moving to touchscreens.

Right now the touchscreen keyboards look appalling. There's nothing artistic or creative about them. However, if they at least used the appearance of any given physical keyboard of previous BlackBerry models, it would help keep the familiarity that over 70 million BlackBerry users have with their current devices.

On a side note:

Like it or not, SurePress was a great idea executed poorly due to a lack of quality support from the OS and processor. All that has improved exponentially and maybe it's time to revisit this technology in some aspect. It HAS to have an ON/OFF option for those of us who want that tactile feedback. For those who want the PlayBook style touch experience, leave te option off. But the supporting technology is finally here. It can definitely work out in their favor if they make it one of the options to cater toward every user and not just forcing us to have one or the other (physical vs touch) only.

the brother

she had me from crackberry...

i don't even have utube at work but i can tell this is going to be a stellar eppy


welll, i can't see to look anywhere but her chest, (cough) i mean, ugh, eyes


Put the puppies away hun, it's getting a bit old ;)


It's called "erotic capital". See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_capital
And yes, you can overuse or misapply it, just as you might economic or political capital.


No on the Razor
Whats the Buy It Now price of WebOS?
I'll keep my 9930 until they release a similar BBX phone.
That was the best salute EVER! ba-BOING!


See, now you made me have to go back and watch that again. And OMG, watched that salute again and again.



**Swoops in on Falcor and steals Ashley as we fly away into the sunset**


this is the one thing i have to look forward to on Mondays.

Marry me!


It'd be nice to be briefed on a daily basis by Ashley Esqueda.


and who says RIM sucks at marketing?


I hate to be a pig, but I sorta had to watch it twice, once to watch, another to "listen".
Both times didn't work.


Come guys, its just a little cleavage, geez, lol. But to answer the question, yes Ashley I'm staying. They way I see it, bb has it all except apps and phone design. I can type great on a bb keyboard, super in fact. However, on a bigger touch screen phone I can type good as well. I will give up some speed for a larger hd screen.


Come guys, its just a little cleavage, geez, lol. But to answer the question, yes Ashley I'm staying. They way I see it, bb has it all except apps and phone design. I can type great on a bb keyboard, super in fact. However, on a bigger touch screen phone I can type good as well. I will give up some speed for a larger hd screen.


Did Ashley say anything on the pod cast ?? I just don't seem to remember......

Just kidding.....she's the best !!


To answer the question... I'm staying.

A larger touchscreen device would be sweet. It has to have some other features too, such as...

Dual core processor

front and rear facing cameras

video chat program that will allow it to connect to a PlayBook and other BBX devices. (It will really be sweet if the program can work cross-platforms also).

With a much larger screen and resolution like the PlayBook (which I have and love), the apps will definitely come!

The future looks good, as long as RIM executes on time!


Would be nice to have another female posting videos on Thursdays. Competition brings out the worst in people :)


No actual keyboard device, no Blackberry for me! If no keyboard then there are lots of other options to try. Don't want to leave but I would probably be gone.


If that new Porsche Design look phone comes out, I would still expect some type of keyboard phone to appear, though perhaps Q4 2012. More important is that if RiM can get it right with a BBX touch only phone, then I no longer need to make excuses for why I still carry a BlackBerry.

If, on the other hand, all BBX phones go touch and gesture only, then I would probably look for some some BlueTooth keyboard so I could still type out long e-mail replies. I'm hoping my 9650 lasts at least through next Summer, and I'll probably only replace it when it is almost dead.


I fully expect to see Kevin sporting the same shirt on the next crackberry podcast.


Out of all seriousness, I love watching Ashley every week b/c she always has something interesting to say, but in this episode i didn't hear a word she said. I hope this doesn't turn into Fox News Entertainment. I like the old Ashley better. Don't get me wrong, nice but thats not what i am here for. Keep it classy Ashley, you'll go further and people will take you seriously.


Ashley was talking about phones? I had no idea what she was saying, I was otherwise fixated :P


If the intent was to show off her boobs.

Nicely done.


I would be likely leave BB if they eliminated the keyboard.