Monday Brief: The new iPad, Google Play, and Ashley makes a Maxim video

By Ashley Esqueda on 12 Mar 2012 08:54 am EDT

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Monday Brief: The new iPad, Google Play, and Ashley makes a Maxim video


I would be willing to bet when she wears a top like that her views sky rocket. Also 100% on purpose and I doubt she is concerned that lots of the guys are just watching her chest. I mean she did advertise her bid for Maxim top 100.

The New iPad. So is this the last iPad they will ever make then? Sorry the name was poorly thought out and total fail. Here's hoping for the flock of app devs to come to PB and BB10 :)

Not sure that's the actual name... quick retail searchs come up with iPad 3rd Generation or iPad 3. Either way, pathetic marketing, agreed.

Agree. IMO they should have called it the "logical" name iPad3 and the masses would have most likely still called it "new iPad" since that is essentially what it is until a new one comes out. By calling it new iPad and the public switching it to 3rd Gen iPad is odd. snAPPLE will still sell millions lol, it is what it is. Once again, whoever gets this one will always have "the new iPad". lol

Sorry to see her move the focus from intellectual/reportage content to lasciviousness, not only in the brief but also in the video clip. It's why I don't like going to a Moxie's restaurant - feels a little too 'take it off' for me.

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Well people can say whatever they want, but it most certainly is my favorite way to get my Monday brief :) You got my vote that's for sure, looks and tech apparently do go together!

I voted for you Ashley. We know you're SS, (smart and sexy). Don't be disappointed if you're not successful. I don't mean to nitpik but the video is not very good. You shouldn't have worn glasses. First time viewers aren't going to get to fully see you. If I didn't know it was you I wouldn't have recognized you. You need to keep the hair out of your face. You look better with your hair pulled back slightly anyways. In a competition like this you need to wear something that shows off everything. Pan in on your stronger features and silhouette your weaker ones. This isn't to criticise. I think you could actually make it.

I didnt find her in the list at Maxim! Id vote! Talent on all Assets! She does bring the news and make a Monday better then normal!

Wow! I mean... Wow! I seriously caught none of what she said, except for something about voting for her at Maxim. I tried to vote at Maxim, but couldn't find where to cast my ballot... Anybody know where to go in Maxim to give Ashley my uhhh... support?

On the bottom of the voters list there's a spot to add someone not on the list. Copy and paste her name and hit vote.

well, i asked to see the girls a while back and guess i got my wish, sort of. thanx Ash. Besides that, i say you look better with straight hair. although don't get me wrong, you still look fab with curls but the straight hair are just a bit better. and ummm..not a fan of that sweater..ya, i'm sorry... :-/ Why am i talking about this??? :(

I also think you should approach Playboy with an idea about 12 months of the hottest female tech nerds. And you should be miss April. My birth month. <3

am I the only one that thinks that banner needs to be moved to the side or top? being at the bottom keeps drawing my eyes there, and then i find that i have no idea what it said or what she's been talking about.... I end up having to watch the monday brief like 3-4 times to actually hear the news..... :P